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Building Trust in the Digital Age with Cory Louie, Chief Trust & Security Officer at Checkr

Mission Daily

“We’re in the middle of an evolution of how we think about trusting people.” — Cory Louie Cory Louie did not have a traditional path into the tech world. He started his career serving in the Secret Service at the White House. Prior to that, he volunteered with the Electronic Crime Special Agent Program where he was trained “to be a hacker in order to go after the hackers.” Cory now serves as Chief Trust & Security Officer at Checkr, an AI-powered background check platform that helps gig economy companies such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and many more run background checks quickly. Checkr is helping businesses scale by giving employers the ease of faster turnaround while also giving interviewees more visibility on the data shared with their potential employer. “We are really utilizing technology to empower decisions for fairness. A lot of people think of background checks as keeping the bad out but another part of it is ‘how do we empower the decision-makers with the right type of data to make the right decisions on hiring.’” On this episode, Ian sits down with Cory to discuss his unique career path from law enforcement to the tech sector, what CEOs and CIOs can do to build trust with their users, and what opportunities AI and machine learning will have in security going forward. — We have a new partnership with b8ta! B8ta.com gives you access to some of the most innovative and cutting edge consumer tech products. This week, we will be giving away a Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win or use discount code “MissionDaily20” to receive 20% off online at Withings.com! — Mission Daily and all of our podcasts are created with love by our team at Mission.org. We own and operate a network of podcasts, and brand story studio designed to accelerate learning. Our clients include companies like Salesforce, Twilio, and Katerra who work with us because we produce results. To learn more and get our case studies, check out Mission.org/Studios. If you’re tired of media and news that promotes fear, uncertainty, and doubt and want an antidote, you’ll want to subscribe to our daily newsletter at Mission.org. When you do, you’ll receive a mission-driven newsletter every morning that will help you start your day off right!

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27 Aug 2019

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From Secret Service Agent to Google Exec to White House CISO to CTSO of Checkr: Cory Louie’s Winding Path in Tech

IT Visionaries

In today’s world, there is no telling exactly who is in charge of a company’s IT Department. Is it the CTO? Sometimes. But what about the CIO? Yep, they often are the IT czars, too. But at Checkr, it’s neither. Instead, the IT Department falls under the jurisdiction of Cory Louie, Checkr’s Chief Trust and Security Officer.  Cory’s path to technology was definitely not straight, but no matter what his job was there was always a common theme. From Law enforcement to the Secret Service to working at Google, Dropbox and even in the White House, everywhere Cory went, he pursued a higher purpose.  On this episode of IT Visionaries, Cory takes us through his life and career and gets deep in the weeds about how technology is changing how security is done across industries. Key Takeaways: The importance of choosing your title and understanding your role. The challenges of being the CISO at the White House. What does the future of security look like? Why Cory always looks for a higher purpose in his work. Salesforce and MIT recently teamed up to create a whitepaper exploring what happens when AI meets CRM. Read: AI Meets CRM: An MIT Tech Review Whitepaper This podcast is sponsored by Salesforce. Did you know Salesforce isn't just for Sales? Using Salesforce as an Employee Experience Platform helps make every employee across your organization more productive thanks to a common, mobile-first platform for getting work done faster. Find out more at salesforce.com/EmployeeExperience

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23 Aug 2019

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