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Ep: 23: Wade Foster, CEO and Co-founder of Zapier

The Entre-preneur Show

Wade Foster is the CEO and Co-founder of Zapier, the multi-billion dollar software company that helps people automate things on the internet. We dive into his full story on how he started Zapier at a Techstars Startup Weekend and was accepted into Y Combinator before raising a seed round from many prominent investors. After the seed round, his company grew organically through its customers without needing any additional capital. We discuss hiring and how startups can build their team culture. Prior to Zapier, Wade worked as a customer development lead for The Idea Works, Inc. in Missouri. He has degrees in industrial engineering and business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


28 Apr 2021

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20VC: Scaling Zapier To $140M ARR and a $5Bn Valuation on $1.4M of Funding, What Founders Misunderstand About Fundraising & How Founders Should Think About Secondaries Today with Wade Foster, Founder & CEO @ Zapier

The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Wade Foster is the Co-Founder & CEO @ Zapier, the company that moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Post YC in 2012, Wade raised $1.4M for the company from Bessemer and Threshold but since that round, he scaled the company to $140M in ARR and a $5Bn valuation with Sequoia and Steadfast buying out some early investors earlier this year. In Today’s Episode with Wade Foster You Will Learn: 1.) How Wade made his way from email marketing manager to founding one of YC's most successful alum in the form of Zapier? Does Wade agree with the "fake it till you make it theory"? How does Wade advise grads on starting a company vs joining a startup vs joining an incumbent? 2.) Remote Work: Zapier has been remote since 2012, what do Zapier do very specifically that Waade believes has enabled them to be so successful remote? What did not work? What were some of the biggest challenges of scaling the team remotely? In terms of tooling, what specific tools do Wade and Zapier use to make the org as transparent as possible? 3.) In the scaling journey, what have been the most significant breakpoints in the org scaling? How has Eade scaled his style of leadership? What has been the most challenging element to scale? How does Wade structure internal meetings? Who is invited to what? What materials are shared? How are the meetings structured? 4.) Why did Wade decide not to take the venture path and scale the company from revenues? What does Wade believe so many founders misunderstand when it comes to fundraising? What does Wade believe they gained from the bootstrapped approach? Why did Wade still maintain relationships with VCs? How did he choose those he wanted to stay in touch with? 5.) How does Wade feel about his relationship to money? What does Wade think about the rise of secondaries? In what framework does Wade advise founders who have the chance to take secondaries? What is the right amount to take off the table? How does one communicate this? Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Wade Foster Wade’s Favourite Book: Harry Potter As always you can follow Harry and The Twenty Minute VC on Twitter here!


15 Apr 2021

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Zapier's Wade Foster on strategy and tactics

Protect the Hustle

Topics discussed in this episode: The democratization of automation Not hiring until it hurts Aligning on a singular strategy to empower individual execution Manufacturing a leveraged growth machine Straddling the many precipices of entrepreneurship This is a ProfitWell Recur production—the first media network dedicated entirely to the SaaS and subscription space. 


2 Mar 2021

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Remote Talks: Episode 5 with Wade Foster - Global Leadership, Working Async, and International Compensation

Remote Talks

In the fifth episode of Remote Talks, Remote CEO Job van der Voort welcomes Zapier co-founder and CEO Wade Foster. As the longtime leader of a fully distributed company, Wade is one of the premiere experts on global employment and remote team management. Topics of this show include how to lead across time zones, how to set compensation for workers in different countries, and which values are most important for distributed organizations to uphold.


18 Feb 2021

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Ep. 549 Wade Foster I Zapier

Rounding The Bases With Joel Goldberg

Zapier website Zapier's fundraising secret Joel Goldberg's Book "Small Ball Big Results" Joel Twitter Joel's Instagram Joel Linkedin Joel's You Tube Page


18 Jan 2021

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Episode #117 : Alcohol, Fat Loss & Muscle Building with Coach Wade Foster

The Shredded Show

So in this episode i had the please of great friend and fellow Coach Wade Foster talking through everything alcohol, fat loss & muscle building Wade has his own podcast called the Beers & Biceps Podcast so i thought of no one better to discuss this hot topic with! In this episode we discussed: Alcohol is a poison The processes your body goes through to deal with alcohol The best strategies to drink and still get results How to train after a heavy night out My specific post night out recover protocol for clients Mine and Wades favourite beverage choices If you need help with getting back in shape post lockdown and want to work with me or the CJ Coaching team please apply on the link below to book your free Discovery call. please complete the free application below: Book Your Discovery Call Here Alternatively checkout my BRAND NEW Home & Gym Workout programs which are now at a 70% OFF #Lockdowns Over Special price of just £47 per month For The Mens Program Shreddin8 Hit The Link Below: www.shreddin8.com For The Womens Program Sculptin8 Hit The Link Below: https://sculptin8.com/homeworkoutprograms


11 Sep 2020

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Wade Foster on how to run a remote company

