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#378 Dan Smith: Why Selling 'Online Coaching' Doesn't Work

LTB Podcast

In 2023, it seems like everyone is an “online coach”. But just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should. That’s why this episode from the vault is getting another airing.  In this week’s edition, Stuart talks to Dan Smith about all things online coaching. They cover why selling “online coaching” doesn’t work, the importance of designing your program and how to advertise so you never have to “sell” your service again. Expect to learn how to create a rewarding online coaching business, how to deal with the highs and lows of business and what happened to Dan in Ibiza…  This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to start or grow an online coaching business in 2023.   Timestamps 1:26 How can coaches regulate their emotions?   7:00- How to create a better work-life balance.  8:43- How should coaches discuss their clients’ results?      12:41- What role do transformation pictures play in selling online coaching?   17:54- Why coaches should stop selling online coaching and start creating their “method”.  20:49- How does Dan structure his online method?   25:47- How to name an online coaching method  29:50- What else should people know about online coaching?   30:35- How Dan figured out he was a better coach online.   32:51- Is coaching online an easy way to earn six figures?  37:55- How has Dan changed his marketing methods?   41:27- Dominating your postcode is still important…even online!   Find Out More About Dan: IG: https://www.instagram.com/danstrongcollective/?hl=en IG Mentoring: https://www.instagram.com/strongcollectivecoaching/?hl=en Find Out More About LTB: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liftthebar/ Website: https://liftthebar.com/ Free Trial: https://liftthebar.com/free-trial


24 Jan 2023

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Doubling Down On The Differences Between Dans - with Dan Cates and Dan Smith

Winning The Game Of Life

Originally from Manalapan, New Jersey, Dan Smith has become a star and future hall-of-famer in poker. With titles including WPT, Aussie Millions, and several high roller titles, Smith currently sits at #5 on the all-time money list. With such accomplishments on the felt, it would be enough to cement his legacy, but what he does off the felt is where he truly shines. Smith runs his annual Double Up Drive for Charity, raising millions of dollars to give to the less fortunate. Listen to this latest episode of Winning The Game Of Life where these two Dans realize that you don’t have to take the same road to get to the same place.What you will hear:College shenanigans A transition from top chess player to top poker player Breaking onto the poker scene and realizing how soft so many of the tournaments were The wild world of 24-hour poker games in Macau Moving from zero sum games to helping the less fortunate Two Dans and two different philosophical reasons for charity How Dan Smith’s Double Up Drive has raised more than 26 million through matching A logical argument for the existence of karma Asking if the world can be sustained without charity Helping the small village on the other side of the world or helping your cousin go to college Dealing with your mental health A night partying at burning man and personal revelations made The power of a positive mindset We hope you find this episode as informative and as exciting as we have. Dan Smith is winning the game of life and illustrates how we can help others get there as well! Please let us know your thoughts about the episode! Connect with Dan Smith Websites: https://www.dansmithholla.com/ https://doubleupdrive.org/ Twitter: @DanSmithHollaConnect with Dan CatesWebsite: https://www.dancatesfoundation.com/ Instagram: @thedancates

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26 Sep 2022

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Publicity Trends with Dan Smith and Marika Flatt of PR by the Book

All Things Book Marketing

Host Olivia McCoy and Founder of Smith Publicity Dan Smith sit down with friendly competitor and industry colleague Marika Flatt, Owner of PR by the Book, to discuss how the media landscape has changed over the years, recent publicity trends, and tips for authors looking to publicize their books.Marika Flatt was hired as a “baby book publicist” in 1997 upon graduating cum laude from Texas A&M University with a degree in Communications. After taking over the management of that boutique literary firm in just a few short years, she & her husband, Doug, launched PR by the Book in 2002, capitalizing on her love of media & books. A “connector” by nature, Marika has been a regular speaker in the book industry since the late ’90s for organizations such as: Digital Book World, IBPA’s Publishing University, Book Expo America, and Writers League of Texas, among others.PR by the Book helps authors elevate their relevancy and create buzz through The Road to Influence, their suite of services that go well beyond traditional PR to include platform development, digital relevancy, and more. Learn more at prbythebook.com and follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @prbythebook.Discover more about Smith Publicity at www.smithpublicity.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.


