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I Believe In Women - Ps Andrew Murray

Beyond Church Podcast

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8 May 2022

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Andrew Murray - Director of Digital, Social & Content - Social Media Expert

Digital Marketing Insights Show

This episode features the brilliant Andrew Murray. Who is the Director of Digital, Social & Content at TBWA\Dublin. Andrew talks about leading on of the biggest agencies in Ireland. We look at large campaigns he's been a part of in recent years, including the award winning SuperValu Christmas ad featuring Deermiud. Andrew highlights all the touch points needed in delivering high engagement social campaigns and the importance of community management. He recommends sproutsocial and digimind as wonderful tools to really give you the upperhand in social.


3 May 2022

Similar People

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EP63 - Broadside9 Media CEO - Andrew Murray

Media People Podcast

Media, adtech, renewable energy, and seafood? It’s quite the eclectic mix of business interests, but it’s just a selection of the many professional endeavors of today’s guest, Andrew Murray.Andrew is the CEO of Broadside9, a media agency specializing in interactive media solutions.Andrew was born in Ottawa, but spent the majority of his youth in Prince Edward Island.You’d think a media agency CEO would be armed with a business degree, but Andrew studied Neuroscience, focusing his research on learning and memory functions of the brain.And it’s a degree that comes in handy when you consider persuasion, brand engagement, and recall, are all major parts of marketing.Andrew Murray stops by to chat about growing up & studying in Atlantic Canada, his passion for art, his entrepreneurial ventures in the media space, the innovative way he’s modernizing legacy infrastructure to bring green energy to homes in Prince Edward Island, and jumping into the restaurant business during the global pandemic.www.mediapeople.ca www.instagram.com/vicgenova/

1hr 3mins

19 Apr 2022

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Major Andrew Murray: Finding God in Every Season

Thrive With Asbury Seminary

Today on the podcast, I got to talk to Major Andrew Murray, current Asbury Seminary student and officer in the Salvation Army. Andrew has been a Salvation Army pastor since ordination in 1985. For 37 years, he has served as a congregational pastor both in the US and in Southern Africa. He started a Masters in Pastoral Counseling at Asbury Seminary in the Fall of 2019 when his wife had major spine surgery, and he took a year of medical sabbatical to help her. He found the classes at Asbury Seminary to be a form of self-care, family, and distraction. In today’s conversation, we talk about his calling to the Salvation Army, his current role and how he is finding God in the midst of this season. Let’s listen!


5 Apr 2022

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‘Playing in the Shadows’ The Golden Era of the European Tour – Andrew Murray #209

Karl Morris - The Brainbooster

Today on the Brain Booster we have with us former European Open winner Andrew Murray and we get the chance to discuss life on tour in the 1980’s A wonderful trip down memory lane Andrew played on what many agree was the golden era of the European Tour A period of time that saw the emergence of some of the legends of the game “THE MAGNIFICENT SIX” Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Sandy Lyle, Bernhard Langer, Jose Maria Olazabal and Ian Woosnam A period that saw European golf dominate many of the Majors most notably the US Masters Winning the Ryder Cup at the Belfry in 1985 for the first time in numerous decades and then going on to win numerous times over the next decade. Life on tour then was light years away from what we see now Pre Internet, pre mobile phones and the ability to organise all of your travel with one click. Having to get around Europe in camper vans, hitting your own balls to your caddie on the range, persimmon woods and balata balls Literally a different world But a world that shaped the wonderful tour we see now We discussed how many of the great players found ‘their’ way. The great fluid swing of Ian Woosnam and how a change of approach allowed it to flourish The wonderful talent of Sandy Lyle and how he won the European Order of merit without hardly ever hitting his driver over a full season The genuine kindness and sincerity of Bernhard Langer and why he has been able to play at such a high level for so long How Seve Ballesteros shared with Andrew some golden nuggets of information about the short game and then tried to steal one of his wedges!! Playing with the great man and how intimidating he was How he was the KING of playing the crowd and utilising their energy How Nick Faldo was able to switch off his analytical mind on the golf course and just play SHOTS The emergence of the great Swedish golfers and their approach to fitness and conditioning that changed the approach to the game The incredible contribution made by John Jacobs as both a player, coach and European Tour ambassador How a swing tip from a car mechanic and whistling helped Andrew himself win the European Open at Walton Heath How he would have worked more on the mental game if he had his time again and what that would have looked like. The wonderful camaraderie on the tour in the 1980’s The rivalries and friendships that have stood the test of time Just a wonderful insight into a great period of golf and a conversation that triggered so many good memories To find out more about Andrew Murray His coaching and his experience days go to www.andrewmurraygolf.com To find out about working with Karl Morris go to https://themindfactor.net/personal-training-2/ To book YOUR Mind Factor workshop go to www.themindfactor.com

