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Episode 38: Investing as a Limited Partner with Steven Pesavento

CREative Commercial Real Estate Show

Investing as a Limited Partner Steven Pesavento is a Multifamily syndicator who is a High Performance Investment Coach and Trusted Advisor at VonFinich Capital. Today’s episode is geared towards people who haven’t decided if they want to be an active or passive investor and what the benefits of each are.  You’ll also learn what you need to know in order to keep your money safe. We Cover: How mindset affects investing. How to get started with the tools given to you? Passive Investing What is syndication? The Power of Partnership Understanding what type of Investors you want for specific deals How to build trust with Investors The difference between an opportunity for an investor versus asking for a favor Understanding why you want to become an Investor How to structure a deal. How to divide shares up for specific investors. After listening to today’s episode, you will understand the process of Investing and finding the right investors for your business. Also creating relationships surrounding investors and how that can benefit your business more than the cash flow. 👉Get a free PDF copy of the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book "Commercial Real Estate Investing" - https://www.commercialinvestingbook.com 👉Book a Discovery Call with Mike https://www.commercialinvestingmastery.com/discovery


8 Sep 2021

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WS1027: Real Estate Syndication Versus Other Forms of Investments with Steven Pesavento

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Steven Pesavanto thinks that everyday people can have the ability to quickly decide where to invest their money. He believes that syndicated real estate is the best way to invest and it is a key part of a diversified portfolio. It holds the idea of doubling your money with a fairly low standard deviation of risk. Whereas with the stock market, people have no idea about what they’re investing in and rely greatly on some third party to make important decisions for them. In this episode, Steven discusses several advantages of choosing real estate syndication over other forms of passive income investments. He explains that when an investor partners with a syndicator, the investor is spared of all the work that the syndicator goes through such as sourcing a deal, acquisition, overwriting, and more. He also shares some things to do and questions to ask to find the best partner who shares the same values. Tune in!


13 Aug 2021

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Growing Your Wealth With The Investor Mindset With Steven Pesavento - Real Estate For Women

Real Estate Investing For Women

Surround yourself with people who align with your values. Moneeka Sawyer’s guest in this episode is Steven Pesavento, President of VonFinch and host of the Inventor Mindset Podcast. Steven talks with Moneeka about how he turned from failure at 27 to flipping 200 houses in less than three years. His secret? He changed his mindset from not valuing coaches, to going out of his way to connect with them. Be around mentors who’ve been where you want to go. With their guidance, you’ll skyrocket your way to unprecedented success. Tune in!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Real Estate Investing for Women Community today:https://blissfulinvestor.com/LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram


13 Jul 2021

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Setting Yourself for Success with Steven Pesavento

Small Axe Podcast

Steven Pesavento is the Host of The Investor Mindset Podcast and an active investor who curates Commercial Real Estate Investments for clients at VonFinch Capital. He has raised $10’s of millions of dollars, which has successfully cycled through multiple assets. Beginning in Single Family as an operator he flipped over 200 houses in under 3 years, prior to expanding into commercial to focus on building a business around working with his ideal client - successful high-income earners like himself who are investing to create flexibility and independence. Through his Top-Rated Podcast and Private Investor Community, he brings together real estate investors to not only learn, but also how to put these strategies to work in their lives. Let’s listen to Steven and listen to his impactful and inspirational philosophy. [00:01 – 09:38] Opening Segment Let’s get to know Steven Pesavento Steven shares his background and how he got to where he is today He shares his real estate journey Investor Mindset Podcast Going out and partnering with true experts [09:39 – 21:03] Setting Yourself for Success  Steven talks about moving to the desired path A real estate philosophy Real estate trading: Telling others something you do not have Steven shares his partnership success story Managing the Cruise and Running the Numbers through Commitment and Communities [21:04 – 35:21] The Power of Partnerships Steven talks about the importance of roles in a team Finding what you’re good at and focusing on it  Streamlining complex deals Steven stresses the power of partnerships Doing more by doing it together How to Find Great People Listening to podcasts  Going to conferences Mentorship or Masterminds Steven talks about his long-term goals and realizations Serving the ideal client Making an impact [35:22 – 40:00]  If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled?  Making an impact, inspiring people, creating a better life, enjoying life to the fullest. Not being a perfect person but having a life that was well-lived.   Connect with Steven. See the links below.  Final words from Steven and me. References Mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad Investor Mindset Podcast Who Not How Tweetable Quotes: “It does take that commitment of capital to say, “I’m a 100% in this.”” - Steven Pesavento “Get in a community.  By being a part of the community that you’re in, you’ve been able to have huge change happen.” - Steven Pesavento “I am not going to do every piece of the puzzle.  I don’t want to.” - Steven Pesavento Find out more and connect with Steven on Linkedin, Youtube, and email steven@vonfinch.com. Or you can visit his websites at https://stevenpesavento.com, https://www.investormindset.com/, and https://www.vonfinch.com.  LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode. I believe that you only need a small axe to build a lasting empire. Let’s start building yours! To know more about me and all the real estate opportunities you can find, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook or check out my website https://smallaxecommunities.com/ and book a call with me.


