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A Loving Conversation on Sexuality, Corporate Mobility and Self Love ft. Tyrone Webb Jr.

Black Exposure Podcast

As Head of Global Field Communications for SAP’s largest Cloud Business Group, SAP SuccessFactors, Tyrone has the opportunity to spearhead executive communications for the Chief Revenue and Chief Customer Officer. Tyrone has a holistic, modern, collaborative and creative approach to his work which allows him to elevate, measure and impact the business. He is well versed across multiple disciplines including Global Product Marketing, Executive Communications, Public Relations, Social Media, Crisis and Corporate Communications.


14 Feb 2021

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Episode 28: Tyrone Webb

Arrow Wrestling

In this episode, we get to know who is coach Webb and how he has produced, such high-quality wrestlers throughout NYC. • Thank you for listening to this episode of Arrow Wrestling Podcast. Follow us on Instagram: Arrow_Wrestling to keep up to date with future episodes. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


5 Jun 2020

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8: Fall into Wellness with Tyrone Webb Jr.

Fall into Wellness

Tyrone is a branding and marketing expert and is the Founder of TWJ Branding and Marketing, where he helps people to brand themselves and their business. Tyrone teaches people how to be confident on social media and why it’s important to stand out.  Connect with her here.


12 Aug 2019

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011: Tyrone Webb, Jr. – Get Unstuck and Get Started

Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life®

Tyrone Webb Jr. is a Communications Leader, Marketing Strategist and Network Guru. He is a passionate leader who works to inspire and motivate young professionals and entrepreneurs. Born and raised in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey and having humble beginnings, Tyrone believes in the fundamental importance of service. In 2013, Tyrone created the Tyrone Webb Jr. Scholarship Fund to provide minority business students an opportunity to pursue their education free of financial stress or setbacks.   As the Sr. Manager for Global Communications for SAP SuccessFactors, Tyrone has the opportunity to lead global day-to-day communication strategies for the entire business. In 2017, Tyrone decided to utilize his personal skills and interests to start his own business and brand. The Tyrone Webb Jr. brand and business which was created to consult entrepreneurs on marketing & brand strategies, communications and photography. www.tyronewebbjr.com Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® Podcast Creator, Host, and Producer:  Loronda C. Giddens www.lorondacgiddens.com


21 Apr 2019

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Tyrone Webb Jr.: CEO And Founder Of TWJ Branding + Marketing

The Authors Unite Show

Our guest for today’s podcast is, Tyrone Webb Jr., CEO and Founder of TWJ Branding + Marketing. Tyrone is a New Jersey Native but currently lives in Atlanta where he is involved in numerous activities. You can learn more about Tyrone here: www.tyronewebbjr.com This episode is brought to you by Authors Unite. Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite here: http://authorsunite.com/.  Thank you for listening to The Business Blast Podcast!  Tyler--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/authorsunite/support


31 Dec 2018

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Spiritual Scripting for Creative Business w/ Tyrone Webb Jr.