1hr 13mins

25 Mar 2022

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Absolute Surrender ~ Andrew Murray

Jojuto DubWize Musical AudioBooks

Ye , it’s like that. Here a song for after episode https://open.spotify.com/track/7GuGM0p8ClQ8G3QIUIpeJp?si=9dBGvt9WSNSSN5wU4qZjoA ~ Selah!


6 Mar 2022

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TPS64 START THE WAR | Steve Howell, Andrew Murray

The Popular Show

To discuss the Ukraine/Russia border crisis, anti-imperialism and anti-interventionism in Britain, the development of foreign policy under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, and the roots of Keir Starmer’s pro-NATO anti-Left posturing, we welcome Andrew Murray and Steve Howell. Andrew is one of Britain’s most prominent anti-imperialist voices and former chair of the Stop the War Coalition. He and Steve both served as advisors to Jeremy Corbyn during his leadership of the Labour Party. Please consider helping us grow the project by liking and subscribing, giving us a 5* review, sharing our stuff on social media, and subscribing at Patreon.com/ThePopularPod.


18 Feb 2022

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"His Kiss" Andrew Murray

New Covenant Fellowship's Podcast


1hr 17mins

3 Dec 2021

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Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray Free Audiobook Spiritual Talking Book Public Domain Library (ST)

