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California gubernatorial candidate Adriel Hampton campaign strategy - To post fake ads on Facebook & change Society for the better!!!

Listen Up East Coast!

Louis sat down with activist entrepreneur Adriel Hampton and his campaign policy director, Lauren Nicole to discuss his 2022 run for Governor of California, in an effort to expose the dangers of Facebook's ad policies, and to catch us up on what they have been up to. This episode is thought provoking, educational, and one interview you don’t want to miss. Adriel is a digital media, fundraising, and organizing entrepreneur and strategist for political campaigns. He runs a digital agency in San Francisco, California - The Adriel Hampton Group, and the progressive PAC The Really Online Lefty League. Adriel co-founded the analytics startup Pinpoint Predictive, the podcast Gov 2.0 Radio, and the progressive Facebook community Really American, and was an early member of the organizing software company NationBuilder. In 2009, Adriel became the first person to launch a Congressional candidate via Twitter. Lauren Nicole, is a Psychologist, universal housing advocate, and policy director at #Adriel2022. She has a whole policy brief on how the Governor Gavin Newsom could be responding to COVID-19. Links: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adriel_Hampton The Adriel Hamption Group - Digital Strategy and Advertising https://adrielhampton.com/ Thanks so much for tuning in! - If you feel like it, rate and review us on your favorite app of choice and hang out with us on your preferred social media platforms.  


21 Oct 2020

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Episode 103: Nationalize Disneyworld! (with Adriel Hampton and Lauren Nicole)

Not Safe For Wonks

2022 looks brighter and funnier as Adriel Hampton and Lauren Nicole stop by the studio to kick off Adriel's #OurCalifornia run for governor! This episode is packed to the brim with clever ideas, goofy one-liners, and genuinely frustrated leftists. Blue State AusterityRunning an Unconventional CampaignMillionaires Serving BillionairesSeizing PG&E"If I did 83 counts of Manslaughter What Would Happen to Me?" Check out Adriel Hampton and Lauren Nicole: https://twitter.com/adrielhamptonhttps://twitter.com/Lstands4lovelyhttps://adrielhampton.comhttps://playthepromisedland.com


14 Aug 2020

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Bitter Lake Presents Soundwaves Ep. 33: Lies and Politics w/ Adriel Hampton


In this episode, we talk with California gubernatorial candidate Adriel Hampton.  Last October, Hampton went viral by calling out a practice of false political advertising that Facebook allows candidates running for office to do.  He ran an ad, that was edited to make it look like far right Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham was for the Green New Deal.  He also made some "Trump/Zuckerberg 2020" billboards in different areas throughout the country.  A great conversation with the type of person we need more of, one who challenges power with intelligence and hilarity.  Enjoy! To find out more about and read some great essays from Adriel Hampton Click Here Thank you again for listening.  If you haven't please become a patron.  You'll get free Bitter Lake Merch, access to secret concerts from not only us, but some of the guests too, as well as extra content from many of the shows.   Patreon Follow and like us on the following platforms Facebook Twitter Intstagram YouTube


27 May 2020

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107: Facebook Said Politicians Could Lie...So He Ran For Office (w/ Adriel Hampton)

DOOMED with Matt Binder

Leftist activist Adriel Hampton, founder of The Really Only Lefty League, joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss life as a Facebook antagonist, the social network's policies on lies, disinformation, and fake news when it comes from politicians and why that turned him into an official candidate for California Governor, how AOC sparked his campaign to see how far he could push Facebook, the company's brand new oversight board, plus Matt and Adriel discuss the difference between Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, California and New York during the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, for patrons the livestream viewers debate about how to vote in the 2020 elections, your questions, commends and much much more! Subscribe to Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/mattbinder

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7 May 2020

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76: Faceboomer (11/4/19) ft/ Adriel Hampton & Sam Seder


The presidential dog meme, Facebook re-brands, and a secret "covefe" meaning. I talk to Adriel Hampton on his decision to run for governor of California in order to run false Facebook ads, and then I speak with Sam Seder about the latest right-wing goings on. SHOW NOTES: https://shtpostpodcast.com/76-faceboomer-11-4-19-ft-adriel-hampton-sam-seder/ This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at shtpost.substack.com/subscribe

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5 Nov 2019

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John Interviews Adriel Hampton

beep beep lettuce

@adrielhampton has been having a pretty wild week, from massively owning zucc to thinking about running for public office, and john thought he'd sit down with him and have him catch us up on what's goin on.  please check out our patreon for more!  thanks so much for listening! if u feel like it, rate and review us on apple podcasts or on your app of choice.hang out with us in midsposting on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2185905738310960/follow us on ig/twitter @beepbeepleaflove u, beep on 


2 Nov 2019

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Cowboys on the Commons #13 -- Sharp Left Turns feat. Adriel Hampton (10/16/2019)

Solidarity House Cooperative

After a shout out to the Chicago public school teachers about to go on strike, Matt talks with progressive digital politics strategist Adriel Hampton about Bernie, the Squad endorsements, digital campaigning, socialism, impeachment, direct action, and the coming left swing in the United States.


17 Oct 2019

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Talking Gravel 2020 with Adriel Hampton

The Estradiol Illusions Podcast

No more wars! Join host Ian Thomas Malone and Adriel Hampton, senior advisor to the Mike Gravel 2020 campaign for a fascinating discussion of the state of the 2020 race. Senator Gravel's campaign has been lead by teenagers David Oks and Henry Williams, who recently pulled off the very impressive feat of amassing over 65,000 individual donors, one of two thresholds for qualification for the upcoming Democratic primary debates on July 30th & 31st. Ian and Adriel discuss the polling challenges which leave Senator Gravel's place on the stage up in the air, as well as the Senator's policy positions. Senator Gravel has been an iconic voice in progressive politics for decades and we look forward to following his exciting campaign. You can learn more about Senator Gravel on his campaign website and on Twitter @MikeGravel You can follow Adriel on Twitter @adrielhampton and on his website. To support Adriel's political action committee advancing progressive values, check out The Lefty League and follow them on Twitter @theleftyleague To find more of Ian, follow her on twitter @ianthomasmalone and check out her website ianthomasmalone.com

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16 Jul 2019

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The Future of Activism with San Francisco Activist Adriel Hampton

District 34 Podcast

Adriel Hampton runs a digital agency in San Francisco and The Really Online Lefty League. Previously, he co-founded and served as president of Pinpoint Predictive, a programmatic advertising targeting company based in San Francisco and was an early member of the Los Angeles software company NationBuilder. In 2009, Adriel became the first person to launch a Congressional candidacy via Twitter.We discuss his work with Gayle McLaughlin, tech organizing, and corruption in California politics. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/district34/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/district34/support

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27 Jun 2018

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What's new at NationBuilder? With Adriel Hampton.

Joe Hackman

Joe Hackman catches up with Adriel Hampton of NationBuilder to get the details on the latest features.Adriel Hampton is chief organizer at NationBuilder and founder of Gov 2.0 Radio. At NationBuilder, he works with consultants and NationBuilder customers around the world to help drive success with the world's first Community Organizing System.


30 Jul 2012