Design Tribe Podcast

In this episode, we hear from special guest, Tyrone Webb Jr, on the importance of spiritual scripting for your creative online business or design business.  FREEBIE: Guide to Spiritual Scripting Get the PDF download! Is your freelance design business growing slowly online...or...worse, is it not growing AT ALL?!? Your limiting beliefs surrounding money could be holding you back! Be sure to subscribe for more design LOVE! Business tips + creative strategies:  http://bit.ly/2LGqRNE ..................................................................................... WATCH ON YOUTUBE: coming soon READ MY BLOG:  http://www.laurenlesley.com/blog #laurenlesleystudio LISTEN TO THE DESIGN TRIBE PODCAST:  iTunes: https://apple.co/2xZIPsy Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2LHe2TB  JOIN MY FREE FB GROUP: http://facebook.com/groups/DesignTribeLaurenLesley Wave at me on social:  Instagram: http://instagram.com/laurenlesleystudio #laurenlesleystudio Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/laurenlesleystudio Facebook: http://facebook.com/laurenlesleystudio Tags: You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero | Law of Attraction | Book Club Discussion Questions | Book Review of You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero 2018 | Design Tribe | Limiting Beliefs About Money | Removing Limiting Beliefs | Lauren Lesley Studio | How to Get Rich Solopreneur TRANSCRIPT: Speaker 2: 00:27 Hey everyone. Welcome to the podcast. This is lauren or Lauren with Lauren Lesley Studio and today we have special guest, Tyrone Webb Jr and I'm super excited to introduce you guys to him. He. I'm Tyrone and I met about two and a half years ago and he introduced me to this practice called spiritual scripting and it basically completely changed my life and it's really encouraging for Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to have this type of spiritual journaling practice. So Tyrone if you'll go ahead and introduce yourself, I just tell everyone a little bit about your background in how you got into scripting. Speaker 3: 01:10 Sure. Thank you for having me. Lauren, and my name is tyrone Webb Jr and I've been doing spiritual scripting for about four and a half years now and I got into this because I was searching for something more, something deeper and always knew that I had power in me, but I was always afraid to tap into that power. And one day I went to this church called the spiritual living center of Atlanta and I saw Joyce Reynolds speak and she offered us to go to a class on Tuesday where you can learn about spirit description, which is all around the law of attraction. Speaker 3: 01:47 And so I'll stop there and I'll give the audience a little bit of my background. I moved here six years ago from New Jersey and I had no friends. I had a little bit of family but not panel that I was close to. And during my time of not scripting and to scripting four and a half years ago in my life has changed tremendously too. Buying a home, having a car. I want the career I went traveling, the financial well, the friends, the family, even giving and being grateful. Even that whole aspect has changed my diet, what I eat, how I see the world, how I view the world. And I can say fast forward to 2018, my life has completely transformed with the mixture of spiritual scripting and taking ownership of my life. And I just have to say it's a beautiful thing. Speaker 2: 02:38 Yeah. So awesome to hear you say that, and I can say similarly for me like it's really impacted my life and I'm also like in a my career, I would say for sure and just for those of you who may not be as familiar with what scripting is, tyrone, will you tell us what is scripting? Speaker 3: 02:56 Sure. So scripting is this unique, cool way of, I don't want to say journaling, but it's really owning your life and you write up your life the way you want it, the way you see it, all your desires and everything that you want to manifest. So a great example wouldn't be Speaker 3: 03:14 if you want to buy a home in Inman Park and you'll free something as divine right action or you can say divine right order divine God, whatever you call your God divine right order. It's taking place in my life right now for me to buy the right and perfect comment. Inman Park. And then from there you have to embellish for what you want. That's going to be the color, the price, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms. Um, if you want a lawn, if you want to swing, if you want a porch or whatever you want, if you want to satellite TV script down to my neighbors and I even take it so far too when I'm getting on a plane, I had the opportunity to travel for work and for pleasure that a week or two or sometimes three days before I get on the plane, I'm scripting for what I want my plane neighbor to be like and I'm scripting out that entire detail of the conversation. I'm scripting with the flight we'll leave on or before time that I land owner before time that the weather's perfect and it completely changes your entire outlook on life and it allows you to just have control and not have that worry or that anger or that fear, which is what this world really instills to us. Speaker 2: 04:29 So are you writing in the future tense or how are you writing on your plane ride? Speaker 3: 04:37 I'm doing everything now. And you don't do anything in future tense because if you do future tense, it's always going to be. I'll eventually get there. So it's like one day I went to buy a house and it's like, okay, well that one day could be in 20, 25. Don't set your intentions out. Two stopped the delay of the universe for what she went now. So everything is now. So I'm buying that house to him in park, now I'm having the right and perfect flight. Now everything is in the now because time and time isn't an illusion. It is an illusion and we get caught up on, oh, I want to have kids by 29, I want to be married by 28 and I would have my first house by 32 and I want to do this by 35. And it's everything's now. And people always say, you can't have it all. I disagree. I think you. I believe you can have it all. It just might not be at the same time because you're going to outgrow things. You're going to outgrow your career and your job. That opens up the door for entrepreneurship. That opens up the door for door for kids and the list goes on. But everything that's in the now Speaker 2: 05:39 that's really cool. So tell me a little bit about how it works, like how are you taking this idea of what you want in your life and manifesting it, like how that sounds kind of, you know, I'm just going to come from, you know, a place of someone who maybe has never of it, um, or some, maybe some questions I would have asked in the very beginning, but how it sounds kind of like magical or you know, like, like praying or something. How does it, how does it actually come to fruition? Speaker 3: 06:16 Oh, the age group. Speaker 3: 06:25 Sorry, say that again. I think we were breaking up a little bit. Do you remember the infomercial? Set it and forget it. I don't. Okay. All right. So it was this guy like back in the early two thousands. He created this device almost like a George foreman grill, but you were able to roast turkeys in there and it was set it and forget it. So you said it, you prepare your food, you throw it in this device, you set it and you forget about it. You set a timer, you don't think about it, you just clicked automatically. Scripting is very similar to that. You write out what you want, the way you want it, Speaker 3: 06:59 put it out into the universe, out into the atmosphere, and you just watch it manifests and t is not your job to worry about how it's going to happen or when it's going to happen. You just have to believe that it is going to happen and once you change your thoughts, you start to open up your mind to new beginnings and new things that you've never seen before. So a good example would be my first scripting story was I an unexpected