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Building and Scaling a Company with Tucker Max, Founder of Scribe Media

INspired INsider Podcast

Tucker Max is the Founder of Scribe Media, a professional publishing services company where they help you unlock your knowledge into a book. They help entrepreneurs, executives, and experts write, publish, and market their books because it’s not just a book: it’s your legacy. Scribe Media has worked with clients including David Goggins, Tiffany Haddish, Nassim Taleb, and more. Before founding Scribe Media, Tucker wrote a New York Times best-selling non-fiction book about the sex-filled and drunken escapades of his 20s. Since then, he has gone on to publish many more books, making him a 4x New York Times best-selling author. In this episode… Have you ever read a book about how to solve a problem, and it felt like the creator was giving out their trade secret? Some people will try to use that information to solve the problem themselves — and succeed. However, many of us will prefer to outsource and hire the author instead. Why so? The answer lies in the power of knowledge sharing.  Through knowledge sharing, you can build and scale your company just like Tucker Max is doing at Scribe Media. Tucker is happy to share his knowledge on book publishing, growing your company, and finding success as a writer. Here's what to expect: On this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, you'll learn about developing and scaling a company from the Founder of Scribe Media, Tucker Max. Tucker reveals why he needed to write a book about the process of writing, and how it helped him market and build his company. Plus, he discusses why writing a book is a savvy and revenue-generating move, and how you can achieve those same profitable results. Stay tuned.


13 May 2021

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Tucker Max: From Fratire King to Self Publishing Empire-  4x NY Times Best Selling Author

The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

2;25 - Process of recording an Audio Book4:11 - Read the book before publish4:48 - Practical application of the technique5:47 - Honesty overrated or under-rated 8:07 - What motivates Tucker to write10:12 - Self-fulfilling Prophecy10:27 - How did the book come into existence12:18 - Early self-awareness14:16 - Process of Elimination15:20 - Movie Release and reactions17:27 Rebranding yourself20:25 - Different perspectives on rebranding21:40 - Challenges in Professional world22:42 - All about Scribe  (Writing Process)26:05 - A Billionaire Business26:55 - Coaching by Tucker Max27:53 - Coaching on Content Perspective29:03 - Feedback on Story Writing30:05 - Thinking at 4531:08 - Parenting Advice32:52 - Tucker Max Collection35:15 - Greatest piece of advice36:22 - Tucker Max Super Power36:37 - Personal and Professional Silver Linings39:04 - Tucker Max North Star


29 Apr 2021

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BYP 282: Bestselling Author Tucker Max's Predictions For What's Next in Books

Brand You Personal Branding

Tucker Max is an American author, public speaker, and founder of Scribe Media, which provides professional services to help you write, publish, and market your book. Tucker chronicled his drinking and sexual encounters in the form of short stories on his website TuckerMax.com, which has received millions of visitors and led to multiple best-selling books. In this interview, I have a candid and "out of the box" conversation about what Tucker sees happening in the book space. Connect with Me: Web - https://mikekim.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikekimtv/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikekimtv Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mikekimtv/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/mikekimtv YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPXe7zSFf4kdhLgY0VaU_dw *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com 


21 Apr 2021

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Growing Up and Healing Wounds with Tucker Max

