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041 Vidya Dinamani - Laying the Groundwork for Investing

She Invests!

Welcome to She Invests, where you’ll hear from existing female angel investors, venture capitalists and fund managers on their investment thesis. From deal flow to exits, they will share the best practices that contribute to their success. In this episode, Dr. Silvia Mah welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, Product Coach, author and co-founder, Vidya Dinamani. Vidya has a passion for coaching product leaders and teams. She is one of the founding partners of Ad Astra Ventures. She is also Principal with Product Rebels, a company founded to help product managers, founders and entrepreneurs make customer breakthroughs. Vidya has also recently been focused on investing and mentoring startups and early stage companies. She has over eighteen years of experience specializing in business and technology strategy development and product design, development and management. Vidya has held multiple executive roles at leading companies, including executive positions leading innovation and product management at Mitchell International, Director of Customer Experience for TurboTax Intuit. She also served as Director of Business Operations and Chief IT Architect for the software provider. Prior to Intuit, Vidya was a consultant with Deloitte Consulting, specializing in technology strategy consulting. She holds seven U.S. patents for software technology and is a certified Net Promoter associate. Today, Dr. Sylvia and Vidya talk about Vidya’s ‘Why’ of investing and her goal to achieve equality among men and women on both sides of the investment table. Vidya expounds on what it means to go from the first meeting with a startup company to actually writing a check and investing. Finally, Dr. Sylvia and Vidya discuss the work Ad Astra Ventures is doing to educate entrepreneurs today. 04:30 – Dr. Silvia Mah introduces today’s guest, Vidya Dinamani, who discusses her professional background, her very first investment and her ‘Why’ of investing 10:22 – Vidya talks about identifying the right founder and the right product-market fit when she seeks out early stage startup companies to invest in 13:45 – Vidya talks about the origin story of Ad Astra Ventures and the commitment they’ve made to help more female founders 20:55 – Vidya speaks to the impact Ad Astra Ventures wants to create 29:15 – Vidya talks about her book, Groundwork: Get Better at Making Better Products and some of the great testimonials she’s received as feedback 37:02 – Vidya expounds on her background in product and how it’s impacted how she shows up as an investor 38:55 – Vidya talks about the work she’s doing at Lash.Live 45:56 – What abundance mindset means to Vidya 47:32 – Dr. Silvia recaps her interview with Vidya Full show notes: https://www.sheinvests.com/41


15 Jun 2021

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TEI 327: How product managers can make better products – with Heather Samarin & Vidya Dinamani

Product Mastery Now for Product Managers, Innovators, and Leaders

Pillars and practices for product managers to deeply understand their customers’ problems I am changing the name of the podcast to Product Mastery Now. The new name is coming soon.  You don’t need to do anything to keep listening, but it will show in your podcast player not as The Everyday Innovator™ but as Product […]


22 Mar 2021

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Driving Your Products and Supporting Your Customers During a Pandemic, a conversation with Vidya Dinamani

Masters of Product Management

It’s early 2020 and the world has been drastically affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. While the health and safety of employees should be the top priority for all businesses, of course, frankly we still must try to keep the customers we have and find ways to help those customers weather this storm. At this time, it’s even more imperative that product managers are in touch with their customers to uncover needs and problems and help solve those problems if possible. After all, your customers have very different problems than they did just a few short weeks ago.


6 Apr 2020

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Ep. 11 - Interview with Vidya Dinamani

You are techY Podcast with Ellen Twomey

Vidya Dinamani, co-founder and owner of Product Rebels and Ad Astra Ventures is here to share her journey with us and how she went from systems programming to landing herself in a product manager role. Vidya is passionate about helping female founders scale and grow their startups through different resources, such as a strong product, financial and leadership curriculum. We address implicit bias and how they play a role in the workforce, along with a typical day for Vidya running two companies. Don’t miss Vidya’s advice on how to build and strengthen your network through two key actions!


29 Jan 2020

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#GirlsWhoProduct with Vidya Dinamani, Founder @ Product Rebels


Vydia Dinamani is one of the founders of Product Rebels, a company designed to work with product leaders, founders and product teams (at all levels) to fundamentally change the way they work to make fast, clear and effective customer-driven decisions with measurable outcomes. She's also a partner at Ad Astra, an accelerator designed to help scale and grow startups, early businesses through a strong product, financial and leadership curriculum that pays particular attention to female founders.Listen to this podcast to learn how to grow in your career, speak up for your rights, find mentors, become a successful executive and a product leader, lead teams and projects with confidence.💃About #GirlsWhoProduct:#GirlsWhoProduct is a series of interviews with women that have been able to beat the ‘product’ ceiling and get into the profession. Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower more women to get into product roles and help them consider ‘product’ as a venue of personal and professional growth.This project was made possible thanks to our partnership with Zalando.


26 Sep 2019

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Interview: Vidya Dinamani on Conducting Effective Customer Interviews


Vidya Dinamani has a passion for coaching product leaders and teams. Vidya has over 18 years of experience specializing in business & technology strategy development and product design, development and management.Vidya has held multiple executive roles at leading companies, including executive positions leading Innovation and Product Management at Mitchell International, Director of Customer Experience for TurboTax, Intuit. She also served as Director of Business Operations and Chief IT Architect for the software provider. Prior to Intuit, Vidya was a consultant with Deloitte Consulting specializing in technology/strategy consulting.A holder of 7 US patents for software technology, Vidya earned a B.S. in Physics from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is also a certified Net Promoter Associate.***This show is a part of the Podglomerate network, a company that produces, distributes, and monetizes podcasts. We encourage you to visit the website and sign up for our newsletter for more information about our shows, launches, and events. For more information on how The Podglomerate treats data, please see our Privacy Policy.  Since you're listening to Rocketship, we'd like to suggest you also try other Podglomerate shows surrounding entrepreneurship, business, and careers like Creative Elements and Freelance to Founder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Dec 2018

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013 Vidya Dinamani - How To Be Coachable Without Being Defensive and Impressionable To Get Funding

She Invests!

Vidya Dianamani is the principal and co-founder of Product Rebels, a company founded to help product managers, business owners and entrepreneurs make product breakthroughs and help every company to stand up for their customer. She has 18 years of experience in business, technology, strategy, product design, and development. In this episode, Vidya shares the process of evaluating startup pitches and the importance of knowing how to bring value to customers, the advantages of being coachable of a startup entrepreneur to the business growth and funding and she shares the ways how an angel investor help seed startups to get their follow-on funding. 02:03 - Vidya walks us through the startup pitch evaluation process 06:05 - Vidya’s investment thesis 07:39 - Key traits of a successful startup founder 12:33 - Importance of iteration to know the hits and misses and adjust your business 16:00 - Top investment tips to give to other female investor 18:47 - How being in the Rising Tide Fund helped Vidya to be a better investor 23:17 - Her most exciting and valuable story of a start-up 25:10 - Soft skills that a seed startup must have 33:00 - Hera Venture Summit and Vidya’s vision about female investors impact in the ecosystem 33:33 - Top 3 Criteria on Vidya’s List for her funding ventures 36:45 - Rapid Fire Final Four Questions Full show notes: http://www.sheinvests.com/13


3 Oct 2017