Between Worlds

While for many of us ‘working from home’ has been a new and unexpected challenge, for some companies, remote is how they were designed from the beginning. Zapier, a leading software automation platform, is one such of these. However, what makes Zapier a fascinating case study is not just their lack of physical offices, but the systems, workflows and practices that they have evolved to make their distributed organization function effectively. In this interview, I chat with Zapier’s CEO and co-founder, Wade Foster. Prior to Zapier, Wade worked as a customer development lead for The Idea Works, Inc. in Missouri. He is an alumni of Y Combinator and has degrees in industrial engineering and business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


16 Jul 2020

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The Remote Series with Wade Foster

The Manager’s Handbook Podcast

Welcome to The Remote Series, where CEOs of remote-first companies share guidance on how to lead an organization when everyone’s working from home. The Remote Series is hosted by Alex MacCaw, CEO at Clearbit, and coach Matt Mochary, author of The Great CEO Within.In Episode 2 of The Remote Series, Zapier’s co-founder and CEO Wade Foster discuss hiring, feedback, and cultivating authentic relationships in a digital-first company. COVID-19 pushed CEOs and their teams to turn remote, and even though plenty of people are willing to go back to the office, the experience will never be the same. ResourcesZapier’s The ultimate guide to remote workThe key talking points for this episode:(02:04) - Strong values are the core of remote companies - “In a remote company you could become this odd collection of individuals doing random assignments, you really don’t want that.”(06:30) - Interviewing and evaluating prospects remotely - “When you look at these situations, how far does a person go? How far do they try and push it to uncover a thing that seems worth working on?”(08:33) - Growing through feedback - “The best thing you can do for yourself, whether you are a CEO or not, is show that you’re a person that likes to get feedback and is good at getting it.”(15:08) - How camaraderie and real connections are built in remote companies - “If you get this stuff right, the culture takes over. The people and the company take over and just start to expand it and build on it.”(31:09) - Why the hybrid model may not be ideal for most companies - “It requires a level of discipline that’s even above and beyond what you see in a fully remote company.”(36:25) - Home is the new office: how to upgrade the remote environment - “When we do come back into the workforce, it’s not going to be the same office experience that folks have come to love.”(44:55) - Why you should stick to fully remote permanently - “To me, having access to this massive talent pool is just so beneficial to our success.”Support the show (https://themanagershandbook.com/)


14 Jul 2020

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Consciously Building Culture into Your Company's DNA with Wade Foster from Zapier | Ep. #368

Leveling Up with Eric Siu

Zapier CEO and co-founder, Wade Foster, joins on us on Leveling Up today to discuss his business, remote work and the vital importance of building a company culture! It became apparent to Wade quite early on in the journey of Zapier that if they were going to grow in the right way and continue to scale what they were doing, a well-suited company culture was necessary. This led to the development of their ethos and core values and these steps have served the company immensely in recent years! We get to hear from Wade about some of the financial aspects of the company, including their freemium model and the way they lay out their pricing plan. He also comments on leadership, with particular reference to the challenges posed by a crisis. The global pandemic has provided many challenges for us all and Wade weighs in on his approach to these and making the most of the connected opportunities. The conversation also covers the utility of podcast appearances, hiring practices at Zapier, and profit-sharing! Tune in and hear it all! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:21] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast! [00:54] Zapier's place in the no-code ecosystem! [01:39] A refresher on Zapier and where they are currently as a business.  [03:24] The freemium model at Zapier, the pricing model, and how they make money. [07:28] Key lessons in growth and scaling for Wade around remote work and company culture.  [09:41] Evaluating communication skills during the hiring process.  [11:54] Practical steps towards building better company culture! [14:41] Employee retention at Zapier and how the remote model contributes to this.  [16:09] Lessons that Wade has learned during the pandemic about leadership during crisis. [19:45] Feelings about the current uncertainty; the positive and negative sides of the pandemic. [21:17] Profit-sharing and employee incentives at Zapier. [24:20] How Wade thinks about podcast appearances; qualitative feedback and recruiting. [26:11] Wade's favorite recent business book: The Outsiders. [29:48] The usefulness of Workona and Krisp! Resources From The Interview: Zapier Wade Foster Wade Foster on Twitter Wade Foster Email Slack G Suite QuickBooks Trello MailChimp SalesForce Stripe Twilio Basecamp Glassdoor Nathan Barry Workona Krisp Must read book: The Outsiders Leave Some Feedback: What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review here Subscribe to Leveling Up on iTunes Get the non-iTunes RSS Feed Connect with Eric Siu:  Growth Everywhere Single Grain Eric Siu on Twitter


8 Jul 2020

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SaaStr 342: Zapier CEO, Wade Foster, and SaaStr CEO, Jason Lemkin, on Distributed Teams and Building a Cloud Product

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

On this episode of the SaaStr podcast, our CEO, Jason Lemkin, chats with Zapier CEO, Wade Foster, on Distributed Teams and Building a Cloud Product. Zapier is a global remote company that allows end-users to integrate the web applications they use. Although Zapier is based in Sunnyvale, California, it employs a workforce of 250 employees located around the United States and in 23 other countries. This interview was recorded in February 2020. Read the full transcript on our blog: https://www.saastr.com/saastr-podcast-342-with-zapier-ceo-wade-foster/


11 Jun 2020