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61: What it Takes to Win 8 Tour De France's with Jeff Spencer

The Energetic Leader

In this episode, you’ll hear the passion of winning in Dr. Jeff Spencer’s voice. He has been there done that when it comes to reaching the top of his game and helping others get there as well! From being an Olympian to helping other athletes get to the Olympics, to helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential in their career, Dr. Spencer is who you’d want to talk to. We talk about the skill of winning. It’s not luck, It’s a learned skill. Whether you want to win for the first time or want to keep your streak alive this episode will give you the motivation and insights you need to do so. ----------------------------------------------------------------------1:35 Who is Jeff Spencer6:38 Winning is a Learned Skill12:00 Traits of Winners17:38 Should we follow our Gut? 22:41 Biggest problem in High-Performance Business Professionals27:00 Is your goal the right goal? 50:29 How do you keep winning consistently?--------------------------------------------------------------------------More from Dr Jeff Spencer: Website: drjeffspencer.comHow Not to Blow it before you win. Follow Your Hosts on Instagram!Justin @justinroeth - https://bit.ly/3hLUgqFPurdeep @purdeepsangha - https://bit.ly/2AMcTdD----------------------------------------Reach us through our website - https://energeticleader.com/Podcast Produced by Perfect My PodcastLearn more about Perfect My Podcast here: www.perfectmypodcast.com


19 Apr 2021

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EP 210: Dr Jeff Spencer - Make your Peak Performance Predictable and Repeatable

The Mojo Sessions

Dr Jeff Spencer is cornerman to some of our greatest achievers. A former Olympian, Jeff's client list boasts names such as Tiger Woods, U2, Nike, Richard Branson, as well as Tour de France winners, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about becoming a world class performer!  Jeff specialises in helping would-be high achievers who currently feel over committed, over extended and overwhelmed find clarity on why they’re stuck, get un-stuck and go from ‘over it’ to ‘killing it’. Why the corner man? What makes a great corner man? What are the things a great corner man doesn't do? When Jeff worked with U2 what was the problem he was called to solve for the world's greatest rock band? Jeff apprenticed to a 70 yr old glass master who would play him classic music. What's the impact of music coupled with art?  Jeff's parents language impacted him. What was the language he heard or did not hear? What Jeff missed out on after his Dad died homeless on the streets. Was Jeff's dream was to become an Olympian or win an Olympic medal? That day at the 1972 Summer Olympics Munich At 9 yrs old Jeff faced the boogie man. Who is that, and what would he say to him? Being a gold medal dad What was the promise he made to his daughter? How did he go about changing the mindset and beliefs of his daughter? "It's the best I can do, I've given it my best". How we set limits for ourselves by how we perceive our best Champions find a way to prevail Is perfection used as an excuse? How rituals and routines play a role when people face fear or are scared? How do we make our performance predictable and repeatable? Where does identity fit in Jeff's model?   LINKS   Website https://www.drjeffspencer.com   White Paper "Before you win paper by Jeff https://beforeyouwin.com   The Mojo Sessions website https://www.themojosessions.com   The Mojo Sessions on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TheMojoSessions?fan_landing=true   The Mojo Sessions on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheMojoSessions/   Gary on Linked in https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-bertwistle-helping-unlock-great-ideas-b5182011/   Gary on Twitter https://twitter.com/GaryBertwistle   The Mojo Sessions on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/themojosessions/   © 2021 Gary Bertwistle.  All Rights Reserved.

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25 Mar 2021

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20. Iron Man Triathlete Talks Self-Discipline as the Path to Freedom (w/ Jeff Spencer)

The Endangered Species

Jeff lives what he talks about. He’s extremely disciplined with his finances, food intake, his faith, and of course his fitness. He calls these the 4 F’s. There’s no one better to talk about how these should play out for the godly man.


19 Mar 2021

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Jeff Spencer - The cornerman | Ep 74

Own Your Success

Dr. Jeff Spencer  works with the best of the best in Business, sport and entertainment . when growing up , he had a dream to make it to the Olympics and made that dream a reality as an Olympic cycler. later He started training other athletes and has worked with a host of professionals training people in mindset such as Lance Armstrong, U2, Dave Asprey, and Tiger Woods among others.  https://www.drjeffspencer.com/


19 Mar 2021

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Dr. Jeff Spencer – serial success, performance visionary and legendary cornerman coach has helped athlete’s win over 40 gold medals, executives build iconic businesses and thought leaders catapult to the top of their fields. He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post and worked with Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Nike, Hitachi and Bulletproof. His proudest achievement is raising his adopted daughter with his wife. Please go to www.drjeffspencer.com.

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16 Mar 2021

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Dr Jeff Spencer

Inner Edison Podcast by Ed Parcaut

Dr. Jeff Spencer – serial success, performance visionary and legendary cornerman coach has helped athlete’s win over 40 gold medals, executives build iconic businesses and thought leaders catapult to the top of their fields using his Champion’s Roadmap process. He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post and worked with Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Nike, Hitachi and Bulletproof. His proudest achievement is raising his adopted daughter with his wife.


