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Design Minded - ep03: Jim Walker

99.1 FM WQRT-LP Indianapolis

Design Minded is an ongoing conversation that explores how design impacts our physical environment and quality of life in Indianapolis — sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Jim Walker joins hosts Lee Alig and Steve Mannheimer to discuss #BigCar and how it has used creativity and art to lift neighborhoods. Jim Walker is the CEO/co-founder and lead artist of Big Car Collaborative, which includes the community radio station, #WQRT. Currently based in the Garfield Park area, Big Car has grown into a community catalyst utilizing creativity as a “fairer form of gentrification”. Their mission is to bring art to people and people to art, sparking creativity in lives to support communities. Originally aired on wqrt.org March 2019 By DesignMinded Indiana


16 Apr 2021

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11. The Story of an Iconic British Brand in Japan with Jim Walker

Export to Japan

Jim Walker is co-managing director of Walker's Shortbread Ltd, whose products are now a staple of souvenir shops up and down Japan. In this episode, Jim gives us some great insight into his company's journey into the Japanese market.


12 Mar 2021

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"Tech Champions" with Jim Walker from UiPath

Auditmacs Radio

Each week on “Tech Champions,” our host Daniel Beaty sits down with experts in the information technology world. This week, Daniel spoke to Jim Walker from UiPath.UiPath started in 2005 as a 10-people team based in Bucharest. Now, UiPath is the world’s leading RPA software company.To learn more, visit https://www.uipath.com.Short company description: We see boundless potential in the way we live and making work better for all what we strive to achieve. Automation driving the way we work is a goal so that employees can work smarter and clients/citizens can received smarter services. We take bold risks, always striving for humility so that we remain open to even greater possibilities. We erase boundaries between ourselves and our customers through continuously shared learning and growth. Our successes aren’t merely linked, they’re inseparably fused. We accelerate our efforts so that we can innovate and evolve with speed. We are defined by diversity of all kinds, open in the way we listen, honest in the way we speak, voracious in our appetite for understanding unique viewpoints and experiences. We believe in using the transformative power of automation to liberate the boundless potential of people.What was your first role in the technology field?: My first role was helping deploy a global defense platform and training Solaris and Unix security and systems administration for the Dept of Defense. Then I served as Deputy IT Ops at the counter drug task force in Key West. Deployed early collaboration tool in the middle east for the Dept of Defense, served as Operations Chief at the Missile Defense Agency in Washington DC and Huntsville, AL. Finally, I was the Deputy CIO for the NASA Shared Services Center.What IT project are you most proud of?: Along with my team we identified the value of robotic process automation for government use and deployed the first robot (named George Washington) in the federal government. That first robot has kicked off a government-wide use of RPA at more than 100 agencies or departments. Instead of a technology that creates more work we finally see we can take the robot out of people.What is the biggest challenge that IT departments are facing today?: IT department – what in the Wizard of Oz there was a question about who was behind the curtain. IT has been (necessarily so) behind the curtain for years. In the outstanding book THE WORLD IS FLAT and more in THANKS FOR BEING LATE it is clear IT is going to be democratized. IT departments have to be the guardians with respect to cyber security but also the enablers with respect to technologies. Work from home creates new issues, cell phones (BYOD) creates issues, automation creates issues yet is all creates incredible new opportunities. Additionally, their 2nd and 3rd challenges would be is automation a band-aid and the expense of legacy migrationsWho is someone you would consider a mentor?: As I have moved from agency to agency I cannot distinguish mentors. My Ops lead at the counter drug center taught me as much as the CIO of MDA and the NASA CIO. Each taught something different. I think the most influential leadership guidance I received was from writer John Maxwell. His writings so insightful and impactful that I think everyone should consider his works.