income. People were taking me out to eat. People were um, I had to free mileage points from delta. I was able to expense certain things through work. And in my mind I'm thinking, well, that money is going to come in my hand from someone given me gifts, but no going out to eat. That's a free meal. That's unexpected income. Being able to expense things through my job as unexpected income are those costs anymore? Like my cell phone bill, being able to travel and have points that's unexpected income because I'm not paying anything except for $13 in taxes. So once you open up your mind to a new way of thinking, you'll start to see how automatically manifesting which you really want to live. So it's almost like set it and forget it and you just have to believe in you. Have that be Speaker 2: 08:08 cool. Yeah. I would add onto that that um, the way Joyce describes it and I kind of, um, yeah, that's made a lot of sense to me when she described it this way, but that everything in the universe is energy. Everything is made up of energy. So whether, you know, like you said that time isn't real, it's just sort of something that we all subscribe to you. Um, and you know, the thoughts that you're thinking, the actions of what you're saying with your mouth. All of these things are energy that ended up kind of telling the universe what your reality is or what you, your reality should be or what you want it to be. So if you're constantly putting out negative thoughts or negative, um, you know, you're saying negative things than the universe is like, oh, that must be, you know, what you want or what your life is. Speaker 2: 08:54 I don't know. I feel like you have to get specific about what you really want, what your goals are. And then, like you said, writing it out, embellishing it. I'm talking about it as if it's already happened and already like it's already real. I'm like, there's the story of Jim Carrey and him doing a lot of visualization where he was literally living out of his car, but he knew deep down that he was talented and that this goal was going to come true of him being a famous actor. And so he wrote himself a check for a million dollars. Um, I can't remember the exact number, but I think, yeah, a million dollars. And he dated it like two years in the future. And at this point he was literally living out of his car and struggling and not getting jobs. And he kept getting rejected over and over and over again. Speaker 2: 09:46 But he would just sit in his car and imagined himself and seeing himself being this famous person being successful, um, having the career that he really wanted and that he knew deep down was his truth. I think that's part of, you know, related to having the faith is just knowing that deep down like this is my truth. It just hasn't happened yet. Um, and putting those thoughts out into the universe. It's all energy. It's all coming back. It also makes me think of the scientific study that was done that showed that praying for people in the hospital actually had an impact on them becoming better and healing. Like people healed at a faster rate when they were being prayed for rather than people who were not. Um, and the catch or what I think is really interesting, and obviously people are going to have all different beliefs. But what I thought was really interesting was during the study it had, it didn't have any impact on which religion people were subscribing to it. They had people from all different religions praying for people in the hospital and it still had the same results. So to me that's saying like, okay, well you really are putting that energy out there, even if you're just thinking good thoughts for someone that also makes a difference. Speaker 3: 11:03 Absolutely. And I totally agree with everything you said and I just wanted to add on one thing that Joyce talks about his, I forgot which article it is, a science journal article, but when you're writing and when you're writing about your life in a positive way, you're creating new neurological cells in your brain to help you reprogram how you think. Because anyone who listening or watching this, you are not who your mom, dad and uncle, teacher, pastor, sibling, you're not homeless. People say you are. And it goes back to exactly to what you said about your truth. You know your truth and your truth may not be the same as mine or Lawrence or your parents or your friends or even your neighbors. But you have to know your triggers, know your truth, own your truth Speaker 2: 11:51 and believe in it. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. That's awesome. So, okay, so the next question is what kind of results have you received from your scripting practice? I know you kind of just talked about your, um, wanting to receive finances from unexpected sources, but is there anything else that you can kind of describe more specifically? Speaker 3: 12:14 Yeah, I would say the House that I'm living in, I think maybe three years before I bought the house, I scripted exactly what I want it, how many floors, bedrooms, the type of neighborhood, two car garage, town hall. I scripted everything will enable pools and everything and I even scripted that I want in my mortgage to be less than my rent. Speaker 2: 12:44 Oh cool. Speaker 3: 12:46 I wanted to detail right because it's you can get the house, but then it's like you don't want to upset, you don't want to forget anything when you script and you want to script out every single detail and it's okay to talk about the finance part because I think a lot of times as people were afraid of that, money can sometimes be a touchy subject. So the more that you just bring it out into the light and be more comfortable with it, the easier it will be free to talk about. But in this home I've got this whole new. It was a short sale way below market value. My mortgage is way below the rent that I was paying when I lived in Brookhaven, Georgia. I have awesome neighbors. I have. I mean I love this house. I had everything that I never want it from this house. Speaker 3: 13:26 And another scripting opportunity that came to me was starting my own business and learning what I, what I've been doing in incorporating, incorporating that into a business, on helping companies with brand strategy of doing photography and that's more unexpected income that's coming my way. And it's also given me the confidence to become an entrepreneur and to script that out and see what that's gonna look like. If I want to be an author or international speaker, a motivator, I'm going to write that out. I'm going to be speaking in China now and I'm going to be able to motivate people from all around the world and I just watched all of that coming together. Speaker 2: 14:01 That's so awesome. So do you also practice visualization or is it mainly scripting Speaker 3: 14:10 or do you say that's kind of an integral part of your scripting practice? Scripting is part of your spiritual regimen and for me, I meditate. I script my vision board, I read, I read a lot of books around Deepak Chopra, even some of the books over. Right. And I also attend the class with joy. So those are my five, I think four or five regimen that I do to keep me in that spiritual practice. So scripting is just part of your prayer, but also with prayer and at this is where meditation comes in because scripting has basically telling the universe what you want and in meditation you're listening to what the universe is telling you. Gotcha. And what you have to make sure you don't want to just tell, tell, tell. Because you also have to listen. Speaker 2: 15:02 Yeah, I like that, I love that. Okay. So, um, how has scripting impacted the creative side of your business? I know that, um, you know, you have worked in corporate for a while and then you just explained how you've gone out on your own and sort of you're interested in becoming more of an entrepreneur and you have your own business now and you also do photography, which is really cool. Um, so can you explain some of the