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Building Your Brand Through Video & Livestreaming Feat Xayli Barclay

Digipreneur FM

Have you been wanting to get started with Video or Livestreaming but weren't fully sure where to begin? Maybe you have gotten started but are now finally ready to start scaling and investing in it further. Well in this episode, we speak to one of the top Video Content Coaches on the market, Miss Xayli Barclay. She is the owner of the Start, Shoot, Grow Academy and has worked with major brands like Thinkific, Convert Kit, #BlogHer, Wave.Video & Honeybook. We dive into things like video setups for beginners to expert level, tips on livestreaming and strategies to use video to grow your brand. To learn more about Xayli, visit XayliBarclay.Com or you can check out her Start, Shoot, Grow Academy. Don't forget to subscribe to KeronRose.com or Digipreneur.FM to stay up to date on all future interviews and content.

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27 Sep 2021

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Panel: Tips for hiring an employee or contractor with Andréa Jones and Xayli Barclay

The Dare to Grow Show

This week on the podcast we’re talking about hiring! This is something that not only has brought so much relief and ease to running my business, but has made what I create and share BETTER. Also...hiring people is a pretty boss move. Andréa Jones and Xayli Barclay are joining me this week to talk about finding the right candidates, creating an onboarding process, and being a great leader.  It might sound like a scary investment, but hiring help is one of the best moves you can make to grow your business. Give the episode a listen and then hop over to Instagram (@xosarahmorgan) and let’s discuss! Connect with the panelists Andréa Jones @onlinedrea and Xayli Barclay @xaylibarclay Links + Resources Asana - project management Notion - planning, projects, tasks, notes Voxer - audio communication Slack - text communication Love languages Upwork


15 Jul 2021

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Personal Branding with Video Content with XayLi Barclay | Ep. 172 (Rebroadcast)

Brands On Brands | Personal Branding & Content Marketing

XayLi Barclay is a visual content creation coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact in the digital space. She's the founder of the Start, Shoot, Grow Video Academy, teaching you how to create a visually engaging online presence through video content. In this episode, XayLi discusses what it takes to make videos from start to finish. We also chat about making a genuine impact in the digital space, and how to develop a personal brand. HIGHLIGHTS: How XayLi got into creating video for the first time by sharing beauty and hair advice and solutions. Why she started teaching courses about creating video content. What the value is of creating video content. How to use live video to nurture your audience. What got XayLi started on teaching course creation. Some core lessons on getting started with creating video content. QUOTES: "I just didn't want to leave my baseline in the hands of someone else." "If you create video in your business, you create trust in your business so much faster... and you get a much more loyal audience that is committed to you." "Your personal brand is a journey. It's whatever you are going through and how you are reaching back and pulling people forward." "I want to help more people. That kept me going." Guest Links: For XayLi's video lessons - www.startshootgrow.com For XayLi's content - www.xaylibarclay.com For XayLi's free course - www.camfidence.com CONNECT WITH BRANDON BrandsonBrands.com/coach Instagram: @brandonbirkmeyer MORE ADVICE AND INTERVIEWS If you’d like my full plan for how to build your content marketing strategy, check out my free Content Marketing Starter Guide. And here are some more of my most popular thought leader interviews! What Business to Start with John Lee Dumas Personal Branding Masterclass with Chris Ducker Built to Serve with Evan Carmichael  Don’t want to miss the next thought leader interview? Subscribe to the free B-team Insider Newsletter! And don’t forget to leave a rating and review on iTunes. Talk soon!


30 Jun 2021

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105: Sell More With Video Content With XayLi Barclay

100 Tiny Actions

We’ve been talking all month long about creating content that sells. The one element that we haven’t discussed is video, so I called on my video content queen XayLi Barclay to serve as my co-host. XayLi is an online video coach and Thinkific expert helping creative entrepreneurs feel more confident on camera. She’s one of my favorite people on the internet and has been a guest on the show twice already (episodes 8 and 53). In this episode, we talk about how video benefits your brand, how to sell with video, types of video that drive sales, and the importance of showing behind the scenes of your process. Show Notes - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/105 Important Links: Become a member - https://brilliancelounge.com Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pimpyourbrilliance/ Learn more about PYB - https://pimpyourbrilliance.com/podcast/


24 Mar 2021

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Tackling Insecurity and Building Confidence on Video  W/ Xayli Barclay

