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Surviving a Shark Attack | Paul De Gelder

EO 360°: A podcast by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Dave dives into the EO 360 podcast crypt this week to highlight Paul de Gelder, a navy diver, shark attack survivor, author, motivational speaker, and lifelong adventure seeker. In this episode, Paul dives into details as he recounts the attack, his recovery, and the choice he had to make. Tune in to learn how Paul decided to choose his best life over being a victim of his circumstances, how he believes his history prepared him to overcome the attack, and how he wouldn’t trade anything for the life he has now. Links Paul’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/No-Time-Fear-Attack-Survivor/dp/0143567322 Paul’s website: http://pauldegelder.com/


22 Jul 2022

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Paul de Gelder

Quite Franklin

Paul de Gelder was an Australian Royal Navy Clearance Diver participating in a counter terrorism exercise in Sydney Harbor when he was attacked by a 12 foot Bull Shark. The attack ultimately took Paul's right hand and right leg... and some time figuring out life. He did not want fear from that experience to determine his path, so he immediately put himself back in the ocean. Today Paul works as a co-host on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, frequently swimming with sharks if not feeding them by hand.

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8 Jun 2022

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Paul De Gelder - Shark Attack Survivor, Conservation and Perseverance.

BrothersnNBooks - The World's Coolest Book Club

Paul de Gelder is a shark attack survivor and one of the leading Conservation experts on the planet. He is a humble, driven and inspirational human being who has been featured in multiple documentaries for the discovery channel and netflix such as shark week and Seaspiracy. Paul has written multiple books that are also talked about in this episode.In this episode Paul speaks about swimming with Mike Tyson and great white sharks, his advice for living a good life and the books he is releasing this year.You can find Paul and his books on Instagram and Youtube @Pauldegelder or at his websitehttps://www.pauldegelder.com/This podcast is proudly sponsored by Get Some Australia who do an amazing job at being the only certified supplier of Jocko Willink Supplements in Australia! Make sure you check them out at getsome.com.au. Show links:https://www.pauldegelder.com/getsome.com.auInstagram.com/pauldegelderBooks spoken about:No Time for Fear - Paul de GelderUncaged - Paul de GelderThe way of the peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman

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25 May 2022

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Paul De Gelder Got Attacked By A Shark... Now He Loves Them!

Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey

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29 Mar 2022

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Surviving a Shark Attack with Paul De Gelder | Learn How To Swim with Sharks

Love, Gianna and Vegan Experts

Paul de Gelder chased adventure wherever he could find it, from his wild ride as a hoodlum teen and his whirlwind lifestyle working in the music industry & in strip clubs as a bouncer, to hauling his way up to the elite echelons of the Australian Defence Forces as an Army paratrooper and then a Navy bomb disposal diver. But trouble hunted him down in the form of a 9ft bull shark in February 2009 while diving for the Navy. Paul lost two limbs, and his career as a daredevil diver was flung into jeopardy. Drawing on everything his eventful life had taught him, Paul left nothing to chance in his recovery. He fought through excruciating pain, smashing challenge after challenge whilst amazing the medical staff and the Australian public with his will to succeed. His inspiring story as detailed in his autobiography “Uncaged” takes the saying “never say die” to a whole new level. In the years since the shark attack, Paul’s life has changed in every aspect. Paul speaks candidly and humorously about overcoming adversity, embracing change, and turning fears into your greatest strengths to create an amazing life personally and professionally. He has also been a guest on every major Australian TV talk show and many in the U.S. He starred as a guest trainer on the Biggest Loser Australia and has hosted 12 documentaries for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Where he learned to hand feed Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Blue Sharks, dive with tiger sharks, and even Great Whites without the protection of a cage. Megastar Will Smith Featured Paul in his Facebook series “Bucket List” as his shark diving mentor and UFC Hall of Famer and now WWE star Ronda Rousey was taught how to hand-feed bull sharks by Paul for a Shark Week special. Paul also became part of an anti-poaching team in Africa to hunt poachers and film the amazing work done by the Rangers there for “FEARLESS”, aired on NatGeo. An incredible life and an incredible story. To support and give to the Gianna Simone Foundation: http://bit.ly/1GU6few​⁣ ⁣ STAY CONNECTED WITH ME:⁣ ⁣ Plant Love cookbook: ⁣ https://giannasimone.com/checkouts/pl...⁣ Website: http://giannasimone.com/​⁣ Facebook: http://facebook.com/GiannaSimone​⁣ Instagram: gsimone - http://instagram.com/gsimone​⁣ Twitter: http://twitter.com/GiannaSimone1​⁣ IMDb: http://imdb.me/GiannaSimone​


17 Mar 2022

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Veteran State Of Mind 151: An Aussie, a Canuck, and a Brit walk into a bar, with Paul de Gelder and Kelsie Sheran