28 Jun 2021

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E231: My Journey Into Real Estate Investing – Steven Pesavento

The Investor Mindset - Real Estate Show

We’ve interviewed hundreds of successful investors all across the globe on this show. Today, I think it’s time to share my own story with all of you. Find out more about our investing opportunities here 👉 www.vonfinch.com/invest 👈I grew up in a blue-collar life that was admittedly quite chaotic; multiple divorces, multiple moves, and a lot of other changes in between—but it is that kind of life that helped me get to where I am today. When I started investing in real estate, I flipped dozens and dozens of houses until I built quite a successful business out of it, and then I ventured into the multifamily space.Today, I am a passive real estate investor, coach, and the host of this podcast that interviews some of the most successful people in the industry. I’ve learned a lot from the people I’ve met throughout my career and have built my own set of principles, techniques, and strategies that helped me get to where I am today.In this episode, I’m sharing some of my most valuable insights on mindset, partnerships, and team building that can also help you create the life that you’ve always wanted. Listen as we talk about how you can be more conscious of your thoughts, how to leverage your connections with other people, and how you can change your mindset in order to move forward.We also talk about a few of my tips for people who are just starting out, particularly the right mindset that can help you move past the things that are holding you back. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newbie to the real estate space, I hope my personal experiences and insights can help you get to where you need to be. KEY TAKEAWAYS1. Mindset is the foundation that will dictate your actions, strategies, goals—and ultimately, your success.2. Talking to other people can change your mindset and help you move forward.3. The more time we spend on ourselves, the better we can connect with other people.4. Wealth is more than just financial wealth.5. Learn how to embrace emotion, but don’t let it be your sole driver. LINKSVon Finch Capital Website: https://www.vonfinch.com/Steven Pesavento Official Website: https://www.stevenpesavento.com/Steven Pesavento on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steven.pesavento/?fref=mentionsSteven Pesavento on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevenpesavento?lang=enSteven Pesavento on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steven.pesavento/?hl=en


28 Jun 2021

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209 The Right Mindset that helped Steven Pesavento become successful Real Estate Investor

7 Figure Real Estate with Edna Keep

Steven Pesavento is an investor and entrepreneur who's built his investing business from the ground up. He went from zero to buying and & flipping over $22 million in real estate within his first two years in the business. In this interview, Steven shares his desire to generate passive income that sets him free to do what he likes in his free time. After a career as a Management Consultant he started his real estate investing journey and never looked back. Currently, Steven is working on closing 280 doors , a deal in Jacksonville, FL. Steven is a strong believer that mindset is key to being successful in business and investing. He is the host of the Investor Mindset Podcast as well. Steven's company has grown through discovering the Investor Mindset, focused on rapid growth and modeling success. To learn more Steven, listen to the full interview. To connect with Steven, visit https://www.stevenpesavento.com/


