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The Life-saving Suicide Plan - Ayse Hogan | TSPS #097

The Suicide Prevention Movement

Welcome to the Suicide Prevention show, we are waking up the world with the power of positivity and making suicide, especially teen suicide, a thing of the past. This is an important conversation. We're going to be talking about plans. And sometimes we have plans for living. And sometimes we have plans for dying. And sometimes we really don't know where our plans are going to take us. But we're going to take this journey with Ayse Hogan. So Ayse turn on your camera and join me in the studio. Master Your Mission 2 Hour Masterclass http://bit.ly/TSPS-Gift-from-Ayse This session is designed to bring you powerful tools that you can utilize over and over in all areas of your life. It doesn't matter where you are in your life, or where you start, it only matters that you make progress. The first step is clarity and motivation! These two ingredients are imperative and your starting point each and every time, at each and every level!


2 Jun 2021

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The Unity and Diversity of Self with Ayse Hogan

The Ageless Wisdom Mystery School with Michael Benner

The Ageless Wisdom Show on KPFK-90.7 FM in L.A.Visit http:www.TheAgelessWisdom.com or call (818) 569-3017 for more information. To learn more about Michael's private counceling, visit http://www.MichaelBenner.com. To learn more about Michael's book, visit http://www.FearlessIntelligence.com.


23 Mar 2021

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5 Steps to Mastery with Ayse Hogan

Light Warrior Radio with Dr. Karen Kan

It is amazing how we have been conditioned to think that playing small, and not living up to our potential is acceptable: to “settle” in our lives is acceptable, to not make an impact, and to not leave a legacy. It is equally amazing how we think it is ok to deny ourselves our basic needs. The same needs that every human on this planet requires, despite your “status” in life: certainty, security, connection, meaning, love, and ultimately, contribution.Let’s imagine that we can have ALL of that and fulfill our own mission in life from a place of true fulfillment.  Listen to the episode of Light Warrior Radio where I interview, Ayse Hogan where we discuss the 5 Steps it takes to step into your Mastery!Ayse’s mission in life is to guide you to your mission! She does this in a very unique and authentic way! We each have a different mission; a purpose, a goal, and it’s Ayse's purpose to get you there, and she doesn’t do this alone! Find out what she has created to satisfy her mission during the pandemic.To learn more about Ayse, please visit https://karenkan.com/IAUSM

1hr 8mins

8 Feb 2021

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Finding Spirituality Through Trauma & Healing Ourselves, with Ayse Hogan

Enhanced Living

Joining me today is not only a close friend of mine who I’m thrilled to introduce, but an esteemed colleague currently sitting as the Founder and Chief of the Universal Self-Mastery Academy IAUSM. Ayse Hogan was introduced to the world of energy work and clairvoyance shortly after her father’s passing in her early forties. While also battling internal thoughts she’d been having to end her life, Ayse firmly decided she would be carrying out the decision as soon as she flew home to Turkey. After receiving an attunement from a family member and learning more about the practice of Reiki, Ayse’s life changed forever. In today’s episode, she shares how her practice has helped her lean into her purpose of helping others, how her complicated relationship with her father impacted her romantic and social life growing up, and why the process of healing is so difficult for so many of us.    To hear more, tune in to Episode 50 of Enhanced Living!Some Questions I Ask:What led you to pursue the field of hypnotherapy and energy work? (2:11)What do you think are the main concerns when not dealing with our own underlying issues? (11:52)How long did you feel you were ‘living on the outside looking in?’ (21:41)What can my listeners take away from enrolling in a class at IAUSM? (36:45)In This Episode You Will Learn:How Ayse’s relationship with her father impacted her throughout adult life (7:32)Ayse’s experience with her own spiritual awakening and personal transformation (16:16)What inspired the creation of Ayse’s Self-Mastery Academy, IAUSM (25:24)What trusting her intuition and meditation practice did for Ayse (35:04)Let’s Connect!WebsiteInstagramEnhanced Living - Facebook GroupEnhanced Living - Youtube ChannelThe Vegans Three - Youtube ChannelConnect With Ayse Hogan:LinkedInWebsite - International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery Website - The Chakra House of Healing See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Jan 2021

