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Featuring: The Apple Seed with Sam Payne

The Lisa Show

Lisa chats with Sam Payne about the show he hosts, BYU Radio's The Apple Seed, before we hear their recent episode, "The Shiny".Welcome to The Apple Seed! Some time filled with stories for you and your family. Since 2013 we’ve been bringing you tall tales, personal tales, fairy tales, historical tales and more. All kinds of tales, from all kinds of tellers. Some of our favorite stories are about people just like us. Ordinary individuals thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Sometimes, however, our heroes are very different than us; perhaps they are extremely silly, or greedy. Sometimes, they’re not even human at all. In today’s stories, we’ll get to hear about all kinds of animals; foolish ones and clever ones, brave ones and cowardly ones, cruel ones, and kind ones. On today’s episode, enjoy the following:“Piggy Wiggy” by Willy Claflin from Sleeping Beastly and Other Tales Radio Family Journal: "Mercedes Benz" by Sam Payne The Daily Mix: "10 Ways to Hear Snow" “The Shiny”: an original radio drama produced at BYU Radio“The Gypsy Wagon” by Dan Keding from The Gypsy Wagon and Other Neighborhood Tales


26 Jul 2022

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Stock Takes Ft. Sam Payne - Scathing Reviews, Noma's Third Star & More!

The Food Fight

We’re back with another awesome stock takes chat – joined by wine pro, writer, friend of the show and absolute legend Sam Payne. We talk John Lethean's scathing review of Perth’s Heritage Wine Bar, Noma’s third Michelin star and a bunch of other crap.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 6mins

20 Sep 2021

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Episode 33: Emory University (Ft. Dr. Sam Payne and Dr. Chris Stewart)

Doctority: Plastic Surgery

Learn about the six-year integrated plastic surgery residency program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, with Dr. Sam Payne and Dr. Chris Stewart. Recorded in December 2020.


23 Jan 2021

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EXTRA **** "Castle Valley Acting Company," a virtual field trip with Sam Payne

The Apple Seed

It's been a long time since we could really get out and see live entertainment, shoulder to shoulder with friends and neighbors. Such times will surely come again. In the meantime, here's a visit to a show performed by the Castle Valley Acting Company, a children's theater company you're sure to enjoy rubbing virtual shoulders with. The recording was made back before the pandemic, reminding us of times that were, and will come again.


6 Jan 2021

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EXTRA **** "Denis Zwang's Saxophone Prayer" by Sam Payne

The Apple Seed

Today's full, hour-long episode of The Apple Seed (available right where you find this Apple Seed "Extra") featured stories about things being transmitted between generations. It also featured a story called "The Sax Man," by Ted Fink. Thinking about those themes made us think about this story, written and told by Sam. On today's Apple Seed Extra, enjoy "Denis Zwang's Saxophone Prayer."

18 Nov 2020

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EXTRA **** "When I Was One and Twenty" by Sam Payne

The Apple Seed

On today's Apple Seed Extra, a story that occurred for the most part right here in the Apple Seed studios. It's a story just right for Veteran's Day (Remembrance Day in the UK), and features beautiful music by pianist Scott Holden and baritone Robert Brandt.

12 Nov 2020

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Sam Payne - Making time.

This Busy Life.

Happy Tuesday  Busy people, I hope you have all had a great weekend. In my first conversation, I speak to Sam Payne about his thisbusylife. Sam is a truck driver by day and runs an online business by night all while having a little one-year-old. Enjoy xx


9 Nov 2020

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EXTRA **** "One of a Million Stars by Sam Payne

The Apple Seed

On today's Apple Seed Extra, a tune about the power of stories. It's called "One of a Million Stars," and it was written and performed by our host, Sam Payne. We believe that the sharing of stories with the people you love can come back to save you when you need the light of a story on a dark night. The song was partly inspired by an interview here on the show with Jerry Linenger, the American Astronaut who spent some months aboard the space station Mir, and used his time in orbit to share stories, memories, and thoughts in letters to his two-year-old son back on Earth.

5 Nov 2020

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Sam Payne - The Parkside Brewery

The Safety Dads

Join the Safety Dads as they learn more about their favorite topic: beer. Also, for the first time ever, the owner of the Cooper Dorset Knob will join the boys for a history lesson on the making of our favourite pub.


23 Oct 2020

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Episode 38: Richie McDonald(Lonestar), Eddy Raven, Jeff Lyon(The Blair Garner Show) Sam Payne Art!

Josh Belcher Uncharted

TAPS “Love Lives On” album contributors Richie McDonald and Eddy Raven. Producer Jeff Lyon and Artist Sam Payne! Enjoy --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/joshbelcheruncharted/support


23 Feb 2020