creative side of what you do and how scripting has impacted that specifically? Speaker 3: 15:36 Absolutely, and I'll even take you to the creative side of how I even created my website and what I want it to look like. And I wanted it to be me. I didn't want it to be what other photographers are doing or other people are doing rob branch energy. I wanted something unique and if it wasn't for scripting, I don't think I would have had the confidence to do that. I think I would have mirrored what other people are already doing out there. And I've gotten feedback from some people that have that seeing my website and they said, oh well this part seems a little childish, or this part should be like this and this just seemed like this and this is who I am and that's what you believe in that thank you for the feedback, but my mind's made up and I stand strong in my truth and this is what I believe in. Speaker 3: 16:21 I don't mind telling the world that I have a fear of spiders, you know, as I don't mind people knowing who I am. And I think that's one of the key things scripting does help with and even with the creative side, because then you feel empowered as you start to see how as you manifest smaller things, you start to manifest a bigger things and it just increases your creativity in your mind, in your power. So now when I'm scripting, I'm scripting for fun clients and I'm scripting for clients, I think outside the box because we always tailored towards what's comfortable and why do we do that? So again, what I was saying earlier about the Science Journal article that Joyce talked about, it creates new cells in your mind, your catch like, Hey, I want to be involved. It creates a new cells in your mind to help you just think differently as a team and to think bigger and better and I wouldn't be as creative as I am today or as colorful. Um, actually I would be, but I wouldn't be as proud to show it. And scripting has helped me with that. That's interesting. Speaker 2: 17:22 So you feel like scripting has given you the confidence as well to like kind of unleash that creative side of you and without apologizing or without feeling like, okay, I have this corporate side of my career but I don't have to necessarily implement everything corporate into my business or the way I speak to my customers. Speaker 3: 17:42 Exactly. I was terrified of started my website and talking about it at work because I felt like, oh well they're going to let me go. Like, what does this mean? I have a safety net. All different types of negative thoughts went through your mind that before too. Yeah, it's scary and it's when you script and when you know and you believe in your truth and you know that the universe has your back, all bets are off. That's awesome. So we've talked about scripting but just to kind of break down exactly what it is for people. Um, will you kind of go through what are the different pillars of scripting? Like how do you create balance in your scripting practice so that your life isn't, you know, your career doesn't take off, but your relationships are totally falling apart, you know, like you want to keep that balance and the different aspects of your life. Speaker 3: 18:37 Um, so what are some of the pillars of scripting? And before I get into that, I just want to say because when I start to explain, some people may think, oh, what about work life balance? My belief is there is no work life balance. It's all life. You have to balance everything because it's work life, family, friends, career, technology, TV, relaxation, vacations is everything. And with scripting, the first thing I do is I normally script in the morning. So when I wake up, I think God for waking me up and then I'll do some stretches and do some yoga and then I script and the first thing I scripted, thank you for waking me up. The second thing got script is I set my intention for the day so that truly important. So today we'll be back and then I go into what's happening throughout the day. Speaker 3: 19:26 So I skipped it for this podcast to go. Well, I'm playing tennis later, asked me and my friend have a great tennis match. So it's scripting about in the beginning being thankful is setting your intention for the day and this is just how I do it. It's there's no right or wrong way. And then I'd go into my pillars. So the six pillars would be spirituality, relationships, career, health and wellness, a fitness and wellness, financial finances that the other one, the fifth one is finance. And then the sixth is being grateful, just giving things and just being grateful. And then sometimes there is. Well there is also a seventh which is fun. So you want to make sure you script funnier life, which is all about that balance, right? Because then we can get so focused on career, career, career, and then we forget about everything else. Speaker 3: 20:17 And I think for a lot of people to travel comes up, which could fall under the fun category, but that was something you scripted for as well. Right? Right. And then, so I scripted for travel is a great example. I traveled through work. I didn't have to pay for that. That's awesome. So you know, you may script for travel and you're thinking, well my bank account doesn't allow me to travel, but then you might get a job that does have you travel all around the world. You just have to be open. And that goes back to my beginning of my opening statement. When you script it opens up your mind to something that you never. So there's five. There's seven pillars. You script things the way you want it, what you want to have in your life. You embellish, you go into detail, you believe it, and you can build on your details, but give yourself two to three days, five days Max, and then you forget about it. You don't really script about that Pacific thing anymore. And then you just move onto something else that you want in your life. In one day you may be inspired to be a poet. You script around that. Then you move on. And again, it's about you can have everything, just not always at the same time. Okay. Speaker 2: 21:21 Yeah, totally. And I think the way I do it, I try to structure it so that I'm not leaving out something that is really important. Um, so that my life just stay balanced. But I'll do different paragraphs for the pillars. So I'll title it, you know, like finances or spiritual growth or health and wellness, you know, and I'll kind of write out my little paragraph. Um, and I try to do it daily, but sometimes it's more like weekly, um, but I do try to keep it a consistent practice. Um, but you know, sometimes there's only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep and things to do, but as long as you're consistently like coming back to it and keeping that focus, putting it out into the universe that hey, like a, I am, I eat healthy. You know, I eat plenty of vegetables. Speaker 2: 22:08 I drink eight glasses of water a day, I get eight hours of sleep per night, I exercise three times a week and I feel amazing, you know, describe how it makes you feel to be keeping you know, your ideal health and wellness routine. And then, you know, talk about your spiritual growth. You know, I feel more patient today. I am closer to God. I am grateful. You know, I feel these things in my body and I'm able to be more loving to people. You know, you can script all of these things. Um, and at the end of each little paragraph, for each pillar, I sign it like, thank you God or thank you universe. You know, you can do it. Like you said, it doesn't have to be exactly one formula. You can tailor it for what makes sense for you, but I think that being grateful aspect of, you know, feeling like you're healthy or being healthy, being feeling like you're growing spiritually, like just being deeply grateful for all of those things for your relationship. Speaker 2: 23:03 You know, I have an amazing partner. I'm in love with my partner, you know, like describing, you know, we talk about everything. We have amazing sex, you know, he looks