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#10: Dale Sidebottom (Re-release) - Bringing the Passion & Fun to Education

This Is Your Teaching Life

In this episode we are fortunate enough to be joined by Dale Sidebottom. Dale is one of the most passionate educators (and individuals) that you’ll come across. He has spoken at conferences all over the globe, has done a TED Talk, runs his own podcast called ‘Energetic Radio’ and is about to release his first book titled ‘All Work, No Play’. Dale joined us to chat about where it all began, how he gained the confidence to step away from teaching and begin running his own PD workshops and courses, along with sharing different tips & tricks that he has learnt along the way. Throughout our chat, we talk about Dale's various ventures, including his podcast, resourceful webpage and buying his book, all of which can be accessed through the links below. Website: https://energetic.education/ Book Link: https://www.booktopia.com.au/all-work-no-play-dale-sidebottom/book/9780730391623.html Twitter Contact: https://twitter.com/DaleSidebottom

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16 Sep 2021

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Episode 13 Moving is FUN with Dale Sidebottom

Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast

Moving is FUN and benefits us in a myriad of ways! Special guest, Dale Sidebottom from ‘Energetic Education’ and ‘Jugar Life’ shares his insights and ideas on how we can encourage ourselves, our family and community members to engage in PLAY to improve our mental and physical health. Dale shares his journey from PE teacher to international presenter, and how he’s discovered that using play and games helps him build positive connections and relationships with students and workers quickly and autherntically, so they can engage, learn and move well. Dale’s found that ‘Play-based mindfulness’ is a great way to take a great to bring joy and set a positive tone in your home, your workplace or classroom, to improve people’s mental and physical health. Dale shares his tips on incorporating this philosophy into our daily routines… Instead of wearing ‘busyness’ as a badge of honour, set aside even a few minutes regularly to schedule in ‘playdates’ with yourself, family members, school or work mates, to take an active break from the stress and strain your daily activities… These might be dice games, or clapping games, or moves to music- the options are endless- and you can get lots of inspiration and free resources from Dale’s website. Just keep a few guidelines in mind with group games- which Dale shares- so your activities are inclusive, keep people engaged and feeling safe, rather than focussing on winning and losing. 2. Give yourself, your collegues and students ‘permission to move’ in their everyday, and promote flexibility in how they position themselves while they work or learn is key. 3. Be kind to yourself in your ‘self-talk’ and just start where you’re at, even if that’s a long way from where you want to end up. – Set small, realistic goals for yourself- with little rewards- to really help to spur yourself on as you aim to move more. Dale and Kym share some fun ideas about ‘sneaking fitness’ into your day to day life! – Put away your devices and other distractions away and take a walk, or whatever activity suits you best, each day Dale & Kym discuss lots of quick and easy ways to inject fun and movement into your day, whether it’s with your work team, your family or just for your own sanity, so join us in Episode #13 of the ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ Podcast. Make sure you follow Dale at Energetic Education here Home and connect with him on social media The post Episode 13 Moving is FUN with Dale Sidebottom appeared first on Kym Siddons Physio.


11 Aug 2021

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All Work No Play With Funtrepreneur Dale Sidebottom

The You4ia Health Podcast

Welcome to episode 89 of The You4ia Health Podcast with my mentor and great friend Dale Sidebottom. In today’s episode Dale and I discuss the launch of his new book ‘All work, No play’. Dale is a huge advocate for play based learning and extracting the most out of your staff/ students or employees. You can get in contact with Dale below: Instagram: @dalesidebottom @energeticeducation @jugar.life TEDX talk link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8knuSFEd90 Template for PAL message: I am proud of you because… I admire you because… I love you because… Want to support the show? The single best thing that you can do to support the show is to subscribe and leave a review on the Apple Podcast app. It only takes a few seconds and it is greatly appreciated by me (Matt). Happy listening friends.


6 Jul 2021

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#1 - Dale Sidebottom - Entrepreneur / Author / Keynote & Ted Talk Speaker / Power of Connections

Wish I Knew . . .

Welcome to another episode of "Wish I Knew . . . " A podcast where I speak with people about their career success any setbacks they faced and listen to their interesting stories about how they got to where they are today. I'm your host Gary Nowak and today . . . I've got a special one for you, Dale Sidebottom.Our background First met on the Inca Trail on our way to Machu PichuImmediately liked his attitude and energyIcebreakers on the trail 13 peopleTurns out that we both lived in Melbourne at the time and we've remained close ever since Career Entrepreneur who started at a very early ageBelieves in empowering people to learn and move in a fun wayGlobal Keynote and Ted Talk speakerCreated several companies and AppsComing out with a book May 1st about his life  A few of my personal highlights are:How his entrepreneurial perspective has evolved over the yearsAdvice on Balancing action vs research (in my world it's paralysis by analysis)Best advice he received which I find to be simple and easy to followThe moment Dale is most proud of, surprising answerThe power of making connectionsAlso in the Rapid fire questions he might have upset the entire country of ItalyOne last thing, you are going to hear Dale call my Gazza, which is how name in pronounced in Australia.