9 Mar 2021

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Successful From The Start w/ Dr. Jeff Spencer

People Business w/ O'Brien McMahon

 Dr. Jeff Spencer is a former Olympic cyclist turned personal and professional coach who makes winning big the normal. He has helped clients like Hitachi, U2, and Tiger Woods master their mindset and achieve their most aspirational goals. He’s been featured in Fortune magazine, Huffington Post, and the LA Times. With all his outward success, his greatest achievement is raising his adopted daughter.Dr. Spencer explains how to get out of the ruts that are holding us back, how to build a champion's mindset, and how to set yourself up for success from the very beginning. Mentioned in the Episode:Goal Achievement RoadmapHow to Not Blow it Before You Win The Last Dance Documentary SeriesContact Dr. Jeff SpencerTimestamps:(2:39) - How do you define the work that you do? (4:37) - What are the components of ‘The Whole’ that you look at when working with a new client? (6:17) - What are the different components to get someone from their starting point to their end-goal?(11:09) - What are we all screwing up when it comes to clarity?(13:36) - What is the way to overcome the voice of imminent failure within ourselves?(16:20) - Where is the starting point for changing the story we tell ourselves, about ourselves?(18:23) - Is there a lot of writing and journaling required in the work you do?(21:28) - How do you know if you have the right goal?(25:55) - Over Preparing for the practice of achieving your goal(28:47) - Should everybody have an aspiration that is comparable to those of professional athletes, Olympians, and CEOs?(34:20) - Making goal achievement predictable and consistent(37:40) - Is there a point where you recommend people work with a therapist when bogged down with trauma or anxiety that would’ve led to self-sabotage?(39:36) -  For someone in a leadership position, how do they start to inspire others to do some of this work?(42:59) - Goal setting exercise promoted by CPO of Lulu Lemon(44:55) - Does an individual have to be obsessed and singularly focused to be elite?(49:35) - Having the courage to act on your own goals(51:06) - Where do you get the most pushback in your approach?(52:51) - What is the purpose of business?(54:00) - Where can people learn more about you and your work? 


9 Feb 2021

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16. Jeff Spencer: Sweet N’ Up Podcasting in 2021

Win the Future

Jeff Spencer, host of the podcast “Sweet N’ Up with Jeff Spencer,” joins the show to chat about podcasting tips and trends.


21 Jan 2021

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Dr. Jeff Spencer: How He Came to Coach Some of the World's Most Elite Performers ... And What He Tells Them

Jason Redman's Moving the Needle

Dr. Jeff Spencer is one of the world’s leading experts on elite performance. A former Olympic cyclist, Dr. Spencer became fascinated by uncovering the secrets of elite performance at a young age, and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of them. Today, he coaches individuals to help them achieve their goals, and get them most out of their time and talent. He’s worked with athletes, leaders, and CEOs including Tiger Woods, Richard Branson, Vice Admiral David H. Buss and dozens of others. Today, we learn how elite performance guru and coach Dr. Jeff Spencer moves the needle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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18 Jan 2021

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EP 2: Dr. Jeff Spencer - The Formula For Greatness And Goal Achievement

Preeminence Unleashed

Have you ever looked at a famous, high-achieving icon and wondered how you could get to their level? There's far less difference between you and them than you think...and far less in your way to seizing your own goals. Dr. Jeff Spencer is the trusted "cornerman" behind the success of some of the biggest names across sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship and countless industries. Over the course of his time advising and strategizing with high achievers, Dr. Jeff has distilled his knowledge into the Goal Achievement Roadmap, a clear-cut set of steps you can take to cement great decision-making and move sensibly and effectively towards your next big goal. On this episode of the Preeminence Unleashed Podcast, Nic and Jeff sit down with Dr. Jeff to discuss mastering the skill of goal achievement, diving into topics like the idea behind (and stages of) Dr. Jeff's legendary Goal Achievement Roadmap, developing the foresight needed to make the best decisions and stay in the game, and navigating the extent to which we should allow outside opinions into our atmosphere. Listen in to remove that goal-hindering obstacle you're wrestling with and move ahead. What You'll Learn: What Olympic athletes, corporate executives, rock stars and top entrepreneurs have in common (and how Dr. Jeff helps them all) Why it's necessary to be able to locate where you are in any process - just like on a map How we, as humans, collectively contribute to one another's ability to express our talents and individual greatness, and how we can continue to do so in the midst of these difficult times And much more! Favorite Quote: "Every time you win, you're on a new playing field, and you have to understand what the factors are that you're addressing at that time. And quite honestly, it's much more difficult to get to the top than it is to stay there. Once you get there, the game completely changes. So, the whole secret to this is to really understand the methodology of how you read terrain and make decisions to avoid preventable problems, to be able to seize the best opportunities to gain maximum momentum forward to get to where you want to go, in the least time with the least effort. And that's a deliberate process that is purposely created and crafted." Dr. Jeff Spencer Connect with Dr. Jeff: Get the Goal Achievement Roadmap Masterclass here (Be sure to watch the entire video!) How to Get Involved: Nic Peterson and Jeff Moore are endlessly fascinated with the mindsets and practices that make smart, successful people tick - and they work closely with other entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers to put those habits and perspectives into action, making preeminence the cornerstone of every move forward. You can connect with Nic at nicpeterson.com and masterymode.com, and you can find Jeff on LinkedIn. And if you enjoyed the episode, be sure to visit the show on Apple Podcasts, rate and review. Your feedback is both important and appreciated!


9 Nov 2020