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One Last Drop with Ryan Stock

Lets Taco About It!

This week we had the amazing opportunity to speak to mental fitness coach Ryan Stock. From working with young talent, to professional athletes. From integrating mindfulness. mediation, and sports specific yoga.  Also, the other One Last Drop and documentary Ryan opens up with us regarding his personal life, moments when he realized changed was needed, and so much more. 


9 Aug 2022

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EP 475: One Last Drop with Ryan Stock

This Naked Mind Podcast

As an athlete, Ryan Stock found himself drinking to celebrate wins and to cope with losses. And alcohol always helped him escape the pressures to perform. But after his 3 year old son comforted him during an alarming trip to the ER, he knew something had to change. Tune in to find out how Ryan found freedom from alcohol by tackling his crippling lack of self-worth. And is now sharing his story through his honest and powerful book and documentary titled One Last Drop. Did you miss This Naked Mind Live? Do you maybe have a little bit of FOMO? Don't worry. I've got you covered. In fact, I had the entire event professionally recorded and it's available digitally. Transformation in your living room, yup, that is what it's all about. You can grab your digital ticket at ThisNakedMind.com/DigitalTicket. As always, rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast as it truly helps the message reach somebody who might need to hear it today. Episode Links: One Last Drop: The Ripple Effects of Alcohol, Athletics, and Love by Ryan Stock One Last Drop documentary


1 Apr 2022

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One Last Drop - Ripple effect of our life choices - Interview with Author Ryan Stock

Changing the Perspective Podcast

From high level athletics to high level coaching, bad decisions with alcohol and choices that needed to be made in relationships all led to an amazing book.  In this interview, I talk with Author Ryan Stock on how our relationship with athletics, vices and life choices all lead us down a path that isn't always pretty.  We talk about how his book came to be based on him making the choice to give up alcohol, find some inner peace by working on self love and becoming aware of the part he was playing in his personal relationships.  He manages an app for athletes to help them with mindfulness and meditation in both athletics and in life.  He coaches people in sports or connected to sports how to be mindful of the emotions that are involved in the sport they play and the life they live.  You can get in touch with Ryan or follow him on the resources below: mymindsport.com ryan@mymindsport.com  amryanstock.com www.instagram.com/mymindsport www.instagram.com/amryanstock www.facebook.com/ryan.stock.585 Grab his new book One Last Drop with this link  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/173...​  Please subscribe to our channel and hit the like button below this video.  We will release a video at the end of every week! Check out our past interviews for some amazing stories! Please also check out our social media pages below.   Facebook https://www.facebook.com/changingthep...​  Instagram https://www.instagram.com/changing_th...--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/changing-the-perspective/support


16 Apr 2021

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Ryan Stock: Acceptance Leads to a Full and Present Life

The Silver Lining Phoenix

Ryan Stock, Founder of MindSport, and author of “One Last Drop” and “Buddha Was a Baller”, joins us on this week’s episode to talk about accepting life’s challenges and living in the moment. He was open and vulnerable and he discussed his athletic career, battle with alcoholism, and what it took to finally face his fears. We learned more about Ryan’s background in athletics and how this has helped shape his mission to help athletes live a more holistic life. He believes that in order for things to matter to us, we must first matter to ourselves.Listen to Ryan’s episode, and be sure to follow his mission by clicking on the links below.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mymindsportInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/mymindsport/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amryanstock/Website: https://mymindsport.com and https://amryanstock.com


22 Mar 2021

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Episode 11: Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker

Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Episode 11 and Orbax is sick!!! Not sick like cool, the way Pepper says it but sick like not with Covid the way Orbax says it. This week we talk to the greatest sideshow performer of our time Ryan Stock! From his new Vegas compound we talk to Ryan (and Amber pops in as well) about being a viral video king and how they went from touring Canadian backroad bars to having over a billion views. Literally a billion. Like Gangnam numbers here people! We also get the exclusive story here on how that AGT stunt actually did almost kill him!  But most importantly, you really need to watch that Halyx documentary. here is the YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0rDLvg-Lfs Please watch it and talk to us about it. You can find Ryan and Amber on FB watch! Here: The-Ryan-And-Amber-Show As always you can see Pepper on IG @sweetpepperklopek and Orbax @the_great_orbax . As we mentioned in this episode, there's currently a 30 minute version of @orbaxandpepperdoscience up on the Home County Music and Art Festival YouTube! You can find it here, enjoy but do it soon, it will only be up for about a week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mso89ge71Q4 Until next time, stay safe everyone and don't forget... Daddy don't jam bro. BYYYYYYE!!!

