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The REAL David Knight Show ll INTERVIEW: Building a Free Medical System for REAL Health Care

Contra Radio Network

Julie Wentz, Freedom-Healthcare.us, on the non-profit which will offer people an alternative to the corrupt partnership of Pharma+Government to provide true healthcare in an independent network. If you would like to support the show and our family please consider subscribing monthly here: SubscribeStar https://www.subscribestar.com/the-david-knight-show You can now support the show while purchasing gold and silver: www.davidknight.gold Or you can send a donation through Zelle: @DavidKnightShow@protonmail.com Cash App at:  $davidknightshow BTC to:  bc1qkuec29hkuye4xse9unh7nptvu3y9qmv24vanh7 Mail:David KnightPOB 994Kodak Tn, 37764


26 Oct 2022

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The REAL David Knight Show ll INTERVIEW: War Machine Rages

Contra Radio Network

Gerald Celente, TrendsJournal.comUkraine war budget will be 1/3 higher than Russia's entire annual budget and add wealthy Taiwan to the free weapons club. Experienced western military being hired by China for big bucks as we are looking for a few good tranny/diversity hires. If you would like to support the show and our family please consider subscribing monthly here: SubscribeStar https://www.subscribestar.com/the-david-knight-show You can now support the show while purchasing gold and silver: www.davidknight.gold Or you can send a donation through Zelle: @DavidKnightShow@protonmail.com Cash App at:  $davidknightshow BTC to:  bc1qkuec29hkuye4xse9unh7nptvu3y9qmv24vanh7 Mail:David KnightPOB 994Kodak Tn, 37764


24 Oct 2022

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The Secret Teachings 9/2/22 - Fascism Schism w. David Knight

The Secret Teachings

No matter the uniform, the name, chosen words, or political allegiance, authoritarianism seeks to undermine universal natural law and basic human freedoms. Whether brown shirts, black shirts, Hugo Boss uniforms, or Red Guards, the results are always same. When leaders position themselves as the righteous and degrade their political opposition with words like "fascism" and "extremism" the seed is planted that any potential ‘means’ can be justified by the ‘end’ goal of stopping the terrible things that such terms imply. As the White House designates large segments of the Republican party "semi-fascist," "extreme," and a threat to democracy, anyone in association with the IDEA that America is "great" becomes the enemy. David Knight joins us for a discussion on fascism, communism, and history.


3 Sep 2022

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Exploring Development Opportunities in the United States with David Knight

More To Life: Real Estate Investing Podcast

Our guest today is David Knight, He is a full-time police officer who is working hard to build a large real estate portfolio for himself and his family. He is at the same time also managing to host a successful investment podcast, he does online boot camps and has written several eBooks to help people understand real estate investment. In this episode, David shares that he is starting to explore the US real estate market, while still working and balancing a full-time canadian lifestyle. This can be a very valuable episode for those looking to venture out into other markets, and the learning curve that it takes to make that jump. Listen to this episode to learn more about the following.. - Short-Term Rental Capabilities in the United States - The difficulties of running real estate deals in a different countries. - Finding the time to get started in the real estate game and much more


24 Aug 2022

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Trump Raid, Alex Jones lawsuit and disinformation with David Knight!

The Infinite Fringe

Finally got David Knight on the show! Thanks to Tony Arterburn. This was a fun one. We spoke about the Trump raid and the Alex Jones SH situation.David gave us a peek of his time at Infowars and we spoke about my favorite disinformation agents... Flynn, Steve Pieczenick and Steve Bannon. Thank you all for listening episode after episode! And Thanks for sticking around. It truly means the world to me Find David Knight Here: http://thedavidknightshow.com Subscribe to America Unplugged here: https://americaunpluggedradio.podbean.com/ Download the podcast version on Apple podcast or podbean: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-infinite-fringe/id1208767895?mt=2 https://theinfinitefringe.podbean.com Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Obi1unome Email me: theinfinitefringe@gmail.com


14 Aug 2022

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Rarified Heir Podcast Episode #88: Julie Nimoy & David Knight (Leonard Nimoy)

Rarified Heir Podcast

Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast, we talk to Julie Nimoy and husband David Knight about Julie’s dad, actor and raconteur Leonard Nimoy. It was great to connect with Julie about her father and what it was like being the daughter of a pop culture icon. The thing is, Leonard Nimoy was so much more than just Mr. Spock.  He was a photographer, a poet, a singer, a director, a voice over artist, a pitchman and more. Did you know he directed the top grossing movie of 1987 which was NOT a Star Trek film? Did you know he was such a fan of Vincent Van Gogh that he wrote a one man show, starred in it and had it taped for PBS? Nimoy was also the host of In Search of….where he showed off his amazing collection of houndstooth jackets and turtleneck shirts. He replaced Peter Graves in Mission Impossible. He stared inNight Gallery, Deathwatch, an independent film directed by pal Vic Morrow, a TV movie A Woman Called Golda which got him an Emmy nomination, The Outer Limits and much more. Nimoy was also interested in the paranormal, science (and cars) which led him to Baffled!which is synonymous for our host Josh Mills with Afrin and fever dreams, he recorded albums for Dot Records such as The Touch of Leonard Nimoy, did summer stock, owned a single engine plane he flew, a boat at Lake Mead…it’s like they based the film The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The 8th Dimension on Leonard Nimoy the man. So it was great talk to Julie and David about their PBS documentary Remembering LeonardNimoy about his battle with COPD as well as their upcoming documentary Wilder! on comedian Gene Wilder & his battle with Alzheimer’s.  Did you know who directed Wilder in the film Funny About Love? You guessed it. And yes, we talk more about University High School, LA restaurants, the Century City Mall and much more on the next episode of the Rarified Heir Podcast. Take a Listen.

