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Kwame Christian on negotiating anything

Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

Expert negotiator Kwame Christian bases his approach to conflict and negotiation on something he calls “compassionate curiosity.” In this listener-favorite episode from the Hello Monday archives, he joins host Jessi Hempel to share his philosophy and his framework for successful negotiations in every facet of life. 


30 Aug 2021

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Negotiation Strategies and Tactics for Successful Deal Making – Kwame Christian

Mississippi Prospects

Best selling author, attorney, and speaker, Kwame Christian, is the director of the American Negotiation Institute and a respected voice in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. Christian has conducted workshops throughout North American and abroad. Host of the world’s most popular negotiation podcast, Negotiate Anything, Kwame is dedicated to empowering professionals through the art and science of negotiation and persuasion. Listen now to level up your negotiation skills.


25 Aug 2021

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Mastering the Art of Negotiation with Kwame Christian

All the Hacks

Negotiation professor and expert Kwame Christian joins Chris to discuss how you can become a better negotiator at work and at home. They discuss common mistakes made while negotiating, a three step process you can use in every negotiation, and how talking less can be your key to success. Kwame Christian (@kwamechistian) is a practicing attorney, the director of the American Negotiation Institute, a professor of Negotiation at the Ohio State University, the host of the world’s most popular negotiation podcast (Negotiate Anything), and the best-selling author of Finding Confidence in Conflict: Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best LifeFull show notes available at: https://www.allthehacks.com/mastering-negotiation-kwame-christian Selected Links From The EpisodeConnect with Kwame Christian: LinkedIn | InstagramAmerican Negotiation Institute: Website  | Negotiation GuidesBooks: The Code of Trust (by Robin Dreeke) | Finding Confidence in Conflict (by Kwame Christian)Podcasts:  Negotiate Anything Podcast | Ask With Confidence Podcast | Negociación desde Cero Full Show NotesWho is Kwame Christian? (episode overview).  [00:15]What do most people get wrong when it comes to negotiating? [01:15]Is negotiating a skill that is valuable  for everyone? [01:40]Are some people better than others at negotiating? [02:22]How can you measure how good of a negotiator you are? [03:45]What does a successful negotiation feel like? [05:06]Is negotiating strategic or tactical? [06:36]How did Kwame Christian end up being the negotiation guy? [07:25]The simple 3 step negotiation process (the compassionate curiosity framework). [11:49]How can you prepare for a negotiation? [19:05]Why are we better negotiators outside of our homes? [21:49]How to prepare for any negotiation in 3 minutes. [24:19]Why open-ended questions give you the leverage you need in a negotiation? [25:00]The most powerful questions you can ask in a negotiation. [25:58]How much should you speak in a negotiation? [27:03]How to win every single difficult conversation you enter. [28:30]Who should make the first offer in a negotiation? (The anchoring technique) [30:33]How you might accidentally make people insist on their point of view (psychological entrenchment) [33:34]When should you walk away from a negotiation? [36:26]Big things people forget to negotiate. [38:47]Common mistakes in almost every negotiation. [41:37]How should you negotiate with kids? (parenting towards obsolescence) [42:55]What is validation? [45:40]Should you try to get rejected? [49:28]How to recover from saying the wrong things in a conversation with someone you love. [52:41]Can you negotiate with yourself? [55:13] Connect with All the HacksAll the Hacks: Newsletter | Website | Facebook | EmailChris Hutchins: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn


25 Aug 2021

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#36: Negotiation with Kwame Christian

Opinion Science

Kwame Christian is an attorney and negotiation expert. He's the director of the American Negotiation Institute where he and his team offer training and consultation for a variety of negotiation needs. He serves as a professor for Otterbein University's MBA program and Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law.In his podcast, Negotiate Anything, Kwame talks to experts in negotiation and persuasion to bring insights to a wide audience. In our conversation, he shares that the podcast has been downloaded over 3 million times!He is also the author of the book Finding Confidence in Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life. In it, he shares how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of effective conversations. For a glimpse, check out his TEDx Dayton talk, "Finding Confidence in Conflict."You can find the negotiation guides Kwame mentions in this episode at the ANI website: https://americannegotiationinstitute.com/negotiation-guides/In our conversation, Kwame helps define what negotiation is, the reason why people struggle with it, and how we can use practice and psychology to get better at it.---------------Check out my new audio course on Knowable: "The Science of Persuasion."For a transcript of this episode, visit: http://opinionsciencepodcast.com/episode/negotiation-with-kwame-christian/Learn more about Opinion Science at http://opinionsciencepodcast.com/ and follow @OpinionSciPod on Twitter.


