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Less Phone & More Real Life with Kevin Holesh Founder of the Moment App


Dr. Ross Kopelman spends time with Kevin Holesh founder of the Moment app to discuss how we can improve our wellness by decreasing our cellphone usage. In this day and age when we are super connected to our phones - we all know that spending too much time on our phone can potentially lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. Together Dr. Ross Kopelman and Kevin Holesh discuss how the Moment app helps people to rebuild their humanity and trains people to focus on healthy habits using your cellphone. Moment teaches us to refocus on what matters most and retrain our brains to decrease our dependency on using our smart phones 24/7.


18 Feb 2019

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Take Control of Your Smartphone Usage -- Talking Tech with Nick Fitz & Kevin Holesh

CDT Tech Talks

In this episode of CDT's Tech Talk, host Brian Wesolowski addresses this question: when tech is designed to draw us in, is it possible to disengage and just live life?Brian sits down with Nick Fitz, recently a senior researcher at Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight. Then he brings in Kevin Holesh the designer of Moment, an app that allows you to track just how much time you and your family members spend on their phones.More on Moment: https://inthemoment.io/More on Nick: https://twitter.com/fitznichMore on Kevin: https://twitter.com/kevinholeshMore on our host, Brian: bit.ly/cdtbrianAttribution: sounds used from Psykophobia, Taira Komori, BenKoning, Zabuhailo, bloomypetal, guitarguy1985, bmusic92, and offthesky of freesound.org.


5 Aug 2018

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Kevin Holesh Makes a Habit of Understanding

The Strategy Inside Everything

Moment: https://inthemoment.io/ Get full access to The Strategy Inside Everything at specific.substack.com/subscribe

10 Jul 2018

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Ep38: Your "Smart" Phone Is Killing Your Creativity | with Kevin Holesh

Optimize Yourself

Smartphone addiction has become an epidemic. A study in 2015 found that Americans collectively check their smartphones upwards of 8 billion times...per day. That’s an average of 46 times per day for the average person (and this was over 2 years ago, it’s only getting worse). Want to be really shocked? Just one year later another research firm found that smartphone users engaged in 76 sessions per day (almost doubling in one year), and those same users touched their phones an average of 2617 times per day, and the top 10% of users exceeded more than 5400 touches per day. The prevailing statistic today is that smartphone users check their phones more than 150 times per day. 150...doubling AGAIN from the previous year. I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my deathbed, I highly doubt I’m going to think to myself, “I’m glad I kept up with all of those social media notifications.” To put it frankly: There is no single distraction more detrimental to your creativity than your smartphone. If you have any desire to thrive as a creative professional in the 21st century “attention economy” as dubbed by my previous guest Cal Newport, you have to learn how to manage your smartphone usage. In today’s episode I chat with Kevin Holesh, an app developer and the creator of what might possibly be the most life-changing app you will ever download: Moment. We talk all about his app, how his journey to develop this app simply began as a way to minimize his own smartphone usage, and the most importantly how you can use Moment to become aware of your own smartphone addiction (and yes, you have a smartphone addiction). This app has been featured in frankly just about every major publication and podcast known to man, a few examples being Wired, MacWorld, Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and seriously at least 25 more that I don’t have time to mention. This app is Fitbit for your smartphone addiction, and it will change your life. Even if you don’t listen to this podcast, do yourself a favor and download the app here. Want to Hear More Episodes Like This One? » Click here to subscribe and never miss another episode Here's What You'll Learn: Distraction addiction and the ways that screen time sneaks up on you How much time are we really spending on our phones? Kevin's journey to developing the app millions of people didn't know they needed How moment is like MyFitnessPal or Fitbit but for phone usage Why boredom is essential for a fruitful, creative life The strange preconceptions that people have of productivity app designers Do you know what percentage of your life you are spending looking at your phone? Most frequently used apps are all social media related, not productivity based How's your phone hygiene? (and yes, it's a real thing) Useful Resources Mentioned: Focus Driving App Moment Screen Awareness App Move App for Office Movement Our Generous Sponsors: This episode is made possible by Ergodriven, the makers of the Topo Mat, my #1 recommendation for anyone interested in moving more at their height-adjustable workstation. Listen, standing desks are only great if you’re standing well, otherwise you’re constantly fighting fatigue and chronic pain. Not like any other anti-fatigue mat, the Topo is scientifically proven to help you move more throughout the day which helps reduce discomfort and also increase your focus and productivity. And they’re really fun and a great conversation starter. This episode is made possible by the HumanCharger,  a revolutionary new light therapy device made specifically for people who spend long days in the dark and don’t get enough sunlight…i.e. You and me. Simply put in the earbuds for 12 minutes a day to receive your daily recommended dosage of UV-free white light. Doing so can drastically increase your energy, improve your mood, and increase mental alertness and focus.This device has literally changed my life and I use it every morning without fail. Use the code ‘OPTIMIZE’ to get 20% off your order. This episode is made possible by StoryBlocks, my go-to resource for professional stock images for my sites. Use this link to download anything from their library of over 400,000 stunning photos, textures, images, and icons free for 7 days and get discounts on millions of more items. Guest Bio: Kevin Holesh is an app developer and the creator of Moment. Show Credits: This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show notes were prepared and published by Jakin Rintelman. Special thanks to Krystle Penhall and Sarah Furie for helping to spread the love! The original music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Joe Trapanese (who is quite possibly one of the most talented composers on the face of the planet). Note: I believe in 100% transparency, so please note that I receive a small commission if you purchase products from some of the links on this page (at no additional cost to you). Your support is what helps keep this program alive. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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15 Feb 2018

