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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kathleen Harrison. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kathleen Harrison, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kathleen Harrison. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kathleen Harrison, often where they are interviewed.

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EGA - Kathleen Harrison Talk

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Standing With The Waters : A Benefit Album For Standing Rockby Aquatic CollectiveStanding With The Waters : A Benefit Album For Standing Rock by Aquatic CollectiveKathleen Harrison - Veins Of Light: Feminine Awareness & Visionary MedicineEntheogenesis Australis Dec 8th 2017, Melbourne Australia. Synopsis What is the role of feminine awareness in relationship to visionary species? We often personify powerful plant species as spirits, many of them female. We can examine how this perception affects our relationship with them and their effect on us.Curiosity, compassion, and truth-telling are qualities that plants and mushrooms sometimes exhibit, just as we do. Let's follow that line of thought together. Bio Kathleen Harrison, M.A., is an ethnobotanist who has worked in the field since the 1960s.She is informed by long relationships with indigenous healers, California subcultures, an array of expert naturalists, and her own decades of psychedelic curiosity. She co-founded the organization Botanical Dimensions with Terence McKenna in 1985, and continues as its perennial Program Director, initiating ongoing projects in Mexico, Peru, California and Hawaii.Kat has taught globally for both universities and many conferences. She is currently based and teaching at the Botanical Dimensions Ethnobotany Library, in Northern California. She specializes in the study of nature-based worldviews, patterns of belief, ritual, healing, art and the plants that live where they evolved.
Jul 05 2020 ·
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Orando con María: Kathleen Harrison

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En este programa de Orando con María, te presentamos a Kathleen  Harrison. Nos habla de la Virgen María como la Madre en la que encuentra  una fuente constante de fortaleza y de amor. Explica que la oración del  rosario le ha ayudado a crecer en su relación con Jesús, imitando la  relación de amor de la Virgen con Él. Además, le hace consciente del  trato maternal que recibe siempre de Ella, medianera de gracias tan  importantes como la conversión de su marido.

May 08 2019 · 7mins

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Kathleen Harrison: On Ethnobotany

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Ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison is joined in conversation by CIIS's Natalie Metz to explore entheogens and the rich and complex relationship between plants, mushrooms, and human beings.
May 23 2018 · 58mins

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Episode 22: Kathleen Harrison, Cannabis and Spirituality

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This episode of the MAPS Podcast is taken from the Psychedelic Science 2017 conference in Oakland, CA. The talk is by the legendary and luminous Kathleen Harrison, M.A. and is entitled "Cannabis and Spirituality - Exploring the Plant Human Spirit Relationship".

Kat's decades of work as an ethnobotanist focussed largely on the deeply inter-connected history and relationship between human beings and cannabis. A relationship existing not just in a cultural setting but also a spiritual one. This talk explores the nuances of the relationship, cultural appropriation in respect to psychedelic mysticsm and a holistic blueprint for how one might approach spirituality with cannabis as a guide. 

Kathleen (Kat) Harrison, M.A. is an ethnobotanist who loves to explore the relationship between plants, mushrooms and human beings—particularly in the realms that are often hidden: cultural beliefs, personification of species, rituals of healing and initiation, vision-seeking modalities, and artistic creations that illustrate the plant-human relationship. She also studies and teaches the deep history of humans in nature, encompassing both before and since the advent of agriculture.

Kathleen founded Botanical Dimensions in 1985, with her then-husband, the late Terence McKenna. 

Visit www.botanicaldimensions.org

Dec 13 2017 · 38mins
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Ep 46: Cannabis and Spirituality w/ Kathleen Harrison

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Ethnobotanist Kat Harrison has had a 50 year relationship with cannabis, she speaks about it in ways that brought us to tears. She is also the former wife of the late, great Terence McKenna -- fun lil fact for you psychedelic nerds out there. VERY special woman.


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Watch Kat's talk at Psychedelic Science
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLdcfByyetU psychedelicscience.org

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Recorded 4/23/17
Oakland, CA
May 16 2017 · 28mins