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What are the Long Term Implications of Work From Home with Laurel Farrer

Long-Distance Worklife

Laurel Farrer, the brains behind Distribute Consulting, joins Wayne to discuss the long-term effects of working from home, the impact this has had on communities all over the country, and even how some of the current tax laws don't support a "work from anywhere" concept. Distribute Consulting is an internationally renowned management consulting form that specializes in workplace mobility.  Question of the Week: What are the long-term impacts of working from home? Additional Resources: Learn more about Distribute Consulting Connect with Laurel Farrer on LinkedIn Check out the post that Laurel and Wayne discussed on LinkedIn Learn more about Wayne Turmel Purchase a copy of The Long-Distance Leader Purchase a copy of The Long-Distance Teammate The Remote Leadership Institute The Kevin Eikenberry Group Want us to answer one of your questions? Contact us. View the full transcript on our website: https://longdistanceworklife.com/what-are-long-term-implications-of-work-from-home-with-laurel-farrer/ 


25 Apr 2022

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Ep. 181: Remote Work Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for 2022 with Laurel Farrer of Distribute Consulting

Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

Laurel Farrer is the Founder and CEO of Distribute, a virtual organizational development think tank and consulting firm, where she is passionate about unlocking the power of distributed workforces to create impact in corporate and socioeconomic infrastructures. Mike Petrusky asks Laurel about how she and her team of fellow experts collaborate with the world's leading businesses and governments on three primary topics: how to convert business operations from physical to virtual, how to build products and content for the remote work market, and how to leverage workplace flexibility to solve global concerns. They explore both the challenges and opportunities of hybrid work and return to office strategies for workplace leaders today and emphasize the importance of communication when meeting the unique needs, culture, and goals of your organization. Connect with Laurel on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurel-farrer/ Learn more about Distribute: https://www.distributeconsulting.com/ Discover free resources and explore past interviews at: https://www.workplaceinnovator.com/ Connect with Mike on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepetrusky/ Share your thoughts with Mike via email: podcast@iOFFICECORP.com


12 Oct 2021

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27. Laurel Farrer - Remote & Hybrid Models – Realities, Recommendations, Rewards, & Risks

Transforming Work with Sophie Wade

Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting—a virtual organizational development consulting firm, is well aware of the rewards of transitioning long-term to remote working, and the risks, especially with hybrid models. As a 15-year seasoned remote worker, Laurel has identified the key factors that are critical for success and benchmarking goals for healthy virtual organizations. She shares her experiences, insights, and cautions as we all work through our inevitable, work-related transformations. KEY TAKEAWAYS [04:02] Laurel’s accidental exposure to remote working and her early experiences. [07:43] The primary barrier to success was credibility. [08:21] Determination to overcome the credibility gap fueled her company’s internal culture development. [08:46] How the success of their creative team was not dependent on the existence of a [physical] whiteboard. [09:46] The benefits of facilitator in virtual discussions, especially for brainstorming including introverts and extroverts. [10:53] How asynchronous communications and pre-work boosts collaboration and outcomes. [12:29] Laurel works on benchmarking to develop goals for healthy virtual organizations. [13:48] How to navigate the challenges as we explore new work arrangements. [14:37] The importance of balance and transparent communication. [15:29] Companies with economic challenges in offering work from home options benefit from explaining the situation to their employees. [18:17] Company culture is impacting the management process because it takes time to develop a strong culture. [21:03] Culture is one the six pillars of Laurel’s company’s methodology.  [21:21] Training is key for remote workers to be equipped as successful self-managers. [22:11] Managers need training to be able to manage people they can’t see—replacing supervising with support and encouragement. [23:14] The difference between deliverables and results and the importance of tracking both. [25:15] How a knowledge management system unifies a team to streamline communication and collaboration. [26:16] Virtual infrastructure encompasses documenting culture and workflows with virtual handbooks. [27:01] Compliance is a major issue - we haven’t yet achieved operational models for location irrelevancy yet. [28:16] Understanding what you are getting into is essential. [29:05] When we were forced to work remotely, it was an emergency not a long-term plan—which are two very different things. [30:52] Hybrid teams are complicated. The risks and rewards of hybrid work models. [32:15] The ultimate goal is to be operating as location irrelevant as possible, but we have not broken our habits enough as organizations. [34:09] IMMEDIATE ACTION TIP: Communicate! Employers and employees need to be talking and listening to each other! Together you can work out how to unleash the power of remote work for your specific and unique organization and organizational culture.   [34:34] Remember, remote work is not a one-size fits all.  [35:23] Go at your own pace—if some people are stressed and resistant, slow it down. RESOURCES Laurel Farrer on LinkedIn  DistributeConsulting.com QUOTES “We also leveraged asynchronous communication. So everybody always felt safe in the systems.” “What is the checklist of things that I have to do in order to be better? That doesn't exist for virtual organizational development. It doesn't exist necessarily for remote work at all.”  “We really need to figure out how to communicate as transparently as possible about why decisions are being made the way that they are.” “You might have those cat posters on the wall that say you're humble and that you're innovative and that you're adaptable, but are you really?” “We need to be able to create space to measure and track all types of outcomes, all types of diverse productivity as opposed to just deliverables.” “We haven’t yet achieved operational models for location irrelevancy yet.” “There are so many organizations that say, "No, it's not possible. Everyone come back to the office." And it is possible. You just need to know what to do.” “We haven’t broken habits enough to have location irrelevant mindsets yet so naturally we are dividing people by location which is going to be problematic as we try to move forward as a unified team.”


