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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rebecca Brooks. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rebecca Brooks, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rebecca Brooks. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rebecca Brooks, often where they are interviewed.

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MAX & Friends with Max Tucci; With Guests Rebecca Brooks and Taja Sevelle! The Power of Public Relations & The Power of Music, Love and Urban Farming!

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MAX & Friends with Max Tucci 

The Power of PR (Public Relations) with:

Rebecca Brooks

Instagram: @brookette1 @brooksgrouppr 


The Power of Music, Love & Urban Farming with:

Taja Sevelle 

Instagram: @tajasevelle Taja will also be talking about #EricaHeller new book #OneLastLunch 

#MaxTucci #RebeccaBrooks #TajaSevelle @prince #loveiscontagious #UrbanFarming #pr #PublicRelations #podcast #talkshow #talkradio #conciousconversation #donation #support #giveback #restaurantindustry during #COVID19 @chefaz @rachaelray#Delmonicos @whoopigoldberg#interview #awardwinningpodcast #communicatorawards #sundaynight #jointheconversation #LATalkRadio and all #podcastplatforms #podcastlife #prince 

Erica Heller's new book, One Last Lunch:  Author and recording artist, Taja Sevelle has contributed a moving piece about a lunch with the iconic music artist, Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch.  Author Erica Heller is the daughter of Joseph Heller, (Author of Catch 22). 

Taja’s lunch with Prince takes place in the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, and gives the reader a window into a heartwarming relationship between the two close friends.

Charming and uplifting, the fabled lunch is peppered with Taja’s selections of real-life shared moments with Prince, revealing humor, social awareness, and of course, menu proclivities.

Aug 24 2020 · 54mins
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Butchery with Rebecca Brooks

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Jess is joined by ultra-cool and badass butcher, Rebecca Brooks to talk about all things meaty. Join us with a drink, and pick up some pro tips to come off like a seasoned pro the next time you approach a meat counter.

Don't forget to rate and subscribe if you like the show, and check us out on Instagram: @AverageBearPodcast and check out www.theaveragebearpodcast.com
Jul 23 2020 · 49mins

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Inspired and Impacting with guest Minister Rebecca Brooks White

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Today, the voice you'll hear from is an anointed Kingsom leader and motivator. Minister Becky is a wonderful gift to the body of Christ and a woman of wisdom, integrity and with purpose. She posted this back in 2018 - and it blessed me, "When God is just too good to you and you finally know what peace and happiness feels like.  I finally learned to love myself for who I am , mistakes and all.... Will never let anyone crush me with words again!! That smile cost me alot,  no giving it up!!!❤"

Join us by dialing 323-927-3014 or listen using the attached link; it's going to be amazing
May 06 2020 · 30mins
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Yet Another MBA G.O.A.T. Podcast, Episode 6: Rebecca Brooks, MBA’10

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Rebecca Brooks, MBA’10, is a senior data analytics manager at McKesson. She joins host Dr. Monica Powell, senior associate dean and dean of graduate programs at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. The former sculptor who became a barista and then a truck driver discusses how her MBA degree helped her transition to a radically different career as a data analytics professional at one of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

Mar 30 2020 · 21mins
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Rebecca Brooks, CEO/Founder of Alter Agents

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In this episode, Don interviews Rebecca Brooks! Rebecca is the CEO and Founder of Alter Agents. Alter Agents is a full-service market research firm helping clients who have questions about their customers. Alter Agents creates a bridge between brands and their customers.

Rebecca explains how Alter Agents helps brands build relationships with their customers by asking the right questions. She also dives into her journey of entrepreneurship and becoming a CEO. Rebecca tells the story of how she was able to break away from a business partnership in a healthy way with open communication and third-party facilitation.

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A Podcast for business owners by business owners. Each Episode will explore the challenges business owners face and how they’ve overcome them.

Jan 26 2020 · 23mins
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Rebecca Brooks

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Rebecca is the founder and CEO of the Brooks Group, an award winning NYC based communications agency. She talks to us about her core values and how they translate into her business. 


Rebecca’s book choice 

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


Rebecca’s song

Let’s Go Crazy-Prince


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Jan 20 2020 · 30mins
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WIRe Series – Rebecca Brooks – Alter Agents

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Welcome to the WIRe Series. Recorded live in Austin, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from the WIRe MRx Meet & Mingle event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Rebecca Brooks, Founder and CEO of Alter Agents.
Contact Rebecca Online:
Alter Agents
My guest today is Rebecca Brooks, the CEO and founder of Alter Agents, which is a super cool name.  It’s totally like 007’s research, I think in a good way.
Thank you.  
How are you doing?  
I’m good.  How are you?
Good.  Yeah, we’ve known each other for ages in the industry.  It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other at the same time.  
I know.  It’s really good to see you.
So, we’re at the... live at the WIRe events today with...  in Austin with IIeX. I have not been to Austin in literally over 20 years, and the city has completely changed.  How long have you been part of WIRe?
I’ve been part of WIRe...  I mean I feel like since the beginning.  I started going to the first meetings in L.A. about ten years ago, which is when it started.  And I’m really happy to be more fully engaged with the group than ever before. So, I’m the Los Angeles event lead in program.  I’m also a mentor; I’m part of the Executive Group. We’re going to our Summit next month. So it’s become a really integral part of my professional life.  I love it.
We’re going to dive into your business in just a minute, but I want to just focus a little bit on WIRe.  Talk to me little bit about the Mentorship Program. What sort of person are you looking for to fill that seat?  And the other side of it is the mentee. What kind of person is a good fit in that role?
Yeah, I think that anybody with ten plus years of experience in the industry, whether it’s all on the client or all on the supplier side, is a valuable mentor.  And really someone that will help younger women navigate the corporation world. A lot of them are trying to come up in their business. So, they’re looking to get promotions; they’re looking to get raises.  And that’s a difficult thing for anybody to navigate but especially young women, particularly if their organization is very male-dominated. So the WIRe mentors really have invaluable experience in that regard because they’ve all been successful enough to navigate that path, right?  And then, in terms of the mentees, I mean we’re really looking for women that will not only benefit from the program but that will also continue the legacy of WIRe and, in a few years, turn around and mentor themselves and that are really committed to the program.
It’s an important work on both sides of it.  What kind of time commitment is involved?
For me...  Well, I’ve been with my mentee now for two years.  
Yeah, she had the option of leaving and going to somebody else, but she stuck with me, which was nice.  So, we talk every month. We try to do it in person if we can but schedules don’t allow that. We usually have a list of objectives that we’re going through from short-term goals to long-term goals; so, we’re always addressing those, talking about them.  And then I’m available to her if things arise. Yeah, but usually once a month.
So, shift gears a little bit.  Alter Agents, tell me a little bit about what you guys do.  
So, we’re a full-service market research consultancy.  We’re really methodology agnostic, vertical agnostic. We do qualitative and quantitative.  We work with large companies like Hyundai Motor America and Viking River Cruises. We work with smaller brands like Humm Kombucha and Evelyn & Bobbie.  Really what we found is that our niche isn’t in a particular type of research or with a particular type of industry, but really more around those clients that need a more consultat...
May 16 2019 · 15mins
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Book Lights With Debra Parmley Presents Author Rebecca Brooks

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Debra Parmley chats with romance author Rebecca Brooks about her new book, Make Me Stay.

For more about Rebecca visit www.RebeccaBrooksRomance.com

and for more about Debra visit http://www.debraparmley.com

Book Lights - shining a light on good books!
Nov 02 2016 · 15mins