amazing meal, you know, whatever you feel like you need and that's important to your relationship. Scripting that out as if it's already there and I swear this shit works great. It feels magical even though it's not, you know, we can explain it as energy and all of that, but it feels magical because when I started scripting it was like holy shit, like all these things are really coming true. Like everything that I've. It was really important to me and I'm still. It's always a work in progress, but I feel like Speaker 3: 23:44 there's certain that happened where I was like, wow, I did not expect it to happen this soon. Or like the House that I want it to be able to buy a house as well and Speaker 3: 23:54 you know, I had some ideas about what I wanted but I thought it was going to be in a certain area of town that was more in my price range. And then I got the area of town that I'm currently renting in, um, and I, it was just to buy. I felt like it was way out of my price range and I was kind of thinking, oh, I'll script for it, but that'll be one day, like 10 years from now I'll be able to live there. And it just, I don't know, just magically happened really fast. It's really important for people to know. You have to be careful for what you say because it can happen really fast and it also can to really slow. But what's important is when we say things and it's really important and scripting, and I forgot to mention this, try to use positive words only and not saying no. Speaker 3: 24:49 Don't say what I won't do not, don't care nothing with you. Do not want to have any nose or not doing your scripting. If you are, let's say your manager makes you file paperwork and you dislike doing that and you can say, okay, even though I dislike filing paperwork for my manager, he or she recognizes my true potential and I am working on bigger and better projects that served me and my purpose. Now you turn it into a stepping stone instead of a box kind of thing. Exactly, and that's a great point, right? Because we're great at playing victims and you can say, I now have the courage to speak up to my manager and say, I prefer to work on something more meaningful because a lot of times people don't know they're giving us something they don't know if we do or don't like, we have to speak up. Speaker 3: 25:50 Right, right, right. Yeah, and the scripting again goes back to that confidence that you can find in scripting and taking ownership of your life. I think that's a huge thing is when you said the word victim, that really clicked in for me because I feel like a lot of people are kind of caught in this web of pain and they do see themselves as a victim and they feel like they don't have control, but when you start a scripting practice, it gives the control back to yourself and that you really are in charge of your life and you are creating the best life for yourself and your power. Yeah. Taking back your power and even if it hasn't happened yet, believing that it's gone to. Absolutely, and it was something you mentioned too. I don't want people to feel ashamed. Remember, this is your God so you can script about in the thing, and I mean you mentioned that you script for a grade six. It took me a long time to do that because I felt it was the, the past religions where it's like, oh, you can't tell. There is still taboo. And it's like, well, wait a minute. This is my guy. This is what I believe. Why won't about that? And it's, God has created us to have fun and to live the life that we want to live. Speaker 3: 27:00 And it's okay to talk about those taboo things. Speaker 2: 27:04 Yeah, of course. I mean, I would say too that when you're in the habit of scripting, you're wanting things that are healthy for yourself. Right? And so again, like if you feel like waiting until you're married is the healthy thing for you to do, then that's what you should script for. For me, that's not my personal choice. Um, but I, you know, yeah, I wanted that relationship that did have great sex. I mean, you know, who wants to be in a relationship with, Speaker 3: 27:34 right. There are still many people, men and women out there that are. And they haven't taken back their power yet. Speaker 2: 27:40 Yeah. And what, and yeah. And then you feel like a victim when it's like, well, what can you do when you start scripting and imagining these situations where, you know, maybe you do love your partner, but maybe their sex drive isn't where yours is, you know? And maybe it's just like cultivating, you know, that environment where it is going to be able to spice things up or get them in the mood or you know, just change your relationship, you know, there's certain things in relationships are so complicated, but changing that dynamic to getting to a place where you know or that you're just, yeah, that you're happy and you feel grateful and fulfilled for all the positive things that are happening, but also not being complacent, like actively scripting for the things that you want more of or that can just be better even if it's already good. Speaker 3: 28:30 Absolutely. And you also want to script in this case for your partner. And I think a lot of people need to realize that that's okay too. You can script for your mom and your cousins and you could even script for the cashier at the grocery store and it goes back to embellishing. I'm going to have a perfect experience in kroger now. I'm going to find everything I need on sale. It cashier process is going to be easy. They're, they're, uh, no one will be aligned. I mean you can, I mean really go in and embellish is just watch it happen. I will have the right and perfect parking space right there by the door. I mean going into detail, it's really important. Speaker 2: 29:11 How much time do you spend scripting Tara? Speaker 3: 29:15 I would say between five to seven minutes. I usually know what I want to go directly into. Yeah. Okay. Speaker 2: 29:23 So you probably aren't writing like a long thing for each pillar every single day. It's just more of like what's on your mind? Speaker 3: 29:32 Control my mind and what? Yeah, what comes to me that day and what's been I guess bothering me, but I am going to try your technique on each pillar. I am going to try that a day and I script every day because you went, oh, and that's another point. You want to continue with the energy. You want to keep your vibration high and continue to manifest and to attract great things to you. The moment you fall off and fall off for weeks, months, years, use your legs. Turn right back to where it was. He'd be back to being the victim. You'll be backed in that job. You don't like your back into living with your parents, which you dislike. You just get back into that low level of negative flow. Speaker 2: 30:15 Yeah, totally. I hope I never do that because ever since I've met you and started scripting, I got to keep that up. Okay. Has it. How has scripting helped add balance to your life and if yes, how? Speaker 3: 30:35 Because it allowed me to pay attention to areas that I was neglecting and as you're scripting out those pillars and what I used to do, I used to pick a pillar a day, but now I think I just have so much going on. I need to really do what you do, but it's just, it just allowed me to focus more on family and anytime I go back home to New Jersey, carve out time for those who matter and before I would just go up there and see my friends hang out at my cousins who wanted to hang out. I'm like, I can't. Sorry this. Then you realize that you just can't see everybody, so you have to really set your intention as to who you want to see and spend time with and that helped me target who is important to me, who I am important too. Speaker 3: 31:20 So is that to a balance? Yeah. Scripting also helped me balance, been great with finances, but it even increases my balance with finance and it helps me build my wealth which is what I want and it allows me to say why I should have an account where I'm just traveling and focusing on that allows me to