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Ep. 1 | From Orthodox Judaism to Federal Prison and Beyond, the Redemptive Tale of Charlie Shrem

What Makes A Man

In Episode 1 of What Makes A Man, I sit down with notorious Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem. Together we trace through his journey: from breaking away from a strict Jewish community in Brooklyn, founding the first venture-backed Bitcoin startup, becoming a convicted felon, and his efforts to move beyond just crypto. Join us as we discuss the challenges of severing bonds with family, rebelling against the government, reconciliation, love, and how they all tie into Charlie’s path to manhood.

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12 Jul 2021

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Criptohispanos with Charlie Shrem and Guillermo Torrealba, about Bitcoin Early Days, The OGs


[Audio original en Inglés] Hola comunidad criptohispana, bienvenidos al séptimo episodio de la tercera temporada [E32 en total] donde tuvimos la participación de un histórico del ecosistema bitcoiner global, el Sr. Charlie Shrem, quién junto a otro histórico del ecosistema bitcoiner Latinoamericano, el Sr. Guillermo Torrealba, conversaron con nuestros criptohispanos para adentrarnos en los pensamientos iniciales de bitcoin, analizar qué ha cambiado, si los actores del ecosistema son los mismos, o no, y sobre todo conocer sus perspectivas ante el ingreso de los institucionales a bitcoin. En este episodio pudimos hablar sobre los cambios en la narrativa de bitcoin, la experiencia de Charlie, y sobre todo lo que fue pasar por uno de los momentos más difíciles de su vida con solo 22 años, haber pasado por la cárcel. Con Guillermo abordamos los cambios y su visión desde el inicio de Buda.com, y las experiencias que podemos tomar de Charlie. Este episodio fue llevado a cabo por nuestros criptohispanos Alejandro Beltrán y Cristóbal Pereira. Te invitamos a buscarnos en nuestras redes sociales como @criptohispanos en twitter e instagram, y suscribirte también en nuestro canal de YouTube buscándonos como Criptohispanos Podcast. . Agradecemos a nuestros sponsors que hacen posible este episodio: LocalCryptos: ¿Necesitas cambiar Bitcoins por dólares, euros, pesos o bolívares? Usa LocalCryptos - el mercado peer-to-peer más seguro. Con más de 100.000 usuarios y más de 40 formas de pago, LocalCryptos es el mejor lugar para comprar y vender bitcoins. Regístrate ya en LocalCryptos.com. Ledn: Una suite de servicios que te ayudan a ahorrar y ganar más bitcoin y dólares digitales. Los productos de Ledn te permiten generar intereses, pedir créditos en dólares, y obtener créditos para comparar más bitcoin. ¿Quieres ponerle alas a tus satoshis? aprende más en Ledn.io. Buda.com: Es uno de los exchanges más reconocido de Latinoamérica con operaciones en Chile, Argentina, Perú y Colombia y es la primera plataforma de criptomonedas del mundo en compensar su huella de carbono. Crea tu cuenta hoy en Buda.com y se parte de una empresa carbono neutral. . Sobre nuestros anfitriones: Cristóbal Pereira - CEO de LatAmTech Finance - @cristpereirag Javier Bastardo - Organizador de Satoshi en Venezuela - @criptobastardo Alejandro Beltrán - Country manager de Buda en Colombia - @abeltran83


28 Feb 2021

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Matt McCall And Charlie Shrem Discus Major Changes In The Cryptocurrency Market

Matt McCall's Moneyline

Major changes in the cryptocurrency market are on the horizon and you don’t want to be like the rest of the confused masses... On this episode of MoneyLine Matt sit's Down with Cryptocurrency pioneer Charlie Shrem to discuss major changes coming to the market including the larger more established cryptocurencies. In case you didn’t know Charlie Shrem is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and has been a cryptocurrency advocate for almost a decade now, and he has some specific actionable advice for investors that you won't want to miss out on…


25 Sep 2020

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David Schwartz Confirms It. Charlie Shrem owns up to it.