Mastering Midlife Podcast

Tucker Max is the Co-Founder of Scribe Media, a publishing company that helps writers get their stories out through affordable and high-quality media services. Some of the notable authors he’s worked with include David Goggins, Todd Herman, Mark Divine, and Chris Kresser. Tucker is also the author of a series of books categorized as “fratire,” where he writes about being a man in a politically incorrect fashion. Tucker joins me today to share how he found success as a writer and what made him start a publishing company. He discusses how he differentiated himself from his critics and how he started the “fratire” genre. He describes his journey towards self-healing and mental growth, and how his kids taught him to be a better parent. Tucker also explains why therapy is always a good choice and why he let go of trying to control what will happen tomorrow. "You can run from emotions for a long time, but eventually - if you have any self-awareness at all - they catch up.” - Tucker Max Today on Mastering Midlife: What the book genre of "fratire" is and how Tucker came up with the term. Confronting Tucker's haters and how he succeeded despite criticism. The time Tucker met George Clooney and what he learned from the actor. Being famous and what it does to your mindset. Tucker's journey to self-healing and when he met his wife. Choosing careers and why Tucker hesitated to follow in the footsteps of his peers. Where Tucker is in his life right now in terms of happiness and success. Tucker's experience being a dad and what he learned from having children. What MDMA therapies can do for your mental health. How children interpret the way we communicate and discipline them. Why you should let go of trying to control what will happen in your life. Resources: The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D. How to Get Started with Plant Medicine Therapy Connect with Tucker Max: Scribe Media LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Get FREE Access to the Only 10’s Course Are you struggling with knowing what, when, and how to focus your efforts to get things done? As a long-time sufferer of severe ADD, I understand the struggle - and that’s why I created the Only 10’s system. This system has helped me and thousands of others clear the clutter and focus their energy on getting the right things done. The Only 10’s free online course is based on my proven system to help you focus your attention and maintain momentum around your day-to-day life. Sign up for the Only 10’s free course today! Limited Time! Get FREE Access to my Leadership Resilience Course We are all struggling with the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual strain of the Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020. That’s why I’m offering my Leadership Resilience Course for free! Learn to let go of resentment, up-level your mindset, and communicate your thoughts more effectively. Learn how to address difficult conversations, develop your inner compass, and ‘right the ship’ of your intellectual and emotional self. It’s a uniquely difficult time for many of us. Now is the perfect time for self-reflection and self-improvement, and to discover how to be your best self. To learn more about the Leadership Resiliency Course, visit: https://www.markjsilverman.com/leadership-resiliency Click here to get free access. Mastering Midlife...Together! Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of the Mastering Midlife Podcast: How to Thrive When the World Asks the Most of You with Mark Silverman. If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts and leave us a review. Be sure to visit our website and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube and don’t forget to share your favorite episodes on social media.


19 Apr 2021

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Tucker Max

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Tucker Max is an author, speaker, and co-founder of Scribe Media. He first made a name for himself publishing stories about his college-age exploits online on his Website TuckerMax.com.  Mikhaila Peterson and Tucker Max discuss his new publishing company “Scribe Media” which helps people to write, publish and market their own book. They also talk about psychedelic therapy, growing up in the public eye, time management, and more. Find more Tucker Max on his website tuckermax.com, his Twitter @TuckerMax, And check out his books. - This episode was sponsored by Self Authoring. The Self-Authoring Suite helps you sort through your past to get past trauma, write your present life, and organize your mind for the future by identifying and prioritizing goals.  Visit https://www.selfauthoring.com and use promo code “MP” for 15% off.  - If you'd like to stay updated in a more personal fashion, sign up for my newsletter at https://mikhailapeterson.com/newsletter - For advertising inquiries, please email eric@jordanbpeterson.com

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24 Jan 2021

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#145 The real reason you haven't written that book yet with Tucker Max

