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Better Yet

The song we played this week was “CONTINENTAL DIVIDE” by LAURA STEVENSON Listen to LAURA STEVENSON on bandcamp! https://laurastevenson.bandcamp.com/ https://www.laurastevenson.net/ betteryetpodcast@gmail.com MOTHERFUCK THE POLICE

26 Aug 2021

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The Hard Times Podcast w/ Laura Stevenson

The Hard Times Podcast

On an all new Hard Times Podcast, Laura Stevenson stops by to talk about childbirth during COVID, getting grandma’s into GG Allin and her new self titled record which comes out tomorrow! Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts!

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5 Aug 2021

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Laura Stevenson Is Sparked By Claudia Bernardi's Pasa Un Angel: Finding Hope In A Sea Of Despair

The Spark Parade

Singer/songwriter Laura Stevenson spoke to me about a cultural spark that is really remarkable.  I don’t think that any other topic that I’ve discussed on this show has affected me as much as this one. Laura’s spark is Pasa Un Angel, a mixed media monotype fresco by fine artist and activist Claudia Bernardi, but we talked about Bernardi's entire body of work. She has lived an absolutely incredible life and survived through and witnessed unimaginable trauma.   This conversation is going to be a source of inspiration for you, but it also features discussion of some incredibly upsetting and horrifying human rights abuses that are the driving force behind Bernardi’s work. It's a moving and, for me, truly life changing discussion.  You’ll finish this episode wanting to know much more about Claudia Bernardi’s work and you’ll also be really excited to listen to Laura’s music.  Laura's fantastic self-titled album will be released on August 6th. Links:Pasa Un AngelLaura Stevenson24 Hours


4 Aug 2021

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#71 - Laura Stevenson

Behind the Vinyl

This week's episode is with the one and only Laure Stevenson! Laura discusses with us the journey of being a mom and a musician, her and her husband meeting at a rock and roll summer camp, her journey into the underground tunnels of Disney, and the fun she had shooting her recent music video for ‘State.’ We dive into Laura’s themes in her music, and her hopefulness that being honest and vulnerable in her music will convey to others that they are not alone. As a musician during COVID-19, she discusses her excitement returning to live music, her songwriting process, and her opportunities working with other musicians and artists, having her chance to express herself on her friends' records. Laura Stevensons’s new self-titled record will be out August 6th, and we know we can’t wait! A great conversation with a great artist, check out her work below! Website: https://www.laurastevenson.net Bandcamp: https://laurastevenson.bandcamp.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lVadNivMiSkc2N6irhWdg?si=BKYIsPPDRPi4_c3CWcevIg&dl_branch=1 Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/laura-stevenson/298214700 Instagram/Twitter: @laurastevenson


28 Jul 2021

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New Mix: Jomoro With Sharon Van Etten, Naia Izumi, Laura Stevenson, More

All Songs Considered

All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen shares his favorite new tracks of the week, featuring former Tiny Desk contest winner Naia Izumi, West African art-folk group The Narcotix, Laura Stevenson and more.Featured Artists And Songs:1. Laura Stevenson: "State," from Laura Stevenson2. Jomoro: "Nest," from Blue Marble Sky3. The Narcotix: "Lilith," from Mommy Issues EP4. Gone to Color: ""The 606" (feat. Jessie Stein,) from Gone To Color5. Naia Izumi: "Voodoo," from A Residency in the Los Angeles Area6. Maddie Jay: "Spiral," from CMYK EP


9 Jun 2021

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Making Creative Decisions Using Neon with Laura Stevenson from Rite Guy Design

Mondo Neon

Find Laura on Instagram @riteguydesign and her website. Tweet us @mondoneon with your favorite moment.Music by M.K. Khan. Checkout “High Voltage” our monthly Playlist on Spotify. Consider supporting the show at Patreon. Join the Discord, click here.

28 Feb 2021

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133 - SUICIDE SQUAD (w/ Laura Stevenson)

Back To The Island / Bat To The I Man



14 Nov 2020

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Laura Stevenson Performs

WVUD General Podcasts

Phil Chinitz interviews Laura Stevenson who also performs in studio during Phil's Jam Session


10 Nov 2020

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#243 Laura Stevenson

Jonah Raydio

Hey all! This week musician and songwriter Laura Stevenson joins us from upstate NY. We talk her family history with music, her wrestling merch and dive into Music Neüs. It was great!SONGS"Barnacles" by Laura Stevenson"Living Room, NY" by Laura Stevenson"Coldbringer" by Naked Raygun"Harvest Moon" by Jeff Rosenstock & Laura StevensonLINKSLaura's PatreonThe Flaming Lips socially-distanced bubble concertWillie Nelson interview on Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 9mins

16 Oct 2020

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At Home with Laura Stevenson


Hello and welcome to another edition of REPLY ALT, the only newsletter about music ever to exist. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the zine I put on sale last week. They sold out way, wayyyy faster than I’d expected, so apologies if you didn’t get one but my insecurity rendered me incapable of printing literally a single copy more than I did. Today’s newsletter is once again a podcast. Please see previous episodes with Jonah Ray, Sarah Tudzin [Illuminati Hotties], David Anthony, Chris Farren, Lauren Denitzio [Worriers], Todd Taylor [Razorcake], and Jenny Owen Youngs. They’re all on Spotify and Apple for your listening pleasure.Today’s guest is the one of the most talented songwriters currently walking the earth, Laura Stevenson. We talked a bit about settling into motherhood, songwriting, shitty haircuts, and growing up on Long Island. We also spitballed the premise for an Encino Man sequel entitled Ensequel Man (Hollywood producers, get at us! We can literally have a draft done by this afternoon!). Since it’s getting an expanded reissue this year, we also did a little reminiscing about her 2011 album Sit Resist, which I once listed as one of my ten favorite albums of the last decade.Laura writes such beautifully intricate music, but I do worry that it gets lost that she is also equally hilarious. I remember seeing her in Baltimore years ago and the crowd was pin-drop silent as she performed one of her many intensely vulnerable songs about the imperfections of the human condition. Then, after she finished and everyone applauded, she said, “Thank you, that was an ICP song.” So I hope her humor comes through here!OK stop reading and start listening!Oh, and also, I always usually like to use my own photos for REPLY ALT but since I couldn’t find any of Laura and me that were not thoroughly embarrassing and unfit for internet consumption, she sent me the above photo, as taken by Em Dubin.Oh, and also also, I routinely give Laura’s NPR Tiny Desk concert a rewatch. So intimate and so lovely. And while pregnant! If you haven’t seen…Listen to Laura Stevenson.Follow me on all the internet stuff.Twitter | Instagram | Website Get full access to REPLY ALT at danozzi.substack.com/subscribe

1hr 11mins

5 Oct 2020