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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Payal Kadakia. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Payal Kadakia, often where they are interviewed.

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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Payal Kadakia. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Payal Kadakia, often where they are interviewed.

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ClassPass: Payal Kadakia

How I Built This with Guy Raz
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In the late 2000s, Payal Kadakia was working a corporate job and running an Indian dance company on the side. When a search for a ballet class yielded a confusing jumble of computer tabs, she had an idea: create the Open Table of the fitness industry – a search engine where users could sign up for classes in one streamlined place. When that idea failed, Payal pivoted multiple times, eventually landing on the subscription service ClassPass. Today, ClassPass connects users to hundreds of thousands of fitness classes around the world. It was valued at $1 billion earlier this year, but when the pandemic hit, it flattened the fitness industry, forcing Classpass to pivot yet again.

Jun 29 2020

1hr 19mins


Motivating People to Move — Payal Kadakia (Founder + Executive Chairman, ClassPass)

Startup Grind
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Payal is the Executive Chairman & Founder of ClassPass and the Artistic Director of The Sa Dance Company. Payal has been a “dancetrepreneur” since the age of 3 when she started training in Indian classical and folk styles of dance. It was her passion for dance, entrepreneurship, and making the world a more active, happy place that led to the founding of Classpass. ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more engaging, accessible, and affordable. Mollie Glick is a book agent at Creative Artists Agency. Glick works in the New York office and represents many top authors and thought leaders. 


Jan 13 2020



Ep. 264 - ClassPass’s Payal Kadakia on the Problem Solving Cycle + How to Act on Your WHY

Almost 30
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We are thrilled for today’s interview because this amazing woman’s passion project is a huge part of our everyday lives. Please welcome the founder of ClassPass, Payal Kadakia! ClassPass is a fitness membership that lets you take classes at a variety of locations in your area. Spin, barre, pilates, yoga, or gym time—it’s all under one membership! It also allows you to tap into the local communities when traveling.

Payal shares how before founding ClassPass she was unfulfilled in her corporate job, trying to balance work with her love of dance. She illustrates the fear she experienced before leaving her job, along with the passion behind entrepreneurship—like focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve versus your idea. Payal explains the market research and fundraising involved, how ClassPass has grown over the years, and what we have to look forward to in the future. When it comes to her passion for dance, Payal shares how it connects her to her Indian culture and feeds her love of giving to people, which is how she came to found ClassPass.

For a free month of ClassPass, visit and use the code ALMOST30!

We also talk about:

  • Being in your masculine vs. feminine
  • Balancing Payal’s corporate job with dance
  • Payal’s relationship with her parents
  • Having an identity crisis & living two lives
  • When she saw a hole in the market to start ClassPass
  • Most difficult part of keeping partners and customers happy
  • The team atmosphere when starting off
  • The hardship of being an entrepreneur
  • Redefining what words mean to you
  • Instagram accounts L&K love

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Oct 17 2019

1hr 19mins


Payal Kadakia: Hard-Earned Entrepreneurial Lessons From ClassPass Founder

The Forbes Interview
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Payal Kadakia had a great job and an exceptional job offer when she was formulating the idea of ClassPass, the company she founded and of which she is executive chair. But, it was keen words of advice from her mentor, that galvanized her to say no to the security of employment and instead move full-speed ahead on her business concept. Hear that sage guidance, what Kadakia’s first steps were to bring ClassPass to life and a few of Kadakia’s hard-earned lessons about what best sets up entrepreneurs to thrive. Plus, a look at future plans for the company.

Aug 26 2019



ClassPass: How Payal Kadakia Built A Fitness Empire

Secret Leaders
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Today’s guest is Payal Kadakia, founder and executive chairman of ClassPass. Payal started ClassPass in 2011 a business that was born out of her love for dance, which she has been doing since the age of 3.

