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3 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ryan Frederick. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ryan Frederick, often where they are interviewed.

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3 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ryan Frederick. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ryan Frederick, often where they are interviewed.

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Multigenerational Living In Real Life with Ryan Frederick

Bridge the Gap: The Senior Living Podcast
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Multigenerational Living, market study, demographics, marketing - In Real Life with Ryan Frederic


Lucas McCurdy, @SeniorLivingFan Senior Living Renovation - CapEx - Disaster Reconstruction

Joshua Crisp, Founder Solinity Senior Living Consultation - Management - Development

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May 28 2018



Talking Columbus, AWH, Startup Grind, BlK Hack, and i.c.stars with Ryan Frederick

Conquering Columbus Podcast
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On this episode we sit down with Ryan Frederick: Principal at AWH, Director at Startup Grind (Columbus), Advisor at Rev1 Ventures, Advocate at i.c.stars, Principal at Stepside Co. LLC, and an all-around household name in the Columbus startup community! We cover everything from Ryan’s background (up to where he is today), his current role and duties at AWH, his influence in the startup community within Columbus, what he’s learned during his time as a Director of Startup Grind (Columbus), and at the end he even finds a way to switch roles and interview us for about 20 minutes… Lol, the whole episode is a blast and packed with knowledge bombs. Enjoy.


00:00:00 – Patreon Plug, AWH Plug, Max Effort Muscle Plug, Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:02:45 – Background on Ryan, and Mike mispronounces BLK Hack as “Black-Hat” for the first time in the episode
00:03:30 – “… I haven’t really had a career, I’ve been a strategic opportunist…”
00:10:07 – Ryan’s present day activities (AWH, Startup Grind, and more and more and more – The guy stays busy!)
00:12:00 – Startup Grind Columbus!
00:22:00 – Talkin’ bootstrapping
00:25:00 – Wanting the product to be able to do everything
00:30:05 – “Thinking bigger, and trying to solve high impact and high value problems”
00:31:30 – Is being an entrepreneur for everyone?
00:37:00 – What is Startup Grind?
00:41:00 – “I think it becomes more about purpose and fulfillment, that you know you’re getting better because of it”
00:42:15 – Josh says “Escape Goat” and has no idea what is wrong about it…
00:43:30 – Who have been some of the most influential people you’ve spoken with during your tenure with Startup Grind?
00:43:45 – “Average really isn’t that interesting”
00:48:00 – This is where the episode goes off of the tracks, but simultaneously starts dropping some serious life knowledge bombs
00:50:30 – Ryan’s first lesson of putting his ego in-check, and asking himself “What’s the best decision for the group, and not just myself?”
00:55:30 – When you choose a path, you’re also choosing to give some things up
01:00:00 – Talking founders, venture capital, and how hard it is to be a successful startup
01:03:45 – Mike very un-cordially tries to get Ryan to stop talking, then Mispronounces BLK Hack. again.
01:04:00 – BLK Hack
01:07:00 – i.c.stars
01:11:00 – Mike tries to defend himself from his earlier attempt to cut Ryan off from talking, then things get weird and spiral downhill
01:12:30 – Ryan starts interviewing us…?
01:14:00 – “Wrestling groupies”… Lol
01:15:30 – Mike tries to salvage the interview with some final questions – “Ryan, what’s your feelings on the City of Columbus, as a whole?”
01:18:00 – What “Live Uncomfortably” means to Ryan
01:20:00 – Closing remarks
01:20:45 – AWH Plug & Conquering Columbus Intro Music


Startup Grind Columbus
Rev1 Ventures
BLK Hack
Max Effort Muscle[subscribe]

Nov 20 2016



cbuzz Episode 31: Ryan Frederick, AWH

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When Ryan Frederick asked his parents what career path he should follow, they had a very simple answer:

“Get into computers.”

And that’s exactly what Ryan did. Despite less than superb report cards throughout his high school years, Ryan made it to Columbus, Ohio from Upstate New York to attend DeVry University. Soon, he was able to land his first job at a leading tech company, and eventually moved on to become a successful serial entrepreneur.

One of his career ventures, AWH, is a 21-year-old software development firm that has been established in the Central Ohio community as a leader in its field. Ryan tells cbuzz host, Dan Swartwout, that he enjoys the fact that the business of AWH is all about solving people’s problems. This principle certainly carries throughout Frederick’s life as well. Not only is he a serial entrepreneur, but also serially involved in different organizations.

“I wake up in cold sweats like, ‘God, I should stop doing something!’” Ryan jokingly says to Dan as they dive into his ventures: Director for Startup Grind Columbus, Advisor at Rev1Ventures, Co-founder of < BLK HACK >, Advocate for i.c. stars |* to name a few.

The common theme among his many community involvements is helping entrepreneurs along the daring path of starting a business. Ryan’s passion for solving people’s problems, sharing his knowledge and expertise in order to “provide value to others, and the community at large,” along with his exceedingly good humor and wit shines through in this episode of cbuzz. Tune into this latest podcast to hear more about Ryan Frederick and his amazing story of entrepreneurship.

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Aug 11 2016