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Binge This Podcast - American Prodigy: The Freddy Adu Story

Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

He was an American prodigy. The next Pelé. The savior of U.S. soccer. But he wasn’t even old enough to drive. In 2004, Freddy Adu joined MLS at 14 years old becoming the youngest pro athlete in America in 100 years. His story is a tale of talent, money, fame, and football. Soccer journalist Grant Wahl retraces the legend of Freddy as he went from superstar to one of the biggest "what ifs," asking, what determines who "makes it," who "doesn't," and what does all of it say about us?American Prodigy is now available. Listen here.


23 Jan 2021

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Goalie by Garman - 412 - Freddy Adu

Goalie by Garman - How to Become a Great Goalie


16 Jan 2021

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Freddy Adu: What Happened to America's Pele?

Front Three

Former Sports illustrated Soccer journalist Grant Wahl joins us live from New York to discuss his new seven-part podcast series from Blue Wire Podcats entitled, “American Prodigy: The Freddy Adu Story.” The guys dig deeper into the failure of Freddy Adu’s footballing career despite being compared to the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Brazilian legend and World Cup winner Pele. The guys debate whether the story of Freddy Adu could be considered a “tragedy” given how the American initially burst onto the scene as the face of US soccer and MLS in the early 2000s before David Beckham came to the States. Grant also gives us some hints as to what listeners can expect from the seventh and final episode of the series.Catch us every week on the "Locker Room" which you can download in the App Store and below:LOCKER ROOM (joinlockerroom.com) 


3 Jan 2021

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The Real Freddy Adu Story w/ Grant Wahl (GULLY SQUAD)

The Cooligans: A Comedic Soccer Podcast

Grant Wahl is the host of the incredible new podcast series American Prodigy: Freddy Adu where he takes an in-depth look on what happened to this American phenom who was supposed be the Michael Jordan of soccer.  Sponsored by The Cooligans 5-Year Anniversary Scarf from Ruffneck Scarves and designed by Felix Palao! "Stay Gully" on one side and "Shouts To Us" on the other. Pick up a scarf and wear The Cooligans mantras around your neck today!  https://onthevolleyapparel.com/collections/cooligans/products/cooligans-scarf


4 Dec 2020

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Freddy Adu's Meteoric Rise to Fame, "The Next Pelé" & Lessons Learned for MLS | From The Stands

The Best Soccer Show

On this week’s From The Stands, Jason Davis is joined by Grant Wahl. Grant has a new podcast out called American Prodigy: The Story of Freddy Adu. So naturally the guys broke down went went wrong with the then 14 year-old’s rise to fame. They get into if Freddy should have moved abroad to AC Milan instead of DC United, the Sierra Mist commercial with Pelé, what US soccer learned from this experiment, the media's responsibility in the hype train and just how different the landscape is today for young players. Check out American Prodigy: The Story of Freddy Adu: https://apple.co/2IMU5hUFrom The Stands is a weekly show where Jason Davis talks to podcasters, bloggers, journalists and supporters of clubs that are home to some of the United States’ current and legendary players.


19 Nov 2020

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Kate Abdo of CBS Sports; Grant's New Freddy Adu Podcast Series

Fútbol with Grant Wahl

Grant interviews his old friend and former work teammate Kate Abdo of CBS Sports (at 24:08) about how CBS is approaching its UEFA Champions League coverage; how she's dealing with working from London despite living in Los Angeles; what she has learned about studio pundits Roberto Martínez, Jamie Carragher, Alex Scott and Micah Richards; how she learned languages well enough to do simultaneous interview interpretation in Spanish, German and French (and soon Italian); and how she ended up having a global wanderlust despite growing up in a family that rarely traveled from Manchester, England. Before that, Grant and Chris Wittyngham discuss Grant's new podcast series American Prodigy: The Freddy Adu Story from Blue Wire Podcasts and break down what they learned from the USMNT's friendlies against Wales and Panama. This episode of Fútbol with Grant Wahl is brought to you by Fanatiz. On Fanatiz, you can watch all the action in Spain’s La Liga and other international leagues and tournaments live and on-demand from your mobile phone, tablet or directly on your TV with the Fanatiz app. Fanatiz features channels you know, like BeIN Sports in English and Spanish, GolTV and many more. And it only costs $7.99 a month.  If you’d like to try Fanatiz for yourself, you can get a free week-long trial by going to fntz.co/Grant-FZ. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqIhXWUw0H4


19 Nov 2020

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Grant Wahl discusses his new podcast series American Prodigy, the Freddy Adu story

Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Champions League, EPL, and more ...