1 Mar 2021

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#24 DoK Community: The architecture of a distributed database // Jim Walker, Lisa-Marie Namphy & Keith McClellan

Data on Kubernetes Community

Abstract of the talk… Cockroach Labs has built a database architected from the ground up to be distributed. It is a perfect fit for the cloud and Kubernetes as it naturally scales and survives without manual interaction. The unique architecture of CockroachDB delivers some key innovations that may not only provide value for your applications but might also give you insight into the challenges/solutions in distributed systems. In this session, we will deliver a deep-dive exploration into the internals of the database, exploring the following, and more: How the database uses KV at the storage layer to effectively distribute data How Raft and MVCC are used to guarantee serializable isolation for transactions How Cockroach automates scale and guarantees an always-on resilient database How to tie data to a location to help with performance and data privacy Bio… Jim has been a product marketer for almost twenty years and before that he coded professionally in Smalltalk, C++ and Java. He still codes and likes to dive deep into tech so that he can help translate complex topicsinto consumable forms. Over the course of his career he has focused on emerging tech and has been directly involved in creating six categories. He prides himself as an advocate of the developer and a rabid open source software promoter. His list of startups that he’s helped build include Servgate, Vontu (acquired), Initiate Sytems (acquired), Talend (IPO), Hortonworks (IPO), EverString (acquired), CoreOS (acquired) and is currently the VP of a Product Marketing at pre-IPO, Cockroach Labs. Key take-aways from the talk… We will dive deep into the architecture of the database and explicitly cover the following areas: Ranges (partitions): SQL to KV RAFT Distributed Data: Range Distribution, Scale and Resilience Distributed Transactions Distributed SQL Execution Distributed Latency Distributed Performance Optimizations

1hr 7mins

14 Jan 2021

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Pat Greene interviews Jim Walker and Shauta Marsh

From The Desk of Pat Greene

For most of this century, Big Car Collaborative in Indianapolis has been not only the biggest force for redefining Social Practice Art, but they have also been extremely effective in practical terms of bringing parts of Indianapolis back to life, and reemerging these areas in a better way. Married couple Jim Walker and Shauta Marsh are the brains, the brawn, the creative and emotional forces that have made this work. In 2015 London’s Guardian presented them as an example of how gentrification can work, and be sensitive and aware of who lives in these neighborhoods and giving them a better place to live. Big Car Collaborative has brought in affordable housing, the Tube Factory art gallery, Listen Hear an ambitious sound art program and an FM radio station. These are just a few examples of what they have done. They have secured major funding from grants and donors. They are models of how to make a city a better place.

1hr 2mins

23 Oct 2020

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L.A. Studio Legends #3: Jim Walker

The Legacy of John Williams Podcast

Legendary flutist discusses his life as a studio musician recording hundreds of film and television scores over 30+ years, including his many collaborations with John Williams in scores such as The River, Jurassic Park and Memoirs of a Geisha Jim Walker is one of the most talented and celebrated flutist of our times. From classical to jazz to television and film to the concert hall, Walker has brilliantly showcased his incredible musicianship for 50+ years. In his incredibly prolific career as a studio musician, Jim Walker has performed in hundreds of film and television scores. His first major prominent part was assigned to him by John Williams in 1984—the composer picked Walker as soloist for the Academy Award-nominated score of The River, directed by Mark Rydell and starring Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek. Since then, he's been part of the flute section in virtually all of John Williams’s recordings in Los Angeles until 2008, including some of Williams’s biggest hits such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Home Alone, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List. Walker can also also be heard as soloist/1st flute in scores such as Amistad, The Patriot, Catch Me If You Can and Memoirs of a Geisha. His versatility and incredible dexterity was appreciated by some of Hollywood’s top film composers including Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Elmer Bernstein, Randy Newman, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, and his playing can be heard in box office hits such as Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Titanic, Finding Nemo, but also beloved classics like Awakenings, Edward Scissorhands, Cocoon. In this in-depth conversation, Jim talks about his musical life, from his upbringing in Kentucky to his arrival in Los Angeles as the Principal Flute of the LA Phil and his work as a studio musician for films and television scores. He talks extensively about his many collaborations with John Williams, including his soloist work on The River and Memoirs of a Geisha, but also the very challenging parts he had to perform in scores such as Hook and Jurassic Park, offering his own detailed look on Williams’s music as seen from the performer’s unique point of view. For more information and the full list of musical excerpts featured in the episode, visit https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2020/08/07/jim-walker-podcast

1hr 32mins

7 Aug 2020

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In part 3 with Jim Walker we learn how the accident has made Jim reflect on his life and how it started a healing process that is still ongoing

The Superdad Entrepreneur

The accident changed Jim´s life. He sold everything in Hamburg, Germany and moved back to Toronto, Canada to life with his father. Old scars burst open and he is forced to deeply reflects his life and to ask himself, if his life contains only some good stories or if it actually has been a good one. Has he truly been himself?He realizes that the accident has brought him back to Ground Zero and that looking at the connective dots in your life could be the key to actually find piece.


