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85: Power of Words with Coach Reed Maltbie

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast - Stacie Mahoe

Got to chat with Coach Reed for an interview for Impact Nation. Thought you'd enjoy this conversation about the power of our words as parents, coaches, teachers, leaders, how it affects the brain, the emotional state, your relationships, the performance of those you lead. Plus a super simple, yet powerful, shift you can make in your language and communication immediately. All of that is in this episode for you! Learn more about the tools Coach Reed mentions in this episode at https://www.raisetheirgame.com/positive-discipline-tools-for-coaches


10 Feb 2020

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#025 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Reed Maltbie

Off the Pitch with Active

Reed Maltbie does not really need an introduction, he is a Mentor in youth sport and coaching. With two Masters degrees, one in Early Childhood Learning & one in Sports Psychology, Reed understand children and what is going on in their brains while growing up to become adults. He is the Creator of “Coaching code” podcast & Raising Excellence, He did the TEDx talk “Echoes beyond the game” which is a must watch if you are a coach or parent. Co-Creator of Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches with Dr. Jane Nelson and Cofounder of the brilliant GO! Raise Excellence Think Tank to improve youth sport with Ruth Nicholson. He is also one of the Coaching Mentors with Player Development Project here in Australia. I can go on, but let’s hear it directly from him. Apply this to your coaching and your athletes will soar. 47:30   min episode Overview: 02:15   Reed Maltbie brief bio and explains his current projects; Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches, helping coaches communicate better with young athletes & REALM. 10:15   3 REALM Accountability areas 16:53   Writing good software code into children’s brain. No! Children are not computers, but Reed’s analogy paints a great verbal image of how we, coaches, can build or ruin an athlete mentally by the words we use 30:25   Youth Sport is a marathon so be patient. 37:35   Can you identify burned-out in an early age, if so how? 43:10   Closing comments and announcing Reed’s visit to Australia in February 2020 Contact: www.CoachReed.com Twitter: @Coach_Reed Facebook: @Raising Exellence with Coach Reed Reed Maltbies TEDx talk “Echoes beyond the game” TEDx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhRXQs0K6ls


4 Aug 2019

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Season 2: Episode 21, Reed Maltbie, @Coach_Reed

"On the Touchline" - Football/Soccer Podcast

Coach Reed is the Founder of Raising Excellence, a digital and live coaching development platform for those who coach, teach, and influence children focused on developing stronger communication skills, creating highly effective learning environments, and helping coaches unlock individual, everyday excellence in their athletes. Coach Reed is also the co-creator of Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches with Dr. Jane Nelsen, and Co-founder of the GO! Raise Excellence Think Tank to Improve Youth Sports. With 30 years experience as an educator/coach and Master's degrees in both Sport Psychology and Early Childhood Education, Reed offers a wealth of practical and science-based experience to help coaches and others lead athletes to excel in and beyond sports. Soccer Today article Tedx Talk with Reed How you can support the show: Subscribe to the "On the Touchline" newsletter Go to https://www.duktigbrand.com/ Place your order. At checkout enter the promo code BROADWATER19 to save 10%. Never miss an episode of this show every Wednesday and Saturday by subscribing on: Sponsor the show? Have a great product or service you want to tell the soccer community about? For $100 you can sponsor this show. https://www.patreon.com/onthetouchline Listen to the show on these platforms: Apple Podcasts Stitcher  Spotify Google Podcasts TuneIn Radio Please be sure to share the podcast with those in the soccer community by tagging me on Instagram and Twitter @SoccerCoachJB. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/onthetouchline/message

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19 Jun 2019

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"Exploring the R.E.A.L.M. of coach development" - A conversation with Reed Maltbie