17 Sep 2021

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Highlights from Tyler Sellhorn, Peep Laja, Chris Herd, Laurel Farrer, and Kate Lister

The Remote Show

Full Episodes with:Tyler SellhornPeep LajaChris HerdLaurel FarrerKate Lister


11 May 2021

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Uplevel Your Approach to Remote/Hybrid Work w/ Distribute CEO, Laurel Farrer

Borrow From the Best

What can companies do better/differently to leverage remote/hybrid work as a tool for humanity and performance? We're sharing all the tips on what companies are doing wrong, where they should put their energy and how to balance keeping your company running smoothly and your humans fulfilled in the new episode of the Borrow From the Best 'Cast. Let's dive in and #borrowfromthebest as we talk with remote/ hybrid/distributed work expert, Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute to give us the best practices and tactics that are going to create the biggest ROI for humanity and performance at work.


29 Apr 2021

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Laurel Farrer, Founder Distribute Consulting, Remote Work Association

The Remote Show

Our guest today is Laurel Farrer. As the founder of Distribute Consulting and The Remote Work Association, she starts, strengthens and leverages virtual workforces to solve corporate and socio-economic concerns. A global thought leader on the topic of remote work, Laurel collaborates with the world's leading businesses and governments to eliminate virtual worker discrimination, prevent policy retraction, increased remote job assessability, train distributed leaders and design economic initiatives. Additionally, she also shares her expertise as a Forbes contributor, subject matter expert for business education curriculum, and virtual software product advisor.Links to Laurel's internet resources:Laurel on LinkedInLaurelFarrer.comLaurel's remote work blog on ForbesDistribute ConsultingRemote Work Association


13 Apr 2021

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Future of Work: Remote Work Truths and Misconceptions with Laurel Farrer

Practically Genius

Think you’ve been working remotely the past year due to COVID-19? Think again. In this special Future of Work episode, international remote work expert Laurel Farrer explains that many of us are not actually working remotely, but simply following a rough contingency plan to keep us all afloat. Discover remote work tips and best practices that can help you, your team, and your organization transition to a truly remote work environment.