Taylor chats with Grant Wahl about his new podcast series "American Prodigy, the Freddy Adu story." How did the project first come to be, how did Grant get Freddy on board, and what were the challenges of doing an entire series on a person who is very aware of their own media narrative? Plus, what has American soccer done to improve how it treats its potential future stars? All that and much more!Here's a link to the first episode. Give it a listen!Sponsors! Today's episode is brought to you by...HelloFresh! Go to HelloFresh.com/TSS90 and use code TSS90 to get $90 off including free shipping!Hims! Stop worrying about hair loss and do something about it! Get your first visit free at ForHims.com/totalsoccer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Nov 2020

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11. The American Savior - Freddy Adu

25 Stories That Made MLS

How MLS's first true star to penetrate pop culture came in a 14 year old, Freddy Adu in 2004.Sources:A 12-YEAR OLD’s AMAZING FEAT by Jason La Canfora for Washington Post.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2001/08/25/a-12-year-olds-amazing-feat/9923da6b-4f3d-4f9a-bd31-bb67449c437f/READY FOR FREDDY? AT 14, FREDDY ADU IS ALREADY THE HIGHEST PAID AND MOST CELEBRATED PLAYER IN MLS by Grant Wahl for Sports Illustrated:  https://www.si.com/vault/2004/03/29/366282/ready-for-freddy-at-14-freddy-adu-is-already-the-highest-paid-and-most-celebrated-player-in-mls-now-its-time-for-him-to-play-his-first-gameFreddy Adu assist against Argentina in 2003 u20 World Cup:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMk33g4PthISeriously, What Happened To Freddy Adu by Noah Davis for Grantland:  https://grantland.com/the-triangle/freddy-adu-us-national-team-mls-2015/Much Adieu About Freddy by Timothy DeSchriver:  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/289978174_Much_Adieu_about_Freddy_Freddy_Adu_and_Attendance_in_Major_League_Soccer


9 Jan 2020

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Episode 7 - What Ever Happened to Freddy Adu?

The Football History Boys

This week is a wonderkids special, TFHB investigating those who made it, those who didn't and some tips for the future! What did Match magazine predict back in 2006? We spend some time reviewing Jonathan Wilson's brilliant new book 'The Names Heard Long Ago'  and we also are joined by Craig Bellamy's 'Goodfella' autobiography as our guest quiz for the week. Plenty packed in, so don't miss out! Get involved by tweeting us:  https://twitter.com/TFHBs or find the articles discussed over at our website: https://www.thefootballhistoryboys.com/. If you want to join our Fantasy Premier League mini-league, head over to the official site and type in code: hhtkhy.


24 Sep 2019

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LTSSP 201 - The Smacktacular: Andrew Luck Retires, WTF Happened to Freddy Adu? and Pepe's Picks Week 1

Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast

Tommy and Justin have been renewed for a second season, just in time for the first week of the NFL! They're also joined by Michael Pepe for a brand new Pepe's picks for week 1. They discuss Andrew Luck, yell about bird poop and cocaine, chat about the Rich Paul rule, DeMarcus Cousins, ask WTF Happened to Freddy Adu, and basically just talk a lot of smack.00:00:00 Welcome to Season 2!00:01:14 Brand new logo for the podcast, merch on its way00:03:29 Brand new website smacktalkpodcast.com00:04:29 Shout out to Bronson00:04:52 Shwaggers Says Sorry00:07:50 NFL free agency moves - Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks00:09:54 Andrew Luck retires00:10:14 The mobile QB is a decades-old storyline00:14:20 Jacoby Brissett is slated to start for the Colts00:14:43 There’s a lack of depth of talented QBs in the NFL00:17:43 LeSean McCoy just got picked up by the Chiefs00:19:29 Seahawks cut both Paxton Lynch and Geno Smith00:20:48 Broncos only have Joe Flacco and no backup QBs00:22:42 Demaryius Thomas technically off the Patriots but will probably be back on the team00:23:00 Josh Gordon is back (!)00:24:50 WTF happened to Freddy Adu, MLS’ alleged savior from 2004?00:30:04 If Freddy had been who was hyped up to be, US soccer would be more powerful00:31:43 Freddy has similarities to TO and Ochocinco00:32:53 NCAA’s Rich Paul rule controversy - agents were told they need to have a bachelor’s degree00:36:14 A lot of college athletes don’t go to class00:38:00 It’s incredibly difficult to balance all the responsibilities of being a student-athlete00:41:13 Players’ unions are decent at teaching incoming players some level of financial understanding00:42:09 Mike Tyson and his team smoke $40K of marijuana at his ranch every month00:43:42 Tyler Skaags did die of an overdose00:46:00 The Dave Chappelle special00:46:53 There is an epidemic of drug use that includes fentanyl00:48:07 With that type of salary, you should get help00:48:44 MLB is doing a Field of Dreams game in 2020 at the original field from the movie00:50:51 Police arrested a college QB for having bird droppings on his car00:56:00 Tommy didn’t swear for once00:56:18 DeMarcus Cousins has a warrant out for his arrest due to domestic violence00:57:03 Lakers got problems, y’all00:59:52 Intro to Pepe’s Picks - NFL Week 1!01:00:26 Pepe’s Picks - Thursday Night - Green Bay vs Chicago01:03:05 Pepe’s Picks - KC vs Jax01:04:00 Pepe’s Picks - Rams vs Panthers01:05:52 Pepe’s Picks - Pittsburgh at NE01:08:13 Houston Rockets just re-signed Eric Gordon01:09:20 The Warriors run may be over01:09:50 Gronk’s coming back! Tommy predicts it01:10:35 Lightning round - Bears or Packers?01:12:20 Lightning round - Steelers or Pats?01:13:42 Lightning round - Worst scandal in NFL history?01:15:26 Lightning round - Worst MLB scandal?01:16:40 Lightning round - Best part of our new logo (self-promotion FTW!)

1hr 17mins

3 Sep 2019