4 May 2021

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#227: Dr Craig Daly & Dale Sidebottom | JAG Bag Launch

Energetic Radio

Today is an exhilarating day as it marks three years since Dr Craig Daly and I started talking about putting together a challenge to help children and adults worldwide. This is completely free for everyone and labour of love to improve the globes happiness and mental health. Below you can read out what's involved in the free packs and click on the link at the end of the show notes to gain access to the JAG BAG Packs from Jugar Life. With approximately half of all mental disorders commencing before the age of 14, school settings play a crucial role in ensuring that mental health and well-being are constant focus points during a student’s formative years. Research over the past 20 years has suggested that comprehensive initiatives embracing a 'whole of school' approach (involving school leaders, teachers, staff, and parents) have fostered a climate where better transitions from childhood to adulthood occur. However, overall, student mental health appears to be on the decline, with an estimated one in every five adolescents suffering from a significant mental health disorder. Of additional concern is that, sadly, most instances go undetected and untreated. Early research outputs since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic estimate incidences of adolescent anxiety, depression, and stress have risen significantly. Students worldwide struggle to deal with the loneliness, social isolation, and negativity brought on by continued uncertainty. At JUGAR|LIFE, we want to do our part to remedy that. JAG, as an acronym, stands for joy, affection, and gratitude. These elements exist as core components of social and emotional wellbeing. We challenged ourselves to design an initiative that prioritised these components irrespective of school setting; an initiative that was comprehensive in nature, flexible in delivery, and aligned with specific learning objectives drawn from global social and emotional wellness curricula. We made it our mission to make it available free of charge to all. The JAG Bag is the result. Click on this link to check out the JAG BAG and start enjoying today for FREE - https://www.jugar.life/jugar-life-jag-bag/


14 Mar 2021

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#217: Dale Sidebottom | Lets Get Ready to Rumble 2021

Energetic Radio

Let's kick start the year, with Dale, as he talks about the year that was and what's coming up for an epic 2021 on the podcast. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to today’s episode. If you have any feedback, comments or advice for upcoming episodes, please feel free to reach out to me on the social links below.https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/Twitter @dalesidebottomdale@energetic.education


7 Jan 2021

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Episode 10 - Play, Wellbeing and Fitness Fun (with Dale Sidebottom)

The PhysEd Table

To celebrate Episode 10 of The PhysEd Table Podcast I thought it would be great to have someone join me that essentially started me on this journey of networking, particularly in the format of a podcast, but someone who has been able to inspire many many educators and people - Mr Dale Sidebottom. As Chloe Dew described Dale back in Episode 8, he is an energiser bunny, who fills a room whenever he walks into one. He has an amazing thirst for learning, inspiring and creating, having presented across multiple countries, worked with elite sports clubs and industries, corporate giants and in amongst all that, helping thousands of schools generate a passion and love for learning through PLAY, WELLBEING and FITNESS. And those 3 things are what Dale and I discuss in this episode. Dale shares his ideas on PLAY, how we can reconnect with it as adults, WELLBEING and the importance of creating holistic wellbeing experience now more than ever, and bring the FUN BACK TO FITNESS. Dale’s ability to instill confidence in yourself through his infectious enthusiasm really shines through and I hope you walk away from this episode with a hit of energy to help yourself, your school, your students, staff or even your friends and family find joy through PLAY, WELLBEING and FITNESS. So let’s all sit back and pull up a seat and enjoy this truly inspiring conversation at The PhysEd Table with Dale Sidebottom. If you would like to follow or get in contact with Dale you can find him on: Instagram and Twitter: @dalesidebottom Check out Dale's work at... Energetic Education Podcast Available on Spotofy, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast Instagram and Twitter: @energeticeducation  Website: https://energetic.education/ Jugar Life Instagram and Twitter: @jugarlife Wesbite: https://www.jugar.life/


20 Oct 2020

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#200: Dale Sidebottom | The Double Hundred

Energetic Radio

Woo Hoo, the double hundred!! Who would have thought that when I started this podcast over four years ago as a way to get people moving through story-based adventures that I would have hit 200 episodes. The journey has had its ups and downs and is something I can sit back and truly say that I am incredibly proud of. In today's episode, I will be sort of interviewing myself and sharing what I have learnt about myself, others and the journey of learning and speaking to some of the most insightful people around the globe. Healthy Minds Positive Vibes 2.0 - https://summit.jugar.life/Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to today's episode and the previous 199. If you have any feedback, comments or advice for the next 200 episodes, please feel free to reach out to me on the social links below.https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/ https://twitter.com/DaleSidebottom dale@energetic.education


22 Jul 2020

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#9 When Life Disappoints.....with guest Dale Sidebottom

Revive Fitness & Nutrition Podcast hosted by Julie Paton-Monk

Dale Sidebottom, Funtrepreneur,  is on a mission to bring more fun into everyone's life through movement.  We hear Dale talk about the disappoints he has experienced in his own life, struggles he has been through and the hard work he has done to keep the good stuff and remove the bad stuff over the last 5 years.   We find out what tools and systems Dale implements in his own life to incorporate fun and the importance of taking time for you whilst focusing on what you can control. If you like a challenge - Listen out for the homework Dale has set - 30 day PAL challenge!  Remember  - "Thinking is cheap, talking is cheap - You need to take action" Connect with Dale Narcissistic To Nice | Dale Sidebottom | TEDxDocklands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8knuSFEd90 Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/ https://www.instagram.com/jugar.life/ https://www.instagram.com/energeticeducation/ https://www.instagram.com/fhlretreats/


12 Jul 2020

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Season 1 Finale-Dale Sidebottom for the Win


We discuss our relationship, his amazing influence on me and others, jugar life, energetic ed, but mostly, Fitness Game Zone-a membership that every type of educator needs. This bond is super duper!  Energetic Education: https://energetic.education/ Fitness Games Zone: https://members.fitnessgameszone.com/subscribe/ Jugar Life: https://www.jugar.life/ Dale's Twitter: @DaleSidebottom


10 Jun 2020