5 Sep 2022

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Dan Smith has to Deal with a Maniac in the Main Event

The Breakdown Poker Podcast with The Poker Guys

Aaron Zhang made waves in the 2022 WSOP Main Event with his erratic and aggressive play. How does top pro Dan Smith deal with this type of player when they are both deep in the biggest tournament of the year? The guys break it down.  Scroll down to see when analysis begins. FLOP:Jd6c9s    TURN:Kd      RIVER:10h Zhang:KcJs     Smith:KsJh Analysis begins at 18:50 For access to exclusive Poker Guys freerolls and other tournaments on Nitrobetting, use this link to sign up: https://nitrobetting.eu/?ref=b98d95bef1a5 Join our Discord server and get in on the conversation about this hand and other poker things! discord.gg/dQD2ASCFF4 ***Our Book is NOW AVAILABLE! Get "How Can He Fold???" here: www.thepokerguys.net


5 Sep 2022

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Episode 177- Dan Smith (tattoo artist, Sharp/Shock) & Wes Eisold (American Nightmare/Cold Cave)

One Life One Chance with Toby Morse

In this episode Dan Smith and Wes Eisold return and chat with Toby and Derrick about what they've all been up to, how Dan and Wes met, the music scene, touring, their influences and unionizing. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe and visit us at https://www.youtube.com/tobymorseonelifeonechance

1hr 37mins

4 Jul 2022

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Ep 141 - General Spank WINS AGAIN + Dan Smith ($25k WSOP Bracelet Winner) Interview

Cracking Aces

Welcome back! Today we start the show with General Spank telling us how he won ANOTHER tournament, kid is on a heater. We get a squatter/life update from Jake, and then are joined by the $25k heads up bracelet winner Dan Smith. Dan talks about Ivey, Hellmuth, who he thinks the best high stakes player is, and much more. Very thoughtful chat with Dan, who also runs the doubleupdrive charity, check that out. We are off to Vegas, enjoy!You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/crackingaaces

1hr 15mins

22 Jun 2022

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Episode #37 with tattoo artist Dan Smith

The Rick Thorne Podcast

On this episode I chat with tattoo artist and musician, Dan Smith. We talk about his new book, You'll Never Walk Alone. Plus we talk about his tattooing and musical careers and keeping that PMA-Positive Mental Attitude. Listen now and STAY RAD. FOLLOW: @dansmithism @rickthorne @goodguysinblack @therickthorneshow


14 Jun 2022

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#233 : The Easiest 1:10/100m Ever with Dan Smith

The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Glad to have Dan Smith back in today's podcast episode! Dan is a former Olympic swimmer and now the founder of Worldwide Speaking. Join us as he shares his journey in helping parents and athletes all over the world. 00:29 It's A Fantastic Video 01:46 Retiring From Swimming Sport 05:59 Helping Parents And Athletes 09:06 Parental Pressure On Athletes 12:29 Sporting Strategy For Parents 13:38 Results Are Powerful 18:45 Developing People Skill 20:48 Worldwide Speaking & Courses 21:53 Parent Program 23:56 Small Habits Have A Big Impact


26 May 2022

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Very Clinical: Dr. Dan Smith Takes the VoD Challenge!

