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Therese Skelly- Overcoming Codependency: You Can Change

Decide to Transform

It is not an easy road to owning our value. Other people put us down; we believe their messages. Society tells us where to go, whom to love, what to do and what to say, and we believe its messages. We suffer. Yet we can change. Having bought into the script in the first place, we can cancel it. We can choose a different way. Therese Skelly, my guest on this episode of Decide to Transform, has lived this experience. She has spent time in codependency and shame, she has suffered, and she has decided to own her value. Now, she lives life to the fullest and helps people bust shame, clear blocks, and live their own lives without apology. Healing shame--which tells us that who we are is wrong--is not an easy process, but it all begins with a decision. Therese has walked this road. Join us as she shares her journey and what has worked for her, leading to massive transformation and her living a completely different life. You can overcome shame and codependency. Therese will show you how. --- Whip-smart, funny, and a fiercely devoted stand for her clients' brilliance, Therese Skelly mentors mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs globally who are ready to bust shame, clear blocks, and live their best life without apology. Through an intuitive process and her "take no prisoners" Mama T attitude, she helps her clients move past obstacles holding them back from being truly happy, empowered and free. Therese is a former therapist who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her pup Murphy, and dotes on her two grown boys, Danny and John. When she isn't working with clients or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you can find her on the road, on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle living life to the fullest. thereseskelly.com ts@thereseskelly.com Facebook Group: The Fiercely Brilliant ---


19 Mar 2021

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#67: From Tsunami of Grief to Living Fiercely | Therese Skelly

Get F***ing Real

Therese Skelly is an intuitive mentor, host of the Fiercely Brilliant podcast, and what we in the GFR world would call an “evolving expert” on grief.  Have you fully grieved the losses you’ve experienced in life? In 2017, Therese embarked on a journey that would hit her with loss after loss including the deaths of her mother and father-in-law (who she was very close to) within two weeks of each other, a torturous struggle with her son’s depression and addiction, and the loss of her ex-husband who’d co-parented the boys and become her best friend ... all while trying to keep her coaching business, and primary source of income, afloat. This is a rare real time story for the GFR Show as Therese is just now emerging from her #GFRWormhole, and her insight as therapist with 25 years of counseling under her belt will blow you away. Listen in to hear how she coped with one son’s addiction as they battled their pain, and learn about a little-known ketamine treatment that has finally shown them the light at the end of the tunnel.ResourcesGrab Therese’s Gift: Revenue Activation Meditation The 12 GFR Commandments - download your own copy nowJoin the GFR Squad - get started for just 20 Bucks! Plus get access to the Squad exclusive video “Signs You Have Unconscious Blocks (and what to do about it)” with Therese SkellyDid you enjoy the podcast?If you liked this episode let me know! Reviews for the podcast on iTunes are much appreciated! This helps us reach entrepreneurs just like you to be unapologetically themselves. If you received value from this episode, it would mean the world if you could take a moment and leave your 5-star rating and positive review. You can do that by visiting right here.


28 Jan 2021

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Therese Skelly - Become Fiercely Brilliant By Creating A Purpose Driven Business

Women Really Mean Business: Connecting Professional Women Worldwide

Therese Skelly is a business coach, author, podcaster & more & teaches us that your brain is designed to keep you safe, small & stuck. According to Therese you need to be FIERCELY BRILLIANT & create a business that works for you instead of you working for the business.


15 Jan 2021

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#98: How To Own Your Brilliance & Discover What Is Unique About YOU With Therese Skelly


Wendy speaks with Therese Skelly about why women tend not to own their brilliance and how this shows up day-to-day. You will also learn; how to use your quirks in your business, why it's so hard to fully express and be yourself with the "public" (the real reasons) and how you can take action now to discover and own what is unique about you, so you can attract a consistent flow of the right, customers and clients. (Some adult language) To get Therese's Revenue Activation Meditation, go to: www.ThereseSkelly.com/ram Important Note: Don't miss out on Wendy's New Years gift to you: "How To Attract A Steady Flow Of Perfect Clients From Home, Without Feeling Pushy - Even If You've Tried Everything." FREE Video Series. Get in on this here: http://wendycollier.lpages.co/attract-a-steady-flow-of-perfect-clients-video-series .