Prior to founding ClassPass, Payal worked as a consultant at Bain & Company and in Warner Music Group’s Digital Strategy and Business Development Group. However in 2010 Payal realised that her two lives (working at Warner and running her dance class side hustle) weren’t gelling and she wasn’t being authentic to either. It was the push she needed to dedicate herself to ClassPass full time.

Fast forward to today and ClassPass is a monthly fitness membership program worth over $500m. It lets you take classes at different studios and gyms in your local area. It's one membership and with that you get credits that you can use to go to a spin class, a yoga class or a dance class for example, anytime and anywhere.

We chat with Payal about:

  • How learning to dance at a young age gave her a way of life and a way to think about the challenges that lay ahead.
  • Why there were crickets when they initially launched ClassPass.
  • How she brought her team in and the importance of passionate generalists (in the beginning).
  • How to hand over the CEO reins and move into a new role in the company.
  • If she could run any business, what it would be.



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May 14 2019



Payal Kadakia Pujji: ON the Self Discipline Needed to Become an Entrepreneur

On Purpose with Jay Shetty
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If you want to feel motivated and encouraged to be a little more self-disciplined, you will love this weeks episode with Payal Kadakia.She is the founder and chairman of ClassPass as well as the artistic director for the Sadance company.In this conversation, she shares how she achieved her entrepreneurial success at such a young age with her incredible work ethic and unparalleled self-discipline.

Apr 29 2019

1hr 13mins


SheerLuxe Success Stories: Payal Kadakia, Founder Of ClassPass

SheerLuxe Podcast
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With a love for dance that began at just three years old, Payal Kadakia founded the Sa Dance Company in 2009 to raise awareness of Indian Dance. Four years later, Payal’s passion led her to create ClassPass, the subscription service that gives people access to not just one gym, but all of the best fitness classes in the area. In just five years, Payal has created a global business valued at over $470million, leading to a listing in Fortune’s 40 under 40 list. Here Payal tells us how she got to where she is now, from her dancing roots to her greatest business challenge.

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Apr 23 2019



#118: ClassPass Founder and Executive Chairman, Payal Kadakia: How to set an intention and execute

No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis
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Payal Kadakia struggled to find a dance class to take in New York City, leading her to leave her life in corporate America to found ClassPass, an app, and website that compiles fitness classes and makes finding and booking one easier than ever. On this episode, Payal discusses her two failed attempts to create this platform that now exists in over 80 cities worldwide, finding third times the charm to ring true in her life. She shares the doubts she faced while on her journey to entrepreneurship and how staying focused on the mission versus the product has transformed the way she thinks about business.

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Jan 08 2019



Rerun: 05 Payal Kadakia - The Founder + Executive Chairman of Classpass on Adapting to Evolving Roles for You and Your Team

The Mentor Files
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While we are on our winter break, enjoy this rerun of one of our favorite episodes!

When Payal Kadakia went online one day in 2011 to book a ballet workout class, she was “miserably frustrated” with how difficult it was to find and attend the right type of class. After realizing her friends had similar frustrations, she created ClassPass — a monthly membership fitness-class booking company — as a way for people to reconnect with their passions and fitness.

Listen in to learn more about how Payal’s passion for dancing led her to create a nearly $400 million company and being named on Forbes 40 under 40 List. Payal and Monica also discuss the importance of product market fit, how a CEO’s role (and the roles of those on your team) evolve as the company grows, how to create the right type of culture and why it’s so crucial so solidify your company’s vision and mission.

“The only thing that mattered was getting people to class.” - Payal Kadakia

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Dec 26 2018



Payal Kadakia on Building ClassPass and Stepping Down as CEO

The Growth Show
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Movement is the art of change. You pass through one physical location to the next, with decisions at every step. And whether that’s in dance or starting a company, movement is what inspires us.

Payal Kadakia has fought to keep dance in her life since she started at a young age. But doing so has taken a number of tough decisions -- some that could have derailed her entire career. We caught up with Payal for a live recording at INBOUND 2018. She tells us how she knew when to start ClassPass, and more recently, when to step down as CEO.

Oct 24 2018