The Unconventionalists with Mark Leruste

*Deep breath* This special episode of The Unconventionalists podcast with Tucker Max, 4x New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of Scribe Media who has sold over 4 million copies of his books, is by far the most vulnerable and raw episode I've released to date.   As you will see, sh*t got deep, real fast.    The interviewer became the interviewee as Tucker coached and helped me realise just how much some of my childhood trauma has been getting in the way of me writing me next non-fiction book.  It's raw, it's uncomfortable and yet I know this is the kind of conversations that made me want to start The Unconventionalists podcast back in 2015. We talked about what you can do to get over your limiting beliefs and why the very reason you're struggling with writing your book is the very reason why you need to write that book.   We also talked about how every single author you know struggles with the same doubts and insecurities as you do. It's a universal experience of being human.  Trust me, if you've been thinking of writing a book but are currently stuck or procrastinating with no end in sight, this episode is for you.   In this episode you will learn why writing a book is not about knowing the ins and outs of how to actually write a book, but rather, why it's about facing your feelings and emotions that every author dreads to face.   But as Joseph Campbell once said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”   Tucker even shares his own personal journey and what has helped him to date get over some of his childhood trauma as well as read parts of his personal journal on what he sees for 2021.   ⚠️ Warning: this episode contains descriptions of sexual violence and strong language that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion advised as not suitable for children.   I really can't wait to read your comments on this powerful conversation and more importantly, learn what you're taking away and will implement to transform your life and business.   If you found this conversation helpful, please share it with one friend who needs to hear this to move forward with their book (or creative project).   Thank you and here's to being willing to be vulnerable in public. Shownotes: www.theunconventionalists.com/episode/145 This week’s episode was brought to you by: The Podcast Revolution: https://theunconventionalists.com/launch-a-successful-podcast-from-scratch - Use code "PODCASTTRIBE" to get 20% off the entire course.

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21 Jan 2021

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491: Tucker Max | A Better Way to Live Life

Build Your Network

At the end of the day, we are only responsible for ourselves and our internal experience. Today we’re looking inward with Tucker Max, Co-Founder of https://scribewriting.com/ (Scribe Writing), and author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Tucker’s life hadn’t always been easy. Going through many negative experiences, he left his destructive lifestyle behind and pursued his affinity for writing. Years of rejection after rejection from publishers, he broke through and has since been labeled best selling author of several titles. Today, Tucker is on a mission to unlock the wisdom of the world by helping executives and entrepreneurs turn their ideas and messages into books. Let’s dive right into Tucker’s wild story and learn about a better way to live.  Things you will learn in this episode: [00:01 - 11:28] Opening Segment I introduce today’s guest, Tucker Max What Tucker is known for  Tucker gives some background on his life growing up  Lived in Kentucky  A miserable time with a broken family  Good at school  Grew up playing basketball in Lexington  Able to fit into any group  Tucker’s time at a law firm  Emotionally disconnected  Just following the typical life structure  Fired after two weeks  Tucker talks about his time working for his dad About Tucker’s dad  Fired by his dad [11:29 - 17:35] There is an Audience  Tucker talks about finding his affinity for writing  Sent his content out to publishers Rejection on a personalized level  Started a blog on his own  Tucker’s first book  Written 2002 then came out 2006 Bottomed out at 900 copies then came back up Found an audience by being funny and current  Insights on writing something good The people who find value in it  Just putting in work isn’t good enough  Work to resonate with people  [17:36 - 36:07] There Has to Be a Better Way Tucker shares about his life post first book release A movie made from his life  Wrote three more books  Wildly successful having everything you could ever need Still not happy  Getting into personal development  Tucker shares his time in psychotherapy  The overwhelming nature of meditation  Changing the game  Processing the trauma  Finding happiness by dealing with the trauma  Tucker’s life now  Father and husband  Secure attachments  The effect of keeping in your emotions  Your body doesn’t forget the fight or flight  The animal analogy  The problem of religion  Internalized experienced versus the externalized  [36:08 - 50:01] Closing Segment Who you know or What you know? The what doesn’t matter, just the who  Tucker’s definition of success  The internal and external Advice for people having trouble with relationships We are a bunch of traumatized monkeys  Get off the ship  Ask how am I showing up?  How are you healing yourself?  Take full responsibility for yourself  You don’t have a relationship problem, you have a ‘you’ problem Don’t adopt a victimhood lifestyle What would you want to be your primary message? Getting rid of the virus of victimhood  Complete radical responsibility for yourself  Everything starts at home  The RanDoM ROuNd Resources and links below  Final words  Tweetable Quotes:  “There’s one definition of good: does this resonate with people? Do they get value from it? Do they want to engage with it? Do they want to share it?” - Tucker Max “Having a map of Manhattan doesn’t really tell you what Manhattan is like, you kinda gotta walk the island… Knowing what you feel and feeling what you feel are totally different things.” - Tucker Max “My definition of success is doing things that matter with the people I love.” - Tucker Max  “All growth and all healing starts with taking...Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


