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Ep32- Authentic Leadership Podcast Mark Nielsen

Authentic Leadership Podcast

Mark Nielsen is the Global CEO of Talent International and is Gabrielle's latest guest on the Authentic Leadership Podcast series. Mark’s aptitude was recognised in 2018 when the CEO Magazine awarded him both CEO of the Year and Professional Services Executive of the Year.Over the course of his career, Mark has held C-level roles across start-ups, turnarounds and multinational corporations. This experience spans organisations in Australia, South Africa, China, the United Kingdom, and the USA, and across the recruitment, technology, resources, retail and medical device sectors. Throughout his career he has held executive and non-executive director positions on listed and unlisted company boards.Mark is a big believer in people being their most authentic selves in the workplace and is a huge equality champion. He knows that people should be the number one focus of every great business and that they should be allowed to be their most authentic and vulnerable selves.He grew up in South Africa which, at the time, was a very conservative country and he really struggled to express his identity as a gay man which he openly speaks about. Still to this day, there are a lot of people who struggle with this and don’t have the courage to be themselves. Mark wants to change that.During the conversation, Mark speaks candidly about the challenges he has faced being an openly gay man in the corporate world. He also has one of the best articulated company polices Gabrielle has heard. This episode will be well worth a listen.


6 Sep 2021

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97: The Politics of Equality - Mark Nielsen

The Politics of Everything

To discuss The Politics of Equality I am interviewing Mark Nielsen. He is the Global Chief Executive Officer of Talent International and a pioneering leader with over 25 years of experience.  Over the course of his career, Mark has held C-level roles across start-ups, turnarounds, and multinational corporations. This experience spans organizations in Australia, South Africa, China, the United Kingdom, and the USA, and across the recruitment, technology, resources, retail and medical device sectors. Throughout his career, he has held executive and non-executive director positions on listed and unlisted company boards. Mark is often referred to as a “new age” or “next-generation” leader who truly understands the multiple benefits of a fully engaged and committed team. He is particularly proud of having built an open, respectful, and unique culture at Talent.  Mark aims to ensure that each member of the team champions Talent’s core tenets of progressive and innovative thinking, passion for technological advancement and digital transformation, and customer-centered service.  Mark’s current role is managing Talent’s $750m+ business, driving both Talent’s global expansion and its cultural and digital transformations. He is also the co-founder and board member of Talent's foundation Talent RISE, which addresses youth unemployment through the mentoring and placement of young people into technology-related roles. In 2018, Mark was named Australian CEO of the Year (CEO Magazine), Professional Services Executive of the Year (CEO Magazine), and Recruitment Leader of the Year – Australia (SEEK SARA Awards). In 2020, he was on the Deliotte 50 Outstanding LGBTI+ leaders list. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of Cape Town is a graduate of The Wharton School’s Executive Development Program and is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Mark is highly regarded for his ability to lead and build high-performance organizations with compassion at their core. He is outcome-focused, a long-term thinker and therefore passionate about building strong organizational cultures. Questions we cover with Mark: Can you share your career ambitions – so what you thought you’d do for a living when you were a kid growing up? And did that happen? Your early career story please! How do you define equality and moreover inequality? Is the notion we are all born equal even realistic let alone what we can do to even out the equality divide that permeates everything such as our income status, education, where we live, and of course gender? Is equality above leveling the playfield or compensating when the situation is clearly not equal or fair? E.g. I think of things like superannuation being paid for women who take career breaks for family reasons. Some employers will top it up while they are on maternity leave. You grew up in South Africa which, at the time, was a very conservative country and you say you really struggled to express his identity as a gay man. Still to this day, there are a lot of people who struggle with this and don’t have the courage to be themselves. I know you want to change that. As a white male living a fairly comfortable life as far as we know, do you think you have an obligation – maybe more than most – to address equality more than others who may be perceived as less privileged? Why and how do you do that in your work/daily life? The rise of “cancel culture” and the idea of canceling someone coincides with a familiar pattern: A celebrity or other public figure does or says something offensive. A public backlash, often fuelled by politically progressive social media, ensues. Then come the calls to cancel the person — that is, to effectively end their career or revoke their cultural cachet, whether through boycotts of their work or disciplinary action from an employer. Is this recent focus on cancel culture a “mob mentality” on steroids, or a long-overdue way of speaking truth to old forms of power? How can it help balance the power the higher profile people have over us long term or not? What role does business and government play in improving equality in modern society? Share an example or two of how this can be done better or has been done overseas even. Who have been your greatest mentors (1 or 2) and what did they teach you? If you could choose a favorite book, song or film what would it be and why? (Can be serious or quirky!). Take away: What your final takeaway message for us on addressing The Politics of Equality?