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#85 In The Moment with Kevin Holesh

Digital Mindfulness

Kevin Holesh, Founder of the popular iOS app Moment talks to us about the app, the challenges he faced, and why it is so important for us to strive for quality screen time


1 Oct 2017

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MATE 019 – Kevin Holesh built an iPhone app to stop you using your iPhone all day

MATE: Marketing, Advertising, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Kevin Holesh is an app developer who built ‘Moment’—an iPhone app which tracks how long you spend using your phone each day and helps you stop using it. He’s also behind ‘Focus’—an app which stops you texting and driving; and Move—which helps you stay active. The technology behind each of these projects is truly innovative (read: hacky!), and he’s somehow managed to skirt around Apple’s strict App Store policies. In this podcast episode, we speak about how he did that, as well as how to survive as an independent iOS developer, the best ways to market your apps and why Kevin is sick to death of people asking him to build their “killer app idea” for free. Kevin Holesh Topics: What it’s really like being an independent iPhone developer and running a one-man operation Why Kevin is sick of people asking him to build their “killer app idea” for free Ideas are worthless; a good idea is nothing without good execution. The best ways of marketing your apps How do the Moment, Focus and Move apps work, under the hood? (A.k.a. What iOS hacks are you pulling to track the ‘time-using-phone’ metric, since there’s no official APIs to do this?) ‘Launch day profits’ vs ‘trickle profits’ over time Why getting mentioned in big media publications isn’t all it’s cracked up to be App Store pricing and the revenue splits they have with devs Why Kevin continues to answer support emails from his customers Links: Kevin Holesh’s website Download Kevin Holesh’s apps: Moment (download app [FREE] | website) Focus (download app [FREE] | website) Move (download app [FREE] | website) Special thanks: Editing by Josh Armour, from ArmourPod Productions. Podcast logo cover artwork by Courtney Carman Music from “Ghosts I–IV” by Nine Inch Nails, used under a Creative Commons licence. Connect with MATE: Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe to the RSS feed MATE podcast website Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook MATE podcast is a show about Marketing, Advertising, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Hosted by Adam Jaffrey: Digital Strategist and Entrepreneur. Made with in Melbourne, Australia. MATE podcast is a production by branded podcast agency Wavelength Creative. The post MATE 019 – Kevin Holesh built an iPhone app to stop you using your iPhone all day appeared first on MATE podcast.


1 May 2017

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How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Phone? - Being Unplugged Sunday with Kevin Holesh

Unplugged Sunday | Hello Tech Pros

Kevin Holesh is a Pittsburgh-based UI designer and iOS developer who loves making and coding clear interfaces. Kevin is the creator of Moment and Moment Family, the iOS apps that tracks how much you and your family use your iPhones and iPads each day. His work has been featured in the New York Times, TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, Parents magazine and many other national publications. Show notes at http://hellotechpros.com/kevin-holesh-unplugged/ Key Takeaways Do you know how much time you spend on your phone? The average Moment user uses their mobile device for 2 hours and 44 minutes a day 3:30pm is a typical part of the day when people are tired from work and gravitate to their phones Keeping your phone away from your bedside can cut your usage down nearly 50% Knowing how much you use your device can allow you to make better decisions on how you spend your time People tend to underestimate their phone usage by 50% Better things to do with your time other than screen time Improve relationships Play with kids Family games Live in the moment Go for a walk Build something Work on your goals With your phone, you can customize your addictions Resources Mentioned Moment for iOS - Track how much you and your family use your phone Get a free audio book and a 30-day trial from Audible


22 May 2016

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RVE 0010: Why Kevin Holesh Moved Into a 5th Wheel After His iPhone App Was Downloaded 2.5 Million Times

The RV Entrepreneur

This week, I interviewed a full-time RVer named Kevin Holesh who’s app called Moment has been downloaded over 2.5 million times.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rve/message


28 Mar 2016