9 Nov 2020

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Tucker Max - In There - Episode #121

"YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice

American author and public speaker Tucker Max joins Michael this week for a discussion on how nefarious the publishing industry is, the gives and takes one must face when they become famous, the varied public perceptions of what it's like to be a celebrity, whether or not sex is overrated, and so much more!PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSORSKushy Dreams is a new company with a full line-up of premium, smokable CBD. Go to https://kushydreams.com/ and use promo code WELCOME for 20% off your first order.At MyBookie, winning season means hitting all your parlays and props with your feet up, watching your team trounce their rivals! Visit MyBookie.ag and use promo code WELCOME to double your first deposit up to $1,000!REEL Paper makes incredibly soft three-ply toilet paper delivered straight to your door. It's made entirely out of sustainable bamboo, and for every roll of toilet paper you buy, REEL helps people in need get access to clean toilets. Go to https://ReelPaper.com/ and use promo code WELCOME25 for 25% off your order. FOLLOW THE SHOW!Tucker Maxhttps://twitter.com/TuckerMaxhttps://www.instagram.com/realtuckermaxhttps://www.tuckermax.comhttps://scribewriting.comOrder His Books:Assholes Finish First https://amzn.to/3hCsaNzI Hope They Serve Beer in Hell https://amzn.to/3iuYTFEHilarity Ensues https://amzn.to/2ZBt1YoMate https://amzn.to/3c1335BMichael MaliceOrder THE NEW RIGHT: https://amzn.to/2IFFCCuOrder DEAR READER: https://t.co/vZfTVkK6qf?amp=1https://twitter.com/michaelmalicehttps://instagram.com/michaelmalicehttps://malice.locals.comhttps://youtube.com/michaelmaliceofficialIntro song: "Out of Reach" by Legendary House Catshttps://thelegendaryhousecats.bandcamp.com/The newest episode of "YOUR WELCOME" releases on iTunes and YouTube every Thursday! Please subscribe and leave a review.You can watch "YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice LIVE for FREE every Tuesday at 12:30 PM at http://www.GaSDigitalNetwork.com/liveVisit http://www.podcastmerch.com/ for exclusive "YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice merchandise!For access to our entire catalog of episodes On Demand in HD, subscribe to www.GaSDigitalNetwork.com. Use promo code "YWMM" for a two week free trial and over 15% off your monthly membership. There, you'll have access to ALL of the other amazing shows on GaS Digital Network!

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17 Sep 2020

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616: Tucker Max: You NEED To Write a BOOK!

The James Altucher Show

Tucker Max: THE SEQUEL.  Once we stopped ranting on "Gastliting" and "insanity", we finally went into our favorite topic: WRITING and Self-Publishing! Tucker helped me brainstorm ideas for my bestselling book, "Choose Yourself" and he is a founder of Scribe Media, a unique publishing company that has helped writers from Tiffany Haddish to David Goggins and more write their books. We looked into different genres of books, and why memoirs are the easiest, and often the most successful.  “No one reads your book to learn about you, they read your book to learn about themselves. But the way they learn about themselves is through your honest and vulnerable expressions of your emotions and experience.”  – Tucker Max I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify Follow me on Social Media: YouTube Twitter Facebook LinkedinSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Aug 2020

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615 - Tucker Max - S*** is going to get CRAZY

The James Altucher Show

Initially, I called up my good friend, Tucker Max to talk about publishing books and the industry. BUT, we got derailed right from the beginning, and started talking about all the insanity! I "Why are you being gaslit?" he asked me. I asked Tucker what he thought was going on in the world. An hour later we finished Part one of the podcast.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify Follow me on Social Media: YouTube Twitter Facebook LinkedinSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 3mins

4 Aug 2020