29 Jun 2021

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Expert Answers: Mark Nielsen on Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

#ShareScience - an InsideScientific Podcast

In this episode of Expert Answers join Mark Nielsen, a professor of human anatomy at the University of Utah, as he answers questions from a recent webinar on the evolutionary and developmental patterns that clarify the structural organization of the peripheral nervous systemFor more information, to watch the webinar, or to download a copy of the full Q&A Report, click here.


4 Mar 2021

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Episode #14: Mark Nielsen, PhD (Philosophy of Mathematics)

Into the Absurd

Dr. Mark Nielsen is the Associate Dean of the College of Science and a professor of mathematics at the University of Idaho. We discussed the complex nature of mathematics as it pertains to the natural world and the way we think. To that regard, Dr. Nielsen explained the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics, "the mathiverse", and the fundamental limitations of the human intellect in regard to the structure of mathematical systems.  The College of Science at the University of Idaho has a podcast which Dr. Nielsen is a part of; it is called The Vandal Science Experience. Check it out! For any questions, comments, or suggestions, email us at into.the.absurd.podcast@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook (@podcast.into.the.absurd), Instagram (@into.the.absurd), Twitter (@AbsurdInto), or Reddit (r/Into_the_Absurd). Thank you for listening!


21 Feb 2021

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Retired Senior Sergeant Mark Nielsen

Ben Fordham Live on 2GB Breakfast


23 Jul 2020

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Mark Nielsen, Talent APAC CEO

Shortlist Interviews

Mark discusses Talent's approach to managing the COVID-19 crisis, and specifically some key objectives: keeping the team intact; removing the 'fear factor'; and emerging in a financially strong position on the other side.


6 May 2020

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Toy Story 4 with Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen | Picturehouse Podcast

The Love Of Cinema

Sam Clements talks to Toy Story 4 producers Mark Nielsen and Jonas Rivera about Pixar Animation Studio's latest animated adventure. It’s back – the jewel in Pixar’s crown and the story that changed cinema forever. The adventures of Woody, Buzz and the gang continue in another rollercoaster of a movie, which promises to pull on the heartstrings and tickle the funny bones of kids and grown-ups alike. Woody (Tom Hanks) has always been confident about his place in the world, and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. So when Bonnie’s prized but reluctant new toy, a disposable spork called Forky (Tony Hale), runs away during a family vacation, Woody and friends begin a quest to bring him back where he belongs. On their ensuing road-trip adventure alongside new faces and old friends, the charismatic pull-string cowboy learns just how big the world can be for a toy.


26 Jun 2019

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'Toy Story 4' - Josh Cooley, Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen

Behind The Screen

On this week's episode, Carolyn meets with 'Toy Story 4' director Josh Cooley and producers Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen. The group discusses expanding the film series' cast of characters, hiding easter eggs on the latest sets in the world of Toy Story, and the emotional experience of working with Composer Randy Newman. In this podcast series, Carolyn Giardina, Tech Editor for The Hollywood Reporter, extends her coverage of the filmmaking crafts. She will be talking with the cinematographers, editors, production designers, composers, visual effects supervisors, and other leading artists that bring the magic of motion pictures to theaters. Subscribe now to receive episodes of this inspired new series that shines a light on the artists that spend most of their time behind the screen. Hosted by: Carolyn Giardina Produced by: Matthew Whitehurst and Joshua Farnham Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Jun 2019

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Podcast #65: 15 Facts We Learned About Toy Story 4 While Chatting With Josh Cooley & Mark Nielsen

Pixar Post Podcast: Animation News, Interviews & Reviews

In episode 65 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we dive into the full discussion with Josh Cooley and Mark Nielsen — actually answering 15 questions (of which we highlighted 7 above) all about Toy Story 4. Before we dive into the episode fully, we also highlight some of the latest news from the studio — show notes below. We kick off the episode with Toy Story trivia and then offer a high-level overview of our trip (highlighting all that we're going to share over the next few weeks). At 15:28 into the episode, we cover the recent trip we took to Canada to visit Toys R Us and the product videos we've been having a blast creating. At 25:34 into the show, we discuss the Toy Story 4 French premiere at the Annecy Film Festival on June 14 and at 28:02 we discuss the new Toy Story themed table-service restaurant which was recently announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios. At 31:56 we talk about Mychael and Jeff Danna scoring the upcoming (March 2020) release of Onward and then dive into a follow-up discussion on Disney+ and the Monsters at Work show (at 33:44). We also touch on Billy Crystal's historic honoring at the Grauman's Chinese Theater and his impressive nod to Mike Wazowski (at 40:30). Finally, before the interview, we provide some updated comments to our prior podcast (episode 63) asking if Pixar's short films are no longer happening and now transitioning to SparkShorts exclusively. The fantastic conversation with Josh Cooley and Mark Nielsen kicks off at 46:51 into the episode. Listen along as they answer 15 questions over 30 minutes to dive deep into Toy Story 4.

1hr 19mins

1 May 2019