save and then I should do what I want. Same thing with the house. Okay. I have a house account. Let me just. Now I can go and get. I don't know my laundry done or buy new plants and garden. We're buying a refrigerator and it's you're building your wealth and you're spending your money for what you want to spend your money on it. And the smart thing Joyce taught me on day one, never say you're saved. You're saving for a rainy day because if you say that you're automatically assuming that that negative day is coming, you saved just to save. You save for what you want to say for he set goals and you just watch it happen. Speaker 2: 32:15 That's really interesting. I don't think I've heard her say that, but I like that. Yeah. You don't want to put that rainy day out there. Like it's like you're ready for it and it's in the universe. It's like, okay, like here's your rainy day that you asked for it. Did you Speaker 3: 32:29 not? I have a coworker I used to work with at one of my my first job ever and we still communicate with texts and I'm saving for rainy day. I kid you not Lauren and viewers. Every mom, she had something going on with their home, her car or something at work which has a takeoff and ms pay and have to use that much. He's like, all the money is gone and her exact words are, but that's my rainy day money. And I told her, you should stop saying that. And she said, no, it is a rainy day, and she's so caught up in victim, right? It's like, no, like I have to say is a rainy day because that's what it's for. And I'm just like, well, if you think about it from a positive view of saving, I said, well, if you didn't have the money then you would have been able to get your car fixed. So good thing you did have, you know, it's not a rainy day, you're just preparing and your preparation for your car, you're ahead of the curve. Because then if you couldn't, if you didn't have the money, if you couldn't get your car fixed, then how would you have been able to work to make money to save it? And she's like, no, this is all for rainy day. I'm just like, okay. Speaker 2: 33:34 Yeah, I have kind of a funny story as well. And it goes back to when I was doing my yoga teacher training and my yoga teacher said that she had this and she's from South Africa. So she was still living there. Yeah. But they would still talk and she said her aunt's favorite line was. Oh, I just feel like I've been hit by a bus, you know, and she would say it all the time and I kid you not. She's, she lived. But she hit. She was hit by a bus. She got hit by an actual bus. I know. It's like my yoga teacher was like, seriously, be careful what you say, your words matter. Because if you say it that much then I mean it's just like you're manifesting your reality and it's just. I don't think that as human beings, you know, we're so used to or we're so disconnected I would say from nature sometimes and I don't think we realized how powerful our words are that we're putting out there and that our intentions black top. But I think it's really awesome that you set your intention every morning and that you're so, you know, I don't have a better word, but intentional about how you're going about your day. Speaker 3: 34:42 You know, I just want to add on for your viewers, think about what lauren just said around the woman who says she gets hit by a bus. She feels like Steven hit by bus. She was so connected to that feeling and what it might've felt like that she really manifests and that's how you have to get when you think about marriage or the house or the car, you'd have to feel in, visualize yourself having it and she visualized herself being hit by a bus and like being in the hospital and the trauma to rebuild yourself back up and the pain you really felt addicted to that pain that she had every day. And she really brought that to life. And that's a great story because now switch that around. Two, I want to be ceo of JP Morgan Chase. Visualize yourself as a CEO. Think about the money that you'll be making, you know, create and enjoy this really well. Speaker 3: 35:41 She creates this time. She tells you to create this fake that. Well, I don't want to say big. This, um, manifestation balance sheet where you say, okay, I'm making $10,000,000 a month, I'm going to spend money on yard, I'm going to buy a house over here, get comfortable with spending money because again, it's back to the taboo. Finance is a taboo. People are like, oh no, I have to save, I have to do this. No, get used to spending money because what scripting has also taught me let go to receive what's supposed to be. So let go of money and get back and you can get more money back. Speaker 2: 36:15 Right? Money is a flow, right? It's not something that you have to hoard. Isn't that money if you, I mean obviously you want to be responsible and have your savings account and have your retirement account and those types of things. But after that, you know, like you just have to believe that the money is coming back to you. The money is coming back to you and like you're only gonna get more of it or like you know, that flow is only going to get stronger. That stream is only going to get stronger. Um, but yeah, I think a lot of people are afraid they have that. Um, again, this is kind of going back to my yoga teacher training, but that root Chakra fear where they're afraid that, you know, it's the security things, the basic needs, the food, shelter, house, all those things. Um, and you know, when you, when you have that deep fear in your root Chakra, then you never feel comfortable no matter how much money is in your savings account, you never feel like you have enough and you never feel like you have enough to be okay, that you're safe enough. Speaker 2: 37:15 And so I think that it's getting into that zone where you do feel safe, you know, and obviously you don't want to. Yeah, you don't want to be stupid about it and like blow all your money on gambling or you know, go to Vegas and like would enjoy your money. Speaker 3: 37:29 Enjoy it, take yourself to the spa. Yeah. You know, hiking or go on a weekend, new vacay, a solo, you know, spend your money, enjoy it. Don't be careless, but enjoy it. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Speaker 2: 37:43 Exactly. Okay, so that's kind of funny that we came up with this topic because my next question was actually going to be, are you making more money since you started scripting and if you'll want to go into that a little bit more? Um, I'm happy to refer to that as well. But Speaker 3: 38:00 working at the company I work for I've never had to ask for an increase has always been given to me and it's always been, and I'm talking the annual increase and then promotion wise it's always been higher than what I thought I was worth and that's just the universe show me amy ain't even higher next time and it's just now. It just blew my mind. So yeah. So more money at my corporate job, money flowing in client's phone and for my photography and my empowerment businesses, I have a few friends that do public speaking. They are, we set up a contract to where if I get them a speaking engagement, I get a percentage from that. Excellent. Um, I have someone else who, she's actually my career coach helping her with her business. Um, I get a percentage from that. So it's money just comes in left and right, and then I even include interest. So I used to use, I don't want to say basic savings accounts, but I guess that's what they are, bigger America Stevens or I'm not going to be a goodness. Wells Fargo, Speaker 3: 39:17 td bank. And then I opened up my eyes to high yield savings. Accountants, um, Goldman Sachs. I mean it's one of the highest interest rate that the country has that's bringing in more money. So I mean, and again, that opened up my mind to something new. That interest is unexpected income. Um, taxes when you file your taxes. I've never, until I got the house was never a recipient of receiving money back. Just, I don't know why, I just, I guess the