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Episode 14 Taking Back Your Mind Power With Dr Angela Wilson

Back To Health

Episode 14: Taking Back Your Mind Power With Dr Angela WilsonDr Angela Wilson shares her traumatic childhood where her mother tried to drown her and then abused or ignored her, making her feel completely unsafe and fearful for her life. At just the tender age of 6 she developed a coping mechanism by tapping in to the power of the unconscious mind.You can listen to her story and be inspired as she reveals her insights into how to reclaim power over the unconscious mind and use it intentionally to achieve what you desire.A powerful, intimate and insightful episode.You can learn more about Dr Angela Wilson at the links below:Free training at www.mindsamurai.comWebsite: pathtoliberty.comFor more episodes and to subscribe to the Back To Health Podcast, visit:iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/back-to-health/id1566734092 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0QGOhAnElkmpSD51NXPWcx Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIchtA8z5fxGfilFxwKD5lg Website: www.backtohealthpodcast.com To catch me on social visit:Instagram: www.instagram.com/backtohealthpodcastFacebook: www.facebook.com/backtohealthpodcast If you have a story to share and would like to appear on the podcast, apply here: https://waystoteach.typeform.com/to/uq3XGoWGFor questions, feedback or to book a consultation with me, email:whatishomeopathyuk@gmail.com


12 Aug 2021

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Dr Angela Wilson ūüíēPath To Liberty

Memoirs of Successful Women

In this episode of Memoirs of Successful Women, The Transformation Queen Annie Gibbins interviews Dr Angela Wilson ūüíēFounder - Path To Liberty Dr Angela Wilson, P.h.D is known as the authority of the largely inaccessible unconscious mind. She is the first person who connect consciousness with the unconsciousness and merge them to solve the crux of human suffering from the cradle to the grave, from personal tragedy to the world misery. When most of us live in COVID 19 fear, the sense of uncertainty, she had led her hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find at the age of six. Her over forty years' fearless effort risking her life to test how to take over the control of this mysterious part of the mind is a repeating story of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Her discovery will open you up to broader things that you never thought possible and give you a very solid grounding foundation that is unshakable. She is a certified training provider, international speaker, author, global peace ambassador and more. Contact Dr Angela Contact Annie¬†--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/annie-gibbins/message

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19 Jul 2021

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Breaking Out of the Mind Prison w/ Dr. Angela Wilson

Pieces of a Nation

‚ÄúEveryone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒLeo TolstoyThere‚Äôs a saying in Buddhism that you need to ‚ÄúBecome the master of your mind rather than let your mind master you.‚ÄĚ -Nichiren Daishonin. Its an easy thing to accept but its difficult to actually do. Join Dr. Angela Wilson (Creator of Mind Power Magic) and myself, Richard Chiu, as we discuss emotional awareness, converting negative energies to positive energy, and how invisible forces can overtake you if you‚Äôre not aware of it. --- This episode is sponsored by ¬∑ Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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16 Jun 2021

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153 Angela Wilson - Mind Power Magic is your Path To Liberty

Steps To Sobriety

Dr. Angela Wilson is a COVID 19 mind power and mental health educator, consultant, trainer and coach, serial entrepreneur, celebrity interviewer, humanitarian activist, global peace & civility ambassador, animal welfare advocate, certified training provider, international speaker, author, actress, and more. She has mentored religious leaders, and their disciples coached spiritual masters and gurus. She consulted members of the most powerful family in political history. In her own words: While most of us live in COVID19 Pandemic fear and uncertainty about one's future, I have over the last forty years generated mind power to live beyond earth's misery. The awakening moment at age six guided me towards what humanity is truly looking for but is afraid to find - the battlefield of power.My early success allowed me to invest over one million US dollars in the past decades, researching the hidden invisible forces that drive successful aspiring individuals with super mental strength to a tragic end through unsolved emotional and mental health issues.                3 top tips for my audience:1. The unconscious mind is power battlefield2. Taking ownership of our mind-power is the path to liberty from our mind-prison3. Any unsolved emotional and mental health issues can drive us to a tragic ending  Social Media links https://www.facebook.com/mindpowerlady/ https://www.facebook.com/matrixsamurai https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindpowerlady/ https://twitter.com/MindPowerLady https://www.instagram.com/themindpowerlady/ Wait, there is more!!! Have a look at www.mystepstosobriety.com to see which other books and projects I am involved in!  And follow me on Instagram, Podcast, Facebook and Linkedin!https://www.instagram.com/adifferentlifestory https://stephanneff.podbean.com/ https://www.facebook.com/adifferentlifestory https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephan-neff-author/

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15 Jun 2021

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A Conversation with Angela Wilson, the Mind-Power Lady

Conversations With Steve Holder

My guest this evening Is Dr. Angela Wilson, author and internationally acclaimed public speaker.


