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5 - 31 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - J. Warner Wallace (Preparing Young Christians)

Janet Mefferd Today

Studies show that only 4 percent of Generation Z has a biblical worldview. How can we understand the uniqueness of the next generation as we seek to help them embrace the Word of God? Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace. adjunct professor of apologetics at Talbot School of theology, Biola University, joins me to talk about it and his book, "So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World." That's next time on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


31 May 2021

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Detective J. Warner Wallace Interview: Evidence for Christianity

Truth Be Told

Christianity, oftentimes amongst skeptics, is made out to be nothing more than a fairytale but, in reality, Christianity is the most well-evidenced belief in existence. No other faith has as much proof of its accuracy than Christianity and the cumulative case becomes impossible to stand up against when faced honestly. Join us on Truth Be Told as we discuss the rationality and evidence of Christianity with theologian, apologist, and cold-case detective, J. Warner Wallace of Cold Case Christianity.  If you have doubts about your faith or don't have answers to certain skeptic's attacks, don't be shaken, there are answers. If you are a skeptic, ask yourself if you've honestly evaluated the claims and evidence of Christianity. It takes strength and courage to look your world view in the face and see if it holds up to scrutiny. Christians, take heart and skeptics, take courage! The truth of Christianity stands strong through it all. Cold Case Christianity: https://coldcasechristianity.com/ Email: truthbetoldbiblepodcast@gmail.com Music: Pop-Rock By Twisterium Logo: Matt Hernandez Video Sound and Editing: Jamie Schreiber


23 Apr 2021

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Cold Case Christianity | J. Warner Wallace

Freedom Families

Today on the show, we welcome Cold Case Detective, J. Warner Wallace. Jim grew up in an atheist household and in an area of California where Christians were few and far between. Years into his career, he decided to take his skills and evidential approach from the field into the Christian faith. As an atheist, he investigated the Gospel claims. Tune in to hear where that led!Find videos, books and other resources at: Cold Case ChristianityJoin the Freedom Families community to talk with our host, E.J., and others who listen to this show! freedomfamilies.locals.com


14 Apr 2021

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Resisting the nature of celebrity in Christianity – J. Warner Wallace

Afternoons with Bill Arnold

Bill and J. Warner Wallace examine society's increasing likelihood to react from a subjective verses objective view point resulting in acts of violence. They then discuss the danger of celebrity in Christianity and the fall of Christian celebrities in a social media dominated world.


12 Mar 2021

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Ep 114 with J. Warner Wallace

A View from the Wall

Ep 114 with J. Warner Wallace by A View from the Wall


18 Feb 2021

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Epic Interview with J. Warner Wallace on the Authorship of the Gospels.

Proselytize or Apostatize

Were the Gospels written late? Early? Do we have good reasons to trust who wrote them? Join David and David as they ask Cold Case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace of Cold Case Christianity.

1hr 10mins

3 Feb 2021

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Seeing each other by our public persona – J. Warner Wallace

Afternoons with Bill Arnold

J. Warner Wallace, a cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker, and best-selling author, discusses why we as Christians are speaking more about politics, division, and opinion rather than leading people to Christ, especially in the social media arena.


27 Jan 2021

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1 - 05 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - J. Warner Wallace (The Evidence of God)

Janet Mefferd Today

What are the eight critical pieces of evidence in the "crime scene" of the universe to determine if they point to a Divine Intruder? On the next edition of JANET MEFFERD TODAY, Christian apologist and former cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace will join me. We’ll talk about the evidence for our Creator as we talk about his book, “God’s Crime Scene!” That and a whole lot more – be sure to join us for Tuesday’s JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


5 Jan 2021

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What counts as evidence for God? (with J. Warner Wallace)

Ryan Pauly Podcast

Cold-case homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace, will be joining the show to discuss the nature of evidence, evidence for God, and the difference between belief that God exists and belief in God. Come join our conversation and bring your challenging questions about the evidence for Christianity!


22 Oct 2020

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WE ARE FREE - Cold Case Christianity: An Interview with J. Warner Wallace pt. 2

Win the Day

Pastor Nat continues part 2 of his interview with homicide detective and Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace. Today they talk about how Wallace’s investigative techniques have helped him reveal the certainty about the objective truth, morality, and the origin of life. Download the Transcript of Today's PodcastWe know that to experience real and lasting change in your spiritual life, the most important factor is engaging God’s Word, intentionally and often. Like a light in the darkness, the Bible offers peace and truth that can guide us as we make decisions and sift through the messages we are receiving from the news, the culture, and the people we interact with each dayBack to the Bible has developed an encouraging new devotional book to help you find assurance and rest in these unprecedented times. It’s called Win the Day: Daily Steps for Walking in Truth and Peace. It’s our gift to anyone who donates to the ministry work of Back to the Bible this month.Get to know Nat Crawford, Cara Whitney, Arnie Cole


16 Oct 2020