government felt like I made so much money at whatever, but now I'm even getting money back from that. So everywhere you turn I'm making more money, I'm getting more money and I'm also spending more money. I mean, now I can support my watch habit, my jewelry habit and know I told myself 20, 19 I'm going to only start flying first class flights. Awesome. And I want to start doing that. I have now, I have a few people where I get my clothes made so I'm spending more money. I'm spending it on the higher conscious level because this is what leaders do. So if I want to become CEO or somewhere this is fire, they only fly first class. They only get their suits handmade. I have to start living in that world and living lack that person. Yeah, exactly. Speaker 2: 40:34 Yeah. So it's interesting because I think that as human beings we do to kind of discount ourselves a lot. Or if even if we're like, oh, I want to go for that promotion. Kind of like you said, you were always valued by your company more than you maybe would have valued yourself. Especially in the beginning. And I think that that's definitely been true for me as well. And I mean we tend to go after the thing that feels reachable. I Dunno. I think it's, that's really interesting too because once you start scripting and once you're in that flow then things start happening and you, you know, things become real that you have manifested and then you're like, oh shit. Like I could have asked for more. Like I could have manifested something more like. And for me, I'm financially, I'll just kind of lay it out there for you guys. Speaker 2: 41:24 I was making about $60,000 a year. I was 31 I believe, and I'm a textile for those of you who don't know me and portrait illustrator, um, that's kind of my etsy shop side business. But in my day job I'm a textile designer, so that was my salary and I was scripting for, in my job I wasn't really planning on leaving my job, but I was definitely scripting for that next here, salary and I was scripting for about $75,000 a year. Um, and that felt very much within reach. It was still like a very big raise from where I was at, but I was envisioning it happening within my own company. And then it was really crazy because December came and all of a sudden all these recruiter started calling me and I had two different offers that weren't quite that much, but they were in that same ballpark. Speaker 2: 42:19 And then I accepted a new job and now like, I'm not going to say my exact salary because I know I'm probably not supposed to, but it's definitely in that range. Um, and then it made me think, oh, well, you know, I could have maybe manifested even more than that. And so then I would say for the last year or half a year, I said, no, like, my goal is to make like 2:50 a year. And then the universe is kind of, um, I don't know, like, I don't know if that's how it's going to come, but I do believe that it's going to come. And it may be, you know, different layers of passive income streams. Like I've, you know, I do so much more than just my day job, which I really love my day job. But I'm, I'm layered in, you know, I started selling clip art, like I started selling um, different like portrait builders online, like, and there's all these ideas are coming to me of other things that I can sell that once the work is done it can just continue to sell over and over again. Speaker 2: 43:24 And so I'm really excited about that and we'll see like, like you said, it may take longer and make happen really fast. Like you don't really know. But I see at some point in my future, you know, me making that amount of money, whether it's 10 years from now, whether it's next year, I don't know. But that is kind of my next goal. And like when I first started scripting, I never would have scripted for $250,000 a year. You know, like I would have never, never, never believe that. And I think especially to kind of being a designer and being an artist, it's sort of ingrained by society that you know, you're a starving artist or that if you choose to have a creative career that you can't make money. And so I think that, that has unfortunately held me back in the past, um, you know, not that I was ever starving, but I don't think I realized, you know exactly where my career could go, but then you start to look around and you're like, oh, I mean, this is top of mine just because of her tragic death recently that people like kate spade, you know, she did it, you know, she's made plenty of money in her life and I am really, really, really sad for what happened to her. Speaker 2: 44:39 But, you know, when you start just thinking of people that you, maybe you idolize or that you look up to, like there are plenty of designers and creative people out there that have made a lot of money. Um, so the fact that the whole starving artist story is so ingrained into us, it's, it's just sad and it's just not true. Um, I was at a work event with my fiance, mark the other, like maybe a couple of months ago. And this woman I was telling her about, she's like, oh, what do you do? Blah, blah, blah. I said, Hey, I'm a textile designer, this is what I do. I designed rugs, they sell to target this and that, and she thought it was cool and then she was talking about how her niece was an art major, but that in the same conversation she went back to, but you know, you can't make money with that, so she ended up going to nursing school and it just made me so sad. I was like, what? Like wow. I mean hopefully she'll enjoy nursing, but I'm just like, no. Like I feel like, well it could be something greater to nursing but not creative Speaker 2: 45:41 being an artist. Yeah. And it just made me feel like she gave up this dream because she accepted this lie that I don't know. Speaker 3: 45:51 Yeah. That she needs to go on and she might be the person she brings in. She can start her own art business Speaker 2: 46:06 and have six Speaker 3: 46:07 patients paint in the hospital and maybe nursing degree will give her that, that thought and that possibility we should, could actually marry the two ideas together. Speaker 2: 46:16 Right. Hopefully it'll be the right path for her. It just made me sad that that was kind of the belief around it coming from her aunt saying, well, you know, she couldn't have made money as an artist, so she went to nursing school instead. Um, and again, hopefully that there's a greater plan out there and that she'll be able to loop those two things back together and feel like she's in her purpose. But Speaker 3: 46:39 even before scripting, gosh, what year was that? That had to be 2009. My uncle who taught me all about business said, oh, you have the demeanor to be a lawyer. You should be a lawyer. In my head. And I studied for the LSF was shadowing law classes. I took the LSAT and as I was getting ready to apply, I said, this is not what I want to do. It just didn't feel right. It felt. And I knew I would have been miserable and I said I just wanted to get my Mba and work at a corporation and in travel the world and do cool things like that. And just be CEO level and the path that I'm on. It's very easy for people to get into our minds. And again, it goes back to what we were saying earlier. You are not who your parents uncle passed, her grandmother's siblings, friends say you are, you are who you are. Speaker 2: 47:35 Right? Right. Thank you for saying that. I think it's so true and so important for people to hear. Um, okay. So my last question is going to be if someone is skeptical about scripting, what would you say to them Speaker 3: 47:52 in a nutshell? Start small. Speaker 3: 47:57 Start small. And I say that because when you hear about scripting and you're like, oh well I want, you know, the 14 bedroom house, start small. Start with something that you believe you can obtain. Because when you said you never thought you can think about $250,000 per year, you had to grow into believing that yes. And people have to grow into believing and being comfortable and being prepared for what