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Episode 24 | Liz Cooper, Owner, Operator, and Instructor at The Bar Method

Iconic Businesses of Dallas

Hello and so sorry I have been MIA for the past few weeks but as some of you may know, I am a realtor and co-owner of Iconic Real estate in Dallas, and we have been SO busy!This week's guest is Liz Cooper, owner of The Bar Method-North Dallas. She turned her passion for barre into a career and opened up The Bar Method in January of 2020.  When the pandemic hit in March of that same year, she had to close down her studio for months. Her passion, along with the support from people who love her and her business, got her through the closures and restrictions.  Business is picking up as we get closer to normalcy with each passing day. Visit www.barmethod.com for more info and follow Liz on Instagram @barmethodnorthdallasThe studio is located at 14902 Preston Road suite 700. You can call 469-930-0210 for more info or to book your FREE class...what have you got to lose? Liz's Iconic Business: The State Fair of Texas:  www.bigtex.comIf you liked today’s episode, follow me on instagram @iconicbusinesspodcast and subscribe to “Iconic Businesses of Dallas” on your favorite podcast player! This episode was recorded in Dallas Texas at Iconic Real Estate and edited by Shaun Chapman.


9 Apr 2021

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31 – Absence Makes The Art Grow Fonder (Art Practise w/ Melody Starkweather, Sarah Wright & Liz Cooper)

Teach Me Tiger

This episode is bittersweet like dark chocolate and HOT HOT HOT like a ghost pepper. In Episode 31, we introduce Liz Cooper, your new best friend and our new co-host (eeee!!!) as Sarah drops her the mic and heads off to a party and illustrious career with Just The Tip Handpoke Tattooing (weee!!) But don't worry, she's only across the street and will still pop in to say hi ALL THE TIME! You'll be sick of her, we promise!In Absence Makes The Art Grow Fonder, we get to know all about Liz, Sarah and Melody - photographer, tattooist and painter. We learn of their experience as working artists - how they make it work, how they keep it fun, who inspires them, and how they even manage to bring some money in once in a while. Sometimes. Maybe. If they're lucky.You can find Liz at instagram.com/lizzouse or lizzography.com. Sarah is at justthetiphandpoketattoos on Instagram, and Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca.Please support us on Patreon, or by subscribing, rating and reviewing the pod on your favourite platform (5 stars only though! Thanks!) And tell your friends. Thank you so much.

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9 May 2019

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Ep. #284: Liz Cooper & The Stampede

Rig Rundowns

The dreamy, psychedelic-folk rocker explains how a salvaged-spruce offset colored with gobs of vibe, chorus, and trem give her freewheeling, Dead-inspired journeys constant movement and flow.


26 Apr 2019

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Liz Cooper & The Stampede

Live at Paste Studio

There are a lot of bands trying to make it in Nashville. But only every so often does one show some real personality and singularity. Liz Cooper and her band the Stampede are one such entity, and while that means they're befallen to the music media's need to classify a cool new sound, these guys are ones to watch. However, rather than dodge the subgenres that have been stamped onto them by others, Liz Cooper & the Stampede are embracing the labels. "Dream-folk psychedelic rock is what we've heard on the streets and we dig what the people think," Cooper writes. The band corralled in the Paste Studio on Dec.13, and they treated live-streamers to three songs from their 2018 album Window Flowers: "Outer Space," "Motions" and "Mountain Man." The "psychedelic" label is absolutely applicable to Cooper's music—"Outer Space" is a bluesy, hallucinogen-induced trip, an "escape" from "reality" to "Outer Space," while "Moutain Man" and "Motions" are more of a sonic escape—throughout the set, Cooper and co. break out into Dead-level jam sessions while simultaneously serving up some major grooves, making for a fun stash of tunes you can either dance to or space out to.

15 Jan 2019

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Episode 128: Liz Cooper

The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman

We first heard about Liz Cooper and The Stampede from our pal Steve. He sent us a link to an AudioTree Live session, and we liked it and so too did over 220,000 people. We’ve been jonesing to get her on the show ever since, and luckily with the release of her record “Window Flowers” we indeed got a chance to chat. Given her life on the road, the talented people she hangs with, and the songs she writes and performs, I suspect we will be hearing a lot more from Liz. She has an absolutely unmistakeable sound, and her guitar playing along with the talent of the stampede will take her even further. For tour dates, album info and more visit lizcooperandthestampede.com. Show Notes:First Song: 00:45 – Mountain ManInterview Begins: 04:31Extro Song: 23:00 - Dalai LamaSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


16 Aug 2018

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Episode 13 - Hom Tanks with Liz Cooper & The Stampede

Drink Tank DC

Kicking off episode 13 with a short game of Super Smash Bros. We then talk BEEEER, Uber Air, Elon Musk, Tom Hanks (however briefly), and dreams.Music selection by MikeMusic by Liz Cooper & The Stampede: Fondly & Forever | MotionsSuggestions & recommendations are welcome at DrinkTankDC@gmail.com and (202) 681-1916[Explicit Content]


23 Jul 2018

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9 – Picture Yourselfie (Photography w/ Liz Cooper)

Teach Me Tiger

Hey, Tigers. Say CHEESE! Ever wonder the best lighting and angles for a meaningful selfie or just to chisel them chins? Join us in convo with our wildly talented professional photographer bud Liz Cooper, as we explore selfies, photographing kids, getting great prints, awkward shoots, Liz's worst date and more!Find Liz at www.lizzography.comFind Sarah at www.instagram.com/littlewrightcrew.art and Melody at www.melodystarkweather.ca

1hr 38mins

28 Jun 2018

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Liz Cooper Interview - Guitarist Liz Cooper & The Stampede - Everyone Loves Guitar #121

Everyone Loves Guitar

Liz moved at least 12 different times during her childhood. Discover the skills she learned from this and how they helped her when she moved to Nashville to be a musician… Liz has a very unusual style of fingerpicking. It sounds great - like there are two guitars playing. She is completely self-taught and learned 100% by ear. Yet, she does have a couple of things she wish she did differently, however… Uncover Liz’s unusual talent (it has to do with a golfing wedge) and a whole lot more, on this in-depth call with Liz Cooper... Go to http://www.EveryoneLovesGuitar.com to get notified of future episodes


29 Dec 2017

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City of You Podcast Episode 108: Liz Cooper

City of You Podcasts

RJ Thompson sits down with Liz Cooper at Friends Specialty to discuss being a photographer and performing arts instructor in Youngstown on September 16, 2016.


23 Jan 2017

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Women of Golf Show with special guest, PGA/LPGA Professional - Liz Cooper

Women of Golf

Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!With hosts: Radio Host/Producer Ted J. Odorico & LPGA Professional - Cindy Miller.Cindy & I start this weeks broadcast with a discussion on "Senses".Then later in the show we are joined by: PGA/LPGA Professional - Liz CooperMore on Liz:  She's the Director of Player Development at Army Navy Country Club. ANCC has two campuses with 27-holes at each facility and over 2,200 active golf members and 7,000 members worldwide. Army Navy Country Club has been recognized as a Platinum Club, which is one of the top 4% of all private clubs in the United States. Liz oversees Player Development at both facilities at ANCC, which includes all instructional programming, instructor training, member engagement, new member “on-boarding”, food and beverage and golf revenue tracking as well as new golf programming creation and implementation.Join us LIVE Tuesday 9-10AM Eastern at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolfThe broadcast is also available as a Podcast at http://www.itunes.com

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22 Nov 2016