9 Jun 2021

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Dr Angela Wilson on Mind Power Magic

The Dreambuildrs Podcast

In this episode Jochem Interviews Mind Power Lady, Dr Angela Wilson. She is a mind matrix and mental health educator, consultant, trainer and coach, certified training provider, international speaker, author, and more. About  Dr Angela WilsonThe awakening moment on mind power at age six saved Dr. Angela Wilson, mind power lady from living in misery and led her unstoppable fascinating exploration of the mind path to liberty at the next level. When most of us live in COVID 19 fear, the sense of uncertainty, she had led her hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find over forty years ago. Called as the authority of the unconscious mind, she will share her cutting-edge discovery of the easy path to liberate from mind prison that every leader, master, gurus, practitioner on personal development, healing, enlightenment are looking for.  She lives on her mission to rise by lifting others through many roles like Mind Matrix Specialist, Human Body Technician, Transcendence Coach, A serial entrepreneur, Celebrity Interviewer, Humanitarian Activist, Global Peace & Civility Ambassador, Certified Training Provider, International Speaker, Author, Actress, and more.  In this episode we talk about:·      The coding secret we all possess to live a life of purpose and freedom ·      The unconscious mind vs the subconscious mind.·      How to access and tap into unconscious mind and make it work for yourself.·      Strategies to live on purpose.·      The power and health benefits of putting yourself through discomfort. Connect with Dr Angela WilsonInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/themindpowerlady/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindpowerlady/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindpowerlady/Website: https://pathtoliberty.com/MAKE SURE you get her awesome offer (the Free Book and Video training) at  https://pathtoliberty.com/ coupon code: LIBERTY@COVID-19 Join the Dreambuildrs Community: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dreambuildrsInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreambuildrs/Podcast: https://www.dreambuildrs.com/podcast/Website: https://www.dreambuildrs.com/


26 May 2021

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02 Dr. Angela Wilson - Path To Liberty In The Mind Matrix

Awesome Life Podcast

How to transcend and lead life with own call as a mind matrix warrior by breaking the malicious coding in the 80% of largely inaccessible unconscious mind and take the coding process in control. (Watch the conversation on Youtube:https://karenstultz.com/Conversations¬†) Dr. Angela Wilson has had a unique experience in the medical environment as a toddler led her "truly has her hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most Her experiences tapping into the ‚Äúlargely inaccessible unconscious mind‚ÄĚ connecting with the infinite self started since her birth. ‚ÄúHer practical application for you as a human being will open you up to broader things that you never thought possible and give you a very solid grounding foundation that is unshakable. ‚ÄĚ She protects clients on their self-discovery and self-mastery journey to the next level they are ready to access. known as Mind Power Lady, Dr Angela Wilson shares personal stories of her bold journey finding her way back home where she comes from. Be sure to get her Awesome Offer: Digital Book: Path To Liberty included in Transcendence Package, ‚ÄĒ> sign up at https://www.pathtoliberty.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mindpowerlady/


9 Mar 2021

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Programmable Money: Sila Cofounders Shamir Karkal and Angela Wilson

Barefoot Innovation Podcast

Shamir and Angela explain the fascinating meanings of the word, Sila. They describe their business model, their customer base, and their back-end infrastructure based on Ethereum. They explain their revenue model -- they say their pricing is so good, especially for startups, that they put it right on their homepage. And they share their vision of the money world of the future. They point out that programming has been transformed in the last decade, so that it’s easy today to integrate new technology into existing systems using software development kits, without the need for complex, expensive integrations.. Why, they ask, can’t the world of banking and payments work like that? Why does it take three days for a global bank to move money? And what should a 21st century commerce system look like? Shamir and Angela think it should connect everyone on the planet; it should work over the internet; and it should enable anyone to build and ship applications on top of it, using standardized protocol libraries that developers can draw upon.

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23 Aug 2020

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Yoga With Angela Wilson - 15 Minutes Of Happy Episode 8

Daily Happy Podcast

Your 15 Minutes of Happy are here! In episode eight, Robin and Ali chat with Sol Yoga owner Angela Wilson about taking a leap and opening her own studio and the challenges of teaching yoga during COVID. This week's lightning round covers what song reminds you of a middle school dance, favorite beverages, and hidden talents.Theme song provided by Jim Boggia, cover art by Scott Harrison.


15 Jul 2020

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Serve To Win: The Psychology Of Becoming Whole In The Face of Covid-19 - Angela Wilson

Back 2 Being

Step inside for an in depth conversation with Coach Angela Wilson. We discuss many angles of the current global situation, the psychology behind it, and what we can do to overcome it.. We talk about emerging technologies and the pineal gland, our connection to nature, How Our Mind Influences Our Immune System, the absurdity of FEAR,  NeuroScience, Epigentics, Spiritual, Emotional, & Intellectual Intellegince, Her Journey from Romania to London, Communism & 'Democracy', and much more... The conversation continued after we went off air, so there is an added 20 minute bonus section! This conversation will intrigue you and grip you to think for yourself... Tune in and upgrade your awareness...  Born in Romania, Angela has lived in London for the last 20 years. She is a level 3 LTA Professional tennis coach as well a REP level 3 personal trainer, sports psychologist and NLP master practitioner. In 2018 she was a best selling co-author of the book Unbreakable Spirit. In 2019 she was published in High Profile magazine, and will be featured in the magazine again this month. 

1hr 39mins

18 May 2020