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25. The Four Sacred Gifts with Anita Sanchez

Inspired Life Project

In Episode 25 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast, Maggie interviews Dr Anita Sanchez, Trainer, Coach and best-selling author of ‘The Four Sacred Gifts’. Anita openly shares her struggles with forgiveness from her past, how she reached a place of forgiveness and gives us tips so we can do the same.  For show notes and to learn more visit inspiredlifeproject.com Follow Maggie on Instagram @maggie_inspiredlife


2 Jun 2021

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Re-Weaving the Web of Belonging: “The Inside Is Not, and The Outside Is Too” | john a. powell, Eriel Deranger & Anita Sanchez

Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature | Bioneers Radio Series

As author Michael Pollan observes: “The two biggest crises humanity faces today are tribalism and the environmental crisis. They both involve the objectifying of the other - whether that other is nature or other people.”How do we re-weave that web of relationships, and focus on our likenesses rather than our differences? In this program, racial justice advocates john a. powell, Eriel Deranger and Anita Sanchez explore how overcoming the illusion of separateness from nature and each other requires building bridges rather than burning them. They say the fate of the world depends on it.


16 Apr 2021

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The Four Sacred Gifts with Anita Sanchez

Soul Journeys®

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Nawat (Aztec) and Mexican-American, is a transformational leadership consultant, speaker, coach and author of the 2019 International Latino Book Award for The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times (Simon & Schuster). She bridges indigenous teachings with the latest science to inspire and equip women and men to enjoy meaningful, empowered lives and careers. Conscious Company Media 2020 World Changing Woman & World Woman Foundation #SheismyHero awards. Learn more: www.foursacredgifts.com The powerful dream that Dr. Sanchez received at age 3 that shaped her mission today. Her experience with economic poverty, sexual trauma and the intense grief of her father murdered at age 13. The horrific story of her father being murdered when she was 13 due to race relations and how she was able to find immense peace. The voice she heard when she was sobbing over her father’s death and the death of George Floyd.  How the “Four Sacred Gifts” were birthed. Gift #1: The power to forgive the unforgivable.  Gift #2: The power of unity. Gift #3: The power of healing. Gift #4: The power of hope in action.  “If you use these gifts, you’ll know how to be in right relationship with yourself and all other beings.” Each of us already has these gifts—the power is in using them. What does hope in action look like in the Great Awakening? “With every breath, every thought and everything, we have a choice. We’re making that choice - it’s either going to be good medicine or bad medicine.” The important question to ask yourself: “What do you believe—are you separate or are you connected?” “We don’t do anything alone. You might get lonely from time to time—that’s the human condition, but you are not alone.” It doesn’t matter which gift you start with because they’re all connected—just start where your heart is being called. How to navigate the urgency with living in alignment with these gifts. “The doing and the being are all mirrors of each other; everything is connected.” Hope is an energy source. It can’t be taken away from you.  What Dr. Sanchez believes we should focus on this year.  The beautiful experience with her grandmother and sunflowers.  5 Things for Thriving In Challenging Times free e-book: http://foursacredgifts.com?afmc=1e


1 Apr 2021

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Dr Anita Sanchez on indigenous wisdom, surviving the trauma of abuse, and the power to forgive the unforgivable

The Matthew Green Podcast

How is our difficulty in facing our own personal traumas reflected in the problems we see playing out in society? In this deeply moving exchange, Matthew hears how Dr Anita Sanchez, an author, consultant and executive coach, learned to draw on the wisdom of her ancestors to transmute the trauma caused by the terrible abuse she suffered as a child and the race-related murder of her father . The author of the internationally award-winning book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, published by Simon & Schuster, Anita has spent 40 years building a bridge between indigenous traditions and corporate culture. Her mission: to help top executives in companies around the world to create truly diverse and inclusive organisations, and drive wider change by confronting racial injustice and oppression. Anita and Matthew discuss how repressed suffering and unexpressed emotion may be a big part of the reason why the world is struggling to find adequate responses to the multiple crises societies face, and how rekindling our connection to Earth and Spirit can empower us to face our fears and create a more regenerative future.  This episode was recorded in July, 2020. In October, Anita was named by the World Woman Foundation as one of 60 "Women of the Hour" for the #SheisMyHero campaign aimed at inspiring one million girls around the world to live their dreams and pursue leadership. Please note that this episode contains themes of sexual abuse and suicide. NOTES: Anita Sanchez The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times Anita Sanchez on Linkedin

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20 Feb 2021

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14: Dr. Anita Sanchez: Being Good Medicine for the World

Humans and Earth

Dr. Anita Sanchez, Aztecan Tribe and Mexican-American, is a board member of the Pachamama Alliance and Bioneers.  Anita inspires people to discover and trust their gifts so that they become a life-giving connection to people and to the earth.  She has trained thousands of leaders in global corporations and non-profits.  Using indigenous wisdom and modern science, Anita guides leaders in creating caring and inclusive workplaces and communities.  TedX presenter of Humanity’s Hope, Anita is an author of four books, including The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.   Learn more atwww.FourSacredGifts.com and receive notifications about Anita’s upcoming course on The Four Sacred Gifts. Tune in to hear Anita discuss:Her childhood learning from her indigenous tradition that living beings impact one another powerfully. “We really are quite powerful, but that power isn’t a reason to beat our chests. How can we be a life-giving member in this one hoop of life?”  How she sees violence to one another based on race or gender, and violence to ourselves by separating head and heart, now giving way to awareness of our interconnections. “The footprint we’re putting on the Earth is the same footprint we’re putting on other people, is the same footprint we’re putting on ourselves.”  “I don’t understand it in terms that we are bad, but rather that we’ve forgotten and now we get to remember…and what is urgent is that we ALL remember…”A “big awakening for all of us is that we are not alone, we are not just an individual, we are part of this amazing, amazing thing called life, and home is everything, and everything in this home is sacred!” “Good medicine is anyone who puts into alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.”  The meanings of the Four Sacred Gifts: the power to forgive the unforgivable, the power of unity, the power of healing, and the power of hope. How her trauma around the race-related murder of her father was triggered by events of 2020, and how she re-aligned to respond to the here and now to “create what is life-giving in this world.” Forgiving is not to forget, but to create something different for today. For support in being ‘good medicine for the world,’ visit www.humansandearth.com/mentoring 


