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Ep 24: Katie Kuffel

When We See Each Other

"Katie Kuffel is a singer-songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. Her album, ‘Alligator,’ came out in March of this year. She spoke with Nikkie about its production during the pandemic, the stories behind the songs, and her experience as a queer artist.This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.00:00 - Intro/Sponsor01:08 - “1999” - Katie Kuffel04:45 - START /// Interview: Katie Kuffel… Early musical experiences12:20 - About the album: ‘Alligator’ / about the songs: “Reminders” + “Honey” + “1999” + “Carillon”30:55 - Recording during the pandemic / ritual & process / studio vs. live39:35 - Differences between ‘Alligator’ and previous work44:00 - Experience as queer artist / influence of queerness on art52:55 - Genre differences / comparisons and surprising influences63:40 - Mic Break64:35 - “Carillon” - Katie Kuffel68:15 - “Love Language” - Katie Kuffel72:25 - “Honey” - Katie Kuffel76:10 - Outro/Sponsor // Produced by Stereoactive Media77:57 - Finish"

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19 May 2021

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55: Katie Kuffel

Made for Music

Today's friend of the podcast delivers a wonderful blend of raw, singer-songwriter blues with the epic soundscapes of the classics. About a year ago she pulled a Hail Mary and jumped coasts to Nashville. Over the course of 12 days she brought her latest album “Alligator” to life – which is truly one of the strongest albums I’ve heard front-to-back in some time.    So without further ado, please welcome – one of my favorite songwriters out of Seattle and fellow lyric hoarder – Katie Kuffel.  The episode is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most major podcast providers 💜


27 Apr 2021

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7: I Realized There’s a “Fuck It” Adjustment That Comes with Being a Musician with Katie Kuffel

The Cha Wilde Show

When Katie Kuffel sings, my jaw drops…every time. She started writing songs in high school to release angst and since 2013 or so she’s been mastering the hustle, running her fully-time music business and juggling illustration and bartending on the side. Katie sings about mental health, sexual identity, assault, general well-being, and recovery and most of her followers are young women, non-binary individuals, LGBTQ, very liberal minded humans. She currently leads a trio band and like I said, when she sings, I’m always surprised by its power. For this interview, Katie welcomes me into her adorable old house in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle; full of plants, rubber stamps, leather boots drying with fresh polish on the self, a weird-ass retro leg lamp, a cello, and a piano. Join us as we drink tea in her kitchen corner and discuss the juggling act of running a business and creating art, how to read the room as a performer, our feelings about fame and big egos, how to connect with fans through social media and what Katie calls ‘the fuck it adjustment”.→ BLOG POST (Video, Quotes, & Photos)https://chawilde.com/blog/i-realized-theres-a-fuck-it-adjustment-that-comes-with-being-a-musician-with-katie-kuffel-wilde-musicians-podcast→ Watch on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/-SfoVgxi_Ik→ Katie KuffelSinger-Songwriter | Seattle WAhttps://www.katiekuffel.com/→ Wilde Musicians Podcastchawilde.com/podcast→ Cha Wildehttp://chawilde.com@chawilde

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27 Feb 2019

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WOTS Version 179 with Katie Kuffel

Word On the Street

Today on the podcast I caught up with Katie Kuffel while she is on the east coast leg of her tour. I asked Katie a bunch of questions including but not limited to:•What are your thoughts about touring?•What is the "direct to vinyl" project?•When listening to music what is the most common way you listen and what is your favorite way to listen?•When you buy music what is the most common way you do it? Why?•What music is currently getting you excited, what’s in heavy rotation for you? Why do you like it?•What is your all time favorite music/band/musical artist•What is your favorite Seattle/NW band/musician/artist•How do you define support? What do you think of?•Do or did your parents support your music? If so give an example, if not why not?•When and how did you feel the most supported being a musician? In what way do you like your music to be supported the most?•How would you describe the Seattle music scene and community?•What has been the best moment of performing creating being a musician in Seattle?•What is one thing you would like to see changed about the Seattle NW music community? People, venues, communication, outlets?•How do you define success?•How tied to feeling successful with your life is feeling successful with music?•What are your current goals?•Are you satisfied with what you've accomplished (in music) so far?•How were you able to transition to being a full time musician?•If for some reason you could no longer create music what would you do? How would you react?•What is the struggle? If you could have anything for your music what would it be.•If you could have anything what would it be?Featured music:"As The Crow Flies" by Katie Kuffel off Take It Up"Take It Up" by Katie Kuffel off Take It UpLearn more here: https://www.katiekuffel.com/You can find, subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes for iOS, Google Play Music, and Stitcher Radio for Android.

9 Oct 2018

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Katie Kuffel

Guilt & Company Live

Katie Kuffel is a composer and musician based in Seattle, Washington. Her first full-length album, Pearls, was released in October of 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Her first EP, Animal Pragmatist, was released in 2013. Katie’s songwriting is both innovative and thoughtful, with a contemporary sound that draws from blues, jazz, and folk music as well as her training in classical cello and jazz piano. An openly queer artist, she explores concepts of sexuality and femininity throughout her works. Katie has been featured as the musical act in popular podcast Welcome to Nightvale, and in PopMatters as one of the ‘best musical hopes to break out on 2016.'In the words of author Adam Finley: Pearls sounds like alternate-reality Regina Spektor, heavily steeped in the Pacific Northwest with bright piano and a gorgeous voice gliding, rich and effortless, through craftily constructed songs that balance whimsy and self-awareness. Pearls is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp, and Katie can be found performing at venues throughout Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest. As always, recorded LIVE at Guilt & Company Visit Guilt & Company online via www.guiltandcompany.com - or in person at 1 Alexander Street in Historic Gastown, Vancouver, BC.  Follow Us on Social Media:Facebook: www.facebook.com/guiltandcompanyTwitter: www.twitter.com/guiltandcompanyYoutube: www.youtube.com/guiltandcompanyInstagram: www.instagram.com/guiltandco Presented By: James Calvin ThompsonRecorded By: Trevor TewsEdited By: Aaron Johnson See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Dec 2017

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[Homoground Podcast #198] Katie Kuffel / Kittiwake / Ruth Theodore / Talay / Nell Maynard & The Ampersands {hosted by scantron}

HOMOGROUND - queer music radio (LGBTQ)

Queer Singer/Songwriters from NYC, London, San Francisco, Seattle & Alaska. http://homoground.com/episode198 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 26mins

29 Aug 2016