4 Mar 2021

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OA 323 - The Remote and Distributed Workforce Movement with Laurel Farrer

Outsource Accelerator Podcast with Derek Gallimore

Outsourcing podcastGet the full show notes for this outsourcing podcast here:outsourceaccelerator.com/323  Laurel FarrerDerek Gallimore interviews Laurel Farrer, remote work strategist and CEO of Distribute Consulting. They offer advisory services to businesses who would like to transfer to remote work. Laurel is also a contributing writer at Forbes specializing in remote work and distributed workforce. Most companies have been shifting to remote work especially in the new normal. In this episode, Derek and Laurel discuss remote working and digitizing the workforce. They tackle how companies like L'Oreal and WordPress manage working remotely and the future of working.  References:Distribute Consulting Laurel Farrer Laurel Farrer on Twitter Outsource Accelerator  Start OutsourcingOutsource Accelerator can help you transform your business with outsourcing. Get in touch now, or use one of the resources below.  Business Process OutsourcingGet a Free Quote - Connect with 3 verified outsourcing experts & see how outsourcing can transform your business Book a Discovery Call - See how Outsource Accelerator can help you enhance your company's innovation and growth with outsourcing The Top 40 BPOs - We have compiled this review of the most notable 40 Business Process Outsourcing companies in the Philippines Outsourcing Calculator - This tool provides you with invaluable insight into the potential savings outsourcing can do for your business Outsourcing Salary Guide - Access the comprehensive guide to payroll salary compensation, benefits, and allowances in the Philippines Outsourcing Accelerator Podcast - Subscribe and listen to the world's leading outsourcing podcast, hosted by Derek Gallimore Payoneer - The leading global B2B payment solution for the outsourcing industry  About Outsource AcceleratorOutsource Accelerator is the world’s leading outsourcing marketplace and advisory. We offer the full spectrum of services, from light advisory and vendor brokerage, though to full implementation and fully-managed solutions. We service companies of all sectors, and all sizes, spanning all departmental verticals. Outsource Accelerator’s unique approach to outsourcing enables our clients to build the best teams, access most flexible solutions, and generate the best results possible. Our unrivaled sector knowledge and market reach means that you get the best terms and results possible, at the best ALL-IN market-leading price - guaranteed.  About Derek GallimoreDerek’s blend of extensive international business and travel experience means that outsourcing came relatively naturally to him. Derek has been in business for over 20 years, outsourcing for over seven years, and has lived in Manila, Philippines – the world’s outsourcing capital – for over five years. Outsourcing is one of the biggest game-changing opportunities presenting both business, and the world today! Derek is passionate about spreading this message and encourages as many people to properly investigate the possibilities. Book a call with the OA team now -> https://www.outsourceaccelerator.com/meet-consult/


11 Feb 2021

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RWL 065 - How To Become a Better Remote Manager w/ Laurel Farrer CEO Distribute Consulting