The CryptoCeej

David Schwartz and Charlie Shrem talk about the beginning days of Bitcoin and Ripple and XRP. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cryptoceej/support

1hr 20mins

31 Jul 2020

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Halving 2020: Bitcoin Then & Now with Charlie Shrem

Messari's Unqualified Opinions

It doesn’t get much more OG than Charlie Shrem. Charlie’s been involved in bitcoin from the days where the community consisted of a couple hundred people on forum.bitcoin.org, created by Satoshi himself. In this conversion, we discuss both bitcoin and Charlie’s evolution throughout the years, from the first halving where many feared the protocol would break down, to Charlie’s imprisonment and eventual release. Early bitcoiners can enjoy the nostalgia of hearing Charlie recall the days where companies like Coinbase, Bittrex and Mt. Gox launched on BitcoinTalk Forum. Anyone newer to the space can listen to get a sense of what the industry was like before the lambos, institutions and multi-billion dollar marketcaps.---Bitstamp is the original global cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2011, we’ve been a cornerstone of the industry, earning the trust of over four million individuals and top financial institutions looking for a reliable trading venue. Whether you’re trading on our web platform, mobile app or industry-leading APIs, Bitstamp gives you the professional-grade tools you need to execute your strategy. Download the Bitstamp app or visit Bitstamp.net/Pro to learn more and start trading today!If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworksgroup.io


15 May 2020

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Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin Legend on Surviving Life in Jail, the Failures of The Criminal Justice System, the Early Days of Bitcoin, Being Hacked, the Prevalence of Trolling, the Halvening and More

The Wolf Of All Streets

You can't tell the story of Bitcoin without telling the story of Charlie Shrem. Charlie, Bitcoin Legend, host of Untold Stories and CEO of CryptoIQ and Scott Melker discuss life in the early days of Bitcoin and crypto, the insanity of life in prison and the lessons learned, the failure that is the United States criminal justice system, going from being a millionaire to working a minimum wage job and back to being a millionaire, being a target of hackers as a famous person in the space, the toxicity of the crypto community, the upcoming Bitcoin halvening and its implications and more.---ROUNDLYXRoundlyX allows you to dollar-cost-average into crypto with our spare change "Roundup" investing tool, manage multiple crypto exchange accounts in one dashboard and access curated digital asset content and services. Visit RoundlyX and use promo code "WOLF" to learn more about accumulating your favorite digital assets when making everyday purchases and earn $4 in free Bitcoin.---VOYAGERThis episode is brought to you by Voyager, your new favorite crypto broker. Trade crypto fast and commission-free the easy way. Earn up to 6% interest on top coins with no lockups and no limits. Download the Voyager app and use code “SCOTT25” to get $25 in free Bitcoin when you create your account---If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworksgroup.io


23 Apr 2020

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📊 Mkt Analysis E42: US Dollar Strength!? Charlie Shrem Talks Institutional

SA Crypto

Sponsored by *ALTCOINTRADER*, one of South Africa's leading crypto exchanges, offering 23 digital assets INCLUDING digital versions of real-world Gold and Silver. Sign up and get their incredible, personalised customer service: http://bit.ly/actonsacheader IN THIS EDITION! Graeme looks at how the US Dollar is strengthening significantly against emerging markets, leading us into chatting about various Forex trading practices. We see there isn't much movement on Bitcoin and the Alts, but that is likely because the volatility needs to cool down just a bit before the next "wind-up".  We also take a look at a tweet by famous Bitcoin early-adopter and entrepreneur Charlie Shrem, who sees some big institutional money. Watch the video version of this interview here: https://youtu.be/ShJydsrIqeQ - - - - - - - - - - - SA Crypto is South Africa's largest blockchain community & news outlet. Follow us on our media platforms to stay up to date with what is happening with crypto in Southern Africa. Subscribe to Africa's leading blockchain industry newsletter right here: https://mailchi.mp/5e039cf5af22/sacrypto Join our Telegram Traders Group here: https://t.me/joinchat/F3_PzUs8YytfRoxQbjKEXg (If the above link has expired, reach out to us on Twitter for the latest link) - Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SACrypto_ - Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sacryptoza - Join us on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/SACryptoCommunity?_rdc=1&_rdr - - - - - - - - - - - Please support responsible journalism in the African blockchain industry by donating Bitcoin or Ether here: BTC address: 3Edw9rR9NLenSnCStB9jYoWHb6V9UrEDgS ETH address: 0x3867BdF1e78E96a7f5bfB8585a98a2dF66919Af5


