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SMP 50 ​The secret to creating a profitable business With Wealth Expert Lisa Linfield

Stable Mama

Lisa is a previous financial planner turned entrepreneur whose goal is to Engage, Equip, and Empower 1 MILLION women using her gift of financial knowledge.  She teaches how to earn, protect and spend it wisely in a way that you can actually understand.  Lisa explains her journey, how she went from corporate to self employed business woman and her passion shines through.  The lessons, her and her family of 5, have learned along the way.  “This journey is how you think about money and how you behave towards it.”  She gives advice to her former self and to those looking to grow their business while also balancing family and other life commitments. Topics Covered in this episode:Three Money Concepts that will Revolutionize Your BusinessGood Reasons vs Real ReasonsMoney Mindset  Shift You Need NOWThe Key To Revenue Generating Business Connect with LisaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisa.linfieldWebsite: https://workingwomenswealth.com/Podcast: https://workingwomenswealth.com/category/podcast/Free gift: 9 Simple Things You Can Do While Sitting On The Couchhttps://www.businessschoolforstartups.com/landing-page-freemium1586418855855SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTSDid you love this episode? Then I would love to have you subscribe! A new episode comes out every week and I have SO many amazing guests/topics on the schedule I would hate for you to miss any.   Click here to subscribe on Apple PodcastsDid something specific resonate with you? Then leave a review! I LOVE reading each and every one of them. They inspire me to keep going and remind me that I am making a difference. I can not tell you enough how much they mean to me! Plus it helps other amazing moms like yourself find this podcast so they can have the same wonderful "ah-ha" moments you did!Wondering how to leave a review? Click here to review, then select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review”.  So easy and again I can NOT thank you enough!! YOU ROCK!


21 Oct 2020

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Impact of Divorce on Family Finances (Lisa Linfield)

The Family Finance Show

Lisa Linfield, author, CEO, podcast host and mother to three, guides us through the financial side of divorce. What you should think about when dividing your joint assets to avoid wealth destruction, how to agree on maintenance costs after the divorce and how to learn to manage your finances on your own, if your partner took care of family finances before the divorce. Lisa also has important advice for people in domestic violence situations.Lisa has written two excellent guides to the financial side of divorce, well worth reading even if you are not planning to get divorced:Negotiating a settlement: https://workingwomenswealth.com/money-and-divorce-negotiating-a-settlement/What to do after the settlement has been agreed:https://workingwomenswealth.com/divorce-money-settlement-agreed/Join us on twitter for real conversations about family finances:@FamFinanceShow@DianaGranouxWebsite: www.familyfinanceshow.com


25 Aug 2020

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113: Lisa Linfield – Deep Grooves

Authors Who Lead - Learn about writing books from bestselling authors and leaders

Lisa Linfield is a Wealth Manager, sought after Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host of Working Women's Wealth and Course Creator that partners with women around the world to change their mindset and help them make money, invest it and protect it from life's unexpected turns. Today, Lisa talks about her book Deep Grooves: Overcoming Patterns That Keep You Stuck. What We Discuss with Lisa Linfield: The book as part of her strategy for launching a new conversation How the deep grooves start to reveal itself How the different voices of the world shape us How our assumptions become our identity Your signposts towards your best life How to reverse these grooves The writing process To view full show notes, Click Here! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!


6 Aug 2020

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126: How to get unstuck in life - with Lisa Linfield

The Simplifiers Podcast

Q: are you ready to get unstuck in your life? It’s time, you’re ready. There’s no better moment than now. My special guest today is author (and fan favorite) Lisa Linfield and she’s simplifying how to get unstuck in life. So much has changed recently in your life in a relatively short amount of time, am I right? And for some, you might feel totally, utterly stuck right now. That’s okay because Lisa is going to share the secret sauce to getting your life back on track and your beautiful brain back in order. It’s simpler than you think. Here’s how. My special guest today is Lisa Linfield and she’s simplifying how to get unstuck in life. We tackle all aspects of it, including: Why the “Truth” you believe now might not actually be the truth at all - and why HERE is the best place to start What the “deep grooves” are in life and how to identify, define, and climb out of yours How to use the “reverse thinking stack” to help you get unstuck Why defining the signposts in your life and creating a vision for the journey is the very best way to accomplish your next major goal - here’s how to do it, simply …and ultimately, she shares a few simple, practical ways to create “step-change success” to help you take action and get unstuck in life It’s time to #DoTheThing! Show notes available with all links mentioned here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/lisa-linfield-get-unstuck-in-life