26 Apr 2021

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Resolving conflict with empathy ft. Kwame Christian | Ep 139

Self-Belief Chief

Try: https://www.selfbeliefchief.com/vip

1hr 4mins

19 Apr 2021

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146. Using Anchoring in Negotiations, an Interview with Kwame Christian

The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics

Today I am so excited to have Kwame Christian back on the show. Kwame was first on the show back in July of 2020 in episode 107. There aren’t a lot of repeat guests on the show because there are so many people out there I want to talk to and share with you; I am constantly trying to find new voices to bring on.  That being said, I had to have Kwame back for a few reasons.  For one thing, we have become friends over this past year and I know how much fun he is to talk to and such a wealth of information. When he came on the show we talked about having difficult conversations around race and inequality, which was influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of George Floyd, and other horrible events that started coming to a greater light in spring 2020. While Kwame quickly became a prominent voice in that space, it isn’t his main focus or real area of genius. While prepping to have Kwame guest lecture for a class I recently taught on internal communication and change management at Texas A&M, I saw that he had a guide about using anchoring as a tool in negotiation and it was a clear opportunity to have him back to talk about his truest expertise – negotiation techniques.  Show Notes: [00:06] In today’s episode I’m so excited to have Kwame Christian back on the show, a rare repeat guest, to talk about using anchoring in negotiations. [03:02] Kwame is the director of the American Negotiation Institute and host of the #1 negotiation podcast in the world, Negotiate Anything, which has over 2 million downloads in more than 180 countries. [05:27] At the American Negotiation Institute they do negotiation trainings and business consulting.  [08:30] Kwame has a background in psychology.  [08:47] Kwame’s philosophy for life is that the best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations. His goal is to make these difficult conversations easier so you can live the best version of your life.  [09:04] Negotiation is a life philosophy that we filter every life conversation through. He thinks of every conversation in terms of a negotiation.  [11:39] There is a bias where we think that negotiation has to be adversarial. It doesn’t need to be that way.  [12:00] Negotiation is any time you are in a conversation and somebody in the conversation wants something. The people that you negotiate with the most are the people closest to you.  [14:24] In every situation somebody wants something even if it is just to be heard or understood.  [15:14] If you think of a conversation as a negotiation then you are going to be more explicit with your desires and invite the other person to share what it is they want out of the interaction.  [17:31] Any interaction (even when money doesn’t exchange hands), you are still trying to sell someone an idea that you need them to buy in on.  [18:06] Anchoring is the most powerful negotiation technique. You should always try to use it in some capacity.  [18:31] Anchoring with the most aggressive request that you can reasonably justify.  [21:02] If you have as much information or more information then you make the first offer because then you are in a position to create a competent anchor. If you have less information then you let them make the first offer and then you counter them.  [22:56] There are some glaring mistakes you can make if you anchor without having enough information.  [25:08] We need to be able to distinguish between rejection and resistance.  [27:58] The things you say have an impact. You want to calibrate that impact for maximum impact.  [29:57] Negotiation Genius talks about how to play defense when someone else anchors you.  [31:20] Anchoring plays a huge role in our psychology and if we don’t recognize it we are going to do things that have a subtle impact on the subconscious of the person on the other side.  [33:37] Negotiating the agenda is one of the most important negotiations that does not occur.  [36:23] You have to be more mindful about what you are trying to accomplish.  [37:42] It is helpful to know what the person you are negotiating with cares about most.  [40:01] We have to ask questions and learn as much as we can so that we can try to solve the right problems.  [40:44] Assertiveness is taken differently depending on who you are. The way you frame something may be different depending on your gender.  [42:37] We have to play in the world we live in, but we can be doing things on the side to try and change them in the future.  [43:19] Melina shares her closing thoughts.  [45:05] Melina’s first book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You is officially on presale and available on Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Booktopia. Buy today and be one of the first to receive a copy when it officially launches May 11, 2021. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Android. If you like what you heard, please leave a review on iTunes and share what you liked about the show.  I hope you love everything recommended via The Brainy Business! Everything was independently reviewed and selected by me, Melina Palmer. So you know, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That means if you decide to shop from the links on this page (via Amazon or others), The Brainy Business may collect a share of sales or other compensation. Let’s connect: Melina@TheBrainyBusiness.com The Brainy Business® on Facebook The Brainy Business on Twitter The Brainy Business on Instagram The Brainy Business on LinkedIn Melina on LinkedIn The Brainy Business on Youtube More from The Brainy Business: 🎉🎉🎉 Preorder Melina’s new book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You on Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Booktopia 🎉🎉🎉 Apply now to join the book launch team (and read it before anyone else!)  Get the Books Mentioned on this Episode: Finding Confidence in Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life by Kwame Christian Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond by Deepak Malhotra Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever Ask For It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg Connect with Kwame:  American Negotiation Institute Negotiate Anything Podcast How to Combat Confirmation Bias with Melina Palmer Ask with Confidence Podcast Ultimate Negotiation Guide Past Episodes:  Episode 11: Anchoring Episode 107: Interview with Kwame Christian Episode 16: Framing Episode 12: Relativity Episode 9: Loss Aversion Episode 18: Priming Episode 32: Overwhelmed Brain Episode 23: Reciprocity Check out (and preorder!) my upcoming book on Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Booktopia


