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The Future of Cities & Maximizing Human Capital — with Dror Poleg

The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway

Dror Poleg, an economic historian and author of “Rethinking Real Estate: A Roadmap to Technology’s Impact on the World’s Largest Asset Class”, joins Scott to discuss wealth inequality, the digital dollar, TikTok, and the future of cities. Follow Dror on Twitter, @drorpoleg. Scott opens with his thoughts on his move to London, office space, and Meta’s misadventures. Algebra of Happiness: there’s no such thing as quality time, there’s just time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


22 Sep 2022

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Unpacking the web3 sausage, by Dror Poleg & How I define web3

Ethereum Audible

"To most users, the freedom to pack up and move your digital assets and identity does not matter. But it might matter one day, and when it does, it will matter a lot." ____________________________________________________ 👉 Start learning with Alpe: https://link.alpeaudio.com/70to/d895de1 This episode is brought to you by Alpe Audio. Want to learn on the go but need more depth than a podcast? Alpe is the app for you. It’s an audio education app that brings great in depth courses that are as fun as podcasts but as educational as well, a degree. Each lesson comes with summaries, additional resources, flash cards and more. You can even find Ethereum Audible on Alpe with all those additional resources. _________________________________ Why does web3 matter and how can we define it and what matters exactly about it?  Definitions matter and in this last installment of our exploration into why the web3 ecosystem matters and what it brings to the table we read Dror Poleg's reply to Moxie's piece from last week. Here's how I define web3: It's property rights brought digital facilitated by open protocols, tokenization and decentralization. Without those three components, there is no web3.  Read the full article: https://www.drorpoleg.com/unpacking-the-web3-sausage/


22 Mar 2022

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Dror Poleg on Web3: The Substance Beneath the Noise

The Altogether Show with Eric Satz

"I'm in constant search of problems that are big enough and interesting enough that I can dive in and never reach a bottom." – Dror Poleg This week's guest is an economic historian and author, but his multi-hyphenate career includes titles such as real estate private equity exec, startup founder, front-end developer, parliamentary advisor, and soldier. It's a wide-ranging, international career with a resilient, independent, and entrepreneurial thread tying it all together.  In this episode, Dror Poleg talks about the failure of his startup and how he used it as an opportunity to reassess his priorities and values. He went back to the roots of what had brought him success in the past—taking an academic approach, doing the homework, and becoming an expert before trying to build something. What he found was a deep interest in the research itself and a knack for explaining current tech trends and their implications for the business world. This talent for breaking down complex topics, combined with an aversion to the purely opportunistic, or straight fraudulent, actors rampant in the space, led Dror to start Hype-Free Crypto—an online course providing an impartial introduction to the technologies and business models that will define the next decade. Listen to Dror talk about the potential dark side to financial success and the importance of being intentional in investing your time and talent. Be sure to stick around to the end for a crash course in Web3 and NFTs, or check out Hype-Free Crypto for the full curriculum.  (02:04) Who is Dror Poleg? (03:53) My wife has no idea what I do (04:23) You need to have stability in life (08:16) It's not always up and to the right (13:58) Rebuilding a career after failure (17:33) The importance of personal support networks (21:29) A foundation to settle down (23:06) When money leads to a life you don't actually want (26:38) An economic historian and a live events promoter (28:54) The substance under the noise (36:31) What is Web3? (42:13) Conservation of centralization (45:31) Power and radical change (47:38) More than a monkey photo Eric Satz—entrepreneur, serial investor, lover of hot peppers— is the founder and CEO of Alto. The idea behind Alto was born out of a problem. Eric found a clear need to give people more control over their investments (and investment opportunities) in a simple, streamlined way and created Alto to make these opportunities available to all investors, not just the ultra-wealthy or institutional investors.  If you'd like to receive new episodes as they're published, please subscribe to The Altogether Show with Eric Satz in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a review in Apple Podcasts or Spotify. It helps others find the show. Podcast episode production by Dante32.


9 Mar 2022

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A Crypto Future of Work w/ Dror Poleg

Leading from afar

Here's the recap...In this episode, I spoke with Dror Poleg. A futurist about work, offices, crypto, and more. We broke down a couple of points from a recent post of his about a Crypto Future of Work. First off, how companies and the idea of a team may get replaced by DAOs. Meaning team members get compensated based on contribution. Second, how the concept of a unified team with solving a joint mission may change. Perhaps with a core team where contributors swap in & out regularly to solve specific tasks or challenges. We're already starting to see the first changes in this direction. This was an amazing talk trying to forecast what work will look like in the upcoming years. For a full transcript click here. For more information about the show click here. We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the show - feedback@leadingfromafar.com


31 Jan 2022

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Ep. 10 | Dror Poleg - Future of Real Estate

On Campus

Încheiem anul cu un invitat de calibru foarte greu.Ladies & gents, we bring you Dror Poleg!  Dror Poleg este co-fondatorul Real Innovation Academy și co-președinte al consiliului de Tech & Innovation la Urban Land Institute din New York. Perspectivele sale despre futurism, , urbanistică și inovație ajung des în The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, The Times of London și nu numai.Dror informează, consiliază și învață în mod regulat directori seniori de la companii de miliarde de dolari precum UBS, HSBC, Hines, AvalonBay Communities, British Land, Liberty Mutual, Dubai Holding, Cushman & Wakefield și lista continuă. Despre invitatul nostru:https://www.linkedin.com/in/drorpoleg/


7 Jan 2022

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Oasis Unstacked | Dror Poleg - The TINA Economy, Risk is a Meme, and the Ponzi Career

Crypto Unstacked

We unstack:- The Great Rethinking- The TINA ("There is no alternative) economy- Technology creating scalable professions- Corporation of the future- Human attention: one of the most valuable 21st Century resources+ more!FOLLOW OUR GUESTSDror Poleg (Twitter | Website)FOLLOW OUR CO-HOSTSTom Yi (Twitter  | Kanosei )Dave Krugman (Twitter | Allships)0xElle (Twitter) DISCLOSUREThe Crypto Unstacked Podcast is meant for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Nothing expressed in this podcast should be construed as a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement or offer to buy or sell any financial products. 