The Talent Equation Podcast

It was fantastic to welcome Coach Reed Maltbie back to the show. Coach Reed has been really busy since his last visit. He has just been part of a team that coordinated a massive global youth sports Think Tank called GO! Chase Excellence and he is now engaged in providing mentoring and coach development support for a range of sports organisations including U.S Sailing, Ontario Volleyball and Soccer Shoots FC. In this conversation we explore how Reed uses 'Positive Discipline' in his coaching as well as how he uses 'we' language to create connection and engagement. We also explore how we approach coach development and mentoring and share some of our successes and challenges. It's a great conversation that I am sure you will enjoy

1hr 26mins

22 May 2019

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Masterclass Discussion: Learning Culture: A Conversation with Reed Maltbie

Player Development Project Podcast - Learning Tools for Soccer Coaching

In this Masterclass Discussion, PDP Editor Dave Wright is joined by Reed Maltbie for a fascinating and wide ranging conversation on youth development. Reed is a TEDx Speaker, has a Masters in Sports Psychology & Early Childhood Education and is founder of Coaches Realm & Raising Excellence.In this conversation, Reed shares some excellent insights into the challenges of organisational culture and how program leaders can make change, the importance of parent education and how coaches can build stronger relationships with parents. Plus, Reed and Dave dive into some practical advice on how coaches can individualise and adopt a child-centred approach.Reed is a top influencer and innovator in the coach development space and for those interested in creating better learning environments, this is a must listen!Exclusive offer for Podcast listeners: 30 Days Free Active Membership. Visit www.playerdevelopmentproject.com/podcast


9 May 2019

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#134: Reed Maltbie | Raising Excellence

Energetic Radio

Today I have the pleasure of sharing one of the world's best coaches in my opinion. Reed Maltbie is a modern day superstar, and that's exactly what you will hear in this fascinating episode. Reed shares a wealth of knowledge from his 30 plus years of coaching and education. Reed has two masters degrees, one in sports psychology and the other in early childhood education. The lessons, stories and wisdom that Redd shares will not only help coaches, but it can be applied to everyday life. Before listening to today's chat, if you have a spare eight minutes, I would highly recommend that you watch Reeds TEDx talk, as it paints the picture for the brilliance of this man - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhRXQs0K6ls&feature=youtu.beYou can contact Reed through the following socials and website:Twitter @Coach_ReedInstagram @Coach_Reedhttps://coachreed.com/https://coachreed.mykajabi.com/REALM


5 May 2019

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#35 Reed Maltbie - Raising Excellence: Helping Players Perform at Their Best

The Sport Psych Show

I'm joined by coaching expert, speaker, educator and author Coach Reed Maltbie in this episode. Reed is the founder of Raising Excellence, a company working with educators, coaches, parents, athletes, and sports leaders to develop more effective sports participation models. Previously Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter for the Changing the Game Project, Reed has been coaching excellence beyond the game for 26 years and has become an internationally respected expert on youth sports. He has also authored articles and presented webinars on communication, culture, bullying, competitive mindset, skill acquisition. We speak about peak performances; removing fear; competency; the importance of feeling valued; the significance of significance; allowing players to explore and coaches being afraid of change.


22 Apr 2019

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Episode 37: Coach Reed Maltbie on the Power of Words

Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

We have the opportunity to actually shape lives, behaviors, beliefs, based on just what we’re saying to our athletes. - Reed Maltbie Words are powerful. They have the ability to inspire, motivate, and lift kids, but also the power to do the opposite. The considerable work of our expert in this episode has helped coaches and parents become more aware of their words, teaching how they can build confidence and self-esteem in athletes and avoid the pitfalls of imprinting. Coach Reed has dedicated his life to youth sports as the the developer of the Excellence Equation Education System, co-creator of Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches, and the lead speaker and Chief Content Officer for Changing the Game. With 30 years of experience as an educator and coach, and dual master’s degrees in Sports Psychology and Early Childhood Education he offers a wealth of practical and science-based experience to aid coaches and others in  leading athletes to excel in and beyond sports. Since the release of his TEDx talk “Echoes Beyond the Game”, he’s become a trusted educator and advisor to sports organizations worldwide. Coach Reed’s gifts are in creating passion and purpose in others, and in distilling complex theories into understandable and easily implementable practices. His interest in brain health and language led him to research how important the echos left on the field have on the psyche of athletes. He shares that for every negative word it takes nearly five positives to reduce the imprint, the immense importance of allowing athletes to guide post-game conversations, and creating the vital role of team parent to act as liaison between parents and coaches. To connect with Coach Reed, learn more about the 3 myths of youth sports, watch his TEDx talk, listen to the Way of Champions podcast, and learn ways to create a more athlete-centric playing environment, find him here: https://changingthegameproject.com!


