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Songs of Innocence and Experience, by William Blake

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The short, simple lines of these delicate poems resemble song lyrics, emphasizing the concrete but hinting at transcendent realities, although a few deal with abstractions directly. Many voices are heard: of children (once possibly a fetus), animals, parents, and narrators.The two companion volumes deal with the inevitable passage from the child’s wonder and delight in the creation to the adult’s understanding of it. This transition is fraught with dangers and can result in unhealthy attitudes. Blake has little good to say about human institutions dedicated to education, but sometimes lucky children do hit upon wholesome means of passing from innocence into experience.Interconnections between poems are vital to interpretation: not only sequential poems like "Little Boy Lost" and "Little Boy Found" but also counterparts with the same name in each volume, such as those entitled "Nurse's Song."Other interconnections can be discovered only by examining the total work, including the drawings. For, like all of Blake's works, these little poems are composite works of art, the words being supplemented and qualified by pictorial art as in today's graphic novels. For example, "Nurse's Song" and "The Fly" in Songs of Experience are illustrated with drawings whose similarity in general form emphasizes their sharp contrast in significance, one presenting a repressive, controlling approach to education and the other a kindly, supportive approach. There are also many small figures and repeated vegetative forms that fill the corners and spaces between the lines or decorate the titles, and each of these bears upon the interpretation of the work.Yet, although the poetry is not to be mistaken for the complete work, it can be appreciated for itself alone.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


6 Jul 2022

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416 William Blake vs the World (with John Higgs)

The History of Literature

In his lifetime, the Romantic poet and engraver William Blake (1757-1827) was barely known and frequently misunderstood. Today, his genius is widely celebrated and his poems are some of the most famous in the English language - and yet we still struggle to comprehend his unique way of seeing the world. In this episode, Blakean biographer John Higgs, author of the new book William Blake vs. the World, joins Jacke to discuss Blake's life, art, and visions.Additional listening suggestions: William Blake 306 John Keats's Great Odes (with Anahid Nersessian) 58 Wyndham Lewis and the Vorticists (with Professor Paul Peppis) Help support the show at patreon.com/literature or historyofliterature.com/shop. The History of Literature Podcast is a member of Lit Hub Radio and the Podglomerate Network. Learn more at www.thepodglomerate.com/historyofliterature. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Jun 2022

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William Blake and the Psychedelic Renaissance. Seven facets of cultural transformation

Mark Vernon - Talks and Thoughts

William Blake is famous for his phrase "cleansing the doors of perception". But he has much, much more to offer the renewed interest in psychedelics underway in our times.He responds to the need for a social and spiritual setting, widely recognised by those investigating psychedelics now, so that personal experiences can be not only beneficial for individuals but transformative in cultural.Here, I discuss facets of his insight that suggest seven elements in which the psychedelic experience overlaps with cultural need.1. Learning that imagination is truth-bearing2. Realising that inner freedom is crucial3. Perceiving that consciousness is basic4. Recognising that healing is collective5. Experiencing death as a portal6. Understanding that vision matters more than morality7. Awakening to the malleability of time.


24 May 2022

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Author Interview: John Higgs's "William Blake vs. The World"

ArtCurious Podcast

What a great conversation I had recently with John Higgs about his new book, William Blake vs the World! Poet, artist, and visionary, William Blake is an archetypal misunderstood genius. His life passed without recognition, and he worked without reward, often mocked, dismissed and misinterpreted. Yet from his ignoble end in a pauper’s grave, Blake now occupies a unique position as an artist who unites and attracts people from all corners of society—a rare inclusive symbol of human identity. With 30 integrated illustrations throughout the book, William Blake vs the World is a beautiful, wild adventure into unfamiliar territory. John Higgs places the bewildering eccentricities of a most singular artist into fascinating context, and although the journey begins with us trying to understand Blake, we will ultimately discover that it is Blake who helps us to understand ourselves.Please enjoy this bonus episode, featuring my discussion, via Zoom, with John Higgs. Be sure to grab your copy of William Blake vs the World at the link in this post!Please SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW our show on Apple Podcasts and FOLLOW on SpotifyTwitter / Instagram / FacebookBuy William Blake vs. The World here!SPONSORS:BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month of counselingAthletic Greens: Get a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D and 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchaseWant to advertise/sponsor our show?We have partnered with AdvertiseCast to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. They’re great to work with and will help you advertise on our show. Please email sales@advertisecast.com or click the link below to get started.https://www.advertisecast.com/ArtCuriousPodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


24 May 2022

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The Otherworldly Art of William Blake


☕ Donate a coffee ⭐ Support on Patreon William Blake was an English poet and visionary artist whose unique work gives us a glimpse into an entirely different world. His art was ignored and neglected, and few people took his work seriously. He was generally seen as a madman.   His vivid imagination, visions and mystical experiences lead him to a spiritual task that was the exploration of his inner self. For Blake, the essence of human existence is imagination.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eternalised/message


11 Apr 2022

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William Blake, Albion and War in Europe

Mark Vernon - Talks and Thoughts

I turned to William Blake seeking hope and found a remarkably accurate account of our times and his, lived during the Napoleonic Wars. Albion despairs, but Blake does not. He sees a pathway, denying nothing, towards renewed inspiration.


12 Mar 2022

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Episode 363 - I AM the cause (Neville Goddard, William Blake)

Insights & Perspectives


6 Mar 2022

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William Blake and the Metaverse - The Mental Fight to be a Person

Mark Vernon - Talks and Thoughts

he hard problem of consciousness. Imagination as an "overheated brain". A future in the Cloud or Metaverse. William Blake was a thinker as well as poet and artist. His prophetic punch comes from seeing through the mode of living he saw developing in his times, that so powerfully shape our own.In this talk, I use five of his great sayings, as well as the insights of contemporary philosopher, David Bentley Hart, to reflect on the mental fight increasingly required to stay in touch with our personhood and resist the spectre of virtuality.- “How do you know but ev'ry Bird that cuts the airy way, Is an immense world of delight, clos'd by your senses five?” insists we are manifestations of the divine vision- If that is denied we live amongst "dark satanic mills".- So we must keep reflecting on what it means to be a person: “If it were not for the Poetic or Prophetic character. the Philosophic & Experimental would soon be at the ratio of all things. & stand still, unable to do other than repeat the same dull round over again Dull round.”- And not live in a closed up mentality, because “There is no natural religion”. All must be in the service of more.- When that more is the orientation of our lives, we discover that “He who binds to himself the joy, does the winged life destroy. He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in Eternity’s sunrise”.The remarkable truth that Blake knew is that we don't only long for what’s good, beautiful and true. When you think about it, as he assists us in doing, it becomes clear that can only be the case because the good, beautiful and true longs to be known by us too.For more see my YouTube channel or www.markvernon.com.


5 Feb 2022

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William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" with Sophie Le Corre (part 9)

The Noetic Podcast

William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" with Sophie Le Corre (part 9) by Luke Johnson

1hr 36mins

5 Sep 2021

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William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" (part 8) with Sophie Le Corre

The Noetic Podcast

William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" (part 8) with Sophie Le Corre by Luke Johnson

1hr 15mins

7 Aug 2021