2 Apr 2021

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Kwame Christian on negotiating anything

Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

Expert negotiator Kwame Christian is a master of difficult conversations. He bases his approach on something he calls “compassionate curiosity.” This week, he joins host Jessi Hempel to share his philosophy and his framework for successful negotiations in every facet of life.


1 Feb 2021

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92: The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make During Negotiations with Kwame Christian M.A. Esquire

BiggerPockets Business Podcast

Negotiation is all around us, whether we see it or not. Whether it’s a business negotiation, an argument in a relationship, or convincing your child to eat their greens, you’re always negotiating. With us on today’s episode is Kwame Christian M.A. Esquire, host of the Negotiate Everything podcast and author of Finding Confidence in Conflict.Most people think you have to be a lawyer to be an expert negotiator. Kwame argues that this isn’t true. Since we are constantly negotiating every day, we have the ability to level up our skills to become experts in debating and negotiating. He stresses that winning a negotiation doesn’t mean beating your opponent so they’re embarrassed at the end. It means giving you AND the opponent the ability to walk away from the situation with a win.Kwame preaches “compassionate curiosity” as one of the best ways to research how an opponent may answer questions you present to them. Tie this with some creative problem solving, and you’ll come out of the debate a winner.As real estate investors, this is especially key to our line of business. We’re constantly debating with sellers, buyers, appraisers and more to get outcomes that benefit us. But how can we suggest an outcome that makes the negotiating partner feel good and presents us with future opportunities? You’ll have to listen to find out!In This Episode We Cover:Why negotiating isn’t just arguing and how to find wins for both partiesUsing “The Empathy Loop” as a tactic to have the other party feel heardThe 3 pillars of negotiation, and keeping them in mind when we debateThe biggest mistakes people make when negotiatingResearch vs. preparation (when to use which for what)Compassionate curiosity and seeing your opponents point of viewMaintaining your “form” throughout negotiationAnd So Much More!Links from the ShowPrevious BiggerPockets Business EpisodesFinding Confidence in Conflict | Kwame Christian | TEDxDaytonAmerican Negotiation Institute Guides (Gift)Virtual Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Handbook (Gift)Check the full show notes here: http://biggerpockets.com/bizshow92See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 2mins

26 Jan 2021

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Throwback Thursday with Kwame Christian

Negotiations Ninja Podcast

In this Throwback Thursday edition of the Negotiations Ninja podcast, we jump back to episode #135: Conflict Resolution in Negotiation. In this episode, we talk about Kwame Christian's newest book: Nobody Will Play With Me. Kwame dissects a psychological aspect of negotiation that is often overlooked, shares how to overcome fear to find confidence, and emphasizes how failure changes the game. If you missed it before, don't miss it now!


21 Jan 2021

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Mastering Difficult Conversations and Negotiation with Kwame Christian

The Career Clarity Show

For full show notes, go to GetCareerClarity.com/Episode66. Are you considering how to make sure that you're optimizing your career change opportunities to be paid what you're worth? This is a crucial topic to consider in the middle of a pandemic.  On today’s episode of the Career Clarity Show, we are joined by Kwame Christian, expert in the field of all things negotiation and conflict resolution.  We're talking unique and interesting career pivots and finding ways to extend your skills and tons of new cool directions. Kwame gives us his top tips for thinking about negotiations differently. We are going to be covering it all today in this fabulous new episode.  SHOW NOTES: American Negotiation Institute Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP Instagram: @kwamenegotiates Finding Confidence in Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life Kwame’s LinkedIn Courses:  Difficult Conversations: Talking About Race at Work Driving Change and Anti-Racism Kwame’s Recommended Books: Women Don't Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation--and Positive Strategies for Change The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance---What Women Should Know Read the Career Clarity Book! Roadmap to a Fulfilling Career eBook Email Lisa at Lisa@GetCareerClarity.com


10 Nov 2020