Remote Work Life Podcast

About the podcast and community  Welcome to the Remote Work Life Podcast, where real-world remote work CEOs and leaders talk about how they hire, network, collaborate and thrive. Join me and more than 5000 followers in customer success, marketing, product and engineering to learn skills you need to work online from anywhere. I am your Host, Alex Wilson-Campbell - I’m Interview Coach and Tech Recruiter on a mission to help you gain clarity and direction in your career AND uncover hidden jobs through one-to-one and group coaching.   And On Today’s Episode …  Laurel Farrer is a Distributed Operations Consultant that collaborates with the world's top remote-friendly companies to strengthen virtual communication, streamline digital processes, and develop long-distance management strategies. She also writes about remote work for several online publications and education platforms, and advises US governments, business conferences, and industry associations on how to share remote work resources with their audiences to stimulate economic growth. And in today's episode, she shares valuable insights on what steps managers can take to help their team to become better remote workers. Check out Laurel's Remote Work focussed business, Distribute Consulting, via the link below https://www.distributeconsulting.com/ 👉Please sign up and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode: Stitcher  Google Podcast iTunes Spotify Visit the website and say hi > 60 Guests so far including Steli Efti CEO Close.com, Nick Francis CEO, Help Scout, Sarah Park President Meet Edgar, Darcy Boles, Head Of Employee Experience, Tax Jar, Michelle Dale, CEO Virtual Miss Friday   About the Host After 9 years working remotely, I started to set up and record conversations with CEOs of leading remote companies to understand their culture, how they hire and develop their teams. > 50 high-level conversations later.. … I realized that the recordings can help you to understand how to navigate your career so I created the Remote Work Life Podcast to share what I learned. When combined with >10 years of hiring and coaching (1000s of sales, marketing, engineering and strategy pros to secure new jobs) I’m positioned to help you if you’re feeling stuck or isolated. Get Coaching And Exclusive Video Content To Boost Your Career Remote Work Life Video On Demand  ✅ Get on-demand video content for remote professionals to continue their professional development and enhance soft/employability skills Remote Work Life School [BETA] (coming soon) is an online classroom for customer success, marketing, product and engineering talent to continue their learning and gain post-employment support ABOUT YOUR TEACHERS: Online lessons and fireside chats are given by real-world remote work leaders, future of work experts & coaches including Nick Francis, CEO Help Scout Laurel Farrer, Co-Founder Distribute Consulting Andy Tryba, CEO Crossover Pilar Orti, Founder Virtual Not Distant Darcy Boles, Dir Of Culture & Innovation TaxJar Steli Efti, CEO - Close Elaine Pofeldt, Freelance Writer Sarah Park, President Meet Edgar Alina Vandenberghe, Co-Founder Chili Piper Derek Andersen, CEO Startup Grind Michelle Dale, CEO Virtual Miss Friday YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO: get clarity on your career direction master online and in-person job interviews find unadvertised or hidden jobs use LinkedIn to network with hiring managers thrive in a remote work culture stay connected and develop and support your remote teammates tend to your physical and mental health needs  Register to join the waitlist 👉https://remoteworklife.io ✅ Get An Interview Coach I run daily interview strategy calls to help you get ready Want to know how to ace your next job interview or generate more interviews even during uncertain times …? I run daily 1-2-1 sessions to discuss your interview preparation or help you to understand why you’re struggling to get any response from your various job applications. Book a live strategy call today and I'll share a simple strategy that’s currently helping sales, marketing, engineering and engineering professionals to get the job they want. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis so book your one-time strategy call today >> https://calendly.com/alex-/intros Let’s connect: I want to create a global community of tech and marketing remote workers so we can stay connected and help each other out.  So please connect and say hello, especially if you’re in London 💂‍. ✅Join the Facebook community  ✅On LinkedIn ✅On Instagram ✅On YouTube Help me on my mission: to change underrepresentation in tech I’m concerned about underrepresentation in the tech sector. For example, women who are woefully underrepresented makeup only 23% of the UK workforce.  Only 5% of leadership roles are held by women.   The podcast will provide a medium to fight underrepresentation and help businesses build a diverse workforce by leveraging the growing remote work life pool of tech and marketing experts…read more about the mission  I want to contribute to solving the problem of underrepresentation in tech by 1) helping companies to build a diverse and experienced engineering and marketing team and 2) increasing awareness of the issue.  This is something that I cannot do alone and I’d appreciate your support by joining my employer partner program; I’d then assist in promoting your dedication to fighting this important cause. ✅Join the Facebook community  ✅On LinkedIn ✅On Instagram ✅On YouTube 👉Please sign up and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode: Stitcher  Google Podcast iTunes Spotify Visit the website and say hi


2 Dec 2020

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The Risks, Rewards and Future of Remote Work with Laurel Farrer

Key Conversations for Leaders

As the Founder of Distribute Consulting and the Remote Work Association, Laurel Farrer she leverages virtual workforces to solve corporate and socioeconomic concerns. A global thought leader on the topic of remote work, Laurel collaborates with the world's leading businesses and governments to eliminate virtual worker discrimination, prevent policy retraction, increase remote job accessibility, train distributed leaders, and design economic initiatives. Laurel is also a Forbes Contributor. Inside This Episode The Global Implications of Remote Work The Evolving Workplace Managing the Pendulum of Change Management Risk Factors for Remote Work Discrimination Maintaining Engagement and Performance with Remote Work Who Works Longer Hours? Remote or Onsite? A Simple Strategy to Avoid Remote Burnout The Truth About Working From Home The Implicit Bias Impacting Remote Workers Changing The Way We Measure Performance Letting Results Speak For Themselves The Future of Remote Work Links: www.laurelfarrer.com https://www.distributeconsulting.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurel-farrer/ Twitter: @laurel_farrer


17 Oct 2020