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How team profiling can accelerate your agency's growth, with Osmaan Sharif

Creative Agency Account Manager Podcast

Welcome to Episode 47. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you're just in flow at work? You're doing something you love, time seems to just stand still. And you feel like you could do this task for ages. And sometimes you're doing tasks that feel heavy, hard, difficult. And you look at someone else doing it and then think, why did why does that come so easy. I've invited business and performance coach Osman Sharif, to talk to us about how understanding your own unique superpower can help you enjoy what you do at work, get the best results, and embrace your unique talents. And ultimately, this makes your business and your career much more satisfying.If you're working in an agency environment in account management and you're ambitious, you want to accelerate your career and you want to increase your confidence with clients and improve your consultancy skills, so you can add more value to your client relationships and grow your accounts then my next Account Accelerator programme starts on January 27th 2022. If you'd like to know more, then please get in contact and let's see if it's a good fit for you. You can contact me on LinkedIn at Jenny Plant or you can drop me an email at jenny@accountmanagementskills.com


19 Oct 2021

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Get out your way and put your pet business out there with Osmaan Sharif

Publicity for Pet Businesses

Is your feeling of not being good enough holding back your business? Maybe you’re always worrying that people will find out you’re not the expert and you’re constantly thinking ‘who am I to say this?’ Perhaps you’re worried about what people will say or criticise something you’ve said?If you were nodding away to any of that then this week’s podcast with performance and mindset coach Osmaan Sharif is a must-listen to help you get out of this way of thinking.Discover why reframing your mindset to how you’re helping people is key to ditching those mindset gremlins!Key topics and timings in this episode:1.51: Introduction 2.28: About Osmaan5.16: Osmaan’s advice for businesses wanting to grow but feeling held back by their mindset7.13: Accepting you need to get yourself out there to help others10.33: Osmaan shares how you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment in business 13.03: Osmaan’s advice for worrying about what people think of us 16.27: Osmaan shares why you need to be the guide to your customers not the hero19.36: How your experience from your previous career is still valid in your new business22.07: How to put yourself out there24.53: Osmaan talks about imposter syndrome33.08: How the Rapid Transformation Formula works36.59: How to overcome feelings of overwhelm and tiredness 41.26: How recognising your goals can help win publicity 45.36: Osmaan’s advice for when we’re putting the breaks on ourselves 50.08: How to explore negative feelings 52.28: Where to find out more about Osmaan Links mentioned in this episode:Take the quiz on Osmaan's website:  www.rapidtransformation.co.ukTune into the podcast: https://www.rapidtransformation.co.uk/podcast/This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


29 Jul 2021

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The Pricing Mindset with Osmaan Sharif

The Pricing Queen

In this episode:Becoming a business owner not an employee Imposter syndrome Increasing your pricing Pricing blocks Osmaan Sharif is a business and mindset coach who works with ex-corporate professionals to help them overcome obstacles and grow their own business. Osmaan talks to The Pricing Queen about his rapid transformation formula which involves focussing on the big picture of your business by understanding three fundamental foundations: Design (includes business model, vision and goals.) Mindset (overcoming your internal beliefs and understanding your value) Strategy (or, as Osmaan refers to it, your entrepreneurial superpower.) Take Osmaan’s free quiz so you can see how strong these foundations are in your business in less than 2 minutes. Sally and Osmaan discuss understanding your upper limit to overcome imposter syndrome and what you need to consider when looking at setting and increasing your prices. Also, why you should be wary of competitive pricing.Selected links from this episodeRecommended reading to help you break through your upper limits: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks https://amzn.to/3bKbkwe Osmaan’s free Get Out Your Way Quiz Check out Osmaan’s Get Out Your Way podcast Connect with Sally on Instagram LinkedIn Like what you hear? Don’t forget to rate and leave a review to help spread the word! The Pricing Queen Podcast is produced by Decibelle Creative 


24 Mar 2021

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20. PI #20: Osmaan Sharif - get out your way

Jeff Weigh

On this episode I interview Osmaan Sharif, owner of Rapid Transformation and host of The Get Out Your Way Podcast. In his own words; Osmaan saw the ‘light’ (in a really non ‘woo-woo’ way) & quit his corporate job to start his own business back in 2007 to  help people get better results, by changing the way they think, feel & act. Osmaan works with people; helping them 'Get out of their own way'. He finds himself doing this on a daily basis; helping people to challenge some of their thoughts and overcome some of their fears. Since launching his own business in 2007 he’s helped hundreds of small to medium sized business owner’s transition from the corporate world thinking and being an employee, to thinking and behaving like an entrepreneur. As a coach, Osmaan talks passionately about using tools & techniques from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Wealth Dynamics to help people get unstuck. Osmaan took the decision to launch his own podcast in May (2018) this year on the back of clients and friends asking him if he was going to have his own podcast! 19 episodes in and Osmaan has developed a core following amongst business owners and people wanting to 'Get out their way'. Some final words of wisdom from Osmaan; "Honour your own self and your super power. Understand it, discover it and truly embrace it." Check out what Osmaan is up to here Start a conversation with him on; Twitter LinkedIn  Facebook --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/perfectimbalance4/message