14 Jul 2020

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045 - HUMSA19 - Lisa Linfield

Humans Under Management - All Things Behavioural Finance Advice

Humans Under Management is an international conference focussed on better client outcomes for financial advisers.  This is a talk from one of our previous events. For more information on upcoming conferences visit: humansundermanagement.com


18 Jun 2020

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106: How to protect your money through a divorce - with Lisa Linfield

The Simplifiers Podcast

If you’re faced with divorce or a breakup, how do you protect your money and everything you’ve built through the relationship? According to the American Psychological Association, “about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States [end in] divorce.” And if you’re faced with it right now, one of the scariest parts to figure out is the money side. My special guest today is certified financial planner, Lisa Linfield and she is simplifying how to protect your money through a divorce. Let’s face it… separation and divorce are both emotionally difficult events. Is it possible to have a healthy, amicable breakup? And if you’ve built a small business or accrued assets throughout the course of your marriage, how do you ensure that you keep the things that are most important to you, in the end? Lisa Linfield simplifies how to protect your money through a divorce. In this episode, you will learn: What mistakes people tend to make before they decide to split up and how to avoid doing the same Why it’s important to understand your financial situation and collect as much  information as early as possible What the “5 Whys” technique is and how to implement this throughout the divorce process What the two main stages are in the divorce process and a few simple tips to help you navigate both: Negotiating the settlement and Maintaining the settlement agreement How small business owners can better ensure that they won’t lose everything in a divorce Time to #DoTheThing! Episode sponsored by... Ethical Hour Ethical Hour is the world's first and largest online community for changemakers, social entrepreneurs and impact businesses, where you can meet like-minded friends, collaborators and supporters - and get the help you need to grow your income, influence, and impact.  To learn more and get connected, visit: ethicalhour.co.uk/simplify Show notes available with all LINKS mentioned here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/lisa-linfield-how-to-protect your money-through-a-divorce


25 Feb 2020

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052: Follow your gut, not just your skills - Lisa Linfield

Work From The Inside Out

Lisa Linfield is a personal finance expert, keynote speaker, course creator and host of her podcast, Working Women's Wealth. Lisa, a Board Certified Financial Planner, is the CEO of a wealth and investment management business, Southern Pride Wealth. She has two honors degrees, one in Financial Planning, and has studied at Oxford, Insead, and London Business School. She has over 20 years of financial services experience in the UK and South Africa. She's been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Contemporary Business, Investing for Life and other podcasts. Lisa's goal is to teach 1 million women about money, how to make money, invest it and protect it. To that end, she has established her podcast which alternates weekly between featuring women who've achieved personally and professionally, and solo episodes in which she teaches to engage, equip, and empower her listeners. Lisa started her career as a physical therapist following the advice of many influential, well-intentioned adults who told her that going to medical school was a solid path to pursue.  After a few short years in the field, she listened to her inner voice and moved towards the business world into an entry-level role in financial services, specifically banking. She was on the team that opened one of the first digital banks in the world.  Several years into a successful career in banking, Lisa fulfilled a lifelong goal to attend Oxford and earned a degree in Divinity because she wanted to be able to study and live as a student in a way she had not been able to previously. She then returned to financial services, got married, started a family, and a few years ago, started her own personal financial advising business.   In this episode we discuss: Lisa’s scholarship and opportunity to become a physical therapist in South Africa, during a time when there was a power struggle in the country.  How higher education works in South Africa. Her realization that transition is challenging due to her concern about not meeting her family’s expectations and wondering if she was giving up an incredible career.  Lisa grew up in a business-oriented household and how that informed her transition into the business world. Lisa’s realization that “sometimes you choose transitions in life and sometimes life chooses transitions for you.”  How she found her career and life happiness when she discovered work that gave her both passion and purpose. Listen, subscribe and read show notes at www.tammygoolerloeb.com/podcasts/ - episode 052


