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Episode 2: The Architects: The Master Plan Daniel Libeskind, WTC Master Plan architect

Top of the World- Lessons from Rebuilding the World Trade Center

How do you rebuild a city within a city after the devastation of the worst terror attacks on American soil? Architect Daniel Libeskind won a star-studded international competition to lead the design process for the world’s most emotionally charged site. He talks about what inspired him as a young immigrant to the United States, the enormous challenges he faced, the magnificent place he created, and how it can help shape the future of cities in a post-pandemic world.


15 Sep 2021

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Daniel Libeskind on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

At a Distance

Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, who designed the original Ground Zero master plan at the World Trade Center site, talks with us about his personal experience of the 9/11 attacks; how architecture can serve as an instrument for healing; and why the Tree of Life Synagogue he’s redesigning in Pittsburgh, to memorialize victims of the 2018 mass shooting there, represents a global vision for the future.


10 Sep 2021

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Cultura.21 - Daniel Libeskind: arquitectura provocadora

Cultura.21: El magacín cultural

Su talento afloró en la música, más tarde en la arquitectura. El Museo Judío de Berlín, su primer gran proyecto, lo catapultó a la fama. Daniel Libeskind construye para el futuro y también para el recuerdo, con diseños que no dejan indiferente.


29 Aug 2021

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Daniel Libeskind: Architect of Empathy

The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein

Facing a post-pandemic reality, cities must change to survive. In this episode, Dan speaks with legendary architect Daniel Libeskind. The designer of the master plan for the World Trade Center recounts his experiences as a young architect, describes his upcoming Holocaust memorial in Amsterdam, explains his distaste for communism, and predicts how cities can adapt and thrive in the 21st century. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 Jun 2021

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Aflevering 3 - Daniel Libeskind


Deze aflevering gaat over Daniel Libeskind, een eigenzinnige deconstructivist en soms beter bekend als de papieren architect.


15 Feb 2021

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071 - Fractal Geometries and Daniel Libeskind Wanderlust

Coffee Sketch Podcast

Thank you for listening. We both hope that you enjoyed this episode of Coffee Sketch Podcast. Our Theme music is provided by my brother who goes by @c_0ldfashioned on Instagram and Twitter. Our podcast is hosted at coffeesketchpodcast.com find more show notes and information from this episode. And finally, if you liked this episode please rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends! Thank you!Sketch 3: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFF8Iy3ldgu/Sketch 4: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFDfsnmldLv/Support the show


30 Sep 2020

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Ep. 34: Daniel Libeskind

Talking Beats with Daniel Lelchuk

Architect Daniel Libeskind has designed some of the most important cultural structures in the world, including the Jewish Museum Berlin and One World Trade Center. On this episode, he talks about his early life in Poland as a virtuoso accordion player, his entry into the world of drawing and architecture, and how he approaches a new project, from the earliest internal conception through the final result. He also discusses some of his ideas for the future regarding urban living and low-income housing. 


28 Aug 2020

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13. Daniel Libeskind - Architecture which speaks to the heart


Our guest needs no introduction, as he is preceded by his architectural masterpieces, so we shall just share his advice: "Believe in something bigger than yourself, believe something that is not just on the common highway, but takes a path that may be more vulnerable, a path which may even make you fail. But take that path, because on that path you will discover something that is an adventure, that you could have not predicted when you started on that path," - Daniel Libeskind - Founder and Principal Architect of Studio Libeskind-Unplugged, conversations with creative minds, from the design industry and beyond, hosted by H&H Studio. 


17 Jun 2020

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#137/Modernism Week 2020: Daniel Libeskind + Nelda Linsk + Alison Martino

US Modernist Radio - Architecture You Love

Nowhere in the world celebrates Modernism better than Palm Springs, California.  Every February, they have a huge architecture and design festival called Modernism Week, which actually lasts 11 days. This was the fifth year USModernist has been at Modernism Week, talking poolside at the USModernist Compound, aka the hip Hotel Skylark, with nearly all the keynote speakers, authors, and special guests. When modern-day Dorothy's kick their red ruby slippers together, they don’t go to Kansas, they land next to in Frank Sinatra’s pool in Palm Springs. Modernism Week is a dazzling spectacle of mid-century architecture, martinis, lectures, art galleries, shopping, nonprofit benefit events, architecture documentary premieres, amazing parties at incredible houses, brilliantly curated house tours, detailed art and architecture exhibits, and much more.   Today we kick off 2020 Modernism Week coverage with architect Daniel Libeskind, known for the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany, the master plan for the World Trade Center reconstruction and memorial, and the Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s one of the world’s most highly regarded architects and someone people can trust to work with projects of great meaning and significance, especially where loss in involved.   Next, host George Smart visits with the Queen of Palm Springs, the woman everyone wants to talk to by the pool, Nelda Linsk.  Later a delightful chat with Alison Martino, producer, writer, reporter, preservationist, and a master chronicler of old Hollywood, in which she grew up as the daughter of singer Al Martino.

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30 Mar 2020

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Daniel Libeskind at the ‘Edge of Order,’ Sunset Magazine, and Sound Baths

Design and Architecture

Why does an architect have to be like a “camel in the desert?” Daniel Libeskind explains why in a conversation about his new book “Edge of Order.” He also shares thoughts about maintaining hope following trauma, not working for dictators, and why everyone should tap into their inner architect.  Modernism Week in Palm Springs continues through Sunday with tours, talks, and a trip down memory lane to the heyday of Sunset magazine. Victoria Bernal recalls a childhood as a member of the “Sunset family” and says why the West needs a magazine that shares wisdom on everything from home design for California’s geography to how to “fish with a tire iron.” And, can you cure bad sound with good sound? Kate Mishkin takes a sound bath at 1 Hotel and finds that “this is the exact right time for sound baths, because we are living in a society that's increasingly anxious and loud and chaotic.”


19 Feb 2020