1hr 6mins

26 Jul 2022

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Processing Data at Warp Speed with David Knight, President & CEO of Terbine

Over The Edge

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Matt Trifiro and David Knight, President & CEO of Terbine, a data exchange for the physical world that has built a highly scalable system enabling wider use of data to inform and radically reshape many industries and everyday life. David is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker, and experienced startup executive with a history of innovation and market development. He has a background in core technologies, including multi-spectral sensing and communications, messaging, enterprise software and distributed systems. David has founded, co-founded and held leadership roles in tech companies with exits including two IPOs, two M&A buyouts, and two recession-triggered meltdowns. He now leads Terbine, a big data & AI startup.In this episode, David talks about his journey from working on ham radios to being a pioneer in the early days of digital entertainment. He also discusses his involvement in the beginning of online storage, helping to launch the private space race, and dedicating himself to dealing with, analyzing, and processing the overwhelming amount of data that comes out of everyday life. David explains how all of this led to founding Terbine, and how the company has partnered with the City of Las Vegas to help propel the world to prosper through insight, communication, and emerging technologies. ---------Key Quotes:“They really want to make Vegas a place where they work on smart city technology and next generation communications. And, they're really investing in it, but more importantly, they're inviting startups and large companies to work together. And, so if you’re thinking of a city as a platform, which is not a normal way to look at a city, we are really trying to help the city itself become smart and also sustainable. You don't necessarily think of Las Vegas as a sustainable city, but if you think about it with things like the water shortage is coming up, it's a place that really needs to be sustainable.”“The most interesting applications, which absolutely are going to be dependent on very rapid edge processing with low latency communications, are going to be in things that move. And, it could be a human moving. It could be commercial things. The first applications that we're actually looking at, and we will be doing very soon are in the commercial world.”“What we're trying to do is say, look, we've already said, we're going to take the pulse of the earth, so now we're going to wire the physical environment into the digital twin and then collectively you can now navigate around it.”“The more we can help the cities learn about the past, the present, and then extrapolate into the future, the better. So, it's not just the hedge funds that are going to make future bets. It'll be the cities themselves.”---------Show Timestamps:(02:45) Getting into technology(03:30) Arc to current role(05:55) Working with new computing technology (02:43) Early days of email / Start of Click to Send(08:30) XPrize Competition development and execution(19:17) What is Terbine?(21:10) Breaking apart the problem space(22:10) Looking at issues in 3D(25:15) Breaking down data silos(26:10) Dealing with fear and greed(27:06) Motto - ‘Take the pulse of the earth’(29:30) There are sensors everywhere(32:30) Mobile Edge Computing(36:28) Processing data and storage(41:48) Compression algorithms(43:15) Sharing data(44:40) Solving business and technology problems(45:30) Tech Startups in Las Vegas(49:30) Las Vegas Smart City Showcase(52:00) Terbine and Las Vegas partnership(53:30) Las Vegas as a privately funded smart city(54:30) How Las Vegas conducts business(56:30) Vegas loop(57:30) Brightline rail from Las Vegas to California(58:52) Uses for Terbine platform(01:03:30) Using Drones(01:05:30) Digital Twin implementation and uses--------Sponsor:Over the Edge is brought to you by Dell Technologies to unlock the potential of your infrastructure with edge solutions. From hardware and software to data and operations, across your entire multi-cloud environment, we’re here to help you simplify your edge so you can generate more value. Learn more by visiting DellTechnologies.com/SimplifyYourEdge for more information or click on the link in the show notes.--------Links:Follow Matt on TwitterConnect with David on LinkedInConnect with David on Twitterwww.CaspianStudios.com

1hr 5mins

15 Jun 2022

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The best American Hard Enduro?? David Knight / Nightmare extreme at TTC

American Hard Enduro

Drew and Will go in depth with David Knight about all things hard enduro and recount some GNCC and world championship stories at the TTC (home of the TKO).


29 May 2022

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Ready For The 30-Year Commodity Mega-Trend? | David Knight Legg


Energy and geopolitical expert David Knight Legg returns here in Part 2 of our interview with him to discuss the mega-trend that will drive commodities higher for the next 30+ years: the movement of 1.5 billion out of poverty.As these people move towards a more middle class lifestyle (of developing world standards), the demand they will place on the world's natural resources -- especially energy fuels like coal, oil and gas -- will be tremendous.Investing in those commodities, the companies that produce them, as well as the companies that service those sectors, will likely be a winning strategy over the next several decades (i.e., the remaining investing lifetime of most people watching this video). See the YouTube Video for the charts and graphics: https://youtu.be/NbqfIuC-kAU


7 Apr 2022

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David Knight of Ole Hickory Pits

The Pitmaster's Podcast

This week we have the legend of pits David Knight founder of Ole Hickory Pits. We get into how he started in the pit-making business and about the journey that lead him to the BBQ Hall of Fame and how Ole Hickory became one of the best cookers out there. Download where ever you get your podcasts.

1hr 2mins

17 Feb 2022