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Bjorn Bengtsson - Creating a Visual Journey Through Painting - MGR Unplugged Podcast

MGR Unplugged

In this episode:It’s been a year now since my last interview.   A lot of things have changed since then for all of us.  In this interview we talk about: How has COVID affected Bjorn personally and professionally over the past 5-6 months How has his art evolved and where is his visual journey taking him these days. Where he finds inspiration for his art, drawings, paintings? His daily routine or weekly routine.  What is a day like in Bjorn's life? How much of your personal life, feelings, mood, etc. is reflected in his art? How he's planning to make his art available to everyone in the future   We also take a look at his website and Instagram page to talk about some of his most significant paintings. I highly recommend that you follow Bjorn's journey.  You can do that at:Web: BjornBengtsson.comInstagram: @bjornbengtssEmail: bjorn.h.bengtsson@gmail.comAll that and more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.  What do you think?  Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.Want more?Subscribe to The Edge eComm Digest and receive weekly news directly in your INBOX >Check our other stuff out too: The Edge Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Medium Twitter MGR Agency Website This episode is brought to you by MGR Agency. Scaling marketing for leading digital brands.If you liked this episode, please share it with your friends.  If you REALLY liked it, please leave us a positive review on your favorite podcast platform.  Thank you for watching or listening!

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28 Aug 2020

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Bjorn Bengtsson - Born to Paint The World Around Me.

MGR Unplugged

Welcome to another episode of MGR Unplugged.  Today I'm joined by Bjorn Bengtsson.  Bjorn is a very talented young man.  He’s only 19 at the time of this recording, but when you listen to him, you will notice right away that he’s not your typical 19 year old kid.  Bjorn is an artist. Bjorn is also a deep thinker.  A philosopher in disguise.  And when you combine these two, great things happen.  LET SOUL SPEAK"What is an artist statement if not in the breath of beauty? What is an Artist if not a medium for God’s beauty? What is Art if not a window to the first hour of eternity? What are we if not formation, transformation, the eternal minds eternal recreation"  Bjorn Bengtsson Learn More about Bjorn here > Visit Bjorn Bengtsson's Website > "The Spirit" 2019 added to MGR's Art Collection > The Homeless Series > Prismatic Photography Series > Gabi Jording (Bjorn's friend) on Instagram >“To love another person is to see the face of God”-Les Mis, Victor HugoM-Train, Patti Smith >Final notes: I had a great time interviewing Bjorn and getting to know him a little better after each of his answers.  Please take a listen, and let me know what you think.Check our other stuff out too: The Edge Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Medium Twitter MGRAgency.com


2 Aug 2019

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