4 Jan 2021

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Episode 62: Finding and Overcoming Your Inner Game Blocks with Therese Skelly

The Art of Feminine Marketing with Julie Foucht

In today's episode, I’m speaking with Therese Skelly, Business Catalyst and Transformational Teacher, mentor and guide to women in business. A former psychotherapist and marketing consultant, Therese focuses on helping her clients show up, and be fiercely and steadfastly present to create their dream business and life. Working on the subtle level of energy and emotion, she supports them step into the work their soul calls them to do. From the work, her clients own their value, make more money, serve more people and have a business that makes them happy. Therese says: “What makes me unique? My superpower is in finding those inner game blocks, helping people overcome them, and then getting my clients ALIGNED and embodied with their soul desires.  Using energy clearing, crazy love, and kick ass “Mama Bear” wisdom, it’s a great combination.” Therese and I dish on: How the dark energy of "shame" keeps women entrepreneurs from being their best even when they are succeeding in leaps and bounds. How to navigate through the hardships of business and life journey by leaning into your life's purpose. That's what Therese's recently launched book "Love Based Mission" is all about.  Identifying the "energy blocks" that are the hidden cause of why your business can’t grow beyond your comfort zone. Aligning the external and structural aspects of your business with your Soul’s Mission to create easeful success. Purchase your copy of  Love Based Feminine Marketing: The Art of Growing a 6-Figure Business Without Hustle, Grind, or Force, TODAY!!! Subscribe now so you’ll never miss an episode and leave us a review. It really helps us know which content is most important to you. Join our Feminine Marketing Magic Facebook Group  with your host, Julie Foucht. This is a community of women dedicated to connect, support and celebrate each other in growing businesses that honor their Divine Feminine and will their bank accounts abundantly. Resources mentioned: Therese's Connect with the Soul of Your Business Meditation. Therese Skelly: www.facebook.com/therese.skelly or www.thereseskelly.com Julie Foucht:  www.facebook.com/coachjulz or www.juliefoucht.com


8 Jul 2020

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You are not F*cking broken! With Therese Skelly on Domino Thinking with Alison Donaghey

Domino Thinking with Alison Donaghey

You are not F*cking broken! With Therese Skelly on Domino Thinking with Alison Donaghey Often times, life kicks you in the head. • People die, • relationships go south • you may have dealt with past trauma, illness, or financial challenges. • you have been on the planet long enough to pick up funky or faulty beliefs that are hanging out in the collective. Therese will talk with us about how to survive and come out unscathed. ANDShe will give some quick tips for how have more mindset mastery. Therese Skelly is a master of mindset. She helps her clients become "Fierce AF" and is a great blend of kick-ass coaching and mama bear wisdom. She works with people to help grow themselves and create business that make them happy. (Also interesting that she comes from the background of being a psychotherapist, business coach, and was even a prison guard at one point!) Join us!!! if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it? Get Social: Website - https://www.dominothinking.comFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/dominothinking/Twitter - https://twitter.com/alisondonaghey/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisondonaghey/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dominothinking/


29 May 2020

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Happiness in Life, Business & Career with Therese Skelly

SoulKation Podcast

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Soulkation Podcast! For today's episode, we have here Therese Skelly, a well-known speaker, and coach who is passionately working with high achieving and committed businesswomen. Listen as we discuss how Therese Skelly: She decides to change her career and how she explains her entrepreneurial journey in a total spiritual path. Enumerates and elaborating on her different boundaries in terms of the relationship. Defines the expression "Burn the Ship" by explaining how commitment pushes yourself regardless of the difficulties that happen in your life. Points out the importance of work and life balance as a business owner. Ways to help someone showcase their strength by recognizing their commitment and priorities  Resources: Website: https://thereseskelly.com/speaking/ Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/thereseskellyaz Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/therese.skelly ❤️Join us on at the 2020 Soulkation Experience: https://r1hojd4d.pages.infusionsoft.net/ ❤️ Schedule YOUR FREE consultation today: https://calendly.com/meetingwithloganrena/15min?month=2019-04 ❤️ FREE Guide to More Happiness & Success: https://soulformations.loganrena.com/ ❤️ Email any questions to Logan here: logan@loganrena.com


27 Apr 2020

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Big Blend Radio: Therese Skelly - How to Create a Business That Serves Your Soul

Big Blend Radio

Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and Parks & Travel Magazine, for this episode of Big Blend Radio’s Success Express Business & Career Show, broadcasting live from the historic Homestead Inn in Twentynine Palms, California, gateway to Joshua Tree National Park.On this episode, Therese Skelly discusses her new book. “Love-Based Mission: How to Create a Business That Serves Your Soul.” Therese is a mentor and guide to women in business. In her former careers as a psychotherapist and a marketing consultant, she saw how often women sabotage themselves with their belief systems. Today, her energy-based approach helps high-achieving women blast away those secret and destructive inner conflicts. Then, she helps them align the inner shifts with outer tactical, real-world strategies, so they’re poised to step successfully into the work their souls are calling them to do to make a difference in the world.Featured music is “Unstoppable” from the album “Happily Ever After” by Doreen Taylor.