12 Oct 2021

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The Impact of Technology and Remote Access on Cities and Suburbs with Dror Poleg

Charter Cities Podcast

Today’s guest is Dror Poleg, an economic historian who explores how physical and digital systems affect human behavior, well-being, and dignity. Dror joins us on the show to talk about how technology is undermining the basic foundations of real estate’s value and how this is scrambling a lot of what we know about buildings as well as cities. Dror’s thesis is that because of the way technology has enabled remote work and access, people no longer make their choices about where to live for reasons of work and access. Therefore, if you want to attract people to a building, city, or neighborhood, it's less about the location or the physical characteristics of your asset and more about how are you meeting the lifestyle needs of that specific group of people that you're targeting. Dror sketches out different ways in which we could see cities and suburbs changing due to the emergence of residential and office brands that cater to multitudes of customers with specific and idiosyncratic needs. Dror also speaks to how entrepreneurs could take advantage of these changes, how the structure of corporations might change, and how remote work will impact things like innovation and productivity. Tune in today. Key Points From This Episode: •   Dror’s thesis that technology is undermining the basic foundations of real estate’s value.•   How technology has influenced the reasons behind people’s choices of where to live.•   New factors that are driving value in real estate and shifting it toward being a consumer good.•   How these new forces driving peoples’ decisions about where to live are influencing human settlement patterns or the structure of cities.•   The widening gap between creative high earners and service workers.•   How superstar and second-tier cities will change as a result of these new patterns.•   What suburbs around cities will have to do to remain attractive and accommodate new residents.•   Whether it will be possible to make an economic case for urbanization in suburbs to suit the lifestyle needs of new residents.•   Which historical analogies are most applicable to the current changes in real estate.•   How entrepreneurs can take advantage of these up-and-coming trends.•   Ways in which remote work will change the importance of time zones.•   How WeWork exemplifies capitalizing on these shifting consumer needs for all its faults.•   Different ways that cloud kitchens are changing the urban landscape.•   How these changes will impact productivity over the next 20 years and the tensions it will create.•   The evolution of corporations and how remote work will affect firm formation.•   How remote work will impact innovation and productivity.•   Whether Dror agrees that everybody will be Western-educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic in the next two decades.•   Whether the changes Dror predicts will happen in low-income countries as well.•   How Mayor Saurez has apprehended these movements and could change Miami.•   What the tech diaspora would need to do to keep the places they move to attractive.•   Mark’s thoughts on what remote work will mean for the future of charter cities. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Dror PolegDror Poleg on TwitterMayor Saurez

1hr 5mins

23 Aug 2021

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Dror Poleg - Future of work, cities, and human communities

Future Work/Life

In today's episode, we're looking into the future to explore how technology will create new opportunities to monetise our expertise and what effects that will have on our understanding of jobs and careers.My guest is Dror Poleg, a writer and all-around purveyor of interesting ideas. I discovered Dror's blog at the beginning of the year, and since then, he's helped join the dots for me between a wide variety of subjects, all of which relate to the future of work, cities, and human communities.In the show, we discuss how cities will have to respond to the growth of remote and distributed work, and more broadly, how decentralisation impacts how we hire and are hired. We also explore how developments in machine learning, blockchain, and crypto will create both opportunities and the risk of further divergence between those who have the most in-demand skills and experience, and those who don't - what Dror calls 'Winner Takes Most'.If you enjoy this episode, make sure you check Dror's blog, subscribe to this podcast, and read my newsletter, Future Work/Life.LINKS:Dror's websiteDror's article on The Ponzi CareerDror's article on The Token SocietyDror's article on NFTs and The Future of WorkFuture Work/Life newsletter Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


16 Jun 2021

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Future of Cities, Work, and Office Space — with Dror Poleg

The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway

Dror Poleg, the author of Rethinking Real Estate, joins Scott to discuss how NFTs could change the way we compensate employees and why you should think of offices and cities as consumer products. Dror also shares how crypto assets will come into the real estate space and why he’s particularly bullish on Ethereum. Follow Dror on Twitter, @drorpoleg, and check out his newsletter here. (12:36)Scott opens with his thoughts on ghost kitchens, autonomous food delivery cars, and the future of low-wage jobs. He also breaks down Alibaba’s $2.8 billion fine for antitrust violations. Algebra of Happiness: Build some anticipation in your life (57:09). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


15 Apr 2021

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041: ‘Stay Curious’, with Dror Poleg


Special guest Dror Poleg joins the podcast to talk about technology and real estate including WeWork's holistic product approach, feedback loops, social layers on top of physical environments, the Power law curve, the decoupling of location and productivity, and much more.LinksDror's websiteDror's newsletter (highly recommended)Dror's TwitterDror's online courses: Real Innovation AcademyThe Office Prisoner's Dilemma by Dror PolegWe're Never Going Back by Packy McCormickPower law curve (Wikipedia)More TRXL Podcast episodesCheck out my other podcast too: ArchispeakMy YouTube channelSponsorThanks to our sponsor this week for helping make this episode possible.ArchIT offers Complete IT Solutions for Architecture, Design, and Engineering firms. Tired of dealing with generic IT providers? Visit www.getarchit.com and schedule your free consultation. Technology is your competitive advantage.


13 Apr 2021