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Talking to Ayse Hogan as she Lauches The International Academy of Universal Self Mastery

Intuitive Journey with Desiree

Desiree Holmes Scherini talks to Ayse Hogan about following her intuition, listening to messages from her higher self and trusting her vision! In the spring of 2020 Ayse had a vision of a beautiful campus with elegant buildings. She was given the message to create this Academy. Find out how that image led her to begin The International Academy of Universal Self Mastery! Launching October 30 2020, But the campus and several classes are already up - come take a tour!  Listen through for information on how to come into the campus and explore all of the possibilites! Desiree is excited to be among the founding faculty and offering courses!go to https://iausm.com/DesireeScherini/appreciation - to become a member use this link (sign up before October 15 for a free month! )tour the campus at www.IAUSM.comconnect with Desiree and sign up for her email list at www.IntuitiveJourneywith Desiree.comSee Video of Intuitive Journey with Desiree on my YouTube channel Desiree Holmes Scherini, BCH, CHt, LBLt and find the Intuitive Journey Playlist!

1hr 2mins

8 Oct 2020

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Ayse Hogan- Transforming a Curse into a Gift: The Birth of IAUSM

Decide to Transform

Do you possess a big and magnanimous energy that other people just don't understand? Have you always known that you are destined for more, and is this a deep calling for you? My guest this week, Ayse Hogan, can relate. For years she considered her big energy a liability, a curse even. Many people had difficulty relating to her. Many felt threatened. Through it all, Ayse felt a deep calling to do something more. Earlier this year, Ayse received a vision during meditation that let her know that not only would she find herself doing something absolutely huge, but that she wouldn't be doing it alone. From this vision, IAUSM was born. Standing for the International Academy of Universal Self Mastery, IAUSM is a worldwide collaborative and interactive social learning community, all online and launching in the fall of 2020.  IAUSM is already 150 Faculty Members strong with holistic and alternative teachings for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a welcoming space for people to heal and practice self mastery. Its bigness is beautiful, and beyond all limitations. Join Ayse and me as we discuss the unfolding of this vision. --- Ayse Hogan is a high speed vision-manifesting catalyst with a background as an Energy Worker, Hypnotherapist, and Self Mastery Coach. She is the Founder and CHIEF of IAUSM. Ayse can be reached via email at ayse@iausm.com . For more information about the International Academy of Universal Self Mastery, and to sign up for the IAUSM newsletter, please visit iausm.com .

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1 Sep 2020

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Interview with Ayse Hogan: A High-Speed Vision Manifesting Catalyst

Take Control and Manifest Your Dream Life | Law of Attraction | Mindset | Rebuild After PTSD, Trauma

Dr. Rev. Ayse Hogan is a high-speed vision manifesting catalyst who creates space for people to heal and practice self mastery. As an Energy Worker, Hypnotherapist and Self Mastery Coach, Ayse is known for creating dynamic integrative protocols that help release people from pain, and remove external masks. She guides them to masterful and impactful living. While Ayse works with her clients helping them find their mastery within and out of pain-causing dis-eases, she felt a deep calling to do something more. A vision received during meditation let her know that she wouldn't be doing it alone. Ayse, Founder & C.H.I.E.F of IAUSM, is building a collaborative interactive social learning community launching in October 2020. The International Academy Of Universal Self Mastery, is already 150 faculty strong with holistic and alternative teachings for the mind, body and spirit. Ayse's Website Donations/Sponsorship: As I live outside the USA, I'm not yet eligible for Anchor's donations or sponsorship options. In the meantime, should you wish to offer either of these beautiful shows of support for my podcast, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate selection below, with my heartfelt appreciation. Donations Sponsorship Connect with me below: Leave a voice message! Website LinkedIn Instagram Facebook--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/liberty-forrest/message


