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Talent and Environment (with Kelsey and Taylor Phinney)


What happens when a sports best athletes, meet, fall in love, and have kids? That is Taylor and Kelsey Phinney’s story—at least part of it. This episode is sponsored by the Davis Phinney Foundation, a non-profit with the mission to help people with Parkinson's live well with the disease. Visit dpf.org/donate With guests Kelsey and Taylor Phinney Hosted by Chad Salmela Produced by Chris Parr

1hr 12mins

8 Jun 2022

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Outspoken - Taylor Phinney


Season 3 of Outspoken kickoffs with Taylor Phinney, longtime Thereabouts friend and first time Thereabouts Audio Wizard in Chief. Taylor has publicly discussed his retirement from professional cycling, but we remained a bit miffed how the American superstar, the media darling who ushered US cycling into the digital era, could walk away at age 29 and the prime of his career. Chatting with Outspoken from Girona Spain, the typically enigmatic Taylor gives raw insight into the confining nature of professional cycling. He unearths his initial motivation for pursuing sport at the highest level – and confronts how reality clashed with that fantasy.“You realize that actually, you’re not like Harry Potter. You’re not the hero of the story because you have to shut up.”–Taylor PhinneyFor Taylor, sport is like an hourglass: the grains of energy invested simply slip down into energy dissipated. You invest all of your strength, all of your time, all of your soul, and yet you get nothing in return. Taylor explains how athletic’s fleetingness gave way to craving permanence through art. The reasons for Taylor’s meteoric rise and abrupt exit from professional cycling raise questions about what it means to be a great athlete, what it takes to remain one, and what weight we should bestow those qualities. The same properties that instill Taylor with introspection and artistry, that innate ability to transcend his own perspective and consider his life in relation to the universe around him, may be exactly why he walked away from sport with theoretically much more to give. To what degree is consciousness incompatible with competition?Reflecting on his quest to live a meaningful life, Taylor feels compelled to give back to the sport that raised him. And in doing so, he shares how he rediscovered a pure love for exploring on two wheels. If you want to listen to this episode, as well as all past and future episodes of Outspoken, tune in wherever you listen to podcasts. And stay tuned for Scapes, a sonic tour inside Taylor’s mind. The first episode will be dropping here in a couple weeks.Texts from the episode:How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart, by David Foster Wallace. “What’s the Deal, Hummingbird?” by Arthur Krsytall. The New Yorker, January 24, 2022 IssueWebsite: www.thereabouts.coGuest: @taylorphinneyWritten, produced edited: @thatisgus @apleveneExecutive Producer: @isaackarsenSound design/Mastering: @bencrannellMusic: @builders_tea_Production company: @hereorthereabouts


31 Mar 2022

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Taylor Phinney

Bobby and Jens

This week Bobby Julich and Jens Voigt catch up with Taylor Phinney. As the son of two Olympic medal-winning cyclists, Taylor always faced more expectation than most. In this revealing and honest chat with Bobby and Jens, he tells his story from his childhood in Boulder and Italy; his own pursuit of Olympic hardware and his professional career on the road. They also catch up with what Taylor has been up to since retiring including how he keeps himself entertained - plus there are a few cameos from Taylor's girlfriend and fellow pro, Kasia Niewiadoma!Plus find out which rider has absolutely buried themselves for the cause as Bobby and Jens dish out their #shutuplegs rider of the week! Don't forget to nominate yours for next week by using the hashtag #shutuplegs on Twitter or Instagram.Bobby and Jens is a VeloNews production in association with Shocked Giraffe. This episode was produced by Mark Payne and edited by Kirk Warner.Remember you can take advantage of our special discount code by entering bobbyjens25 at checkout at velonews.com/activepass


5 Mar 2021

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Ep. 25 Taylor Phinney Part 2

Ascension with Simon Dumont

Don't miss part two of this two-part episode with Olympic cyclist, Taylor Phinney. Taylor and Simon give us an insider's look into the world of Olympic competition and Taylor talks about his process of healing both emotionally and physically from injuries as well as his path towards retirement.

1hr 18mins

1 Sep 2020

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Ep. 24 Taylor Phinney Part 1

Ascension with Simon Dumont

Tune in for the first part of Simon's conversation with Taylor Phinney, American professional road racing cyclist. Taylor looked up to Simon's career at the beginning of his own Olympic career. Listen in as they both share their pre-event strategies and their experience as young athletes in education.

1hr 38mins

25 Aug 2020

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We thought we knew Taylor Phinney.It turns out we didn't know Taylor Phinney.Taylor used to race bikes, he was one of the best the USA has ever produced, yet he abruptly pulled the pin on his professional career in 2019 as a 29yr old. He hasn't stopped riding bikes, in fact he's discovered a style of cycling that is about as far removed from racing as is possible, and in the process he's found himself.Mikkel B. Rasmussen and David Millar interview Taylor separately: Mikkel from Copenhagen and David atop a hill, next to a chapel, near Girona while on a mountain bike ride.Find Taylor on Instagram here: @taylorphinneyFind Taylor on Twitter here: @taylorphinneyFind Taylor's art here: @manifestbutter


12 Jun 2020

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Vin-Yin: Inner Archaeology MUSIC mixed by @disconektar a.k.a. Taylor Phinney