Veteran State Of Mind

Paul de Gelder served as an elite navy clearance diver until he lost an arm and a leg in a brutal shark attack. You can read all about that story and more in his book new book, Uncaged, which is available here: www.pauldegelder.comKelsie Sheren is a Canadian Forces Veteran and a young female entrepreneur on a mission to change the world by healing the people who help to defend all of our freedom. It is her goal to help other struggling Veterans and first responders through charitable donations made via her fast-growing jewelry and accessory business, and her memoir, Brass & Unity.https://www.instagram.com/kelsie_sheren/Gez is online @grjbooks and @veteranstateofmindAudiobooks available at: https://www.audible.co.uk/search?searchAuthor=Geraint+JonesIf you are a veteran struggling with mental health, or you just want a bit of help adjusting to civvie life, then say hello to the Royal British Legion at @royalbritishlegion or http://www.rbl.orgThank you to our sponsors! The show doesn't happen without them!Combat Fuel - www.combat-fuel.co.ukCombat Combover - www.combatcombover.comwww.theescapegames.co.uk Kamoflage Ltd - www.kamoflage.co.ukRite Flank - www.riteflank.co.ukZulu Alpha Strap Company - @zulualphastrapsSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=Ea-uUc26ENbNBYWd6-2779MBUZrl6WymCW_b0GdibwrG6-xBlWcpjLS6osk9OqZFbR9wOm&country.x=GB&locale.x=GB)

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16 Sep 2021

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Episode 182 - Paul de Gelder - Elite solider and shark attack survivor

GET AFTER IT with Nashy

Former elite soldier and shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder joins Nashy on the latest Podcast.Now based in LA Pauls life took a major turn when diving in Sydney Harbour back in February 2009 he was attacked by a bull shark and lost his right leg and arm.Nashy and Paul discuss the world we live in, Seaspriacy, diving with Mike Tyson, over coming fears and Pauls journey through adversity to today. Hope you enjoy and please do check out our other videos which include family adventures, Fire Pit cooking and lots more Podcasts with inspiring guests.This Podcast is brought to you by ACE Property - Management and Sales - Edinburgh.Contact Nashy for Podcast Sponsorship opportunities and get you brand / business in the ears of thousands of listeners. Insta - @the_getafterit_familyYouTube - GET AFTER IT with NashyFollow Nashy...Twitter - @GetAfterItNashyInstagram - @getafterit_nashyFacebook - GET AFTER IT with Nashy


13 Aug 2021

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Ep 172: Julia Wheeler & Paul De Gelder

The Betoota Advocate Podcast

Shark attacks, deep sea fishing and six hour swims. With the Australians dominating the pool in Tokyo, this week The Betoota Advocate interviews two people who have travelled the world swimming a bit deeper below the surface. Free diver, Julia Wheeler and Navy rescue diver Paul De Gelder are the hosts of Dirt Down Under. It’s a podcast that focuses on the intensity of the ocean, and what’s being done to save it.Listen to The Dirt Down Under - Apple, Spotify, GoogleSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Aug 2021

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EE 058: Overcoming Adversity with Passion and Positivity with Paul De Gelder

Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

In Episode 058 I fly to Marina Del Rey CA to sit down with Paul De Gelder. Paul is an amazing person, and his positive energy is straight up contagious. Paul was an Australian Army veteran and then switched to the Navy to become a Navy Diver. While conducting a training exercise with the Navy in Sydney Harbor, Paul was attacked by a Bull Shark and was nearly killed. Paul lost an arm and a leg in the attack but has not let that slow him down for a second. He’s now a public speaker, author, conservationist, part owner of Striker Coffee, Co-host of “The Dirt Down Under” conservation podcast and a host for the Discovery Channel. This was a powerful episode as Paul shows us all how a positive perspective and perseverance can turn an unfortunate event into positivity and opportunity. I got a lot out of talking to Paul and I’m sure you will too! And ladies if you’re anything like my wife prepare to fall in love with his Australian accent! Links to his website and podcast will be available in the show notes. Please enjoy Episode 058 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast.   --- Connect with Paul on: Instagram: @pauldegelder Web: https://www.pauldegelder.com Book: https://www.amazon.com/Uncaged-Paul-Gelder/dp/0645226416 The Dirt Down Under Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dirt-down-under/id1574427797 Connect with me on: Instagram: @granderson33 Check out my linktr.ee: https://linktr.ee/Granderson33 Episode resources: LMNT drinklmnt.com/endlessendeavor for a free variety sample pack just pay $5 shipping here in the US. Visit www.curednutrition.com, check out their product line and use coupon code ENDLESS for 10% off. Save 15% with coupon code ENDLESS when you snag your delicious order at www.paleovalley.com. If you enjoy the show, make sure to give the Endless Endeavor Podcast a rating via your favorite audio platform OR on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCieFsr26t9cyPDKMbLQJzXw/featured!

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29 Jul 2021

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19. Paul De Gelder

98 Podcast

IMPROVISE... ADAPT... OVERCOME... These three words – a mantra of the Australian Army – always resonated with Paul de Gelder. But they would take on new meaning after he was attacked by a shark in February 2009. Paul lost two limbs, and his career as an elite navy clearance diver was flung into jeopardy. Drawing on everything his eventful life had taught him – from his wild teen years to his haul up the ranks of the defence forces – Paul left nothing to chance in his recovery. He fought through excruciating pain, smashing challenge after challenge, and amazing the medical staff with his will to succeed. His inspiring story takes ‘never say die’ to a whole new level.

1hr 33mins

17 Apr 2021