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Katherine Dean Mazerov interview - Episode 510

Reading And Writing Podcast

The 510th episode of the Reading and Writing Podcast features an interview with Katherine Dean Mazerov, author of the novel SUMMER CLUB. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/reading-and-writing-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


12 Oct 2021

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Katherine Dean Mazerov

Writers' Voices

Katherine Dean Mazerov talks about the inspiration behind her new novel -Summer Club. “I’m a life long career journalist. I worked as both a writer and an editor and I had never considered writing a book…especially fiction because I come from the nonfiction world. Quite a few years ago I decided to stay at home Read More


17 Aug 2021

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Katherine Dean Mazerov goes from journalist to novelist

Citywide Blackout

Murder meets the absurd in “Summer Club,” the debut novel by journalist Katherine Dean Mazerov. In this interview, we talk about what led her to go from writing the news to writing her own book, and the real-life drama that inspired it. Katherine dives deep into her main character, Lydia Phillips, who is herself a former journalist. When a dead body shows up at the Meadow Glen Swim and Tennis Club, Lydia resumes her role as a reporter to get to the bottom of the mystery. We also look at the lessons and challenges that awaited Katherine in the world of book writing.


20 May 2021

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Katherine Dean Mazerov: Summer Club

The Sample Chapter Podcast

Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist-turned author, Katherine Dean Mazerov is our guest for episode 177! We're discussing the "so-what" story, keeping things lighter, writing that's inspired by life, and so much more! Katherine Dean Mazerov website with social media links Summer Club on Amazon Scrivener (use coupon code CHAPTER to save 20% on the regular desktop version!) Click here for a FREE audiobook and 30-day trial from Audible! Pop Goes the Culture Network Project Entertainment Network Contact the show via email at samplechapterpodcast@gmail.com or leave a voicemail by calling 1-660-851-1146.


18 May 2021

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Katherine Dean Mazerov - Summer Club

House of Mystery Radio on NBC

Murder meets the absurd in the sizzling thriller Summer Club, a new novel by award-winning journalist Katherine Dean Mazerov.Normally, politics and parent drama, drunken soirees and sex-capades reign at Lydia Phillips’s swim and tennis club. Now, a strange car following the club manager, a break-in at Lydia’s home, and a shocking discovery on the club grounds have this stay-at-home mom dusting off her newspaper-reporting skills to unravel the mystery.Then, a body surfaces in the river, and Lydia’s life gets a whole lot more complicated—and dangerous.In one moment, readers of Summer Club will be laughing at the colorful characters’ outrageous antics. The next moment, they will be riveted as the story reveals a troubling, complex scheme involving fraud and murder.Perfect for parents balancing career and family, Summer Club casts a beam of dark humor across the hidden reality that makes “domestic” life—raising children and volunteering for community and school groups—sometimes more harrowing than the most cutthroat of corporate jobsSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/houseofmysteryradio. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/houseofmysteryradio. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


28 Apr 2021

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Katherine Dean : How to Create Financial Freedom!!

The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show- Rebecca Whitman

She is known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman because her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, individuals, couples, and women create their path to wealth. She is the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and the Wealth-To-Freedom Formula program. Katherine has her MBA and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. She has spent over 20 years guiding people with their financial goals on their unique financial freedom path. She is an advocate for women’s equal pay, owning their worth & showing up authentically, and standing in their power. Women owning their power and uniqueness are the most powerful women in the world. Being empowered and truly knowing your true authentic self unapologetically allows other women to do the same. This means showing up in all areas including work, home, friends & family the same person so that your energy flows organically, and you can be aligned and the most powerful badass woman you are meant to be. Never apologize for the woman you know in your soul you were meant to be! You were never meant to live your life according to other’s opinions, thoughts & ideas. Katherine lives in New York with her wife, Mary, daughters Emma & Abbie & two pups Roscoe & Hazel MaeInstagram @thewealthywomanwithinhttps://www.facebook.com/KatherineMaryDeanhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/katherine-dean-cfp%C2%AE-a0072679/


28 Jan 2021

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Building Your Financial Legacy with Katherine Dean

