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022 Get Strategic About Content Marketing with Charelle Griffith

The Making Marketing Simple Podcast

'Content marketing' simply means having a strategy for how you share content that attracts and engages and audience, and then encourages them to 'convert' into customers.   Charelle Griffith is a marketing pro who specialises in helping small business owners with content marketing.   Tune in to find out how YOU can get strategic about your content so that you offer consistent value to connect with your dream clients - in a manageable way that doesn't become overwhelming for you.     About Charelle Charelle Griffith is passionate about helping solo and small business owners to shine online, consistently create content that converts, and ultimately build a business they love and that pays them properly.   Find Charelle online: Read her blog - for lots of brilliant marketing advice Connect with her on Instagram Grab her freebie - the 2021 content marketing plan


11 Mar 2021

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Having Focus, Financial Literacy and Fantastic Fun in Business with Charelle Griffith

The Thrive Life Project Podcast

Hi everyone and welcome to the latest episode of the Thrive Life Project Podcast. This week we’re talking about having focus, financial literacy and most importantly, fantastic fun in business! In this episode, I spoke to Charelle Griffith, a Marketing Strategist for Coaches, Consultants and Service-Based Business Owners.  Charelle has a passion for supporting solo and small business owners and she focuses on taking the overwhelm out of marketing, and instead creates marketing strategies that are simple to follow, that showcase her clients expertise and, most importantly, that attract their ideal clients.  Charelle is also a book blogger, co-host of the Free and Figuring It Out podcast and Founder of PropelHer. You can find out more about Charelle at www.charellegriffith.com.  Charelle’s links: https://www.charellegriffith.com/ https://www.instagram.com/charellegriffith https://www.linkedin.com/in/charellegriffith https://www.facebook.com/charellegriff https://www.twitter.com/charellegriff/ If you loved this episode, take a snapshot and tag us on Instagram at: @thrive_life_project_podcast, or tag us on Twitter @ThrivePodcast.  You can visit my website Twenties Thrive to find out more about coaching opportunities and skills development courses and resources. You can visit my income growth blog at Meggie Louise to start building your own online empire from a laptop and get your free 3I's guide. Make sure you come and say Hi to me, Meg, your host on socials too: ✨Instagram ✨LinkedIn ✨Pinterest ✨YouTube See you next Tuesday! 🎙 Follow us wherever you get your podcasts to be notified when a new episode is released! ✨


16 Feb 2021

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Episode 8 - "Managing your marketing as a solo business owner" with Charelle Griffith

The Thoughtful Coach Podcast

Welcome to episode 8! Today Katy speaks with marketing strategist extraordinaire Charelle Griffith about managing your marketing, creating consistent content and creating a constant online presence.  Seriously, this podcast is jam-packed with helpful tips and advice for solo business owners. Charelle breaks things down really simply and makes marketing feel a lot less scary to manage yourself. Find Charelle's free template here: https://www.charellegriffith.com/2021-content-marketing-plan-free-template/


8 Feb 2021

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032 | Brand Story - Charelle Griffith

The Brand Lounge

In this episode, Tammi is joined by Charelle Griffith - marketing strategist and business bestie for service-based business owners, fellow podcaster and founder of PropelHer a community for ambitious women.Charelle shares her business journey from book club to business owner, leaving a job she loved and creating a limited company before having a business concept. She shares her experience as an extrovert in a virtual world and how she build a business that works for her.This one is for you if you are looking for a high energy business story.The Guest:You can find Charelle sharing her high energy marketing wisdom online here:Instagram: @charellegriffithWebsite: charellegriffith.comThe Host:You can find Tammi talking all things personal brand + marketing over at:Instagram: @shadowcatcreativeWebsite: shadowcatcreative.co.ukEmail: hello@shadowcatcreative.co.ukThe Show:To continue the conversation and share your views, head over to The Brand Lounge social channels:Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/thebrandloungeSCCInstagram: @thebrandloungeclubSpecial thanks:Daniel De Pasquale via Podcats Media for the editing and original audio.Branding by Podcats Media as part of Shadowcat Creative Ltd.The Brand Lounge is part of the Podcats Media Business Network.For more information, please email: meow@podcatsmedia.com


20 Jan 2021

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Episode 9: How to build a successful marketing strategy, with digital marketing consultant Charelle Griffith

Find Your Mojo | Mindset | Entrepreneurship | Coaching | Strategy | Burn Out Prevention