1hr 22mins

1 Sep 2020

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Episode 406 - Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn plus Harold Lloyd and Idiocracy

The Movie Jerks

We catch up with our friends, Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn ("Guinea Pig", "America's Got Talent" and The Ryan and Amber Show https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePzKF7YjLwOiQkYCI5RU0w/videos) to talk about their amazing career, the greatness that is Harold Lloyd, and "Idiocracy".  

1hr 3mins

7 Aug 2020

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Ryan Stock - Mindsport Founder & Author of Buddha was a Baller - Episode 2

Thrive with Trevor Huffman

Ryan Stock is the founder of MindSport, author of Buddha Was A Baller, and a former NCAA college basketball player and college basketball coach of over 15 years. His experiences as a coach and player led him to start the athlete meditation app, MindSport, which in turn led to the writing of the book Buddha Was A Baller.It was the difficult times in particular that led to Stock wanting to help athletes and coaches to live healthier, more successful and fulfilling lives. Stock himself experienced struggles with anxiety, frustration, dealing with difficult times, and in remaining present in his life as an athlete and coach before finally resigning from athletics and starting the journey that led him to find mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is the practice that Stock now utilizes daily in his life while showing other athletes and coaches how to implement practice in their lives.Aside from writing and developing the content and recording sessions for the MindSport app, Stock also works one on one with college and professional athletes and organizations as an athlete meditation mentor.Stock most recently completed his Yoga Teacher Training through Jonny Kest in 2019 and now teaches athlete meditation and Yoga to elite level NCAA universities and professional athletic organizations all across the country.·       How do NBA and top pro athletes practice mindfulness and meditation?·       The 10,000 Hour Rule— why quality matters than quantity·       How self-awareness and non-judgement matters for athletes·       Why Basketball athletes fail to slow down their mind and focus·       How does MindSport app, the app for athletes to help focus, mindfulness, processing emotion, and beating your monkey mind·       Why do athletes have melt downs and what do to about it?Website - https://mymindsport.com/Twitter - @mymindsportInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/mymindsport/Email -


23 Jun 2020

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The Way Of Will John

We have Ryan Stock - Founder of the Mindsport App the #1 Athlete Meditation App over at the studio.- The easiest way to deal with Anxiety as an Athlete  - The ONE THING that separates High Level Athletes from Amateurs- How to handle stressful coaches and teammates...- Crazy Stories from both Me & Ryan on our journeys to maximize our focus.- Could I be an NFL Kicker?===========================Download The MindSport App:For IOSFor Android Watch the full Podcast on the 11th Commandment Youtube Channel! Watch WOWJ Highlights Below:An Inner Focus Will allow you to take on anything Could Will Play in the NFL? Follow The 11th Commandment for more:🎬YOUTUBE📸INSTAGRAM 👤FACEBOOK

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2 Mar 2020

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103 - Geeks, Freaks, and Consultants (Feat. Ryan Stock & AmberLynn)

Penguin Magic Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, Erik talks to Michael Obrien about his top five strolling effects. Nick Locapo stops by to discuss Linking Laces. Plus Ryan Stock and AmberLynn talk about the history of geek magic, sideshow stunts, and being a Las Vegas Consultant.


3 Oct 2019

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Pre Game Breathing w/ Ryan Stock

Looking Up - by Max McCoy

We talk about preparation and unwinding using nothing but the breath. Whatever your battle is, basketball or business, this episode should help!Connect with RyanInstagramMind Sport - The Meditation Ap for AthletesCheck out my social media pages for even more content on the mind and body.Follow: @maxwmccoyInstagram: @maxwmccoyTwitter: @MaxwMcCoyI get so many questions from viewers about starting a podcast that I decided to create a podcast course. Click the link below and learn how to launch your very own podcast.How to start a Podcast 101Subscribe to the PodcastiTunesSpotify Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


16 Sep 2019