4 Apr 2020

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Passion Business Podcast – Episode 31: Therese Skelly – Business Mindset Mastery for Women

Passion Business Podcast

For people who like dogs and swearing ??In a lively, insightful conversation we talked about how being the helper, the carer, the fixer was her way to cope with a difficult childhood how a psychic planted the seed that lead her to starting her own business “I'm only a therapist”, or how we often take ages to embrace our most powerful gifts how her soul guided her fingers to apply for the position that would change the trayectory of her life the key to a successful business that has nothing to do with strategies her biggest mistake when starting out as a business coach how the way women are brought up leads to some specific challenges they face when they decide to start their own business transformation vs transaction Enjoy lots of laughter, plenty of valuable tips (and a wee bit of swearing ?)Meet Therese“I am the quintessential “Accidental Entrepreneur.” I didn’t come to the party via business school or any well-crafted plan. Nope. I listened to Guidance and jumped in the middle of the deep end! My first career came about with a Master’s Degree and 25 years of counseling experience. That actually gave me a fabulous foundation to understand the inner working of the mind, motivation, behavior, and those crazy unconscious parts that hold us back. But it did NOTHING to prepare me to run a business or make a bunch of money! Not at all. That has come through grit and grace! Being committed to do whatever it takes to learn and grow. Finding mentors who will shine lights on the places I can’t see. Being in focused action, and a fierce and firm decision to follow this path and never, ever give up on my dream. And the journey has given me a special place in my heart who are good at what they do, but don’t know how to get their message out in the world, and certainly don’t know how to own the value they provide.  I blend mindset, intuition and energy tools to help mission-driven women make more money doing what they love. (Plus some kickass “Mama-bear” love!)” Subscribe so you'll never miss an episode Get in touch with Therese The website:  https://thereseskelly.com/ Her community: https://thereseskelly.com/faf/  As always, if there is a topic you’d love me to talk about, or know someone who’d be a great guest, or you’d love to be a guest yourself get in touch, leave a comment below, contact me via email or social media. I’d love to hear from you! Curious How A Podcast Can Help You Grow YOUR Business?Everything you need to know to decide whether starting your own podcast is for you .. FREE “Find Your Podcast Topic” worksheet, Podcast Planning Checklist, Video and pdf guide to get an overview of how to actually launch one, covering planning & implementation/tech. Take the First Step Would you love to get more invitations to podcast interviews? Being interviewed on podcasts is the quickest and 100% non-sleezy way to tell the world about your passion business. But it’s not easy to get invited when you first start out. I know, I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m also a podcast host. If you’d love to get more interviews the FREE “Top 5 Actionable Tips To Help You Get Podcast Interviews .. even if you’re just starting out” is for you. Check it out here. Other Episodes You Might Enjoy The post Passion Business Podcast – Episode 31: Therese Skelly – Business Mindset Mastery for Women appeared first on Anke Herrmann - Nourishing Online Business Growth.


4 Mar 2020

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Therese Skelly: Happy In Business

Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business With Kc Rossi

In this episode, Kc talks with Therese Skelly. A former psychotherapist and marketing consultant, Therese Skelly works with high achieving women in business who are committed to making a difference. These talented women know they are sitting on a gold mine, but often feel the pain of knowing that they are in their own way. Therese focuses on helping her clients show up, and be fiercely and steadfastly present, to create their dream business and life. Working on the subtle level of energy and emotion, she supports them to step into the work their soul calls them to do. Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:00:01:02  Why Therese Listened To Her Soul And How She Found Her Niche00:04:18  Rising Out Of The Recession And What She Learned About Herself00:04:52  Why You Need To Burn The Ships and Commit!00:06:18  Therese's Superpower: Finding Your Blocks00:07:36  Energy Blocks: What Are They, How Are They Uncovered And How Does The Process Work?00:11:37  Are Energy Blocks Affected By Our Surroundings?00:13:22  A Simple Exercise: Return To Sender With Consciousness00:16:17  How Do You Keep Your Empathy And Still Serve Others?00:19:54  A Simple Exercise: Flip It On Its Head00:21:57  Buying A Container: What Do People Want?00:22:29  What Will 2020 Bring?00:24:44  The Secret To Her Resiliency00:27:48  Therese Shares Bright Light WisdomConnect with Therese here.🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here.Subscribe and review on Apple iTunes


1 Mar 2020