WomensBizSystems's podcast

EPISODE NOTES: Welcome to the Women's Business Systems Podcast with your host and Biz Growth Strategist Marissa Stone! Building your financial legacy is easy! Katherine dean walks us through exactly how inside this episode! THE SYSTEMS LOUNGE: www.thesystemslounge.com/community INSTAGRAM:www.instagram.com/thesystemslounge/ SHOWNOTES: Katherine’s Giveaway Wealthy Woman Within Roadmap Join the MA$TER YOUR MARKETING BLITZ! https://www.thesystemslounge.com/challenge


28 May 2019

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010 Katherine Dean - Money & Self-Worth = Wealth

The Financial Freedom Podcast

Self-worth has a big impact on your life. When we lack self-worth we tend to undervalue ourselves, we don't ask for the promotion we want, we undervalue our programs and products and we tend to struggle with money and fail to create our life of financial freedom.  Katherine Dean shares with you how to turn your financial life around by putting your focus on growing your self-worth.  About Katherine Dean Katherine Dean is known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman. Her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, individuals, couples and women create a life of wealth and abundance. She’s the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and the popular programs Wealth-To-Freedom Formula & The Wealthy Woman Within. Katherine has an MBA, she currently runs three businesses, collects multiple streams of passive income. Katherine will enlighten you to create your vision for the future from where you are right now so you can gain the financial confidence & independence to create the life you want. Katherine lives in New York in the “happiest town in America” along with her spouse and two daughters & two dogs, Baxter & Roscoe. Show Highlights - When I finally owned my worth my income tripled - How to get over seeking others approval & playing small - I am not able to afford my mortgage, I am highly educated and living someone else's dream - How to transform your relationship with money - Power of owning your worth and sharing your brillance Katherine’s Gift For You “Transforming Your Relationship With Money Will Impact Your Family, Career &  Financial Future” Opt in: Wealth To Freedom Roadmap www.wealthtofreedomroadmap.com Connect with Katherine Website: www.katherinedean.co Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/kmdean21 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/wealthtofreedom Twitter : https://twitter.com/wealthroadmap Join our private The Financial Freedom Podcast Facebook Group with your host Lorna Poole. This is a safe haven of like-minded wealth creating go-getters, who like you are on their journey to creating financial freedom in their life. This is where you and I can get intimate, give you the support and guidance to from where you are now to where you want to be. Join here… https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefinancialfreedompodcast/


4 Oct 2018

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Katherine Dean, "The Financial Empowerment Woman"

She Breaks The Mold

Katherine Dean, Founder & CEO of Living Your Worth Inc., has an ambitious goal: to impact one million women with her message of financial empowerment. And its not just an audacious business goal. It’s a purpose driven statement that she hopes will impact these women’s daughters and families so that the important message of women’s financial independence becomes commonplace. After the totally unexpected breakdown of her first marriage, Katherine had an epiphany: she was completely financially unprepared for the worst-case scenario which, at the time, was her spouse walking out.  She was working in the financial services industry then and thought, “If this can happen to me, if can happen to anyone.” And after spending three years to get her own financial well-being in order, she started telling others about it – being vulnerable and honest about it for the first time. And that’s when people began asking her how she did it. Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/beambitiousforher Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/beambitious4her


29 Aug 2018

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Shine On, Sista! Episode 034: Unleash Your Inner Wealth Creator with Financial Freedom Expert Katherine Dean

Shine On, Sista!

Katherine Dean is known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman because her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, couples and women create their path to Wealth. Her approach to Wealth is not just about money, it is about money mindset, family legacy & what matters most to her clients. She’s the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and popular programs like Wealthy Woman Within &  Wealth-To-Freedom Formula program.  Learn about Katherine Dean’s story How do you shift your mindset to be able to both accept the wealth coming in and being align to one’s true purpose Following your soul and what is best for you Reason why people are stuck with their finances Financial mindset  The negative thoughts about money Thoughts on credits and credit cards Wealth is being heart-centered and building a legacy Think where you’re going  Passive income is the bomb Affirmations and getting aligned https://wealthtofreedomformula.com/ http://katherinedean.co/


20 Aug 2018