3 Nov 2020

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Get out your way! How to unlock your superpower with Osmaan Sharif


Who feels a little stuck in their business right now? So what can we do to "Get Out Your Way?" and create success again! Joining me in this episode is the amazing Osmaan Sharif from https://www.rapidtransformation.co.uk/ and we chatted about how to get out your way and truly understand your entrepreneurial superpowers to connect with what we really should be doing!In this episode we unlock...How to get clear on your business design, strategies & mindsetHow we should play into our strengths and connect with what our true superpowers are!Recognise where you are getting stuck and the tips to get out your way and create success.Magical MusingsThis segment is all about reflection and thought from the episode. As mentioned in the episode, head to Osmaan's site on the link below for his free quiz to understand where your design, strategies and mindset are currently performing and receive some free tips to help you get out your way and move forward!www.rapidtransformation.co.ukLinks From The ShowOsmaans Free design, mindset and strategy quizFree Resources For Your BusinessFree Workbook : Understanding Your ValuesDownload my FREE Ebook: How to improve your confidence in creating awesome videos with a smartphoneFollow me on Instagram & Facebook at: @rickylockemagic For more about me and what I do, check out my websiteThere will be a new episode every Wednesday. So make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any episodes coming soon.And, if this episode brought some value to you, or even a smile, then please leave me a rating and a review. That would be amazing!


7 Oct 2020

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Osmaan Sharif — Identity, Personality and Painkillers

How To Get A Grip

Osmaan Sharif is a Mindset & Performance Coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He first started out as an HR Manager, but through discovering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) he knew he could help people get even better results by changing the way they think, feel, and act. Find out how Osmaan keeps it together on this week’s show! Mentioned in This Episode: Rapidtransformation.co.uk Wdprofiletest.com Matthewkimberley.com Work with Me


9 Sep 2019

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SLS211 Osmaan Sharif, Six Figure Success Series With Jessica Lorimer

Smart Leaders Sell Podcast

**I am now over on the Selling To Corporate Podcast: http://bit.ly/Apple-Selling-To-Corporate-Podcast. Head on over if you are interested in adding a corporate revenue stream to your business** Have you ever considered starting a podcast? My podcast producer and I have put together everything you need to know to get your very own podcast off the ground! Check out Podcasting That Pays today: http://bit.ly/Podcasting-That-Pays! Fortunately for us all today’s guest just popped into my inbox one day and made me laugh with his unique approach. Osmaan is a mindset and performance coach for ex corporate small business owners. Passionate about helping people Osmaan teaches you to embrace your experience and talents and helps you to find your unique entrepreneurial superpower!  An ex corporate himself, Osmaan uses peoples’ personalities to help make their lives easier and channels their boredom or energy in a way that it won’t affect their business. In This Episode:  Personality  Dynamics  Potential Pitfalls  Strategies  Wealth Dynamics “I see so many people with the best intentions. They've got great skills, they've got great talents, but they're making their life harder than it needs to be.” - Osmaan “I think when we first start businesses, we kind of get two camps, people who are like, I want the laptop lifestyle, I'm going to work from the beach forever and then you get the people who want to be jet setters.“ - Jess “I realized that we could drive ourselves crazy if we try to basically play a game that's not aligned to our personality and our talents.“ - Osmaan “It's almost like we confuse sometimes our learning and development with what we then go ahead and sell and do.“ -- Jess “We really should be making the choices in terms, does that fit with me and what am I trying to do? Because that then allows us to take the responsibility which is where all the magic really happens.“ - Osmaan  Other episodes mentioned: Make Sales Simple Podcast  https://www.rapidtransformation.co.uk/make-sales-simple-with-the-right-mindset-with-jessica-lorimer/ Rapid Transformation https://www.rapidtransformation.co.uk/ Get Out Your Way Podcast https://www.rapidtransformation.co.uk/podcast/ Smart Leaders Sell https://smartleaderssell.com/ Join my new programme, EVOLVE: https://smartleaderssell.com/evolve Selling to Corporates Event http://bit.ly/SelltoCorporates-TheEvent Join my Fabulous Female Entrepreneur Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/FabulousFemaleEntrepreneurs/ More Jess! http://bit.ly/SLSGroup https://jessicalorimer.com/supersize-your-sales https://jessicalorimer.com/list-building-legend https://www.instagram.com/jess_lorimer/ Content Disclaimer The information contained above is provided for information purposes only. The contents of this article, video or audio are not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on any of the contents of this article, video or audio. Professional advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from taking any action as a result of the contents of this article, video or audio. Jessica Lorimer disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any of the contents of this article, video or audio. Disclaimer: Some of these links are for products and services offered by the podcast creator.