26 May 2021

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MB 267: The 5 Success Principles of Top Real Estate Investors– With Steven Pesavento

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

After interviewing 100 of the top real estate investors, Steven Pesavento realized that mindset really is the foundation of investing success. So, how do the most successful investors and entrepreneurs think differently? And how can you apply these same principles to your investing efforts and achieve real-world success? Steven is the President and Trusted Advisor at VonFinch Capital, a real estate firm out of Denver, Colorado, that focuses on curating hassle-free passive investments. He flipped 200 houses in three years before transitioning to multifamily in 2020. Steven is also the host of The Investor Mindset Podcast and the author of Principles of Success: Lessons from Top Real Estate Investors.  On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Steven joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his five success principles of top real estate investors and explain why mindset is so important to investing success. Steven describes what inspired his shift from flipping houses to multifamily and what steps he took to make the transition to commercial real estate. Listen in for Steven’s insight on what it looks like to have your mindset tested and learn to apply his success principles in the real world of real estate investing! Key Takeaways  What inspired Steven’s shift from flipping to multifamily Unable to scale (even with high volume) Benefits of securing long-term debt What steps Steven took to transition to commercial real estate Find successful investors to learn from or partner with Study different asset classes and determine best fi Why Steven decided multifamily was the right asset class Similarities between residential and multifamily  Alignment with values makes it easier to focus Ideal clients asking for longer-term investments Historically most stable asset class in real estate Why mindset is important to investing success Thoughts lead to actions which generate results Must believe it’s possible to succeed Steven’s 5 success principles of top real estate investors View challenges as opportunities Ultra-focused on doing 1 thing really well Super-clear on what they want Know their purpose Work with great mentors and coaches How to apply the 5 success principles in real-world investing Recognize that mindset = code your mind runs on Sit down with pen and paper to get clear on goals Check in on consistent basis to replace old beliefs Steven’s experience with having his mindset tested First multifamily deal under contract (March 2020) Litigious LP asked for $800K more just before close Money wrapped up in deal, still under contract Connect with Steven Pesavento The Investor Mindset The Investor Mindset Podcast Investor Mindset on Facebook Steven on Facebook Steven on LinkedIn Steven on Instagram Steven on Twitter Resources Join the Nighthawk Equity Investor Club Register for Deal Maker Live Learn More About Michael’s Mentoring Program Download Michael’s Free eBook: The Secret to Raising Money for Your First Apartment Building Principles of Success: Lessons from Top Real Estate Investors by Steven Pesavento VonFinch Capital Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz Joe Fairless Michael on The Investor Mindset Podcast EP075 Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not by Robert T. Kiyosaki The ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss by Ken McElroy Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek Podcast Show Notes Michael’s Website Michael on Facebook Michael on Instagram Michael on YouTube Apartment Investor Network Facebook Group 


24 May 2021

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The Journey To Becoming a Change Agent with Steven Pesavento