The Very Dental Podcast Network

Dr. Dan Smith joined the Very Clinical team to take the Voices of Dentistry challenge! He answered Zach and Kevin's questions with style and panache!   The questions: How did COVID affect your practice? You have to have a crown on #2...what material do you choose? Did you/would you place sealant on your own children? Your significant other needs ortho...wires/brackets or aligners? If your own #29 needed endo/core and crown/crown lengthening, would you do it or go right to an implant? If your significant other had a slight diastema between 8 and 9 would you suggest ortho, resin or porcelain? Check out the Very Clinical Facebook group! Join the Very Dental Facebook group using the password "Timmerman," Hornbrook" or "McWethy." If you'd like to support the Very Dental Podcast Network then you should support our sponsors!  2 days. A bunch of the Spear Education all stars! Literally a Whitman's Sampler of all the greats! (Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Gary DeWood, Dr. Gregg Kinzer, Dr. Jeff Rouse, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani and Dr. Darin Dichter! Also Adam McWethy! You've heard all of these guys on the podcast and this is a great way to see them all in one huge event! June 16-17 at Spear Education in Scottsdale! August 12-13 in Boston, MA! 14 hours of AMAZING CE! And if you tell them that you heard about it from Very Dental and you'll get $500 off! Go check it out! Zirc Dental Products’ Color Method will rescue your team from clinical clutter and disorganization and if you use the coupon code “VERYDENTAL” to get 50% off their most popular level of organizational consultation. You’ll have a box of all the different trays, tubs, cassettes and other goodies sent ot your office and then have an in depth conversation with one of Zirc’s clinical efficiency specialists to help you choose what’s best for your office!  So head over to verydentalpodcast.com/zirc and use coupon code “VERYDENTAL” to get 50% off Color Method consultation! Cosmedent is known for teaching restorative dentists how to make beautiful front teeth with composite. But let’s not forget about gorgeous posterior resins! Would you like to learn to make life-like restorations with firm contacts and ideal occlusion? Dr. Javier Quiros is teaching “Become a Cosmetic Dentist with Posterior Composites this July 14-15th! You’ll learn proper posterior layering techniques, material selection, how to get perfect contacts and even how to open the vertical dimension using the dentist’s best tool…composite resin! I just got back from a course at the Cosmedent Center for Esthetic Excellence and I can’t wait to go back! Their classroom is built for hands on teaching with a small class size. You get to use the best materials and you’ll get to know your classmates. It’s quite literally the best continuing education experience you can have! All overlooking Michigan Avenue in Chicago at the very best time to visit! Go check it out at verydentalpodcast.com/CEE! You won’t believe all the changes and advances they’re having over at CAD-Ray!  Now you can get the i700 in WIRELESS! Yes, you heard me correctly, all the goodness of the Medit i700 now is now available with no cables! The i700 wireless is available NOW from CAD-Ray and it ships immediately! If you’ve been waiting for a wireless intraoral scanning solution, your wait is over! Go check out CAD-Ray at verydentalpodcast.com/cadray or cad-ray.com Do you have something you use every single day on every single procedure? I do. There isn’t anything I do in dentistry that Enova Illumination isn’t a huge part of. I’ve owned a lot of different kinds of loupes. I’ve had Designs for Vision, Zeiss, Orascoptic…all of them. My favorites are the Enova’s Vizix loupes in the Airon frame. Mine are red. RAWR! Along with the amazing, weightless and cordless Qubit, Quasar or Quantum headlights (all others are just toys) you cannot do better. Oh, did I mention the incredible Zumax 2380 operating microscope with built in still and video? Why haven’t you checked out Enova Illumination yet? You can get a killer deal on all things Enova by using the Very Dental link you’ll find at verydentalpodcast.com/Enova! Do you need help with a logo, website design or anything marketing? Our friends at Wonderist can definitely help! Keep your eyes open for the updated Very Dental Podcast website coming soon! It’s amazing and it was designed by the pros at the Wonderist Agency! Want more information? Go check them out at verydentalpodcast.com/wonderist! Our friends at Crazy Dental have switched things up again! Now you can get 10% off your whole order from Crazy Dental using the coupon code: VERYDENTAL10! That’s right…10% off your whole order! Go check out the amazing prices at verydentalpodcast.com/crazy and be sure to use the coupon code: VERYDENTAL10!


24 May 2022

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Ep. 182 – One Sock Rob with Dan Smith!

Gag On This...Podcast

The gang is joined by Dan “The Can’t Stand-Up Comedian” Smith! We talked about his Bodi Pozi show, tell stories of us pooping ourselves, traveling for comedy, listen to a clip of Danni D doing comedy during an argument, Madonna's nude NFTs, and tons more! Follow and Support: Twitter   DanBig NickRobDanniCharRon Instagram   DanDanniRobCharRon Danni D    Only Fans Gag On This   TwitterInstagramFacebookYoutubeWebsite Gag On This Fantasy Funeral Music by Beneath the Surface Intro by In Bed with Nikky Check out our merch on Tee Public and get yourself some official Gag On This stuff! Click the link for save 15% off your order from Anavii Market, premium CBD and Hemp products!

1hr 11mins

16 May 2022