13 Jun 2020

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In part 2 of the interview Jim Walker shares the experience of his heavy accident and what happened when only his eyeballs worked

The Superdad Entrepreneur

Jim is about to launch a book about his life and the few major happenings of his life that made him the person he is today. Interestingly the trigger for this project was a heavy accident he had in his loft while hammernig a brick wall when a brick fell on his head and knocked him out completely. He woke up after some time and found himself in an unknown state of consciousness, not being able to move or talk, but feeling perfectly quite and peaceful. This experience changed everything for him and made him reflect his life.


30 May 2020

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Episode 22: The Jim Walker Interview

Two Dollar Late Fee

In episode 22, Zak and Dustin interview musician Jim Walker.The man behind the theme song to Three O’Clock High, “Something to Remember me By”, sits down with the dudes to discuss his career in music and film.Portland, Oregon’s Jim Walker has had a remarkable career in music and film! In this episode you’ll hear how Steven Spielberg had big role in getting his song in the 1987 cult classic Three O’Clock High, scoring the 1995 film Red Line, performing gigs as one half of the duo Tim and Jim, his love of horror movies, and much more! Enjoy our trip down music lane with Jim Walker!Go to https://www.jvamusic.com to find our more info on Jim and to purchase his music!NEW EPISODES EVERY TWO WEEKS!Please follow us on Spotify & subscribe, rate and review us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes)Instagram: @twodollarlatefeeZak on Instagram: @zakshafferDustin on Instagram: @dustinrubinvoCheck out the intro/outro music on Bandcamp: jvamusic1.bandcamp.comFacebook: facebook.com/Two-Dollar-Late-Fee-PodcastMerch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/two-dollar-late-feeIMDB: https://www.imdb.comiTunes: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/two-dollar-late-feeSpotify: open.spotify.com/show/Amazon: music.amazon.com/podcastsPodchaser: https://www.podchaser.comRadioPublic: radiopublic.com/two-dollar-late-feePodbean: twodollarlatefee.podbean.comStitcher: www.stitcher.com

1hr 20mins

17 May 2020

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Episode 11 - Jim Walker (Cockroach Labs) Being Genuine in Tech Marketing

The POPCAST with Dan POP

Jim Walker is the Vice President Product Marketing at Cockroach Labs and knows many things; People, Marketing, Tech. Jim is an original thinker in a sea of mediocre. We discuss his career which is a who's who in the tech world along with the art of Marketing from product to events. We cover his tech beginnings and how it shaped his unique voice and eventual way he helps to market product. We discuss Cockroach's absolutely wonderful and truly inventive badge scan program .Timeline/Topics:0:00 POP Apologizes for the Audio 0:51 - Intro to Jim Walker 1:30 - What Product Marketing means to Jim Walker 2:50 - Jim's beginnings in Tech6:34 - Progression into Technical marketing after being a developer9:08 - Techniques Jim uses to be genuine in tech marketing9:35 - Kubernetes the first time he heard it 11:43 - CoreOS or Hashicorp decision 14:34 - Jim discusses CoreOS as a company/Marketing16:25 - Marketing new tech (for example Kubernetes)19:23 - Cockroach Labs - why Jim went there, and the product itself25:05 - Events (Escape/19 and Tectonic in the past)32:12 - Women who code tradeshow program at CockroachLabs37:12 - Work you are most proud of?Links from the episode:Jim's take on the definition of product marketing: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/one-definition-product-marketing-jim-walker%2FEscape/19 Talks (video) : https://www.cockroachlabs.com/escape19-conference-talksCheck out Cockroach Labs: https://www.cockroachlabs.com/product and Kelsey's quote about it : https://twitter.com/kelseyhightower/status/1065643109269233665?s=20Get virtual scanned and Cockroach will Donate to Women who Code: https://www.cockroachlabs.com/blog/virtual-badge-scan-for-women-who-code/POP would like to thank all the marketing teams out there and specifically the ones he's worked with over the years.  Advent, HPE, and now at Sysdig.  without you all we all are nothing!


6 May 2020