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NFL owners speak out on Dan, Mike Jones on the owner's meetings

The Kevin Sheehan Show

10.19.22 Kevin reacts to comments made by fellow owners on Dan Snyder at the NFL owner's meetings. Kevin hopes that the NFL doesn't put all it's eggs in the basket of one investigation into Dan and ignores the handful of other investigations that are ongoing. Mike Jones joins from New York to discuss why things might be changing regarding Snyder's future. 


19 Oct 2022

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Hit the Skins, Mike Jones, Dahmer glasses are hot

The Sports Junkies

10/6 Hour 2   2:00 Hit the Skins 10:00 EB disrespects Ryan Tannehill 17:30 Mike Jones 32:00 Dahmer glasses are hot right now


6 Oct 2022

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B&G Hour 1: Lynnell has Mike Jones join the show and laments the way Washington has played

Burgundy & Gold Today

B&G Hour 1: Lynnell gives his thoughts over losing Sunday’s “must-win game", Callers join the show to vent over their thoughts on the Commanders, Mike Jones of USA Today joins the show to break down the state of the Commanders, and Lynnell asks if Ron has shown enough frustration to the lack of production


4 Oct 2022

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Mike Jones Joins the JK Report

John Keim Report

John talks to YSA Today Columnist Mike Jones after he spent Wednesday at Commanders camp to get his impressions of the team. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


11 Aug 2022

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Viriginia Scoring System and much more with Mike Jones - Virginia Peninsula Sportsmen's Association

The Marshfield Outdoors Podcast

Listen in on the great conversation with Mike Jones who is the President of the Virginia Peninsula Sportsmen's Association. This great non-profit has some deep roots here in the hunting community of the Commonwealth. Going back 83 years this year of putting on the Big Game Contest and some could say the pioneer of the technique that measure's our whitetail bucks head gear. Mike goes over some great ways the organization has worked with our State Agency, now VDWR, for many years in helping improve our resources that we all so love to chase during each spring and fall. Mike touches on some informative points of the Big Game Contest this year; August 5 - 7, 2022 and some highlights from past years.  We do hope to see everyone at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show, bring your trophies to see how they stack up against the other from across our great State and stop by booth 70 to talk hunting and record an episode with us. 

1hr 2mins

11 Jul 2022

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Refinishing & Staining Hardwood Floors (With Mike Jones Hardwood Flooring)

American Hardwood Advisor

How can you make hardwood floors last a lifetime? Steve Stack is back with another episode of American Hardwood Advisor talking with Mike Jones, owner of Mike Jones Hardwood Flooring. Listen in as Mike and Steve discuss the creation of Mike Jones Hardwood Flooring, refinishing and staining floors, obtaining different colors with wood stains, how to clean your hardwood floors, hardwood maintenance, and carpet versus hardwood floors. Brought to you direct from Studio 3B at Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods, the American Hardwood Advisor is your source for trends, tips, and insights into how the building industry has evolved. Join Steve Stack along with guest builders and industry leaders as they talk shop on what it takes to be the best of the best. Subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date on the latest content on hardwood products, tutorials, tips & tricks, and interviews. Browse and buy online: www.BairdBrothers.com ORDERED easily. DELIVERED conveniently. ENJOYED comfortably.


23 Jun 2022

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The Nick Elston Show - 4.0 - Episode 17 - Mike Jones

The Nick Elston Show

Hey everyone and welcome to The Nick Elston Show - sponsored by Forging People!Nick Elston is a leading Inspirational Speaker, creator of Award Winning Mental Health Engagement, a Transformational Speaking Coach & Founder of Forging People - empowering, inspiring and educating people to step up, find their voice & truly be heard in life, in education, in leadership, in influencing & in business.The Nick Elston Show brings you the people who inspire, motivate, educate & engage in all walks of life - sharing their insights & experiences honestly, unfiltered & off script!This week, in the 17th & final episode of Season 4, Nick speaks with the fantastic Mike Jones - Founder of Better Happy! Themes we cover in this episode;- Mike’s journey from disillusioned youth to the military service.- The surprising but real reason why Mike left the army.- Living in Thailand, Nepal & the East & the lessons learned.- Mike’s definition of what it is to be ‘happy’ & how it may differ from your definition.- A very open discussion around Anxiety, Depression, Counselling & Psychology.- The ‘why’ & ‘how’ of Better Happy.- COVID, lockdown, burnout & the struggles over the past couple of years.- The problem of perspective around Mental Health, Wellbeing & Wellness.- How businesses can be the solution to changing culture around Wellbeing.All of this, plus Worcestershire Sauce (!), the brain, Afghanistan, ‘fluffy’ stuff + lots more along the way - a BIG, powerful episode! Please do check out & follow/subscribe/connect with Mike;- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-jone...- Website: https://www.betterhappy.co.uk/The Nick Elston Show is available via YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music & most podcast platforms.You can reach out to Nick & his team at www.nickelston.com.In the meantime, please stay tuned for upcoming episodes of The Nick Elston Show by hitting subscribe, show the love by hitting ‘like’ - Nick has more amazing guests coming your way very soon - Season 5 launches in September 2022!If you have been affected by any of the themes covered in the show, please go to www.nickelston.com/need-help for trusted organisations & support.A BIG thanks & shout-out to our sponsors - Forging People (www.forgingpeople.com) - Transformation Through Speaking!


20 Jun 2022

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SMT810: Mike Jones (Part 2)

Selling In The Motor Trade

Ex-ASE Global Chairman Mike Jones disusses the current market, stock and his tops tips. Its a pleasure to discuss all things motor trade with Mike, and his views going forward. https://symcotraining.co.uk/podcast/


9 Jun 2022

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SMT809: Mike Jones (Part 1)

Selling In The Motor Trade

Ex-ASE Global Chairman Mike Jones disusses the current market, stock and his tops tips. Its a pleasure to discuss all things motor trade with Mike, and his views going forward. https://symcotraining.co.uk/podcast/


26 May 2022

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04/09/22 Guest Mike Jones

Classic Auto Mall

With Stewart Howden and his guest, Mike Jones, former president of the AACA, and Auto Appraiser at AAG.


11 Apr 2022