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Eps 28 – MUSBUK #7 5 cm Aku, Kamu, Samudera, dan Bintang-Bintang oleh Donny D.

Sawahan Brothers Podcast

Sekuel dari novel best seller waktu kita remaja yang filmnya juga melambungkan nama Pevita. Seperti kita di dunia nyata, di sekuel ini penulis melanjutkan kisah hidup tokohnya dalam menghadapi quarter life crisis. Apakah mereka juga akan jadi PNS, bisa jadi.. Source foto : Kompas


18 Nov 2020

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How To Cope with Corona Virus & Manage COVID-19 Stress w/Hosts Sammie G & Donny D Recorded March 25

Where Brand Meets Culture

🧬 April 16th 🧬 Phase III for a cure for the illness that causes COBIV-19: Clinical trials are seeing rapid recoveries in fever and respiratory symptoms, with nearly all patients discharged in less than a week. The University of Chicago Medicine recruited 125 people with Covid-19 into Gilead’s two Phase 3 clinical trials. Of those people, 113 had severe disease. All the patients have been treated with daily infusions of Remdesivir. https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/16/early-peek-at-data-on-gilead-coronavirus-drug-suggests-patients-are-responding-to-treatment/ Check The Status of Your Stimulus Check Here 👉🏻 https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments The SBA disaster loan forgiveness program allows certain individuals who have been affected by a natural disaster to get part of their SBA loan forgiven. In order for your small business to qualify for this program, it has to be located in an area that was classified as a natural disaster zone. You will then have to contact the SBA in order to determine if there is any chance of getting part of your loan forgiven. With this program, you will not have to repay the amount of money that is forgiven.👉🏻 https://covid19relief.sba.gov/#/ If you’re 60+ or you have an underlying condition like Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Condition, or Diabetes, avoid crowded areas or places where you might interact with people who are sick 😷 Q: Are Antibiotics effective in preventing or treating the Corona Virus ❓A: Antibiotics DO NOT work against viruses, only bacteria. However, If you get hospitalized, you might be given antibiotics in order to prevent infection due to bacteria. Procedures for Self-Quarantine under Covid-19. Self-quarantine is recommended for individuals who have been directly exposed to the new Coronavirus or have history of travel in infected or heavily populated areas.Stay at Home: Limit all your non-essential travels unnless you're going out for food, medicines or other essentials.Wash your hands: Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol or hand sanitizer.Stay In a Specific Room: If you're sick or suspect yourself to be sick, it's best to stay in a designated room or area away from others. If possible, have a designated toilet and bathroom as well.Check Your Temperature: Check your temperature at least two times a day.Watch For Other Symptoms: Aside from fever, Covid-19 symptoms include cough, difficulty breathing, and fatigue.Practice Social Distancing: If you need to go out, maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance from others.Call Your Doctor or Hospital Before Visiting: If you need to seek medical attention whether for viral symptoms or other medical care reasons, contact your doctor or hospital ahead of time so they can prepare and take precautions for your arrival.The Immunity Pack Bundle also includes Vitamin C enriched Kiwi Strawberry flavored Twist Tubes w/ Antioxidant Support and 1111% Vitamin C Daily Support, along with a 6 month supply of G&H Protect Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap with White Tea Extract and Bilberry Extract know for boosting immunity protection and function of skin cells for only $70 while supplies last. For More Information on how you can improve your immunity health and receive a 10% discount on The Immunity Pack Bundle👇🏻Email Patience The Podcast: PatienceThePodcast@gmail.com or ORCL Health: orclhealth@gmail.com with “10% OFF Immunity Pack” written in the subject line to taken advantage of this Exclusive Offer Today While Supplies LastYour Health is an Investment, Not An Expense. Visit ORCL Health Today: https://bit.ly/34359Oj


7 Apr 2020

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Corona Today Show With Donny D - Ep 1

Corona Today Show With Donny D

I'm a kid who wanted to make something to look back at when the Corona Virus is done with. Instead of making a journal of some sort I decided to start this podcast.


26 Mar 2020

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How To Shoot a Music Video The Making of Waffle Bat Featuring Sammie G w/ Host Donny D

Where Brand Meets Culture

Sammie G Discusses The Story Behind his Single & Music Video "Waffle Bat" released in 2019, The Influence & Role God Plays in his Life & Music Brand, and Sammie G's experience creating the Cinematic Aesthetic alongside Director NuckFate in the Illustrious Colorado Mountainside.


20 Mar 2020

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How to Love Yourself and Embrace The Artist Within Ft. Abby Diamond w/ Hosts Sammie G & Donny D

Where Brand Meets Culture

On Episode 10 Singer Songwriter & Producer Abby Diamond Joins Us Along The Journey of Self Discovery Sharing Insights Into How She Renewed Her Own Personal Paradigm as a Brooklyn Based Mentor Practicing The Work of Byron Katie whom Time Magazine Describes as a “Spiritual Innovator of the 21st Century”. Join us as we explore how she devised The “84 Day Cleanse” Method Replacing Negative Life Habits with Daily Positive Habits and the Impact it’s had on her own life. The Art of Burlesque, Blood Brain Barrier Acute Cold Exposure, The Impactful Legacy of Sports Entrepreneur and Feminist Trailblazer Father Jerry Diamond Plays in Her Life as a Femme Artist, and much more on a Decade Ending Episode of Patience The Podcast.


1 Jan 2020

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How to Find Purpose In The Struggle with Sammie G & Donny D 🙏🏻

Where Brand Meets Culture

On a Special Late Night Edition of Episode 07: Finding Purpose In The Struggle Sammie G & Donny D Share Stories of Humble Beginnings and Bombings in The Middle East 👉🏻IG: @ SammieGesus https://bit.ly/343VZR1TrxpsterBookings@gmail.comPatienceSammieG@gmail.comIG: @ MYWUmgmt https://bit.ly/2pys5FsMYWUmanagement@gmail.comPatienceDonnyD@gmail.com Follow Patience on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2OHpi5d Follow Patience on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2OsCif5 Check out Sammie G's New Single "Waffle Bat" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDK3v52SnFs If you'd like to be featured on Patience The Podcast send inquiries to: PatienceThePodcast@gmail.com


1 Oct 2019

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The Importance of Entrepreneurship: Raguel Announces New Collaboration w/ Hosts Sammie G & Donny D

Where Brand Meets Culture

On Episode 03 Patience The Podcast Welcomes Colorado's own Rapper Songwriter Raguel to discuss How Entrepreneurship Changes Your Life


26 Jun 2019

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How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think w/ Sammie G & Donny D

Where Brand Meets Culture

On Episode 01 of Patience The Podcast - How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think, Donny D & Sammie G Reveal their Backgrounds and Dive Deep into the Power of Patience.


12 Jun 2019