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Undaunted.Life: A Man's Podcast by Kyle Thompson

In this episode, we continue our Botching Afghanistan series, where we give friends of the show the ability to give their brief thoughts on the situation currently going on in Afghanistan. This episode features Eric Blehm, the bestselling author of Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown. Adam Brown was killed while fighting with his SEAL brothers in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan, and the journey of writing this book led Eric to spending a great deal of time with Adam’s teammates and his Gold Star Family. Let’s get into it…Episode notes and links: https://www.undaunted.life/podcast/ericblehm2


18 Aug 2021

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The Last Season - Eric Blehm

The John Freakin’ Muir Pod

Eric Blehm, author of The Last Season, joins Doc to discuss the story of Randy Morgenson, the seasoned ranger who disappeared in the Sierra backcountry in 1996.  During the episode, they cover a lot of ground, including split boarding, Double Espresso Free Association, coyote pacers, and, of course, the mysterious disappearance of Randy and Eric's incredible book about what happened.  Epic.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/johnfreakinmuir/support

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29 May 2021

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186 - ERIC BLEHM | Telling The Stories Of Those Who Serve

Undaunted.Life: A Man's Podcast by Kyle Thompson

In this episode, we interview Eric Blehm. Blehm is the bestselling author of Kyle favorite book of all time, Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown, as well as Legend, The Only Thing Worth Dying For, and The Last Season. In this interview, we take a deep dive into his writing process with the book Fearless, his other three books, how he chooses what real-life stories to write about, his upcoming book, and much more! Let’s get into it… Episode notes and links: https://www.undaunted.life/podcast/ericblehm

1hr 15mins

17 Mar 2021

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PNTV: Fearless by Eric Blehm (#419)

OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time

Optimize: https://optimize.me/ (← Get Free Stuff + Free 2-Week Trial!) Optimize Coach: https://optimize.me/coach (← Join 2,000+ Optimizers from 70+ Countries!) Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from Fearless by Eric Blehm. Hope you enjoy! I got this book after my friend, retired Navy SEAL Captain Bob Schoultz, recommended it to me. It’s ASTONISHINGLY good. As per the sub-title, this book is about "The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown." It's a humbling, inspiring story "of an American hero who bravely gave permission in his final written requests to share his journey, from small-town America to gutter to jail to Jesus to war to the top tier of the U.S. military: SEAL Team Six.” Get Fearless on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Fearless-Undaunted-Ultimate-Sacrifice-Operator/dp/0307730700 Learn more about Eric Blehm: https://www.optimize.me/authors/eric-blehm/ ► RELATED RESOURCES: Big Idea 1: THE BULLIES - Captain Bob’s Book Notes → https://bobsbeenreading.wordpress.com/ - PNTV: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins → https://www.optimize.me/philosophers-notes/cant-hurt-me-david-goggins/ - PNTV: Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink → https://www.optimize.me/philosophers-notes/discipline-equals-freedom-jocko-willink/ - PNTV: Staring Down the Wolf by Mark Divine → https://www.optimize.me/philosophers-notes/staring-down-the-wolf-mark-divine/ - PN: Make Your Bed by Admiral William McRaven → https://www.optimize.me/philosophers-notes/make-your-bed-admiral-william-mcraven/ - +1: Begin With the End in Mind | Habit #2 of Highly Effective People (#219) → https://www.optimize.me/plus-one/begin-with-the-end-in-mind/ Big Idea 2: THE PRODIGAL SON - PN: Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth → https://www.optimize.me/philosophers-notes/discover-the-power-within-you-eric-butterworth/ - PN: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr, OFM → https://www.optimize.me/philosophers-notes/falling-upward-richard-rohr-ofm/ - +1: We’re Only the Light Bulbs | Our Job Is to Remain Screwed In! (#1090) → https://www.optimize.me/plus-one/were-only-the-light-bulbs/ Big Idea 3: THE TRIDENT - #1: TGIM!!! Let's goooo! Time to earn our Trident. TODAY! (#28) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX5zUZNvUD0 Big Idea 4: THE BEST - Optimize Mastery Series Module O: Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimon = Hero → https://www.optimize.me/mastery-modules/module-o-optimize-optimus-best-eudaimon-hero/ - +1: How to High Five God | And Plug Into Divine Power Today (#1279) → https://www.optimize.me/plus-one/how-to-high-five-god/ Big Idea 5: FALLEN HERO - +1: OMMS | The Hero’s Mantra (#41) → https://www.optimize.me/plus-one/omms/ - +1: Hērōs | Building Strength for 2 (#107) → https://www.optimize.me/plus-one/heros/ ► FREE 14-DAY TRIAL: Get the PhilosophersNote on The World According to Mister Rogers and 600+ other books by starting a Free 14-Day trial membership to Optimize: https://www.optimize.me/trial/ ► MORE GOODNESS: - Get the Optimize App for iPhone & iPad: https://www.optimize.me/apps/ - Get the Optimize App for Android: https://www.optimize.me/apps/ - Subscribe to the Optimize Podcast: https://optimize.me/podcast/ - Follow Optimize on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BriantheOptimizer/ - Follow Optimize on Instagram: https://instagram.com/optimize.me/


10 Oct 2020

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"Fearless" Author Eric Blehm

Breakin the Norm

Best-Selling Author Eric Blehm takes us into the life and tragic death of Us Navy Seal Team Six Operator ADAM BROWN in his Biography "Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown". www.ericblehm.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/les-norman/support


3 Aug 2020

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Fearless - Eric Blehm

Bad Boys Club Podcast

Steven walks Phil through his favorite biography of all time, Fearless by Eric Blehm. Fearless tells the story of American hero, Adam Brown, who conquered countless personal demons in his fight to become an elite Navy Seal.

17 May 2020

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Embrace Fear - Mission 5 - Live with Courage - With "Fearless" Author Eric Blehm

Navy SEAL Radio with David Rutherford

In this heart felt episode of Navy SEAL Radio, behavioral training expert David Rutherford releases the 6th show in a 6 part series on learning to embrace your fears. As a Navy SEAL Medic, top motivational speaker and behavioral training expert David has experienced Fear on every level. He introduces his listeners to the hidden truths about fear and how to harness fear in order to succeed in every physical, mental and spiritual environment imaginable. David clearly describes how to alter your way of thinking and introduces the four steps of Mission 5: Live With Courage.  This week's special guest, New York Times best selling writer of the the book "Fearless, The Adam Brown Story, Eric Blehm. Eric is responsible for wrtting one of the best Navy SEAL Books ever written. He will share his blessed insight on SEAL Team 6 Operator Adam Brown. Listen how this amazing Christian, Father, Husband, Son and Teammate helped everyone in his life learn to embrace their fears. Fear is a part of us all, you don’t want to miss this episode. HOOYAH #NavySEALRadio Saturday’s at 930 am EST. Top Motivational Speaker and Navy SEAL, David Rutherford ignites audiences with his high energy, no nonsense approach to motivating people to succeed in any environment imaginable. As a top Behavioral Training Specialist and Author, David motives people from all walks of life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic. Derived from 20 years of personal exploration into the human condition David combines his incredible journey with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operational, training and elite lifestyle performance successes. His masterful ability to inspire enables individuals and teams to forge their Self-Confidence and commit to living a TEAM LIFE.

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9 Aug 2014