19 Jul 2019

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1034: What Is Your Best Thinking Right Now? with Osmaan Sharif and of Rapid Transformation LLC

The Entrepreneur Way

Osmaan Sharif is a performance & mindset coach for small business owners & entrepreneurs. After having left the corporate world over the 11 years ago, Osmaan has been coaching, mentoring & training business owners like YOU, to create Rapid Transformations & results. He specialises in ensuring that you've got the right Design, Mindset & Strategies working for YOU & your team. “what is your best thinking right now? We can really drive ourselves crazy by thinking everything out but what I often say to myself and my clients is based upon what you know, based on your ideas right now what is your best thinking. And if you just go your best thinking it allows you to move forward, to take action, and that is where you can adapt, you can pivot as you go along. But really just as long as you go I am making this decision based on my best thinking right now that will have a massive impact on you actually getting out there getting out of your own way”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to https://wp.me/p6Tf4b-6Hw


1 Dec 2018

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Get Out of Overwhelm by Knowing Your Superpowers with Osmaan Sharif


Osmaan Sharif of Rapid Transformation is a performance coach who trains entrepreneurs and small business owners to discover and use their superpowers in their business. After leaving the corporate world more than a decade ago, Osmaan helps his clients deal with obstacles regarding their mindset that cause overwhelm and professional stagnation while helping them thrive and embrace their natural talents. Osmaan shares the steps to avoid getting overwhelmed in your business and how you can recognize your superpowers. He talks about the sources of entrepreneur overwhelm, how to create rapid transformation so you can grow your business as well as the different entrepreneur profiles and personalities that will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. “For every business owner or entrepreneur, we need to have the right design, the right mindset, and the right strategies.” - Osmaan Sharif In This Episode of The Sigrun Show: What the Rapid Transformation formula is What gets you motivated aside from your goals The definition of success The benefit of working on 90-day goals How to make tasks manageable How your internal dialogue affect your actions and the outcome of your efforts The eight different types of entrepreneur and superpowers Key Takeaways: Look at what you need in your business and think about how you can plug the gaps. Be mindful of what you say to yourself. Know your personality to figure out which tasks work and which ones don’t work for you. Give yourself permission to do what’s natural and easy. Do yourself a favor—figure out what your superpower is and make sure that you include it in part of your design, your mindset, and your strategies. Connect with Osmaan Sharif: RapidTransformation.co.uk Free quiz to know your Entrepreneurial Superpower Please share, subscribe and review on iTunes Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Sigrun Show. If you enjoyed this episode, please share, subscribe and review on iTunes or Google Play Music so more people can enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Get Your Free Training Through my own entrepreneurial journey and by training thousands of online entrepreneurs I’ve identified 7 STAGES of a Profitable Online Business. Get free access to the 7 Stages training videos and take your online business to the next stage.


13 Apr 2018

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67. Fellow Wealth Dynamics Geek and NLP Master Osmaan Sharif on Mindset Design and Strategy

The Make More Marbles Show

Time stamped show notes: [00:56] What he’s up to | His journey [1:20] He helps entrepreneurs rely on their strengths. [1:33] He’s been running his business for the last 10 years. [5:10] The biggest tool he has found: beliefs [10:06] How Wealth Dynamics has helped him in running his business [16:11] Where he sees Brad’s company going [19:02] Once you understand what you want, then you can start thinking what it looks like for you. [23:34] What’s your best thinking right now? [24:29] The only constant in life is change. [25:22] The more choices people consider, the most unsatisfied they are with the results. [25:29] Only consider 3 choices. | Ask for recommendations. [27:36] What he wished everyone in the world knew: their superpower [26:09] Most painful moment he is most grateful for: helping someone who wanted to kill themselves and preventing them from doing so [29:05] What made him a trader? [35:59] He loves helping nurture entrepreneurship from a young age. He has a program to help budding entrepreneurs. [41:59] Take action. | Your only regret will be the what ifs. Three key points: Once you understand what you want, then you can start thinking what it looks like for you. The only constant in life is change. The more choices people consider, the most unsatisfied they are with the results. Resources mentioned: Paradox of Choice - book Last question: He wants to help more people figure out what is not working for them. 15 Question Test on Mindset: www.rapidtransformation.co.uk


24 Jan 2018