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Teaser Trailer for the New Learn French With Alexa Podcast

Learn French With Alexa

Bonjour ! I’m Alexa Polidoro, the Internet’s favourite French teacher! Over the last 10 years, The 'Learn French With Alexa' team and myself have been creating awesome French Learning videos, programmes and resources, enjoyed by millions and millions of students across Social Media and the Learn French With Alexa websites. But now... after 10 years of absence... I'm back in the 'audio realm' talking your ears off in my new podcast! In each episode of our first season, we teach a French word, look at where it comes from and take a deep dive into the language and culture that surrounds it. So come join me, Alexa Polidoro, and my co-hosts, on an exciting linguistic adventure in the new Learn French With Alexa podcast! Merci, au revoir, et bisou bisou.


28 Jan 2022

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With Love Alexa Podcast 99: Melissa Rohlfs

Hey Alexa The Podcast

Today on With Love Alexa, Alexa talked with, Holistic Health and Life Coach, Melissa Rohlfs. She helps mamas who want to be calm, confident and healthy.  Her Instagram is @free2b_coaching


25 Aug 2021

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With Love Alexa Podcast Episode 97: Sam Mitchell

Hey Alexa The Podcast

Today on With Love Alexa, Alexa spoke with, Podcast Host of Autism Rocks and Rolls, Sam Mitchell and his mom Gina Mitchell. They talked about his journey to creating his business and podcast and how he doesn't let anything get in his way. His podcast: Autism Rocks and Rolls can be found anywhere you listen to podcast. Instagram: www.instagram.com/autismrocksandrollspod Website: www.autismrocksandrolls.com


11 Aug 2021

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With Love Alexa Podcast Episode 95: Deven Rodriguez

Hey Alexa The Podcast

Today on With Love Alexa, Alexa spoke with Deven Rodriguez an Army Officer, Certified Life Coach and Podcast Host of the One Life Podcast. They spoked about his experiences in life and how he got to be where he is today. He had some amazing things to share. To find out more about him check him out on instagram (@devenrodriguez) and you can listen to his podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.


28 Jul 2021

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Dea Alexa Podcast 002

Dea Alexa

Dea Alexa Podcast 002 by Dea Alexa


4 Apr 2020

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Dea Alexa Podcast 001

Dea Alexa

Dea Alexa Podcast 001 by Dea Alexa

1hr 2mins

1 Apr 2020

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114 Libsyn Alexa Podcast Skills and Access To The VIP Room

The Feed The Official Libsyn Podcast

Fill out our survey! Quick Episode Summary: Intro :07 Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: The Hyperformance Podcast 2:26 How you can be featured by Libsyn! 6:30 PROMO 1: Awakened Awareness 7:36 Elsie and Rob Conversation 8:01 The scoop on why we didn’t record last week from Rob, and it has to do with email A bit of Rob’s preparation workflow Elsie shares her post production workflow per Oscar’s question More feedback on Zoom and automatically turning off the camera PROMO 2: Featured Creatures 21:26 The secret NPR meeting about Remote Audio Data straight from Rob The Thronmax MDrill One Microphone on Indiegogo! More on LUFS and what Rob suggests Finding your podcast once it’s in Spotify Aaron Manhnke’s awesome SASSY podcasting tips, and which ones are our faves Some awesome feedback about Spotify from Grant from Saturday Morning Media Some insider tips on optimizing podcast consumption via the Spotify App ALEXA SKILLS! Discussed, and what you need to do to get yours Just because others are using music doesn’t mean you should - just no Why Apple is still featuring podcasts that are have numbers in their title even though they said they don’t want you to do that Why are the same podcast in New and Noteworthy all the time? And are celebrities paying Apple? What you need to do if you want to to be considered to be featured by Apple More discussion about numbering your podcasts in the way that Apple requests, vs not. Why are my numbers still showing up in iTunes? Audio feedback from Damian from the Adventures in Erylia podcast 1:04:48 Rob’s favorite and most memorable email since last show. What is Stagefright/Beyonce? An amazing testimonial from Selling Sarasota about our podcast pages! So good Does anyone really know how many subscribers they have? We actually answer that question What does the star mean in the Libsyn stats? PROMO 3: Plantrama 1:24:18 Stats: geographic and technology aka user agents Featured Podcast Promos + Audio Awakened Awareness Featured Creatures Plantrama The Hyperformance Podcast Adventures in Erylia Podcast Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro! Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie Our SpeakPipe Feedback page! Leave us feedback :) Thronmax MDrill One Microphone No LUFSing matter: we analyse the top podcasts for bitrate and loudness 10 Super Sassy Podcasting Tips Dave Jackson’s super awesome video showcasing the Libsyn Alexa Podcasting Skills The Selling Sarasota website We Found the Subtlest ‘Black Panther’ Tribute Yet The Libsyn Voxer Group you need to join via the DESKTOP Voxer app. Elsie’s Emergency Excitement, her newsletter about everything Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life) Podcast Movement 2018 National Podcast Power Online Learning Conference NRB Convention: Proclaim 18 Social Media Marketing World HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! We’d love it if you could please share #TheFeed with your twitter followers. Click here to post a tweet! If you dug this episode head on over to Apple Podcasts and kindly leave us a rating, a review and subscribe! Ways to subscribe to The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast Click here to subscribe via Apple Podcasts Click here to subscribe via RSS You can also subscribe via Stitcher FEEDBACK + PROMOTION You can ask your questions, make comments and create a segment about podcasting for podcasters! Let your voice be heard. Download the FREE The Feed App for iOS and Android (you can send feedback straight from within the app) Call 412 573 1934 Email thefeed@libsyn.com Use our SpeakPipe Page!

1hr 38mins

24 Feb 2018