25 Aug 2020

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Forgiveness, with Ayse Hogan

Life, like you mean it! Podcast

Listen on: Podbean, Stitcher, Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio In today’s episode, we’re talking openly with the C.H.I.E.F of the soon-to-launch International Academy of Universal Self Mastery (IASUM), Ayse Hogan, about the choices we make in life – how many bring us shame and embarrassment, but that at any time, we have the ability to practise forgiveness and make a different choice about how we are living are lives, and experiencing our world. Have a listen to this incredible episode on today’s podcast and let us know your thoughts. Have you mastered forgiveness? Resources: Moving Forward after Abuse Webinar 30-Day Challenge for Emotional Wellness Online Book Club Get these books that Ayse highly recommends: The Mastery of Love Toxic Parents Official show notes


10 Aug 2020

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Ayse Hogan - The Academy of Universal Self Mastery


I was just like you, and now … I love my life !  I believe that in each one of us, there is a story to tell.  I used to define and victimize myself based on the situations and circumstances that happened in my life.   Everything was defined by the pain that I had endured. All the decisions that I made were based on the feeling I was being punished for something.  I became very good at acting like everything was great, but that was all an exterior mask because on the inside I was dying and loathed my life and myself.  In my early 40’s my father passed away and that unleashed everything I had been suppressing all at once and brought me to a point where I was planning the end of my life and actually found myself quite happy about it.  I could see the end to my pain and it felt satisfying somehow.  And then, 2 women came into my life; a Reiki Master and a Hypnotist.  Things changed for me rapidly after that. There was still a healing journey ahead of me but I had the will to live and began to see my story in a new light.  I am here now 10 years later, certified in everything that saved me and then some.   I feel victorious about my story and all the things I learned from it. I’ve let go of my triggers and limiting beliefs. Everyday for me is ample, thriving and fabulous.  If you think you are stuck, you’re not. In fact, far from it.  I’ve taken the best of everything I’ve learned and integrated it into a powerful personalised dynamic and integrative protocol that will release you from the pain, and allow you to live a normal, empowered life. www.thechakrahouseofhealing.com (Private Practice) www.iausm.com (launching soon International Academy of Universal Self Mastery)  Facebook @internationalacademyofuniversalselfmastery @thechakrahouseofhealing.com LInkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/ayse-hogan-iausm-com Twitter - academyofusm  Instagram - academyofuniversalselfmastery #iselfmastered #selfmastery #onlineacademy #selfeducation #interactivecommunity #empowerment #growth #iausm #ausm--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whatsyourleap/support

1hr 7mins

27 Jul 2020

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Ayse Hogan - What Makes You Follow A Vision With Action

Light On Living with Lisa Berry

What Makes You Follow A Vision With Action – Founder and Dean of The University Of Self Master Ayse HoganAired Monday, June 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM ESTOh the power of a vision, of a dream that your heart has and what action it can inspire us to take.But how clear does our vision and strong does our desire have to be to inspire physical action?What can we do to clear the path for ourselves and make way for our inner knowing to lead us.What prevents us from taking action on following a dream, or sharing and creating from a vision that our soul has shown us?Today my guest Reverend, Healer and Self Mastery Coach Ayse Hogan, Founder and Dean of The University Of Self Mastery, shares her story of how she listened, respected and followed her own vision and inner guidance despite it showing a 180 degree flip picture from original conception.Ayse will be inviting us to tap into our own frequency that promotes high speed alignment and reveals the possible gifts that we can calibrate to when tuning in to our soul’s desires.She invited BIG LOVE into her life, not knowing how that would look, and is excited to inspire us all to commit to believing in our dreams.Visit the Light on Living show page https://omtimes.com/iom/shows/light-on-living/Connect with Lisa Berry at http://www.lightonliving.com/#AyseHogan #LisaBerry #LightOnLiving


2 Jun 2020