27 Nov 2019

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067: How to reach financial freedom - with Lisa Linfield

The Simplifiers Podcast

It’s all about money. Brick by brick, we will talk about how to reach financial freedom. We’ll bash down the walls and the stigma against openly talking about our money, educating ourselves as leaders in our industries, and simplifying things once and for all. This conversation builds on the recent podcast episode, where we talked all about money with Hilary Hendershott. My special guest today is a board Certified Financial Planner, who will be sharing a few simple, practical tips that you can test out today in your work and in your life. Let’s have an open, honest conversation today about money. You in? Lisa Linfield is simplifying how to reach financial freedom In this episode, you will learn: Why we as women (sometimes) struggle to talk about our finances with others and how to open up about it Lisa’s 3 steps to financial freedom Financial independence (knowing you can generate the income you need to meet your basic living needs) Financial freedom (explore and invest wisely into your wants and needs) Financial resilience (how to keep your finances safe when curveballs happen in life) It’s all about… “Make Money, Invest it and Protect it” We explore the common mistakes in each of these To protect yourself financially before, and through a divorce What stops people from drafting up a will, and how to get past that fear The biggest mistake Lisa sees female small business owners make (financially), and how to avoid it This continues our series in simplifying money on The Simplifiers Podcast and I hope you gain value from these sometimes tricky conversations. As Lisa says, “The biggest gift you can give yourself is financial peace of mind.” And it all starts here. #DoTheThing! Show notes available with all LINKS mentioned here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/lisa-linfield-how-to-reach-financial-freedom


28 May 2019

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033 Lisa Linfield- The Truth About Growing Your Side Hustle Business

The Financial Freedom Podcast

Always wanted to side hustle? Find out how to create multiple streams of income by spending your time on productive side hustle business and what to consider before you get involved. About Lisa Linfield Lisa Linfield has a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to teach 1 million women about money in the next 7 years. How to make it, how to invest it and how to protect it. Having set the goal, the challenge was how to achieve it. And that’s led to a journey that’s taken her to do things she’d never dreamt of doing in her 19 years of working in corporate based financial services. Having worked in both South Africa and the UK for companies such as Halifax Bank of Scotland, Citigroup, Deloittes, Nedbank and Hollard, she left in July 2017 to start her own wealth management business. But she soon realised that working 1-on-1 wouldn’t enable her to reach 1 million women. So she started Working Women’s Wealth just over a year ago. Her blog posts, newsletters, online videos and podcasts have become the primary way she’s working to reach her goal, with her podcast having reached over 11,000 downloads in 61 Countries. Show Highlights - Never underestimating the learning involved - Try in failing - The truth about someone who is an overnight success - Defining success - How badly do you want it? - Prioritizing time in your day to develop the self-discipline - The power of having an attitude of learning Lisa’s Gift For You https://www.teachyourselfwealth.com/independence  Here’s a free  infographic and 7 video online course that will teach you how to earn an extra $1,000 - the start of your side hustle.  The video’s take you step by step through how you can do 6 different things to earn extra money. Connect with Lisa LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-linfield Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorkingWomensWealth/  Twitter:  https://twitter.com/lisalinfield1   Instagram: https://instagram.com/LisaLinfieldSA  Join our private The Financial Freedom Podcast Facebook Group with your host Lorna Poole. This is a safe haven of like-minded wealth creating go-getters, who like you are on their journey to creating financial freedom in their life. This is where you and I can get intimate, give you the support and guidance to from where you are now to where you want to be. Join here… https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefinancialfreedompodcast/


14 Mar 2019

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020 Financial Freedom & Passive Income with Lisa Linfield

Working Women's Wealth: The confidence to grow yourself and your money to achieve your goals and dream retirement

Lisa Linfield addresses the real story behind passive income and the secret you need to know in order to reach the elusive financial freedom sooner.  Choose the flexibility of your hours, physical work place etc.   She takes an in depth look at the four major types of passive income... and takes you through the secret of passive income success and how you achieve financial freedom earlier


20 Mar 2018