3 Feb 2021

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Future of Relationships w/Dr. Anita Sanchez | Episode 11 | Future of XYZ

Future of XYZ

EPISODE 11: Joining us to talk about the ‘Future of Relationships’ is Dr. Anita Sanchez – a transformational leadership coach, speaker, consultant, and author who shares indigenous wisdom for the modern world. In this conversation, she speaks about “original knowledge” – the fact that we are all in relationship to everything in the hoop of life, a sacred circle with neither beginning nor end, no hierarchy, just connectedness. ABOUT THE SERIES: Future of XYZ is a weekly interview series dedicated to fostering forward-thinking discussions about where we are as a world and where we're going. Hosted by LVG & Co.- an independent strategy consultancy based in New York City. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit future-of.xyz and follow on social media... LinkedIn: @lisagralnek, @lvg-co-strategy | Twitter: @lgralnek | FB: @lgralnek | IG: @futureofxyz


21 Jan 2021

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MLTC209: Dr. Anita Sanchez (Author/Leader)

Master Leadership

Dr. Anita Sanchez inspires people to discover and trust their gifts so that they become a life-giving connection to themselves, to other people, and to our collective home, the earth. Embraced by the love of her indigenous and Mexican ancestors, Anita was taught the power of dreams, vision, community, and stories that help heal the heart and body and quench the thirst of the mind for wisdom. Lean in to learn more of her extraordinary journey.Contact Dr. Sanchez: www.anita-sanchez.comOrganic, Clean-Crafted Wines: Scout & CellarSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/masterleadership. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Jan 2021

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S2E5: Anita Sanchez

The Hoffman Podcast

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Aztec, and Latina, is devoted to bridging Indigenous wisdom and modern times. In this episode, Anita shares the four sacred gifts she offers in her book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. She then tells a story from her childhood that shows the power of The Gift of the Power to Forgive the Unforgiveable. She also shares a big AHA moment during her Process when she learned of the power that a pattern of rebellion ‘against’ can hold. It takes a lot of energy to stay connected through rebellion. Anita speaks of how we are all indigenous in the anthropological sense. We are all “from the Earth”, she tells us. She goes on to say that “some of us have, for thousands of years, consistently lived the tradition of the original knowledge.” She invites us to learn about who we are and where we came from. Anita Sanchez is an author, trainer, speaker. She works with Fortune 500 corporations, businesses, educators, and non-profit organizations.  Her work focuses on cultural transformation, diversity and inclusion, and empowerment of women. She also focuses on bridging indigenous wisdom and science for business and societal renewal. Anita’s international award-winning book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, is published by Simon & Schuster. You can download the free song based on Anita’s book at www.FourSacredGifts.com. Anita leads an annual journey into the sacred headwaters of the Amazon to learn from the Achuar and Sapara people, and reconnect to nature. She is a member of the board of Directors of Evolutionary Business Council, Bioneers, and the Pachamama Alliance. Find out more about Anita here. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes


19 Nov 2020

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Dr. Anita Sanchez - Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times [Author The Four Sacred Gifts]

Path & Purpose

Today we pass the talking piece to a powerful catalyst of individual, organisational and global transformation, Doctor Anita Sanchez. Award-winning author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, named one of Conscious Company Magazine's World-Changing Women of 2020 and a transformational business coach, Anita has spent the past forty years working with executive teams from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NGOs sparking change from the inside out.In this conversation, you’ll learn the meaning of the four sacred gifts and how you can invoke them right now to ignite the inner change necessary for personal liberation and global transformation."We don't need more information. We need more wisdom." https://www.amazon.com/Four-Sacred-Gifts-Indigenous-Wisdom/dp/1501150707 https://foursacredgifts.com https://anita-sanchez.com


7 Oct 2020

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UNEDITED: Dr. Anita Sanchez OD - Ingidenous Wisdom for Modern Times

Path & Purpose

Today I am thrilled to pass the talking piece to a powerful catalyst for conscious organisational development, Doctor Anita Sanchez. She is the award winning author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. Anita was named one of Conscious Company Magazine's World-Changing Women of 2020. A world-class transformational business coach, she has spent the past forty years working with executive teams from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NGOs. In this episode, Anita shares her personal experience blending indigenous wisdom with business savvy to equip us all to live with higher purpose, navigate the unknown and ignite our full potential. "We don't need more information. We need more wisdom." “Individually we’re amazing. But together we’re even more than a genius.”https://www.amazon.com/Four-Sacred-Gifts-Indigenous-Wisdom/dp/1501150707 https://foursacredgifts.com https://anita-sanchez.com

1hr 2mins

6 Oct 2020