My Daily Bible

Abide in Christby Andrew MurrayAuto text by our robotpreface a practical religion this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit librivox.org practical religion by jc rile preface the volume now in the reader's hands is intended to be a companion to two other volumes which i have already published entitled knots untied and old paths knots untied consists of a connected series of papers systematically arranged about the principal points which form the subject of controversy among churchmen in the present day all who take interest in such disputed questions as the nature of the church the ministry baptism regeneration the lord's supper the real presence worship confession and the sabbath will find them pretty fully discussed in knots untied old paths consists of a similar series of papers about those leading doctrines of the gospel which are generally considered necessary to salvation the inspiration of scripture sin justification forgiveness repentance conversion faith the work of christ and the work of the holy spirit are the principle subjects handled in old paths the present volume contains a series of papers about practical religion and treats of the daily duties dangers experiences and privileges of all who profess and call themselves true christians read in conjunction with another work i have previously put out called holiness i think it will throw some light on what every believer ought to be to do and expect one common feature will be found in all the three volumes i avow it frankly at the outset and will not keep it back for a moment the standpoint i have tried to occupy from first to last is that of an evangelical churchman i say this deliberately and emphatically i am fully aware that evangelical churchmanship is not popular and acceptable in this day it is despised by many and has no form or comeliness in their eyes to avow attachment to evangelical views in some quarters is to provoke a sneer and to bring on yourself the reproach of being an unlearned and ignorant man but none of these things move me i am not ashamed of my opinions after 40 years of bible reading and praying meditation and theological study i find myself clinging more tightly than ever to evangelical religion and more than ever satisfied with it it wears well it stands the fire i know no system of religion which is better in the faith of it i have lived for the third of a century and in the faith of it i hope to die the plain truth is i see no other ground to occupy and find no other rest for the soul of my foot i lay no claim to infallibility and desire to be no man's judge but the longer i live and read the more i am convinced and persuaded that evangelical principles are the principles of the bible of the articles and prayer book and of the leading divines of the reformed church of england holding these views i cannot write otherwise than i have written i now send forth this volume with an earnest prayer that god the holy ghost may bless it and make it useful and helpful to many souls j.c rile end of preface1 of practical religion this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit librivox.org practical religion by j.c reil chapter 1 self-inquiry let us go again and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the lord and see how they do acts 15 36 the text which heads this page contends a proposal which the apostle paul made to barnabas after their first missionary journey he proposed to revisit the churches they had been the means of founding and to see how they were getting on were their members continuing steadfast in the faith were they growing in grace were they going forward or standing still were they prospering or falling away let us go again and visit our brethren and see how they do this was a wise and useful proposal let us lay it to heart and apply it to ourselves in the 19th century let us search our ways and find out how matters stand between ourselves and god let us see how we do i ask every reader of this volume to begin its perusal by joining me in self-inquiry if ever self-inquiry about religion was needed it is needed at the present day we live in an age of peculiar spiritual privileges since the world began there never was such an opportunity for a man's soul to be saved as there is in england at this time there never were so many signs of religion in the land so many sermons preached so many services held in churches and chapels so many bibles sold so many religious books and tracks printed so many societies for evangelizing mankind supported so much outward respect paid to christianity things are done everywhere nowadays which a hundred years ago would have been thought impossible bishops support the boldest and most aggressive efforts to reach the unconverted deans and chapters throw open the knaves of cathedrals for sunday evening sermons clergy of the narrowest high church school advocate special missions and vie with their evangelical brethren in proclaiming that going to church on sunday is not enough to take a man to heaven in short there is a stir about religion nowadays to which there has been nothing like since england was a nation in which the clever skeptics and infidels cannot deny if romaine and vin and barrage and roland's and grimshaw and hervey had been told that such things would come to pass about a century after their deaths they would have been tempted to say with the samaritan noblemen if the lord should make windows of heaven might such a thing be second kings 7 19 but the lord has opened the windows of heaven there is more taught nowadays in england of the real gospel and of the way of salvation by faith in jesus christ in one week than there was in a year in romaine's time surely i have a right to say that we live in an age of spiritual privileges but are we any better for it in an age like this it is well to ask how do we do about our souls we live in an age of peculiar spiritual danger never perhaps since the world began was there such an immense amount of mere outward profession of religion as there is in the present day a painfully large proportion of all the congregations in the land consists of unconverted people who know nothing of heart religion never come to the lord's table and never confess christ in their daily lives myriads of those who were always running after preachers and crowding to hear special sermons are nothing better than empty tubs and tinkling symbols without a jot of real vital christianity at home the parable of the sower is continually receiving most vivid and painful illustrations the wayside hearers the stony ground hearers the thorny ground hears abound on every side the life of many religious professors i fear in this age is nothing better than a continuous course of spiritual dram drinking they are always morbidly craving fresh excitement and they seem to care little what it is if they only get it all preaching seems to come alike to them and they appear unable to see differences so long as they hear what is clever having their ears tickled and sit in a crowd worst of all there are hundreds of young unestablished believers who are so infected with the same love of excitement that they actually think it a duty to be always seeking it insensibly almost to themselves they take up a kind of hysterical sensational sentimental christianity until they are never content with the old paths and like the athenians are always running after something new to see a coal-minded young believer who is not stuck up self-confident self-conceited and more ready to teach than learn but content with a daily steady effort to grow up in christ's likeness and to do christ's work quietly and unostentiously at home is really becoming almost a rarity too many young professors alas behave like young recruits who have not spent all their bounty money they show how little deep root they have and how little knowledge of their own hearts by noise forwardness readiness to contradict and set down old christians and overweening trust in their own fancy soundness and wisdom well will it be for many young professors of this age if they do not end after being tossed about for a while and carried to and fro by every wind of doctrine by joining some petty narrow-minded censorious sect or embracing some senseless unreasoning crotchety heresy surely in times like these there is a great need for self-examination when we look around us we may well ask how do we do about our souls in handling this question i think the shortest plan will be to suggest a list of subjects forPublication date 2012-12-09Usage CC0 1.0 UniversalCreative Commons LicensezeroTopics LibriVox, audiobook, religion, Christianity, Bible, faith, God, abide, fellowship, joy, Jesus, Christ, disciple, follow, fruitful, prayer, life, salvation, heaven, thoughts, churchLibriVox recording of Abide in Christ, by Andrew Murray. Read by Christopher Smith.Towards the close of his ministry on earth, Jesus taught his disciples of the need for them to abide in Him. This word "abide" speaks of the intimacy of fellowship with the Master to which his followers are still invited. Andrew Murray wrote this series of meditations, which he subtitled "Thoughts on the Blessed Life of Fellowship with the Son of God", out of a conviction that many believers are missing out on something that is really at the heart of a healthy Christian life. The author explains that many, although they trust the Lord for forgiveness and help, have yet to experience the blessing of a day by day and hour by hour walk with the Lord, and therefore are not enjoying the power, the joy and the fruitfulness that is available to each one. He shows how, by taking the time to live closer to Jesus, we may move into a deeper and stronger Christian experience. (Summary by Christopher Smith)

4hr 16mins

30 Nov 2021

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The Waiting - Ps Andrew Murray

Beyond Church Podcast

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21 Nov 2021