they. If you were making $250,000 a year 10 years ago, you probably would've spent your money on so much stuff you couldn't even. You couldn't even tell me where you spent your money on. So we have to constantly be at a level to accept and to receive what we're asking for. And that's also part of the energy and the vibration, making sure that you're on the same vibrational level as what you want. So start small. Speaker 3: 48:51 Start with, okay, I love a favorite muffin that kroger sells publix and it's been sold out for the past two weeks. Stay that a will be there when you go back into the gas station, gas prices going up and people are worried about the prices script that gas is going down in script that there's no line at the gas station gap. You know, just start small and watch it happen. You know, script for expected income and you might find a dollar change on the ground. You just never know a script. Someone may take you out for your birthday. So start small and build on it. And then that's how you build your confidence. That's how you build your power. Speaker 2: 49:31 Yeah, I love that too. And I think it makes me think about my sort of health and wellness pillar because I feel that when I'm writing it out like, Oh, I exercise three times a week. Like I got eight hours of sleep, I, you know, drink plenty of water. I just find that I am naturally doing those things and that's not, you know, it's funny because as much as you try to like beat yourself up that you're not working out enough or you're not eating healthy enough, you know, like that kind of doesn't work. Like it just kinda feels shitty and you like don't want to, you know, go for a run, you know, you want to sit on the couch and just because you feel shitty in here, like ah, but it is exactly, that's exactly what it is. But when you are talking about it in a positive way, you almost feel more motivated to get out and do those things. Speaker 2: 50:20 So I would say that's another one that's kind of like easy to do and like scripting it out isn't anything you don't feel like asking for a pot of gold, you know, you're just like, oh, this is my health routine. I'm going to write it out and I'm going to be grateful for it and I'm going to talk about how awesome it makes me feel. And then before you know it, you're like, oh yeah, I did. I did do really good this week, you know, like I feel great. Um, so I would say that's one that's been really helpful for me and like it's easy to see more immediate results. Just I guess to feel good about, you know, that you stuck to it. Speaker 2: 50:55 Even when you change your thought process, another way of starting small, you may not have a good relationship with your manager or change your thought process. Again. Stop playing victim. Yeah, yeah. Try to understand them or I don't know, I feel like when I've been in more managed management roles, um, I'm like, oh, this shit is really hard. It's not easy to manage. And it's all around compassion and script and has taught me compassion to taught me that people have trauma that they haven't gotten over. They have, everyone has something or somethings and you learn to really have that unconditional love for all of those around you. Have you heard of the buck? Reclaim your power in someone? I feel like I've, he's been on a couple of podcasts that I listened to recently and I'm going to definitely check it out, but his main thing is dealing with our trauma. Speaker 2: 51:56 Um, and that's kind of his, I don't know, he's definitely like a business coach and wants people to live their best life especially, you know, all the way around. But when it comes to business. But I think that dealing with that trauma, he said kind of, you know, doing the yoga or doing the meditation. Sometimes it's more of a bandaid because we're not calling out. We're kind of. I mean those are great practices to have, but if you're not getting to their root of why something is holding you back sometimes. I don't know. I haven't read the book, so I'm really interested maybe in maybe next quarter we could talk about this book if you read it to. That'd be cool. Yeah, definitely added to my list and I think relationships and that's when you script your relationships in your pillars. For anyone who's listening and watching, you want to script that relationship for yourself too, not just for your family or your marriage or your or your romantic relationship. George relationships at work are you. How do you treat yourself? What are your boundaries? Because you have to have boundaries would, will you and will not put up with and once you script and have a healthy relationship with yourself, everything that you just said, what you have to connect with, conflicts will come into the light. I love that. That's something that I haven't done, but I feel like I definitely need to do that. Be Really helpful. You know, to talk about, oh, I like this about myself or you know, I'm, I'm pretty cool. Speaker 2:  So easy to beat ourselves up. That being intentional about that practice and then starting to actually feel like it. You know, Speaker 3: you like yourself more. I put, I put that I'm gorgeous. I turned heads when I walk into a room. Like I say, all that stuff. You have to believe in yourself. Right? So it's. Speaker 2: Oh, that's great. Yeah, I think we're just trained to be like, oh, that's bragging or that's, you know. Speaker 3: And if it is, it is, but somebody has to brag for us and why not us? Why Not Yourself? I know it starts with you. I love it. Speaker 2: All right. Tyrone, is there anything else you want to touch on or talk about anything like tell us a little bit more about your business and services you're offering. Speaker 3: So my business, you can find my website on my website is www.tyronewebbjr.com. That's t y r o n e b b jr. Com. And iT's around two things, right? So one is photography, which I do head and do events. Right now I'm doing real estate photography and my other is empowerment coaching. So I'm doing speech, I'm doing puBlic speaking. Uh, that's when a part of the empowerment coach. And the other part is I'm helping folks transitioned careers and also helping students who are leaving undergrad and they trying to get into corporations, I know how all that works and I can coach them on getting into some of the corporations. Speaker 3: And then lastly I'm helping smaller Businesses with brand strategy and marketing and communications, what their bio's and how to really set themselves up as a professional business when it comes to networking. And I'm also actually writing a book around networking and I'm giving myself to labor day, memorial day, labor day and I'm Just writing around network and how you do it. And, and, um, some other things that came to me in meditation that I'm working on and I will love to see. Well, whiCh will manifest. But again, it's going to be when it's meant to happen. But yeAh, the thing is new. And I'm definitely interested in happy that I'm writing this because I have a lot of friends. Even people at work asking me, well, how did you get that role without applying? And how did you do this without a network that asked? I know who the movers and shakers are like, well, explain to me how. Let me just write a book Speaker 2:  can just help everybody. Businesses. I'm excited about your book. I didn't know. Uh, what's your instagram handle? I do not have answered because Speaker 3:  yeah, managing that and everything goes right now. His interest. So I do have twitter still, but it's at tyrone webb. Instagram will most likely come back in the future, but right now I had so many moving parts where instagram will actually be abandoned. And twitter. Then for those of you, you can drop me a line on my website. You can send me a note and we can email my email. Is email and web as with two b's? Yep. Yep. Okay. Excellent. Thank you So much for coming on. This was a good for having me and thanks for introducing me to scripting. All right, see ya. Bye. Bye.


20 Aug 2018