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«Das Baby» von Jonathan Craig


Der «strahlende» Sieger kann auch mal Zweiter sein.Mit: Siegfried Meisner (Erzähler), Jodoc Seidel (Harry), Gabriel Dominik Müller (Vince)Tontechnik: Helmut DimmigRegie: Rainer Zur LindeProduktion: SRF 1983Dauer: 09:50


22 Mar 2021

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Goalkeepers Fitting into Teams Style of Play | Jonathan Craig

Gloves On

In this episode, we have UEFA GK A goalkeeper coach Jonathan Craig, who currently is the goalkeeper coach of Real Kashmir in the Indian Premier League. He talks about how he got to India, about the level of the Indian goalkeepers and how goalkeepers in general fit into the teams style of play and how that is implemented in training.


5 Feb 2021

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O movimento do Evangelho | Jonathan Craig Mathews

BetaCast - Podcast da Igreja Evangélica Betânia de São Leopoldo

Qual é o seu papel como membro da Igreja? Qual é o seu papel enquanto líder de ministério? Se você ainda não participa de uma Igreja, o que ainda falta para isso acontecer? Você tem um papel importante em Proclamar, Multiplicar, Engajar e Plantar. Neste domingo, vamos refletir sobre isso. Teremos a visita especial do Pastor Jonathan Craig Mathews. Participe conosco! Vai ser um momento de muito aprendizado! ✅ Gostou desse vídeo? ✍ Deixe seu comentário 📢 Compartilhe com os amigos 🕵 Siga nossas redes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betaniateo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/betaniateo Para mais informações, acesse o WhatsApp, só clicar aqui http://bit.ly/betaniawhats (51) 99364-1599 Acesse nosso site: http://betania.teo.br -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   Contribua para que alcancemos mais pessoas:  - Bradesco: http://betania.teo.br/contribua - PicPay: https://bit.ly/picpaybetaniateo -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/betaniateo/message


25 Jan 2021

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Election 2020: Thousands of Video Clips Exposing Voting Fraud? • How To Laugh during 2020 with Comedian Jonathan Craig • How To Make Your Own Better Beer with Clarksville Carboys

The Joe Padula Show

WTF: Two Days following the Election so what is the latest and are thousands of videos now circulating of voter fraud? We’ll take a look for ourselves. #Election2020 #Maga #Trump #Biden #Pennsylvania #Arizona How does a Nashville Comedian find ways to laugh during a crazy year such as 2020? Jonathan Craig Joins in. Who is the Heart In Hand, Critters Hollow Ranch & Rescue and why should you attend their massive party this weekend to help the animals? LeeAnna Romero and Doc Elliot will explain it all. #AnimalRescue #PetRescue https://www.facebook.com/events/862184964603222/ And are you tired of #beer that tastes like crap? Well, make your own damn beer then. Jerry Woods will show us how. #HomeBrews https://www.facebook.com/events/806790293475558/ All of this and so much more will get covered today on #TheJoePadulaShow, absolutely. #TalkRadio   #JoePadula #Veterans #FtCampbell #Comedy #LocalNews #Nashville #Clarksville #Absolutely #PartyWithaPurpose--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/joe-padula/support

1hr 10mins

5 Nov 2020

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Jonathan Craig Episode 010

EvoGK Podcast

We talk to Jonathan about his time in India, Scottish Football and how difficult it is for a coach to release young players.This is a podcast not to miss!

1hr 1min

12 Aug 2020

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New Horizons - Episode 643, Multiple Disabilities - Jonathan Craig and Steve Richardson II

New Horizons

Finishing off our series on people with multiple disabilities this week, with the second part of our conversation with Steve Richardson and Jonathan Craig. Hear about the impacts of multiple bone breakages, and developing independence and assessing risk.


16 Feb 2020

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New Horizons - Episode 642, Multiple Disabilities - featuring Steve Richardson and Jonathan Craig

New Horizons

In this week's episode, we hear from Steve Richardson and Jonathan Craig, both of whom have the same bone condission. Here how, although they have the same condission, it effects them in very different ways. We discuss travel, support workers and more.


9 Feb 2020

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Episode 03: Jonathan Craig

Paperback Warrior

In this episode we discuss the literary works of crime-noir writer Jonathan Craig, including his “The Girl in Gold” novel. We also look at the ‘Super Cop Joe Blaze’ series from the early 1970s and its mysterious author. Tom tells us about a locked room treasure house in Detroit that is sure to please fans of vintage paperbacks. (Credit to Bensound for the epic intro music).


20 Jul 2019

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November 20th, 2016 - Special Guest - Jonathan Craig

Grace Church of Bainbridge

Jonathan Craig shares from Romans 3.


20 Nov 2016

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#64 Ashton Womack, Jonathan Craig, Dave Yates, Lucas Corvatta, Peter Grant, & Jacob Cantu

The Rob and Slim Show

"Weekend At Bowie's"In this episode, we opened with "Hater" by Sauce aka Matisse which you can buy on iTunes, and www.SoySauceSound.com.We talked about Kanye West wanting to put out an album of David Bowie covers and Rob pitches his new movie "Weekend At Bowie's". Executive Intern Pete really steps it up when he unveils the comercial for his new game "Hungry, Hungry PitBulls", and we talk about the miracle of child birth at a high school in Houston, TX.We interviewed Comedians Ashton Womack, Jonathan Craig, Dave Yates, and Lucas Corvatta, then talked to author Peter Grant about his book series "Stinky and Eddie", being a notary public and more. We wrapped the show up by talking to up and coming Comedian Jacob Cantu about what got him into comedy, Amy Schumer being accused of stealing jokes and more. It was a great show!

3hr 48mins

22 Jan 2016