11 Dec 2018

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#58 What Are the Most Important Leadership Traits to Teach Young Athletes and Other FAQs with Coach Reed Maltbie and John O’Sullivan

Way of Champions Podcast

Did you ever just want to quit doing what you are doing? How do you handle someone who sabotages your work? How do you help athletes learn without lecturing all the time? What are your thoughts on coaching licenses? Coach Reed and John tackle these Frequently Asked Questions and more in our most recent podcast. Enjoy the show! Show Notes 1:30 What are some of the best leadership traits? 4:50 Have you ever just wanted to quit and how did you get through it? 9:35 How do you handle someone who openly opposes your style and sabotages you (intentionally or unintentionally) 17:35 How do you help athletes learn without lecturing all the time? 21:05 Who are some of the mentors in your life that have helped you? 25:45 How do you make practices less scripted and involve more decision-making from players? 30:50 How do you approach a sport or coach steeped in traditional methods? 33:35 What do you think of coaching courses and club curriculums? 42:15 How do we make the vision happen? How do we make change? 46:45 Why should I go to the Way of Champions Conference About Coach Reed With master’s degrees in both sports psychology and early childhood education, Coach Reed works with youth coaches, helping them teach athletes how to excel beyond the game.  Since the release of his 2015 TEDx talk ‘Echoes Beyond the Game’, he’s become a trusted educator, advisor and speaker to sports organizations all over the world. Coach Reed is a firm believer that youth sport’s ultimate role is to develop excellent people with valuable life skills and strong values. He’s had the honor of working with sports organizations ranging from grassroots to elite level, helping them become more effective at performance-based communication by building champion cultures, and creating warrior mindsets to succeed in and beyond the game. Get in Touch Website to sign up for his forthcoming book -  http://coachreed.com/ Facebook Page for his Forthcoming Book: https://www.facebook.com/TheCoachReed/ Twitter:@coach_reed Email: reed@changingthegameproject.com His Podcast: @thecoachingcode / http://coachreed.com/coaching-code/ Become a Transformational Coach Today - Join Us at Way of Champions 2018 Take your Coaching to the Next Level with Transformational Coaching If you are enjoying our podcast, please help us out and leave a review on iTunes. How to leave an iTunes rating or review for a podcast from your iPhone or iPad Launch Apple’s Podcast app. Tap the Search tab. Enter the name Way of Champions. Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right. Tap the album art for the Way of Champions podcast. Tap the Reviews tab. Tap Write a Review at the bottom. Thanks so much, every review helps us to spread this message! Hosted by John O'Sullivan. Produced by Coach Reed Maltbie


23 Apr 2018

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QCC #8 Reed Maltbie


Coach Reed is one of the best in the game and he is making a massive impact. He is on a mission to shift the course of youth sport and coaching from the extrinsic reward to intrinsic value based playing. His leadership, poise and viewpoint are incredibly fresh as he brings a loving and human forward approach to bettering athletic culture. Enjoy this episode as we hit many topics that are incredibly relevant for coaches, athletes and parents currently involved in youth sport.Coach Reed's TEDX Talk - Echoes Beyond the GameCoach Reed's website with TONS of resources for coaches and parents Changing the Game Project TwitterCoach Reed - @coach_reedChanging the Game Project - @CTGProjectHQ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 5mins

14 Mar 2018