16 Apr 2020

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Charlie Shrem: The Untold Story of a Bitcoin Pioneer and Renegade

Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

Charlie Shrem became fascinated with Bitcoin in 2011 but grew frustrated with the hassle of buying it from the leading exchange at the time, Mt. Gox. To make the process faster and more convenient, Charlie created BitInstant in 2012. BitInstant quickly grew and by 2013 became responsible for processing a third of all Bitcoin transactions. This was with the help of Roger Ver and the Winklevoss twins, who were his seed investors, and Erik Voorhees, who led their marketing efforts. The success of BitInstant was short-lived. In a time where Bitcoin's primary applications were price speculation and buying things on the Silk Road, Charlie spent time in prison after a lack of customer due-diligence attracted the attention of the law enforcement. Our conversation with Charlie recounts the Bitcoin industry at its beginning, his time in prison, and what he is doing now that he's able to continue his work as a Bitcoin advocate.Topics covered in this episode:Learning of Bitcoin on IRC in 2011The Bitcoin community in the early daysCollaborating with competitors to grow the ecosystemFrustration with Bitcoin infrastructure in 2011Why Charlie decided to create BitInstantMeeting Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees, and the Winklevoss TwinsCharlie’s time in prison and its effect on his personal lifePodcasting and daily life after prisonEpisode links: Untold Stories WebsiteUntold Stories on Apple PodcastsBitcoin Billionaires: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal, and RedemptionCharlie and Best Selling Author Ben Mezrich Discuss Bitcoin's History60 Minutes Podcast - Sunday, May 19, 2019 with Charlie ShremCrypto.IQCharlie Shrem on TwitterSponsors: Status: A multi-purpose communication tool that combines a peer-to-peer messenger, secure crypto wallet, and web3 browser - https://status.im/Cosmos: Compete to win 100,000 ATOM by building and running Cosmos Zones - https://cosmos.network/goz/Pepo: Meet the people shaping the crypto movement - https://pepo.com/epicenterThis episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture & Sunny Aggarwal. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/321

1hr 18mins

8 Jan 2020

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Charlie Shrem. Still Banking On Bitcoin. Episode 215 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dropping Bombs

Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur, bitcoin pioneer and host of the Untold Stories Podcast. In December 2014, he was sentenced to two years in prison for aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money-transmitting business related to the Silk Road marketplace. He was released from prison around June 2016. Brad sat down with Charlie to talk about the current and future state of cryptocurrency, “the Blockchain” and the criminal justice system.

1hr 6mins

18 Nov 2019

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Charlie Shrem, Founder of Crypto.IQ: The OG Stories of Crypto

The Pomp Podcast

Charlie Shrem is the founder of Crypto.IQ, and one of the earliest proponents Bitcoin. In this conversation, Charlie and Anthony Pompliano discuss the early days of Bitcoin, what it was like building one of the first Bitcoin companies, what he experienced when he was arrested and put in jail, and how crypto has changed over the years.You can listen to Charlie's podcast, Untold Stories, here.-----BlockFi allows you to keep your crypto, put it up as collateral, and receive a USD loan funded directly to your bank account. They do loans ranging from $2,000 to $10,000,000, and they're perfect for helping you reach your financial goals of all sizes.Visit BlockFi.com/Pomp to learn more about putting your crypto to work without having to sell it.-----If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworksgroup.io

1hr 34mins

8 Jul 2019