Kandid Conversations

Regardless of where you live, worldwide events forced us all to do two things: pause and get over your fear of being on video--be it for work meetings, to connect with potential clients, or even attend a family gathering via Zoom, video is the new virtual normal.  Today, Xayli Barclay, an online video coach and founder of Start Grow Shoot Academy, shares how to deal with your fears, insecurities, and the awkwardness of being on video. Plus Xayli shares: How she promotes herself consistently on video despite being an introvert. Her journey into building partnerships with w/major brands like Thinkific. How she built a business rooted in her love for the camera. Links and resources mentioned: Website: https://xaylibarclay.com/ Instagram: @xaylibarclay YouTube: Start Show Grow Academy  Website: Start Show Grow Academy Thinkific Books: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill  Think and Grow Rich by Dennis Kimbro Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker Get Free Training: How to Develop Your Signature Story, and Tell It With Clarity, Confidence, and Impact in 60 seconds or less. Register for Life's a Pitch Masterclass: May 1, 2021 My website: Kandiajohnson.com


2 Mar 2021

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How to Make Your Social Media Presence POP with XayLi Barclay

The Jasmine Star Show

Friend, do you want to learn how to make your social media presence POP with better visuals?!If so, you’re in the right place today! XayLi Barclay is a Video Sales & Marketing Coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact in the digital space… that includes YOU, Buttercup!Your voice is your superpower. Now click play and go save the world!Y’all, go check XayLi out on social media to get inspiration for your video content--I know I need to up my game after seeing her visuals! And tag us in your next video @xaylibarclay and @jasminestar… we’d love to see the beauty you put out in the world.


4 Feb 2021

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How To Show Up On Camera With Confidence with XayLi Barclay

Coaches & Company Radio

Are you afraid of showing up for your audience and putting yourself out there on camera? Having a plan and giving it your all is a great way to embody confidence and provide true value to your audience through video. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter about the lighting or angle of your camera - it’s about delivering a strong message and sticking to your bigger vision goals.  In this episode, I am talking with XayLi Barclay, a content creation coach with a passion for helping women build a business and create a legacy through video content. We’re talking about why working alone slows your growth, how to authentically connect with your audience through video, and why confidence means doing something you are afraid to do. Plus, XayLi is giving us her 4-step, game-changing guide to figuring out your video content.  ”Video is definitely a self-awareness journey because you get to see the things that people have taught you not to like about yourself, or that you don't like about yourself. It's a journey of really growing and loving who you are, but also showing up as your best self.” - XayLi Barclay What we covered in the episode: Why video is so powerful [4:30] Asking your audience exactly what they need from you [12:14] Why you can’t grow as a solopreneur [15:03] The importance of nonnegotiables [25:47] What confidence means to XayLi [31:00] Connect with XayLi: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xaylibarclay/ Website: https://solo.to/xaylibarclay/ Don’t forget to leave a review if you enjoyed this episode of The Coach With Confidence Podcast. Screenshot this episode, share it on Instagram, and tag me because I would love to connect with you there and keep the conversation going! Connect with me: Instagram: @coachesandcompany


17 Nov 2020

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Episode 044: B.C. (Before COVID) Series - A Conversation With Xayli Barclay

Is My Aura On Straight?

In this episode, I kickoff off my B.C. (Before COVID) Series with Xayli Barclay. Xayli is a Pure Generator and in this episode, we discuss everything from video to what the long game is like for a Generator.  Follow Xayli on Instagram or visit her on her Website. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE Work With Me Here Follow Me On Instagram Here


20 Aug 2020

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#62: How to get video confident with XayLi Barclay

The Happiness Habits Transformation Podcast

Do you ever feel less than confident about creating videos? If so this episode is for you as my guest today shares EVERYTHING you need to know to get started with video for your business. Screen queen XayLi Barclay is in the house today! She is a visual content creation coach & Thinkific expert for online course creators, specializing in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact in the digital space by connecting on a deeper level with their audience. Who doesn’t want that, right? In our interview, XayLi breaks down why video is so important for us to use in our businesses, how we can all feel more confident in front of the camera, how to get started with online courses as an additional revenue stream and her own tried and tested recipe for ‘Cam-Confidence’ - the 5Ps that you’re definitely going to want to bust out your journal to make notes on. Friends, you know I love chatting to ALL my guests but this interview was very, very special!  LINKS: Shownotes: michellereevescoaching.com/listen. XayLi Barclay - https://xaylibarclay.com


5 Aug 2020

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How to Maximize Video in Your Customer Journey with Xayli Barclay

Systems Saved Me

This episode I’m speaking to Xayli Barclay founder of TDG Visual Solutions LLC - Start Shoot Grow, who’s talking about how to maximize video in your customer journey.And if you want to go deeper on the topic, check out her freebie, Start Shoot Grow Video Planning and Organization Workshop by clicking here - https://www.learn.startshootgrow.com/courses/ssgformula?coupon=takeactionWant to start selling VIP Days? Check out our Virtual VIP Day Bootcamp, a 60 minute walkthrough of our 9 steps to creating and selling virtual VIP Days! Go here to grab your special podcast listener pricing - https://www.systemssavedme.com/podbootcampWant to read up more on this episode? Go to https://www.systemssavedme.com/180 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


8 May 2020