Charelle Griffith is a digital marketing consultant who helps solo service-based business owners, who are typically DIYing their marketing, to build successful businesses. She is also an award-winning blogger and founder of the PropelHer‘s Book Club.Charelle focusses on content marketing; rather than paid advertising, and encourages business owners to show up online as the experts they are.Charelle says that consistency is king when it comes to social media; and this doesn't mean showing up every day; it means showing up when your clients expect you to. It's not about posting every day for a couple of weeks, and then disappearing. You need to keep the momentum going. So if you can't sustain posting every day long-term; then it's best not to start. Picking the right platform is also key; rather than trying to be anywhere. When you're a service provider, it's important to pick a platform that allows you to shine, as people buy from people, and therefore people buy from YOU.Also don't get too caught up on engagement, as getting comments and likes might not necessarily mean that people buy from you, especially if they're not your ideal client.Charelle recommends to create content that brings new people to your business, as well as serving your existing audience/clients. Once you've got people to become aware of you, it's about taking them on the journey to eventually buy from you.Charelle also recommends creating video content, if you're comfortable doing so, as it shortens the like, know, trust factor, and encourages prospective clients to buy from you A LOT quicker.All you can do on social media is show up as YOU. People will not only be buying what you offer; but they'll be buying from you as a person. They might be inspired to buy from you due to your values, your lifestyle or your business approach. They'll buy from you as they see and feel a connection or alignment. Therefore, it's important to share your values and passions through your content, and show some personality!For instance, Charelle attracted female business owners who were single into her business as she was a single woman, and spoke about this on her podcast. That's no coincidence.Put out content that people can relate too, which means being your imperfect self, by the way. Right now, people are going to be relating to other people more than brands, so use this time to share content that's honest, raw and authentic.Of course it's important to be sensitive to what's going on; but if you believe in what you offer, and it's not taking advantage of people's fears; then people might need your product/service more now than ever.People claiming it's unethical to sell is a definite reflection of their money mindset and limiting beliefs around money. As they're plenty of wealthy people around still buying!This pandemic has also highlighted that you can't rely on one stream of income, and that's why Charelle does so many things. If you can move your business online then you definitely should, in order to ensure that your business is diversified.Charelle recommends to keep showing up, especially at this time. Whether that be on social media, on your newsletter, or on your podcast. Being somebody to rely on for your audience/clients at this time empowers you to be their element of consistency, in a world that's ever-changing.It's also well worth using this time to reflect, especially as we're usually so busy and always looking forward. So use this time to review your marketing strategy and your overall business strategy and structure, to see what's working and what isn't. For instance, if you don't really know your business numbers, use this time to understand them better!


19 Apr 2020

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Ep. 27 How to be Consistent and Focused in Business w/ Professional Marketer Charelle Griffith

The Solopreneur Hustle

> JOIN OUR PATREON COMMUNITY: https://www.patreon.com/thesolopreneurhustleThe Solopreneur Hustle Podcast is a weekly conversation, with Business Coach Nia Lewis, about how to build a successful solo business while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. The Solopreneur Hustle community is a safe space for women of color in entrepreneurship to connect, celebrate success, and support each other. Success doesn’t come from what we do occasionally, but what we do consistently. This week’s solopreneur guest, Charelle Griffith, shares insight about the power of consistency, clarity, and focus in entrepreneurship. Charelle is a professional marketer. She helps solopreneurs and freelancers develop strategic marketing plans to increase their traffic, sales, and leads. Charelle has built her business while also working a full-time job, so in episode 27 of The Solopreneur Hustle Podcast, we learn how to show up for our businesses consistently when we have to spread our time across several important commitments. Listen to this episode to hear: Tips for becoming a focused entrepreneur, and the importance of clarityWhy every business model doesn’t have to work for everyoneHow to move beyond goal setting to focus on actionHow to build a meaningful presence online, and offline  Connect with Charelle here: https://www.charellegriffith.com/> JOIN OUR PATREON COMMUNITY: https://www.patreon.com/thesolopreneurhustle> NEED HELP WITH YOUR BUSINESS?Schedule a 1:1 Business Strategy Call with Nia: https://www.thesolopreneurhustle.com/coaching> THE SOLOPRENEUR SATURDAY NEWSLETTERText Business to 31996 to stay connected between episodes. You'll get a business tip of the week AND our Soloprenuer Saturday Newsletter.> STAY CONNECTED   Website | http://www.thesolopreneurhustle.comInstagram | @SoloprenuerHustle Email | hello@thesolopreneurhustle.com > FREE ResourcesDownload this free marketing ebook: https://mailchi.mp/3e2ad2830476/marketingebook> Subscribe to Nia on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlCl9xBXGlyoATwat6Ebpg?view_as=subscriber


13 Dec 2019