The Cashflow Project

Join Vince and Steve as they chat with Steven Pesavento about becoming an agent of change by leaving behind limiting beliefs and creating your own. Steven serves as a trusted advisor and the president of VonFink Capital, connecting private capital to vetted passive real estate investments to deliver solid returns and significant tax advantages. He is also the founder of The Investor Mindset and the host of its podcast, where they bring various experts on to model new beliefs and see the results. Today, Steven shares his story, from working in management consulting, getting into tech startups, and investing everything into real estate. Stay tuned and enjoy the episode!  Join Vince and Steve as they chat with Steven Pesavento about becoming an agent of change by leaving behind limiting beliefs and creating your own. Steven serves as a trusted advisor and the president of VonFink Capital, connecting private capital to vetted passive real estate investments to deliver solid returns and significant tax advantages. He is also the founder of The Investor Mindset and the host of its podcast, where they bring various experts on to model new beliefs and see the results. Today, Steven shares his story, from working in management consulting, getting into tech startups, and investing everything into real estate. Stay tuned and enjoy the episode! Outline of the episode:  ●       [02:13] What prompted Steven to get into real estate from management consulting. ●       [06:32] Getting past limiting beliefs by surrounding yourself with people are not afraid to create their own. ●       [09:51] Retraining your mind by borrowing others’ beliefs and making it your own. ●       [11:22] Our mindset growing up is not who we are and how to reevaluate our identity. ●       [14:01] The lessons Steven learned from doing tech startups to working in real estate full-time. ●       [18:59] How tracking leads can help progress your marketing business. ●       [22:18] Steven’s transition from flips to multifamily and how anyone can succeed in real estate. ●       [31:47] Where he sees VonFinch Capital going and his goals for it in the future. ●       [35:35] The best book Steven recommends people to read. ●       [36:25] Steven’s superpower of giving people the courage to reach their goals. ●       [37:14] The most important lesson he has learned throughout his career so far. ●       [38:11] What advice Steven has for professionals who are working towards financial freedom. Resources: ●    Company Website: https://www.stevenpesavento.com ●    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestevenpesavento ●    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenpesavento ●    Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevenpesavento ●    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steven.pesavento ●    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVIYpUX9XqauGNi0P1e6gtQ Connect with The Cashflow Project! ●    Website ●    LinkedIn ●    Youtube ●    Facebook ●    Instagram


20 Apr 2021

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Have an Investor Mindset to Invest Successfully w/ Steven Pesavento

Successfully Unemployed Show with Entrepreneurs Investors and Side Hustle

Get my real estate investing course for free: https://masterpassiveincome.com/freecoursesuHow you think will either keep you back from success or help you achieve it. It doesn't matter where you come from, only matters how you see yourself and if you can believe you can do it. By having an investor mindset you can become successfully unemployed.// WHAT TO WATCH NEXTStart a Podcast: https://youtu.be/YdKKwSSOnJAMake Money Online: https://youtu.be/WDkRHg3uxR0Flea Market Flipper: https://youtu.be/MYEoeQPT-5E//BEST BUSINESS COURSES I RECOMMENDStart Investing In Real Estate: https://masterpassiveincome.com/wealthbuildersStart an Online Business: https://successfullyunemployed.co/p24Start a podcast: https://successfullyunemployed.co/podcourseMake money on Etsy: https://successfullyunemployed.co/goldcityCreate a Facebook Ads Agency: https://successfullyunemployed.co/laptopempiresMake $ from nothing as a Flea Market Flipper: https://successfullyunemployed.co/fleamarketflipperLearn how to invest in land: https://successfullyunemployed.co/retipster//OTHER RESOURCES:Bank I use: https://successfullyunemployed.co/bankWebsite hosting I use: https://successfullyunemployed.co/sitegroundMembership Tools I Use for My Online Business: https://successfullyunemployed.co/kartraNOTE: This description may contains affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support!


13 Apr 2021

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Creating the Multifamily Mindset (With Steven Pesavento)

Multifamily Live

Hey! Jason and Pili Yarusi here.We just released an awesome new interview on the Multifamily Live podcast… check it out!Steven Pesavento is an active investor who curates commercial real estate investments for clients at Von Finch Capital. He has raised tens of millions of dollars in capital and excelled in single family, new construction, and multifamily deals.He’s also the host of the Investor Mindset Podcast and an expert at helping real estate investors “shift” their thinking so they can do more and achieve more than they ever thought possible.Connect With Steven PesaventoWant to learn more from Steven? Head over to TheInvestorMindset.com to listen to his podcast, and make sure to grab his passive real estate investing playbook at TheInvestorMindset.com/Passive!Want to Learn More About Multifamily Real Estate Investing?We’re holding a live, 3-day “virtual” event call Multifamily Live on June 10-12 2021… and for the first time ever, we’re going to open the doors and walk you guys through literally every step of what we’re doing on our multifamily deals.We’ve done events before but nothing this massive or this valuable... and since this is a virtual event, you don’t have to travel or even leave your couch! But spots are limited… sign up below!- CLICK HERE: MultifamilyLiveEvent.comSee you there! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Apr 2021