Yoga Sesh

This generous Yoga Sesh has been seriously upgraded with MUSIC mixed by DiscoNektar a.k.a. Taylor Phinney. You will love the musical alchemy as you go on an archaeological dig into your inner landscape and re-remember that you have the desire and capacity for both inner connection and connection with the outer world. Suggested props: 1-2 blocks and a bolsterA note from Taylor and track list below!This is a Yoga class from @yoga-sesh with a mix of songs recorded to flow with the class.As a boulder native, I have spent the last couple of years attending Caitlin’s classes at the Yoga Pod or The Little Yoga Studio. Since I was racing bikes professionally, I would spend half of the year traveling in Europe, basing myself in Spain. I could never find the same yoga vibe as we have in Colorado so I became very grateful to have Yoga Sesh podcasts in my living room.At the beginning of March I came over to Europe for what was meant to be a 3 week vacation to visit with my girlfriend before she starts her cycling season (she also races, I just retired). Two weeks in we were forced into lockdown with nowhere to go. We spent 7 weeks inside our apartment unable to leave the house for any physical exercise, only to get groceries or go to pharmacy. I spent this time doing Yoga Sesh podcasts and learning more about a music program I use called Ableton. I had always used the program to make my own music but never to mix tracks from other artists. In this time I learned to mix and hosted some very small isolation dance parties.This episode of Yoga Sesh, Inner Archaeology, is one of my favorite flows and I noticed that at the beginning of the class there is some background audio from a class next door that doesn’t quite fit. I thought it would be informative to learn how to remove that background audio while still keeping the audio of the voice in tact. Since I took most of the low end out of the audio to get rid of the background noise, I thought music could create a nice foundation--I started playing tracks to the flow since I had taken the class many times and felt like I had a good grasp of what kind of music could accompany Caitlin's guidance. I had a lot of fun with it and reached out to CRK to see if she would be into it. I was nervous at first because her flows are like works of art in themselves and I wanted to do them justice. She ended up liking it and with some more little tweaks here it is :)TRACKLIST:[Song - Artist (Album)]Garden - Nicolas Jaar (Cenizas)Unblocked - DjRum (Portrait with Firewood)The Traitor - Menahan Street Band (Make The Road By Walking)Transcendence - Thievery Corporation (Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi)Tzantza - Nicola Cruz (Cantos de Vision)Little Raver - Superpitcher (The Golden Ravedays 1)All Around Me (RSS Disco’s All Over You Mix) - Johannes KlingebielSonnenblut Am Platz De Perlen - Durerstuben (Met Chin In Moo’s Eak)Most Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet - HNNYAvril 14th - Aphex Twin (Drukqs)Galerie - A Winged Victory for the Sullen (Iris [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack])Naturaleza - Danis (Aliento)VIII. Juliet - Matthew Bourne (Montauk Variations)Journey To Satchinanda - Alice Coltrane (World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane)Visit www.caitlinrosekenney.com to learn about LIVE Virtual Classes, Yoga Teacher Training and more.

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22 May 2020

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Taylor Phinney

Life in the Peloton

Taylor has a very colourful career up until now. Born from sporting genes, both his parents being Olympic medalists, he was destined to be a sporting star. But sometimes we need a pause in life, time to reflect on where we are going, who we are, and then who we want to become. Most often than not we don’t take this time unless it is forced upon us. And I believe in many ways some things really happen for a reason. In Taylor’s case in 2014 he had a career and life changing crash. It removed him from the sporting “bubble” and gave him time to reflect. This is the Taylor we know today. Still an athletic talent, but with a much more open perspective

10 Apr 2019

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022: Taylor Phinney | How to Use Pain to Your Advantage

Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Taylor Phinney, an Olympic cyclist, recently sacrificed some "skin for glory." He fractured his leg after crashing his bike at speeds usually reserved for the highway. As with many champion athletes, he found a way to turn adversity to his advantage. The recovery process has pushed his pain threshold that much higher enabling him, in turn, to push the limits of his endurance. He has learned to trust the struggle as a way to impart valuable lessons on how it can make him that much stronger.Watch the video episode at http://spartanuppodcast.com Lessons:1. Children should be allowed to find their own way as athletes.2. Black Top Effect suggests that athletic talent is a mixture of nature and nurture.3. You've got to play every day as if you were a pro.


26 Feb 2015

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Open Mic with Mike Creed - Ep 25 Taylor Phinney

Open Mic with Mike Creed

THIS EPISODE Mike gets together with a man who needs no introduction. At the tender age of 23, BMC's Taylor Phinney can list on his resumé: Olympian, Worlds Medalist, U23 World Champion, Junior World Champion, US Track Champion, US Time Trial Champion, heartthrob of the peloton, and all around snappy dresser. Mike visits Taylor at his home in Boulder and is introduced to Phinney's "high class frat house lifestyle," as Taylor dubs it. The two kick back and pleasantly pass the time chatting about the correct pronunciation of Phil Gaimon's name, the value of early social media training, how avoiding dating improves cycling performance, saddle sore woes, hoping for the most-loved award in the peloton, and Olympic girlfriends.Along the way they also cover what it's like to be the child of cycling legends, saddle sore woes, being the brash young American on a stacked international World Tour team, surviving the grind of the BMC racing schedule, and what the future holds.We guarantee you're going to be thoroughly entertained by this thoughtful, intelligent, and fascinating conversation with one of the bright stars of the cycling world.Open Mic with Mike Creed is sponsored by The Colorado Cyclist, Mike’s very first professional cycling team in 1998. Thanks to everyone at Colorado Cyclist for their support of Mike over the years, and a big thank you to them for stepping up and sponsoring the podcast and offering $50 gift cards to our Twitter contest winners. Please visit their website at coloradocyclist.com and give them a follow on Twitter at @Co_Cyclist to show your appreciation for everything they do for us.Be sure to call them at 1-800-688-8600 and mention the podcast for 15% off your purchase.

1hr 12mins

6 Dec 2013